Monday, August 13, 2012

Looking To The West

While everyone seems to look to the East to look for spiritual developments; I am not going against the current by saying: "Hey, let's look to the West!"

My point is pretty simple: Each time I purchase a book about Western magic practices be it: The Golden Dawn, Wicca, Shamanism and the like, I got myself a complete system! What can a person ask for more? For a price of around USD50 or less, you get:

  1. Altar setups
  2. Protection circles
  3. Personal power developments
  4. Watcher invocations
  5. Thoughtform developments
  6. Herbal magic
  7. Divination
  8. Rituals for various purposes
  9. Etc.

What else do you want more to start working eh?

Now let us look to the East for a comparison; I am not too bias in saying so. Let us take the above model and put it onto the model of a Thai magic:

  1. One would probably need to spend around USD1000 just for the manual.
  2. Another USD5000 for various statues, altar and ritual items.
  3. What about the divination methods? Another USD1000?
  4. Complete herbal knowledge? Perhaps another visit to Chiang Mai or Cambodia?

All in all one would at least spent USD10k ~ 20k to get into resonable depth. I have not taken in to consideration that we can download free manual from somewhere of course. By the way, rest assure that most of the manuals out there are incomplete, sorry.

Money is certainly normally the most difficult matter; so let us just opt for the most cost effective ones without sacrificing the performance. I can assure you that the power of Wiccan ritual is not lesser than that of the Cambodian Phra Ngan. Peace.

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