Thursday, February 26, 2015

Experiment On Journey To Underworld (观落阴)

Many people are sceptical about the existence of underworld. In my process of compiling Chinese ghost stories from the literature, I would like to see if it is possible for anyone to experience this over a distance.

There are many reasons why one wants to visit the underworld:

  •          To meet with the deceased love ones
  •          To see what is lacking is this life

The initial date set is at 9pm of 3/5, 3/20, 4/3 Kuala Lumpur time.

This exercise is to enable a participant to connect with his/her deceased love ones. The love ones should pass away for 100 days or more before the ritual.

Please bear in mind that the success rate of such meeting is very low even with the ritual being carried out face to face. Basically, only 5~10% of the people would be able to enter into underworld.

You may attribute this to hypnotic effect or sub-conscious mental suggestions, it does not matter. One must have faith and follow the instructions. A participant may see some light, feeling body shaking or legs moving during the ritual but this are not necessarily true; especially when it is the person’s first try.

The scene:

I would recite a lengthy mantra that leads participants going through grass field, army camp, and town and then the journey would end at one end of the bridge. If everything is going on smoothly, a participant would be able to meet and talk with the deceased for 10 minutes or so. The whole ritual lasts for 1 hour approximately.

Prerequisites for participant:

  •         Ideally the participant is an open minded person or a believer in Taoism.
  •          Must be healthy with no major medical issues below 60 years old. (It is not age discrimination but ying-energy of old folks may face problems on returning path.
  •          Send me your DOB and name, and of the deceased one too.
  •          On the event a contact is met, one should not eat, drink or take any gifts from the deceased. He/she should also not plug any flowers or twigs from trees, nor should the participant talk to strangers due to safety reasons.

Preparations before ritual:

  •        A participant should have a clean room, or any place that is safe from sharp and hard objects.
  •          A chair and a blind should be prepared. If you have a drum, then you may beat the drum too.
  •         When it is time, a participant should be seated in his/her chair blind folded and bare footed.
  •          It is best to light a piece of long incense in front of the participant and if possible, he/she should also light another joss stick at the door. This is to inform the ‘underworld groom’ to lead the ‘horse’ to you.
  •         Please also prepare a glass of plain water as a precaution matters. In the event a participant gets dizzy or panic, please take off the blind and wet the face with the water and relax.
  •         You can have a few people in a room and participate in the experiment. In fact this would be a better setting.

One hour is the maximum safe limit, any duration longer than this may result a participant failed to wake up fully; and a master is best to be around. This is the same situation as a hypnotised person wasn’t given a proper wake up instruction. It is okay if you don’t send me your particulars, in that case; you may or may not have a horse to ride and need to walk.

This said ritual was said to have developed to entertain a Chinese emperor who has missed his beloved deceased concubine. 

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