Friday, February 27, 2015

Experiments With Jinn Conjuration

Since I have had many enquiries concerning people wanting to conjure jinn and that I am no longer want to perform conjurations; I would like to facilitate your interest in conjuring a jinn for your experimentation purpose only.

Before I continue, there are many misconceptions about having a jinni:

1.      A jinni is not a slave and it should not be treated as such.
2.      It takes from 7 days to a month to connect with a jinni. The process is faster if one has 3rd eye opened.
3.      Jinn don’t normally grant what the master asks, but they will give what the person really needs. For example, if one takes care of the jinn; then there are no worries in life on life sustenance.
4.      Jinn don’t work immediately after they are summoned; it takes a long while for a new jinni to get accustomed to the conjurer.
5.      A jinn master should have two rings: one master conjurer ring and the other is the oath bound ring. But for this experiment, one doesn't need one as the jinn will return to their master eventually.

A beginner’s problem in performing jinn summoning is his/her ability to perceive the presence of a jinni; and that it is extremely difficult to get a good jinn to work with. People used to pay a high price to get ritual objects belonged to deceased conjurer as all of the jinn had been trial and tested, but now a day people rather spend on smart phones.

All my jinn are in idle mode at present, so if anyone would like to call upon them for experiment; please do so just to test out jinn conjuration purpose only. Please beware that the below jinn are real and not toys and I cannot if they will come to you when you summon them. Jinn too have their attitude too.

Below are the names:

1.      Daughters of Lilith (be warned that both are succubi):
a.      Lalantah: a female jinn of more temperamental in nature.
b.      Lintatih: a female jinni of more aggressive in nature.
2.      Middle Eastern Serpent:
a.       Draxaleh: a black serpent king.
3.      Ifrits:
a.       Aminah (with two servants)
4.      Human spirit:
a.       Datullah (said to be an ancient female spirit from Egypt)

The below names are released for anyone to perform experiment with and they cannot stay with their new conjurers as their oath bound items are still here with me (for your safety). Perhaps they shall bring you their counterparts, but my advice is that it is suffice just to feel their presence and dismiss them; especially for those entities from darker realms such as that of the Lilith and serpentine energy. So please be warned.

Finally, welcome to the mysterious world of Middle Eastern Jinn!

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