Sunday, February 1, 2015

MagicSEA is Drying Out (沧海桑田)

When I started out with MagicSEA blog, it was meant for fun; and it is still meant for fun still. But due to some reasons, MagicSEA is getting dry. There is a Chinese proverb that goes:



The great ocean becomes mulberry plantation (and vice versa).


I supposed that my blog storage space is reached as I couldn’t upload more photos. Perhaps this is just the problems with my old computer configurations that may be outdated…


The SEA magic is still nowhere near exhaustion, but many rituals are accompanied by talismans and yants; without ability to post photos, there is no more fun to post these materials.


So, I guess I have to make changes to the way I post things. Since there are so many rituals out there already, I shall minimize magic rituals and the update of posting shall be minimum level except for yearly luck reading and some exceptionally interesting matters. I would also put much emphasizes on translations work as it is important to know tantric rituals as many rituals spins off from the Mahapretaka collections.


If you have articles or your stories to share, then you are welcome to send them to me. I shall share on your behalf. It is no fun by self chatting alone.


For those who still put hopes in magic, please keep your faith. To me, magic is only a form of insurance: we all pay for the premium for insurance, but at the end of the day, we may or may not get all our money back. What I can assure you that you shall be grateful of what magic has done for you as one disaster avoided means money and life saved.


Learning magic requires all of us to be honest to ourselves. Without honesty, we cannot differentiate from an actual happening or delusion. My top sales friend once told me: “A top sales person must first ‘persuade’ him/herself into ‘believing’ the miracles of the products he/she want to sell!”


Unfortunately, many people I came across are deceived by him/her own minds: they ‘think’ they have got results but after some interrogations, it turned out to be the delusions of their own mind. The longest people stayed with Thai magic I once know was 3 months, the shortest? 6 hours!!


What would I do at the mean time?


Hmm… I shall still be enjoying magic until end of time. Since I am enjoying the fruits of my previous investments, it is best for me just to keep silent of what I am getting. It is best not to have a loud mouth of one’s magical accomplishments.


Last but not least, stay tune. I had kept my promise of write until I drop, for now at least.


  1. Jiayou, Perng! I like your blog! It has helped me a lot! I'm training under a Taoist priest here in the Philippines and your blog has been really helpful with a lot of stuff!

    1. Thank you very much, Enrico! I shall write as long as my blog space allows me :)))