Sunday, February 15, 2015

MagicSEA Is Under Critical Editing (改编中)

MagicSEA is currently undergoing critical editing on all related blogs and postings. This exercise is necessary because:


·         Photos take up too much space

·         Fragmented ritual postings

·         Posting of similar topics

·         Other reasons


Due to this cleaning process, you may or may not be able to read your favorite postings. You may make a copy now, or drop me a note if you don’t see the posts you want.


Some areas affected:


·         Thai magic and related blogs may be removed

·         Herbs blog may be replaced


Future direction of MagicSEA shall be:


·         Ghosts stories in Chinese and Japanese cultures

·         Other topics related to traditional healing


What you may see is that a new MagicSEA with lesser pictures.


If you have any idea to share, then please let me know.


These changes reflect on my personal interest and future work directions.


At the mean time, please continue to enjoy the postings.