Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tea Break In Magic SEA (休息时间)

It is again tea break for me from Magic SEA.

Pardon my language that talking alone is just like masturbation as I talk alone until achieving climax and finally ejaculated and then anticlimax.

Now that I have gone over the climax, I would just sit down and taking a sip of hot milk tea while rearranging my newly collected magic stuffs.

If anyone feeling an urge to talk, or anyone thinks that he/she is being possessed; or anyone has Feng Shui issues; even if one thinks he/she is the reincarnation of Guan Yin… Please send me a mail, or if you just want to have a tea or coffee in that matter; do drop me a mail too especially if you are around Penang.

However, if you want to send me a T-shirt or shirt or books in that matter; please help to donate the money to my funds as that would be more useful to me than I just have to throw those physical stuffs in to the trash. It cost me petrol money to send them to charity too.

I have yet to firm up on what to do with Magic SEA, but I would spend time on translations, tantric meditations and compilation of my recent purchased magic manuscripts. Since my viewer’s hit rate already 75% of my target (1.5M in Google+), I think it is high time to look for a psychology program.

In case if you want to look for a guru for Feng Shui, face reading, magic etc, then please don’t ask me especially if you cannot land yourself in Penang… I cannot help that if you parents do not allow you to travel to Penang though.

Again, fortune is God given; please don’t ask for more one can handle! So, I have to say No to money magic. I have enough to cover, so I am contented.

Otherwise, please continue to stay tune. I might surprise you with some more magic materials now and then.

(Oh, I was supposed to put my email and phone number here, but since I have received many junk mails and calls… so why not just drop yours here?)


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