Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Experiment With Tenaga Dalam I (马来神功 I)


The practice of Tenaga Dalam (TD) is perhaps originated from Indonesia and proliferated to the rest of the world. TD is no difference with other types of invulnerability practices such as Taoist cults of Liu Ren (六壬) or Mao Shan (茅山). Anyone with a stable mind can learn this art but you will need a guru to begin with.


Before you rush to this exercise, I have to list down some conditions:

·         TD is safe but due to the site situation, I cannot guarantee that you shall not get hurt. So, you are on your risk.
·         TD will provide certain kind of invulnerability protections but I will NEVER advocate this ability. So if you try with a needle and get injured, I am not going to be responsible for your injuries.
·         As I do not charge you for fees, you may not charge fees when others seeking your help. I think this is only fair.

How to begin

If you are a MagSEA frequent visitor, then you may try. But the rules are:

·         Send me your photo, your name, date of birth (best if time is also available), your gender and place of staying to:
·         I shall give you a time for energy transfer.
·         During the time, you should prepare some salt and a glass of water.
·         When you are ready, then do a short prayer such as “I request to be transferred the TD energy to awaken my God given inner ability.”
·         Drink the salt solution and hold your hands in prayer’s position in front of your chest.
·         Continue to meditate for 20 minutes at least.
·         You should be able to feel some vibrations in your hands after 14 days or so. If you continue with your practice, then you may dance or play martial arts.
·         When you can move automatically, then you may proceed to next section.
·         Please give me a donation according to your ability as per norm in order that your power transfer is complete. This is the rule for all occult masters.

Now it is just you and your perseverance between you and success.

It is best if you can form a group and practise together.

Importance of stage 1

Many people overlook or belittle the importance of auto-movements in TD. The purpose of auto-movement is normally to neutralize external attack or hostile energy. It is through body movements that the opponent’s energy is drained.

Moving on

After you have mastered the initial stage, you may perform the below extended exercises to sharpen your psychic perceptions:

1.      Enhancement of power
a.       You can get a piece of smooth plank measuring about 4”x 6” or so. Then put your palm onto the plank and try to vibrate it. When you can move the plank, try to add another plank. A powerful practitioner can move about 15~20 planks.
b.      When you can move a substantial amount of planks, then you may perform distance strike.
2.      Healing
a.       You may put your palm on a painful area (touch or without touching) and slowly vibrate your hands for 10 minutes or so; the pain shall subside. You may need to repeat the exercise a few times.
b.      Or you may transfer some of your energy into a cup of water and let the patient drink.
3.      Charging stone for protection
a.       You may now empower a ring or a stone for protection or other purposes. The method is to hold the stone in your hand and channel your energy into the stone.
4.      Finding an answer
a.       You can find out an answer to your question. Just hold your hand horizontally in front of your chest and ask a question and the answer would be in the form of ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
5.      Finding out a lost object
a.       You can first hide an object and then extend your hand and ask your guardian spirit to guide you to the object. You may need to have a few practices to fine tune your ability.
6.      Finding out if you can help a person
a.       In order to avoid injuries, you can test if your power is sufficient to neutralize your opponent’s power by using the hand gesture. If the answer is no, then it is best not to proceed.
7.      There are many more exercises you can perform to sharpen your TD skills.

Next Step

There are a set of physical exercises to enhance your TD powers, I shall discuss that in part II. Or one may proceed to Asmak Malaikat too.


This service is for entertainment purposes only. I am not responsible for injuries resulted from this exercise; so be advised.


  1. Dear Arjan Perng,

    this looks like a great offer for an opportunity-
    So one need the prequisites which are already described by you in

    I want to ask if there is more advice on the restriction and probihition when one received the power?

    Best regards

    1. Dear InnerKnowledge,

      Basically if one uses the power for good to help others, and that the person has perseverance... because it is not easy to feel vibration and since this is almost 'free'; no one is willing to spend time in this practice.

      I can assure you that if anyone continue with the exercises, then this person shall enjoy the powers and conveniences that will bring.

      Please also beware of 'invulnerability to sharp object' claims... human body can never stand sharp objects; only that the harm shall be minimum or disasters avoided.