Thursday, June 11, 2015

Experiment With Tenaga Dalam II (马来神功 II)


After the initial TD training, it is important for a TD practitioner to work with nature so that his/her power will grow. This can be done by absorbing various energy sources such as the sun, moon, wind, earth and water; in some instances one even goes to a cemetery to absorb energy of corpses.

Absorbing energy of celestial bodies

One can absorb energy of sun, moon and stars by simply going out at appropriate timings. This practice is not unique to TD alone, in the west, it is known as ‘drawing down the sun/moon’; in Taoist magic; it is known as absorbing the essence of sun and moon (日月精华).

If one wishes to absorb the energy of the sun, then he/she should go to a place where he/she can see the sun around 7am~8am; for the sunlight would be harmful to one’s eyes beyond 8am.

If one wishes to absorb the energy of the moon, then it should be 2 days before and after the full moon; for moon energy anytime after this period may be harmful to one’s psychic development.

Whatever energy one chooses to absorb, there are many methods too…

One can just raise his/her left palm facing the sun/moon/star and draws the energy into his/her body. After the energy is filled the body, then this energy is returned to the sun/moon/star through one’s right hand.

In hermetic Taoist practice, the energy is first circulated inside one’s body: pancreas, kidneys, liver, heart, spleen, lungs and after a few circulations, the energy is returned to the source.

Absorbing energy of water

This exercise can be done in a river with clear water flow or in a swimming pool when it is not too crowded. One can just dip in a pool of water for 30 minutes or so once a week.

Absorbing energy of wind

This exercise must be done in an open area when the wind is about right (not too strong) at an open space.

Absorbing energy of earth

Our earth is a huge reservoir of energy, so it makes sense to tap into this energy powerhouse. One can find an open area and lay flat on the floor and just relax, or he/she can walk barefooted at a beach; or if one is lucky enough, then he/she can find a holy site where previous saints have stayed. In some instances, insects such as snakes or giant centipedes may approach the practitioner. In this case, the person should not be afraid for they too are attracted by the energy of this area. There are many people awarded items such as ‘mustika pearl’ by these visitors.

Absorbing energy of trees

This is the by far the most popular methods used by hermetic Taoists to fine tune one’s energy field. The method can be simple or complex; the simple ones only require one to use his/her palms to feel the energy of tree trunks, or one only needs to lean against a tree. However, one need to choose a tree carefully as some weird looking trees may be possessed by spirits. I shall leave the complex methods out for now.

Absorbing energy of cemetery

It is good to have a walk in cemeteries to feel the energies if circumstances permitted. One may stand in front of a tomb and just listen to what the dead has to say. The negative energy of deceased can neutralize positive energy of the human and keep TD practitioner to have a cool head.

Safety first

Working outside in the wild is different with working in the house. So, before one engages into meditative practices outside, one should be aware of the present dangers physically and spiritually. It is a good idea to tell someone where you go and to check on you after a certain period if they do not hear from you just in case. It is also necessary to understand customs of a place before one ventures in to avoid unnecessary problems.

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