Friday, June 12, 2015

Experiment With Tenaga Dalam III (马来神功 III)


The purpose of practising TD is normally meant for protection and for the ease of movements. This may sound odd but in old days when the transportation wasn’t that advance as of today, a person may need to travel hundreds of miles through thick forests hence physical and spiritual dangers were imminent. Hence the below practices (to be done after stage I & II):

Trance walking (气行)

Trance walking is also nothing new. It was said that shamans in Siberia can trance walk for a few hundreds of miles one day. Likewise, in hermetic Taoist practices, there is also something similar. Of course, with modern transportations around, no one needs to master trance walking now days.

So, what is ‘trance walking’?

As the name implies, one would first enters a trance state and then moves about freely. Of course this state is not a total loss of consciousness but a meditative state that is in sync with ones breathing.

It is pretty simple to walk in trance one only needs to find a safe place, preferably in an open space. Before one begins, he/she should first imagine that he/she is in a big round ball: during inhalation the ball expands and during exhalation, the ball contracts. The more one practices this exercise, the bigger the ball becomes. A trained practitioner can maintain the energy ball with a diameter of 12 feet or so.

When the visualization of energy ball is stabilized, then one may start walking by counting his/her breathing: 3 counts inhale then he/she would walk 3 steps, then hold breathe and walk 3 steps and releases the breathe while walking 3 steps and finally the person would walk another 3 steps with empty lungs. This process is repeated for as long as one can concentrate. A well trained person may go for 9 counts before changing breathe.

Benefits of trance walking

·         A practitioner may walk a fairly long distance without feeling tired.
·         The person is protected within the energy ball during his trance state.
·         The practitioner can be ‘invisible’ to others as he/she is covered by energy field.


·         A practitioner may hear voices instructing what he/she should do during the trance walk. It is best to ignore these instructions as they are voices from the spiritual world around the practitioner. If the person follows those instructions, he/she may be misled into an unknown spiritual realm.
·         Always keep one’s eyes ajar during the trance walking exercises.
·         If one accidentally falls into a ravine or a cliff, he/she should keep the trance state but the person should also immediately bend his/her body and holding his/her knees forming a human ball while saying “help me by the order of master!” And keep calm then the injury would be minimal.
·         If one is being attacked by unknown force, then he/she should lay flat on the ground and transform the energy ball into a half sphere above him/her. Hence any attacks would be rebounded to the attacker.
·         If one wishes to continue with the journey, then he/she should use his right palm to strike onto the ground and say: “wake up!” to draw up earth energy forming an energy ball as before.
·         At the end of the journey, the energy ball is absorbed into one’s ‘dantian’ point (stomach).

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