Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Herbal Treatment Of Cancer: A Cautionary Note

Herbal medicine has been touted as an alternative to our modern medicine. However, although there are many claims that traditional herbs and medicinal plants can cure cancer; there are still no reliable records show of consistency success rates.


Other than that, there are many lookalike species when applied wrongly may yield quite different results: for example Justicia Betonica (white shrimp plant) and Adhatoda Ventricosa (大駁骨), Hedyotis Diffusa Willd (白花蛇舌草) and Hedyotis Corymbosa Lamk. (水線草) etc.


It is a matter of fact that through some clinical studies, herbs and medicinal plants are effective in curing certain illnesses. But there is still no solid evidence shows these herbs and plants can cure cancers clinically.


So it is advisable for anyone who wants to take advantage of these medicinal plants for daily consumption or for treating cancers to exercise caution. Otherwise not only the original illness cannot be cured, other health issues may entail.


Causes of cancer in the perspective of folk medicine:


·         Unhealthy life style:

o   Late sleep, too much rich food, no exercises, too much supper, smoke and drink etc.

·         Environmental issues (and Feng Shui too!)

o   House near a cement plant, sawmill, rock quarry etc.

·         Personal behaviors

o   People who like to keep things to themselves or people who have tendencies to have mood swing etc.

·         Unhealthy food and drinks

o   Too much oily or barbecued food, alcohol, soft drinks, cigarettes, processed food, drugs etc.

·         Karma and spiritual issues

o   Spirits can also cause cancers. Old folks believe that spirits can mask out the detection of cancers during diagnostic stage.


Basic cure of cancer (just a suggestion):


·         Take medicine according to your doctor’s advice; but reduce the intake when one feels well and okay. (We don’t want to kill all the good cells in our body)

·         Move to a healthier and cleaner place.

·         Change a life style: remember that it is precisely the current life style that has cause the cancer; so, drop everything and start a new life in another way.

·         Change personal behaviors: go out to the nature for a walk, meet more people, be more open, exercise more etc.

·         Stop consuming meat and processed food stuffs, alcohols, cigarettes etc.

·         Only praying, magical and religious ceremonies help too!


So, what are herbs and medicinal plants good for?


Well, for one thing; each type of herbs can cure specific discomfort. For example, if throat cancer patient finds difficulty to talk due to sore throat; certain herbs can reduce this patient’s pain considerably in a reasonably short time. With his or her pain relieved, this patient can continue to consume food and hence restoring health.

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