Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Curse Of Chicken Ghost (雞鬼咒)

Indochinese hill tribes such as Yao or Hmong can use the most ordinary things such as poultry and plants to cast a spell. Below is just one of the curses to make your opponent bold and dumb.  Before I go into the ritual proper, let me tell you a story told to me by my late grandmother who was from Guangxi, China:


It was during the Chinese Civil War around 1949, a troop of Kuomintang soldiers retreated to a village in Guangxi province. They decided to camp in the village for a few days while waiting for further orders from their command center. During that time, a young soldier who likes to flirt around acquainted with a widow and took her as his ‘godmother’. So, this young soldier decided to ‘stay’ in the widow’s house and get him comfortable.


A few days later, the captain decided that it was time for the troop to make a move. After the roll call, he found the young soldier dumbfounded and behaved just like a chicken in his godmother’s house. They tried all available methods but failed to make the youngster return to his senses. At the same time, another solder reported to the captain that he saw the widow took a chicken and do some mumbo jumbo to a chicken.


Hence they suspected that black magic was at play. So the captain took out his revolver and told the widow, “tomorrow morning we’re going to move with this young man. If he is still not himself, then you take a bullet!” The widow knew the captain meant business, so she had to release the spell and let the soldier go.


It is not difficult to cast this spell… someone would say it is inhumane, but there wasn’t anything like ‘animal rights’ back then. In order to cast this spell, one only has to get a big cock, pull out all feathers on its head and write the name and date of birth of the intended target on the bold chicken head. After that the chicken is put into a cage and then the cage is covered with a black cloth.


A few hours later, the target will behave and sound like a chicken. The sorcerer must be careful as not to let the chicken die or the victim’s life will also flies. In this case, there is no possible cure.

The Story Of Late Ms Chen

Over the years, many Hong Kong and Taiwanese movie stars are firm believers of Phra Phrom, White Dragon King, black and ghost magic. It is no surprise that While Phra Phorm and White Dragon King have many believers as they grant all wishes and lead believers to do merit; but many artists still prefer to temper with darker side of Thai magic or being cursed by black magic.


The below is an old but true story about a movie star, the late Ms Chen translated from intranet source:


A famous Hong Kong and Taiwan adult movie star Ms Chen committed suicide by jumping down from a building on 31st of July, 2002. According to her close friend, Ms Chan has consulted an Arjarn in Thailand to ‘lock’ the heart of her lover.


Ms Chen was said to have an intimate relationship with Mr. Wong who is a famous character in Taiwan share market. Rumor has it that after their relationship turned sour, Ms Chen became Ms Blur. Not only of her weird behaviors, taking pills and even keeping spirits (養鬼仔).


As recalled by the late Ms Chen’s friend who remained to be anonymous, the late Ms Chen was quite frequent to an isolated island in Thailand to consult a black shirt arjarn. Nobody knew what transpired between Ms Chen and the arjarn as it was believed that the conversations between Ms Chen and the arjarn must be kept in secrecy or the magic will not work.


One week before late Ms Chen committed suicide, she still sought company to Thailand to consult the arjarn in the final hope to recall her boy friend. Apparently the arjarn’s spell didn’t work; instead caused Ms Chen to jump down a building in a state of confused mind.


There were many hypotheses concerning the death of Ms Chen, some people attributed to Ms Chen’s ending due to hallucination and some people believed it was due to the working of black magic. I will let you decide which is true.


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Introduction To Frequency Magick

Dr. Albert Abrams


This is an interesting view about "frequency magick" from Mr. Ong:

I first knew about the terms “ frequency magick” from an Australian new age writer, nearly a decade ago. Instead of longtime rigid concentration and sending mental commands to a target during a magickal operation, the magician does this only once onto a machine normally known as radionic generator. Later this encoded frequency is enforced and aim at the target regardless of time and space restrictions. My understanding is - this method only involves mind power and a scientific device, without invoking spiritual aids. I think most witches who still keep up traditional practices consider this methodology as ridiculous and impractical. I was told by a British shaman that, main business is our mind powers, radionic tools are just an additional booster. However, radionic device is not workable on all spell castings.  


Months ago, a local homeopathic practitioner coincidentally mentioned about the same Radionic Machine. Its various uses including :


a ) Illness Diagnose ( by tuning in parts that have low vibration frequencies )

b) Sending healing frequency to a distant patient.

c) Creating homeopathic remedies for an individual patient.

d) Copying a homeopathic remedy by injecting same frequency to another edible/ drinkable media.


Below is an excerpt taken from an article, about radionic history in brief-

Radionics was originally developed in San Francisco by Dr Albert Abrams (1863 - 1924) and has advanced over the years as a result of the dedicated efforts of many practitioners and a number of outstanding personalities, including Dr Ruth Drown (USA), and David Tansley and Malcolm Rae (UK). The UK is the main centre for Radionic practice in the world today.


I am not very sure if you know the original singer of Shanghai Beach by name Frances Yip ? She is an international singer from Hong Kong who sang countless theme songs of Hong Kong TV series since beginning of 1980s. She mentioned that in order to save cost, for example, all string plays are not played by a musician, only a creation by specific computer software. In other words, they only manipulate the pre-encoded violin frequency  on computer, and create any string plays without an actual musical instrument- violin. To enhance the sadden emotions, a real player can pull the strings a bit heavier and longer. Anyhow, a computerized string play has not emotions input, and lifeless. It could be very smart and simpler, but lack of artistic or musical value. Above is just another example of frequency business.   

Buddhism does not stand against any scientific creations, as long as it contributes benefits or betterment of mankind. Modern science revolutionizes our lifestyle, along with advantages and disadvantages.
So, what do you think about this "frequency magick"?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lupan Releasing Sha Spell (魯班放煞)

Releasing ‘sha’ is an aggressive spell to make your opponent suffering body pain in such a way that as if his or her body or bone is disintegrated. This person will feel his bone being pulled by many horses and cow from all direction.


First one must memorize the above ‘yant’ or ‘fu’ by heart; not forgetting the below mantra:




(The queen of West has three boots, they are being sent down by a fairy from the nine heavens; she then strikes the heron forcefully in the moon, hence making all your bone and joints disintegrated.)


Now the practitioner must go out of  his or her house after 9pm facing west and draw the ‘fu’ 49 times every night for 49 consecutive nights. Be careful as not to practise this spell in your house as this will attract ‘sha’ or bad energy into your house and this may harm your family member and I don’t want to be responsible for what you did.


It is easy to cast this spell: you only need to draw the ‘fu’ in your left palm with your finger and then approach you target in the back. When you feel that you are close enough to the person, release your palm and say, “go!” or “!” Or you may simply pad your opponent’s shoulder lightly.


If your power is strong enough, the target will feel lethargic and body pain in a couple of hours’ time. His or her body will show signs of dark green spots and if not treated in 100 days’ time, weak ones may die.


You must be very careful with casting this spell for if your opponent is stronger than you; then you will have to face the music yourself! So don’t play with fire without a master around, you are so warned.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Magical Uses Of Gomti Chakra (Cat’s Eye Shell)

From intranet sources:


Gomati Chakra is a form of shell stone, and is found in Gomti River in Dwarka, Gujarat in India. It is believed to bring luck and is used in spiritual and Tantric rituals. Gomati Chakra resembles the Sudarshan Chakra or Discus of Lord Krishna. It is used as a Yantra and also is used in worships. It is believed that those people who possess Gomti Chakra will be blessed with money, good health and prosperity. It is also believed to protect children.


Some people bury Gomti Chakra in the foundation of buildings as it is believed to bless the residents with long life and prosperity. Some people hang it in front of the house, shops and buildings for peace and prosperity. In some regions, eleven Gomti Chakras are wrapped in a red cloth and placed in rice or wheat containers. This is for food security. In some region, Gomti Chakra is worshipped on the Diwali day along with Goddess Lakshmi. Gomti Chakra is available in pure form and also embedded along with jewelry. Some people wear it like a pendant.


Do you know that in Southeast Asia, people use Gomti Chakra in love magic?


First you must get a few pairs of Gomti Chakra and put it in a non-plastic container on a full moon night. Be careful of spacing the Gomti Chakra so that none of them are touching. After that you must pour some vinegar into the container just enough to submerge all of the shell. It is best to put the container under the full moon light for a night outside of your house; if this is not possible, and then hide it under your bed.


Carefully inspect the container and you may find two Gomti Chakra moved touching other. This pair of Gomti Chakra is said to be ‘alive’. The non touching ones are said to be ‘dead’ as the spirits have left the shell.


The active Gomti Chakra can be worshipped with rice and wrapped with a red cloth. It is sad that this pair of Gomti Chakra when dipped in vinegar again will produce bubbles. These bubbles can be used to make love oil and anyone who make use of this oil will be loved by his or her target.

A Discourse On Snake Ngai (蛇蠱)

A yant for curing bone fracture
Snake Ngai is another type of Ngai magic available out there and only practiced by a handful of Ngai master. I am not in position to discuss this practice in detail as I don’t want troubles from the Ngai masters. Since other than cursing opponents, Snake Ngai is also effective in the cure of finger joint pains and bone fractures, I just thought to have a simple discussion especially on the curing aspects.


First one has to get hold of one cobra (眼鏡蛇), one acutus (五步蛇) and one Bungarus multicinctus (銀環蛇). Dip the snakes into rice wine with tight seal for 6 months until the wine becomes yellowish in color. Without having to perform empowerment ritual, the snake wine is good to cure finger joint pains. This wine is especially good for the laborers and anyone uses his or her fingers excessively.


However, if the person would take a step further as to draw yants and conjure the Ngai deities to empower this snake wine for 6 months; the wine can be consumed for healing as above or to increase magical power. While the snake contents are burnt into ashes and the ash is either put into an incense holder for worship or it is buried under an Ngai plant.


After the empowerment period, an invocation ritual can be performed to make the Snake Ngai to materialize. The steps are as below:


·         Prepare 3 raw chicken eggs, 3 bowl of rice, 3 cups of water and wine.

·         One must also burn 3 pieces of incense sticks in the burner or Ngai pot.

·         Call lineage masters, Ngai deities and finally the Snake Ngai.

·         If the ritual is fruitful, the Snake Ngai will appear in the form of a snake, a string of white light or a kid after 49 days.


Yet another method to produce Snake Ngai is by putting the above snakes into an earth urn and the opening is then sealed. After that the content in the urn will devour each other until one snake is left. Then this snake is burnt into ashes and buried into an incense burner. The subsequent ash from the burner can be used to harm the master’s opponents.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Hello Mary!

My ghost busting toolkit at a glance.
My friend’s sister-in-law Jane can see spirits but this ability wasn’t appreciated by her hubby and family members. Jane’s family was freaking out when Jane started to invite a little girl spirit called Mary into their house. As I heard that it was up to such a stage that Jane would teach Mary to sing and sleep together. They have tried many methods to get rid of the spirit but of no avail; so I was called in as a last resort before they are selling their house.


It was a Friday evening when my friend and I arrived at Jane’s place. After listening to Jane’s story, I told her that the kid spirit would follow her to anywhere even after she has sold the house. Then I pulled out my ‘ghost busting toolkit’ and managed to conjure Mary’s spirit to the little coffin by burning some talismans. When the spirit was approaching, I quickly bind it into the small piece of wood and finally seal the coffin with another talisman as illustrated above.


Now what I need to do is either to deliver Mary’s spirit to ‘other side’, release it in the jungle or sell it to the one who want to keep it to cover my expenses. Before you ask the question if there is a market for ghosts, let me assure you that there is! No joking, don’t ask me why.


After I stepped out of Jane’s house, I pulled my friend aside and advise him to bring Jane to visit a psychiatrist just to check up. Well, the reason is: no ordinary person will invite a spirit into her house; more so to teach the spirit to sing. You probably got the idea ;-).


A Story From Vietnam

I met a Vietnamese Chinese known as Mr. Lim during one dinner function in Ho Chi Minh City last month regarding his aloe wood plantation Feng Shui audit. When this gentleman learnt that I am also interested in magical things, he told me this story:


“My uncle’s son, John once fell in love with a Hmong tribe young girl somewhere near the border of Vietnam and Guangxi, China during this young man’s expedition. The couple stayed together for around two weeks and John thought it was time for him to go back to his parents and bid the Hmong girl goodbye with the promise that he will return to fetch her and marry her in a year’s time.


My uncle is a very traditional Chinese man; naturally he wanted his son to marry a Chinese lady instead. John wasn’t very serious with the Hmong lady either; naturally his father’s objection automacially became John's excuse not to visit the Hmong girl and fulfill his promise. They soon forgot all about the Hmong girl and lived as if nothing happened.


Strange things happened to John after one year’s time. John’s stomach started to bulge day after day as if someone is pumping a balloon. Having observed John’s pain worsened day after day, with some knowledge of black magic practices of Hmong tribe; my uncle decided to hire a very old Hmong witchdoctor to John’s rescue.


The old witchdoctor having observed John for a couple of minutes and pressed on John’s stomach told my uncle, “It is not difficult to cure John’s problem. But if I cured John; harm will naturally come to the person who have casted this magic. I don’t wish to do that. It is best for you to give me some money as compensation to cover the person’s loss. If this person agrees, then your son will recover in 10 days’ time.”


In view of it was John’s fault as to break his promise, my uncle agreed and gave the witchdoctor some money and present. I was later learnt that on the day the witchdoctor received my uncle’s presents; John’s stomach gradually subsided and suffered no further pain.


That was my story. Do you believe it?”

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Million Dollar Ritual (百萬財神)

If you fancy having 1 million dollar in short time, then you can perform the below Thai money magic ritual to boost your luck:


First prepare two million dollar talismans as above, then get a $50 dollar bank note each from two reputable banks … say that if you want the currency in USD, then get the denominations in USD from American banks. The reason to get the bank note from reputable banks is so that we can summon two gods of wealth (Ngen Nai Kong and Thong Nai Ma) to help us to gain monetary benefits.


After that glue the money on the back of the talismans and start chanting any of your favorite fortune chants for 108 times.


This ritual must be carried out right at 4 a.m. in the morning because this is the time when the gods of fortune wake up to perform their tasks. Also please remember that you only have 1 hour to complete your ritual and invite the gods into your house.

The Secret Of Dense Bamboo (Buluh Tumpat)

There is a lot of information about buluh tumpat in the net.
Dense bamboo is a type of bamboo with solid stem compared to the hollow stem of ordinary bamboo. This type of bamboo can be found in Malaysian jungle. Scientifically it is known as Gigantochloa Ligulata. This type of bamboo is believed to have mysterious power for personal protection especially in the jungle.


Believers also say that not only a dense bamboo is good for personal protection; it can be used to suck out poison injected by animals and insects. A dense bamboo is also used to cure ‘santau’ as this type of black magic uses the hair of ordinary bamboo as medium. It is also believed that no poisonous creature dares to approach the person if he or she wears a section of solid bamboo as an amulet.


On the other hand, dense bamboo is just like any other bamboo and can be used for many mundane applications such as furniture production, prayer beads, agricultural plant supports, traditional toys etc.

Monday, June 17, 2013

By The Power Of Spirits

This is a real case but due to its sensitivity, I have altered many details as this is a tragedy and happened fairly recently; but the story is real let me assure you.


I received a call from a friend at around 9am whose relative was said to be ‘missing’ from his trip back. He would arrive at the house around 8pm daily, but now news since they last heard of him and he cannot be contacted.


It happened that there was an unforeseen incident on this gentleman’s usual route: a section of the building collapsed; damaging and covered a section of the main road below it. Search and rescue team were put to task but after about 3 days’ digging they announced that there were no more casualties than the previously reported. So this guy is classified as a missing person.


Now, come back to our story. I was required to dispatch my spirits to ‘call back’ this person wherever he was… Viewing the incident as serious, I obliged and asked for the person’s name and birth timing.


At around 4pm of the same day, I received another call from my pal, according to him; the rescue team had dug out a car chassis plate indicating that the car belonged to the missing person. They had feared for the worse. Sad to say, the digging work had to stop after the team found part of the flattened car and tires due to the fear of affecting the structure of the building in the surrounding. The body had never been found as there were heavy rains and sewerage water flowing non-stop.


The believer said that the Thai mountainous spirits are very powerful as they lead to the recovery of the smashed car. But I just recorded this incident down in my magic diary and share with you.


The Staff Of Mountain God (Kayu Tas)

The darker stick is the male and the fairer one is the female.

The Tas wood or “Kayu Tas” is also known as “kayu hujan panas” (the hot rain wood) is meant to ward off wild animals or some people say that this type of wood can act as a subjugator and it works on human as well. There are two types of Tas wood differentiated generally by graphical locations:


·         Kayu Tas of Borneo

o   Wild or cultivated normally in highlands.

·         Kayu Tas of Peninsula Malaysia

o   Usually in the jungle of Perak, Kelantan and Trengganu

o   Harder to get as it is protected by law.


Other rarer Tas varieties are the red Tas and the yellow Tas.

Local believe that Kayu Tas can be distinguished into Kayu Tas Jantan (male) and Kayu Tas Betina (female). The male has a darker skin compared to the female ones. It is a taboo to use a Kayu Tas to strike another person as this action will cause the person to be barren. The only remedy is to dip a female Tas in water and drink the water.


A section of Kayu Tas can be kept in the house for protection from wild animals and human with bad intention alike. The Penan tribe burns the bark of female Tas to ward off evil spirits. Other than that, the Tas wood can also be made into ring or wear as amulet.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Conjuring Mountain Ghost (山鬼)

An illustration of the beautiful mountain ghost taken from intranet.
“Mountain Ghost” (山鬼) originates from an ancient poetry work dedicated to please the gods. The below poem is taken from the ninth poem of “The Nine Songs” (九歌). This spirit is called a mountain ghost because legend has it that this spirit is not yet promoted to the status of god by the emperor of the heaven.


One only has to go to a mountain with some offerings and incense and sing the below songs repeatedly:


“It is as if someone passes through the deep valleys, wearing pumila and carrots as skirt. She looks around with seductive smiles; she is gentle and lovely with very attractive figure.

She is riding on a red leopard and followed by a beaver; she rides on an osmanthus car with magnolia decorative flag. She wears Shi Lan and Du Heng, and plucks a branch of Acacia while missing your company.

In the depths of bamboo shrubs where sun light cannot penetrate, and the road is steep that lonely you arrives late.

Standing alone on the peak of a mountain, in the rolling and dispersing of ​​clouds.

The mountain is as dark as night even in the daylight. The east wind is roaring while the gods are casting rain.

I'm waiting for dear you in infatuation and forgotten to go back, the flowers are withering and how can I keep the bloom forever?

I am picking the fungus of longevity in the mountain; the rock is high and steep with wounding spiky rattans.

With a sense of loss grumbling about you hence forget go back; you misses me but cannot find time to come.

The one in the mountain is as pure and fragrance as Azaleas; drinking the stream water from rock seams with conifers over my head. (My mind is secretly pondering about you) Are you really serious about me?

Rolling thunder with drizzling rain; the apes are tweeting as the darkness falls.

The wind rustling while the tree twigs are falling, I am sad thinking of you alone.”














I use the above ancient song to call my Vietnamese Ngai spirit together with the Thai Phi Phop. Personally I think they work well together as the Ngai spirits are mainly of animals origin while the Phi Phop are of plant or human origin… At least they appear to me in that way.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Mysterious Lushan Magic (廬山法)

Lushan (廬山) is said to be one of the famous mountain in China located in the northern part of Jiangxi province (江西). Not many people realize that there is a rarely known magical system being practiced here.


Personally I would call this system “Taoist mountainous school” because the practitioners will need to call upon all 5 mountain gods to bestow them power. All the complete mountain gods are:


·         Lu ()

·          Lee ()

·         Xiao ()

·         Jin ()

·         Fo ()


Their corresponding mountains are:


·         In the center is Lushan (廬山)

·         In the west is Caoyanshan (曹巖)

·         In the north is Fenglaishan (逢萊山)

·         In the south is Kunlunshan (昆侖山)

·         In the east is Wudangshan(武當山)


The Lushan magic is as with all other Taoist and Lupan magic systems, comprises of many rituals: there are magic for attacking opponents, for healing and for exorcism. The practitioners of this system will need to perform a simple ritual to invite the five mountain gods to bestow power. Ideally it is best to carry out this exercise on a mountain top but I guess we can visualize that we are standing on top of Lushan and recite the below mantra once for each five directions:





(The elder learnt magic at Zhongnan Mountain, listen to me thou all four mountains;

I invite gods to descend from the heaven, whole heartedly I fetch them down the mountains.)


The practitioners should blow a breath onto their palms after one recitation and wipe down from heads to toe signifying that the power of gods descend from heaven to earth. This is quite different with the Thai and Malay magic where the energy of the earth is lead from the earth into the practitioners’ body. If one is persistent and continue the practice for 100 days, he or she will be ready for the more advance magical practices. Otherwise this person will still feel energetic and refreshing hence improving his or her own health.


I think the Lushan magic has a very close link with the Yao, Lupan and the Vietnamese Ngai magic but will need to perform further research.