Monday, April 30, 2018

Killer Cooking Gas (夺命煤气)

Cooking gas is a type of flammable gas. It burns if the gas-air mixture is ideal with the presence of fire of course. However, if the air is insufficient; then a type of colorless and odorless gas known as carbon monoxide would be produced. Any animals inhaling a large quantity of this carbon monoxide will die due to the brain is depleted of oxygen.

On the other hand, if cooking gas leaked in an enclosed compartment and that the mixture of gas and air reached an ideal proportion, then the space will behave as if a gigantic bomb. A spark such as the turning on of a switch or even the ringing of a telephone will cause a massive explosion.

Of course, there are people commit suicide by cooking gas inhalation. 

Cases of fatalities caused by cooking gas incidents are many and often. The force of explosion is horrible as a building may become a mess and the building may also collapse due to the sudden impact.

The story I am going to tell concerns with a haunted house previously devastated by gas explosion which I have rented when I have just graduated from a technical college in Ipoh.

Right after my study, I was offered a job with a company in Tasek Industrial Estate. Since I was not local to Ipoh, I was urgently looking for a place to stay. Being a fresh graduate with budget constraint, it was quite difficult to find an ideal place.

Finally, a college mate of mine brought me to an empty house with almost zero house rent for the first year with a catch. The landlord told me that the house 'is not peaceful' and that he would not be responsible for any 'life and death matters'.

Though feeling strange, I decided to take the challenge of moving into the house. It was not that I was brave, it was just that my work starts in two days' time. So be it I thought.

Things were relatively peaceful for a week or so. I used to go out at about 7am and only returned around 8 or 9pm. There was no fun for a person to come home early and look at the 4 walls I supposed.

One night, I decided to take a walk and stopped by a hawker center just around the corner for supper. After that I returned to take a rest. As I walked slowly, I saw the back of a good featured long hair lady also walking towards the same direction.

So, I walked and walked following the pretty lady until I was nearing my house. I began to think that she might be a neighbor of some sort. Before I could have a second thought, the lady suddenly took a 90 degree turn and went into my house.

I then thought that the lady might be the landlord's daughter coming to renegotiate the tenant agreement. Perhaps my landlord has change his mind of letting me stay free?

With some expectations in mind, I was in front of my house. But there was no one there. The main gate remained securely locked.

Then I thought the lady might just turned into a dark corner and it was just an optical illusion of some kind.

Without thinking too much, I hit the bed and quickly fell asleep. I was too tired after spent a day working on the factory's layout drawing.

Not long after that, I heard water splashing noise came out from the bathroom in my master room as if someone was taking a shower. I opened my eyes and slightly raised my head to look at the direction of the bathroom. And I heard a disembodied voice of a lady: "Honey, it will be in a jiffy..."

As soon as the voice subsided, I saw the figure of a long hair lady gently glided out from the bathroom. As she approached me, I heard a very strong scent of cooking gas...

When the lady has gotten close enough, I took a second look... I almost fainted, it was the grim burnt face of a lady. To be honest, I could only say that she was a lady from her body feature.

The lady... or should I say the 'thing' came so close to my face and whispered: "Honey... where were you? I thought we were to die together..." 

Before I could cry out in fear, perhaps it was the strong gas smell that came from the creature coupled with the oily fried noodles I consumed a hour before; my stomach suddenly started to pain...

Subsequently, I started to fart: "Puuuuttt..."

And then followed by a few long farts: "Ppuuuuuttttt.."

And then I felt my pants went wet with excretion...

Maybe the smell of excretion and farts overpowered the smell of the gas, the creature suddenly vanished with a sound: "Uuuuhhhh..."

Of course, I immediately rushed to the bathroom to clean myself.

That was my first exorcism without using any mantras or talismans!

A few months later, I passed the house keys to my landlord as I wanted to return to my hometown.

Before I left, I asked him about the strange lady I saw. The landlord kept quiet for a while and finally said: "She was my daughter who committed suicide by gas inhalation. She was to die together with her boyfriend but he chickened out at the last minute. Incidentally, her boyfriend rang her and the ringing of the phone caused a massive explosion..."

Then he stopped and asked me: "Aren't you afraid?"

"Oh that... I have SECRET WEAPONS!! Hahaha..."

Of course, I couldn't tell my landlord about the farting thing...

Sunday, April 29, 2018

My Brother's Haunted Apartment

This is the internal of famous Relau ghost house. It is believed that even its surrounding is haunted by various ghosts. The haunted house is forbidden to be entered at this moment.

It seems that everywhere I go, I would bump into haunted houses.

I have stayed in a few places in Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore, and had experience with some sort of haunting.

When I first come to Penang, I stayed with my bro in an apartment near the current Relau Metropolitan Garden where a famous haunted house is said to be located. The haunted house had been the subject of many paranormal shows from Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The haunted house is now a forbidden place to visit. When I was staying there, some spirit medium would hold some sort of Taoist ceremonies said to 'prevent' the ghosts in the haunted house from disturbing tenants around.

I personally think that those ceremonies are useless in warding off those restless spirits because even my brother's apartment were some sort being haunted by a restless lady spirit from the house.

Legend has it that some 40 or 50 years ago a lady committed suicide in the house and her restless spirit is roaming the place since even though countless of pacification ceremonies had taken place.

While I was staying in the apartment, I have a few times heard female sighing voice lingered in the air. But luckily or unluckily, I had not had a chance to see anything.

My niece once told me that when she was small, she had a strange encounter in her bedroom.

One morning, my niece was playing on her own in her room. Her game was only throwing her pillow in the air and then fetching the pillow before it falls in the bed.

So the little girl threw and fetched the pillow a few rounds until one throw that she would never forget. 

On her final throw, my niece's pillow suddenly seen stuck onto the ceiling as if detained by some unseen forces.

Just as when the little lady was about to call for her mom, the pillow suddenly dropped from the ceiling.

My nephew also said that when he was playing in the room alone, he saw a black figure was observing him...

A few friends who came to stay for a few days also said that they saw something was sitting on the brim of the window.

A spirit medium told me that the entire apartment block was being haunted by a lady spirit which like to roam about. Since she meant no harm, no action was taken to confine her. Other medium said that there were also some mountain spirits and some restless Japanese Imperial Armies of World War II too.

Now my brother had sold off the apartment but I still visit the Relau Metropolitant Garden now and then for morning walk. However, I am not sure if the place is still being haunted by one lady ghost or other figures.

It is indeed an nostalgic moment during my stay in Relau.

Service Apartment 9-4-13

This is an old case happened when I was still attached to a MNC in Bayan Lepas.

A colleague from Hong Kong came to Penang for a 3-month assignment. I was tasked by my boss to 'see to it' that the gentleman was being well taken care of. I protested of no avail as this was the job for human resource staff.

Let us acknowledge this gentleman as Jason for simplicity. 

After gotten the key to a service apartment, I was dismissed early by my boss so that I could fetch Jason from Penang International Airport.

The plane arrival was delayed 2 hours. So, by the time I met Jason; it was already way past 8pm.

I brought Jason to a hawker center near the airport for supper. The gentleman was indeed a chatter box, he started to complain about almost everything from the airline services to the hot tropical Malaysia weather. What could I do? So I just lent all my ears to him.

Jason kept talking and complaining until I walked him to the front door of his service apartment... When I passed him the key and he looked at the key tag...

"Wah! Brother... Don't joke during this time of the day loh..." 

Jason's speech halted and he gazed on the key tag: It was Room 9-4-13!

The number 9413 has no significant to most of us except for Cantonese as the pronunciation for 9-4-13 in Cantonese means '9 deaths 1 lives'. No wonder Jason was feeling not so easy...

I shrugged and told him to bring the complaint to my boss and then tugged the key 9-4-13 into Jason's hand and bidden him good night.

The next afternoon half an hour before working time, my boss summoned me to his office again. He asked me to keep Jason entertained for a few days and my answer was a lowkey monotone 'yes sir'.

I arrived in front door at about 9pm readied to bring him to Penang town to a Karaoke lounge to spend a night...

When I was in front of apartment 9-4-13 door, I heard some strange noise came out from the apartment... I attached my ear on the door and the noise became clearer... It was the noise of people making love.

I was in a dilemma as to whether to knock the door or to wait until the anticlimax.So I just stood by the door and waited.

The commotion finally halted and I knocked on the door. The door opened and before Jason spoke, I gave him a naughty look and said: "Jason, if you already have a plan for tonight, just let me know... Let me see your lady partner!"

Jason gave me a blank stare and grumble: "What are you talking about? I was waiting for you in my couch and you are late!"

I shrugged and apologized to him with a absent-minded manner. And off we went to the Karaoke...

A few hours later I sent Jason back to his apartment and gave him a wink: "Don't enjoy too much as you still have an early meeting with my boss... Hahaha!"

I returned home, took a hot shower and it was already 2am. I couldn't sleep so I just sat in my armchair and took some shut eyes... And my phone rang:

"Help! Liew! There is something in my room!" The desperate voice of Jason came from the other end.

Half an hour later, I was at Jason's front door. Before I could knock on the door, the door was forced opened and there was Jason shivering.

"There is something in my room... When I was in my bed, the figure of a pretty lady suddenly came to me. She suddenly jumped into the bed and pressing on my chest. Her appearance also transformed into the grim face of an old hag... The thing kept strangling my neck with its icy cold hands and demanded my life..."

An security guard heard the commotion and came to investigate. According to the guard, the former owner of Apartment 9-4-13 was a lady working as a secretary. She had an affair with her boss but the boss jilted her. The desperate lady committed suicide and the apartment was emptied for a long time before it was sold again.

Jason wanted to put up a night at my place but I eventually sent him to my boss's house as I didn't want to get too close to a manager.

I took medical leave the next day and when I returned, Jason was not in the office. My colleague told me that he has returned to Hong Kong the morning before.

Perhaps I should thank the ghostly figure or whatever it might be for liberating me from entertaining my boss and Jason... Beware of 9-4-13 folks! Hahaha...

Taboos Of Old Chinese Tattoo Practice (华人纹身禁忌)

Guangong is a favorite icon indicating brotherhood code.

Tattoo practice is also practised among Chinese although it was not so popular. In earlier times, the person with a tattoo may be treated as members of secret societies. Situation has changed nowadays.

Like other tattooing practices of other ethnics, the Chinese tattoo masters also have their set of taboos. Below is a short list:

It is a taboo to tattoo a solo blood hunger wolf for a blood thirst wolf will cause a family to perish. 

It is not advised to tattoo broken limbs for the person shall be short lived.

It is a taboo to tattoo a tiger that decends a mountain for the master shall be devoured.

It is a taboo to tattoo an opened eye Guan Gong for the person shall become a cold blood killer.

It is a taboo to tattoo Tang Sanzang (唐三藏) for he shall be met with many disasters.

It is a taboo to tattoo small Nezha (哪吒) for he might be killed by a dragon.

It is a taboo to tattoo an old Zhongkui (钟馗) for not only he couldn't ward off ghosts; thieves come to him.

It is already a difficult life, whatever you do; don't tattoo an opened eye Guangong. If you prefer, then tattoo a happy opened eyes smiling sheep (喜洋洋)! The bigger the eyes the merrier. 

Talking about taboos of Chinese tattoos, I remembered a story told by a lady masseur, Lily:

"Sometime ago I was visited by a customer who wanted to have a full body massage. I asked him to take off his shirt so he complied and exposing the opened eyes Guangong tattoo on his back.

I asked the person to lay face down so that I could step on his back to massage with my soles. It is a standard practice to loosen the shoulder muscles...

As soon as I stepped onto the Guangong's face, the customer suddenly twitched and white foam came out from his mouth.

Due to his twitch, I also lost balance and fell down from the bed and hurt my back.

The man was sent to the hospital and I had to stop my work for 3 months recuperating. 

Do you think it is true that the Guangong punished me for stepping on his face?"

I shrugged and replied: "Perhaps it was just an unfortunate coincidence."

What do you think?

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Oh God, Save This Monk Please! (神啊!请救这和尚吧!)

One thing for sure, once one has involved in magic for a fairly long time, this person is bound to meet all sorts of weird people...

So, do you think all of those religious figures are up there high and mighty? Well, some really are. But many of them I would just keep away at a ten barge pole distance.

My mom and I used to visit this temple to chant. At times we also attended some dharma talk and participated in the Buddhist events there. Soon I got acquainted with one of the monk in the temple whom I called him Sifu Wong.

At first Sifu Wong and I just greeted each other politely but everything changed after Sifu Wong learnt that I learnt Thai magic and also Feng Shui...

One day after the usual chanting session, as I was walking out of the main gate to get my car; Sifu Wong suddenly shouted at me: "Wait please, Mr. Liew!"

I halted my pace and acknowledged with a casual 'yup', and turned my back...

It was Sifu Wong alright.

"O Mi Tuo Fo (哦弥陀佛), Sifu. What's up?"

"O Mi Tuo Fo, Mr. Liew. Can I visit you for a discussion?"

Though bewildered, I nodded and say: "Okay. Why such a secrecy?"

"Private matters..." Sifu Wong gave me a mischievous look.

I felt stunned as I have not seen Sifu Wong's 'dark side' until this moment...

10 minutes later, we were at my place. After both of us were seated, Sifu Wong opened his mouth: "Can I learn Phra Ngan magic from you?"

I almost jumped up from my chair after hearing Sifu Wong's request...

"O Mi Tuo Fo! You know Phra Ngan is meant to flirt with girls and to womanize!?"

"Yes. I know. But life is so boring in the temple and I want to learn something new for a kick." Sifu Wong said with a numb face.

I suddenly developed goosebumps all over and though Phra Ngan has no real power, I hate to think what Sifu Wong would do to other lady visitors to the temple. So, I politely declined and said to him: "You are already an ordain and respectable Buddhist monk, so it is not appropriate to call me 'sifu' and learn Thai magic from me..."

After a few rounds of pleading, Sifu Wong suddenly switched a topic: "Can I learn Feng Shui and astrology from you, Mr. Liew? The temple needs some source of income?"

I again shook my head and looked at Sifu Wong: "It takes a long time to learn Feng Shui or astrology... Maybe it is time for me to send you back to the temple!"

I have not returned to the temple since though at times I still receives messages from Sifu Wong concerning his intention on Thai magic.

I am baffled but to urge everyone to exercise his/her common sense: Not all religious figures are holy and untouchable... You will be surprised!

The Fashionable Thai Lady Manikin

A common Thai lady figurine that can be seen standing outside of a Thai restaurant or hotel greeting each of the customer.

A friend of mine, Lisa who was sent to Bangkok by her company to attend a meeting came back to tell me this story... 

Lisa stayed in a hotel in the center of Bangkok. The meeting started after breakfast until late in the evening. It was sort of international team building activity.

On the first day, Lisa's American colleague gave her a beautiful scarf and Lisa was very excited. She hastily returned to her hotel room during the break and tugged the scarf inside her luggage. 

Then on the last night of Lisa's stay in the hotel. Lisa was awakened by to and fro walking noise outside of her room and then the noise halted in front of the room door. Soon there was a knock on the door.

Lisa thought it might have been one of her foreign colleague to come over to chat. Without too much hesitation, Lisa jumped out of her bed and opened the door. 

To Lisa's surprised, no one was at the door, except a Thai lady manikin standing beside the door. She thought someone might just left there for some reasons. So, Lisa shook her head and return to the bed.

In the morning, Lisa thought of taking a second look at the scarf as she wanted to have a second look at it. 

Strangely, Lisa could not find the scarf even after she has emptied her luggage. She searched frantically look into every corner of her room and strangely, there was no trace of the scarf.

Feeling hopeless, Lisa decided to repack her luggage and go out for her breakfast.

To Lisa's surprised, the lady manikin was still standing by her door. In addition, the beautiful scarf Lisa was frantically searching was wound around the neck of the manikin.

Lisa immediately screamed frantically and ran towards the hotel restaurant. She bumped into a hotel maid and told the maid of her strange encounter.

Unexpectedly, the maid just slay in slumber: "Relax, mam. The manikin has been moving around and it meant no harm..."

Lisa almost fainted and she didn't want to argue with the maid. She left the hotel right after her breakfast leaving the scarf on the lady manikin.

Even an inanimate lady manikin likes fashionable stuff too...

Friday, April 27, 2018

A Chance Encounter With Brunei Master (巧遇汶莱高人)

While Malaysia is hot on GE-14, I have had a chance encounter with a self-proclaimed grand master Lee said to be from Brunei a few days back.

It is not a strange thing that so-called 'strange people' come to me now and then due to the fact that I am a supernatural blogger.

The gentleman visited me at my place and after being served with tea, he started to talk...

"I admire your experience with magic, but I have myself more interesting encounters..."

"Would you kindly share your story?" I was intrigued.

Once the Master Lee heard the key word, he immediately opened his chatter box:

"Well, when I was young, I could visit the realms of the Taoist immortals (仙境) and I was able to learn many new knowledge such as Feng Shui, fortune telling, meditation etc...

I still can communicate with Master Zhu (诸葛亮), Guangong (关公), Neza (哪吒) and others now and then..."

On hearing his words, I immediately jumped up from my chair and gave a 90 degree bow to Master Lee: "Wow! Sifu Lee,I humbly give you this respect! I hope to learn from you."

Proudly, Master Lee said: "Well... I can't promise on behalf of my deities you know Mr Liew?"

*Sigh* I gave out a long puff of air as if I was very disappointed.

Then Master Lee opened his mouth again: "What do you think of coming GE-14?"

"Well, give and take, not many changes in Malaysian politics I think."

Master Lee nodded and said: "Thing will not change unless I plug a needle on the Mount Kinabalu..."

I was baffled and has a second thought about this grand master in front of me...

Then Master Lee closed his eyes and as if falling into trance. Without opening his eyes, he continued to say: "I can see now... Hong Kong will eventually becoming one country in future..."

I almost squirted the tea I was sipping. I thought, true enough; Hong Kong might indeed becomes one country in another sense...

Perhaps I had had enough of Master Lee, so I pretend to cough seriously to halt his speech.

The trick worked. Master Lee stopped talking and starred at me. He then said: "Do you want to eat my medicine? I have a magic pill with me..."

With half forced and half coaxed, I pushed Master Lee out of the door and said to him: "No thank you! What I need is a doctor..."

Now you understand that why I don't write about magic nowadays? 

Honey Of Tualang Tree (III)

Pak Wan once told me that there are some taboos for tualang tree honey collectors to observe in old days so that no undesired incidents would occur during the honey collecting process.

If I still can remember, Pak Wan said that his method was to recite Al-Fatihah (first chapter of holy Quran) three times and then entered into the jungle quietly so as not to disturb those 'penunggu' (watchers) of the area.

Of course, in old days; people would burn coconut husks as an offerings to the spirits of the jungle. But this practice is discontinued due to religious reasons.

Jeff, is Pak Wan's eldest son and he is a modern young man who would scorn at the supernatural things. Pak Wan has time and again advised Jeff to heed those taboos of the old to avoid bumping into undesired problems but Jeff kept ignoring his old man until one night...

One night, Ali who was Pak Wan's helper fell sick and Pak Wan was urgently wanted to meet his old customers' orders. So, Jeff was coaxed to follow his old pa into the jungle to collect some tualang honey.

Reluctantly but Jeff wasn't ready to say 'no' to his father, so the father and son gang proceed into the jungle. Pak Wan again nagged about the taboos but Jeff thought his old man was somehow irritating and to counteracting his father's nagging, Jeff started to sing 'Billie Jean' while heading into the heart of the jungle.

Jeff was walking faster and ahead of Pak Wan. Perhaps he thought by keeping a distance away from his pa he could have a moment of quiet. He never knew that his action would gave him an unforgettable experience of his life...

 As Pak Wan was trying to keep his pace with his son, suddenly he heard Jeff's singing gotten louder and the song turned shrieking cacophony and ended up swearing and cursing. Strangely too that at the same time, Jeff started to dance 'moonwalk' stance...

The situation has gotten more bizarre when Pak Wan saw his son's head tilted 90 degrees resting on his right shoulder while performing the moonwalk. 

Feeling baffled, Pak Wan noticed that Jeff was actually 'gliding' about 3 feet above the ground...

At this point, Pak Wan realized something was wrong... Jeff could have been possessed by evil spirits! So, Pak Wan rushed to Jeff and pulled Jeff's legs so that his son could be held fast on the ground.

As soon as Pak Wan managed to catch hold of Jeff, he started the call for prayer azan near Jeff's ear. At first, Jeff just showed a numb facial expression with his gaze fixed in front. After Pak Wan repeated several calls for prayer, Jeff finally shivered and he turned his face to Pak Wan while asking: "Pa, what are you doing?"

Pak Wan just shook his head and urged Jeff to move forward as if nothing had happened. He didn't want to scare his son in the middle of the jungle. Jeff shrugged and continued to move on while Pak Wan followed behind his son.

A few minutes later, Pak Wan felt that someone or something was staring at him and he developed goosebumps all over his body. Instinctively, he turned his back and there he saw a creature about 10 feet tall with a pair of sharp pointed horns!

Needless to say, Pak Wan has no mood to continue with his honey hunt, he immediately summoned Jeff and they both returned home empty handed.

On hearing the story, I became interested in the 'creature with horns' as I have not heard of any supernatural creature with 'horns' locally...

After some sort of interrogations, Pak Wan finally laughed and said: "Come and think of it... it might be a deer! But I can't explain how can Jeff dance in the air though..."

Thursday, April 26, 2018

I Ching View On GE14 (易经看大选)

The 14th Malaysian general election is around the corner. So who will be a big winner? Let us approach from what I Ching has to say:

We all know that the current ruling period is 8, which represents young man and the color is white.

The ruling star for this year, 2018 is 9, represents middle woman and the color is purple.

In Flying Star Feng Shui, the center is assigned the number 5, which represents the untouchable ruling force.

In short, the parties with color white-purple or majority of young man and middle women will be the winner. The closest political party with white-red (purple) would be the DAP and UMNO.

Having said so, since the DAP has abandoned its logo in favor of the PKR, its chance is reduced. So the dominant force of this GE14 would be the UMNO undoubtedly speaking.

According to 2018 flying star, the number 5 is located at the north, taking the color of 'water', which can be translated to 'black' or 'blue'. And the Barisan Nasional (BN) using predominantly 'blue' would be the overall winner.

DAP having abandoned its traditional logo will lose much of its influence to PKR (light blue and white).

Other political parties would be losers to some extent.

I Ching has spoken. Believe it or not? But still, don't be too serious about the prediction.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

CM Lim's Astrology (林首长的命盘)

I got this said to-be chief minister Lim's date of birth from some social group and someone asked me to comment if it is true. Whatever case that might be, let us have a look at this gentleman's astrology chart:

The given date of birth is: December 8th, 1960, 8am.

Converting the date to the 8-Character chart:


Comment on the 8-Character chart:

This gentle man is a fighting cock and less likely to stop and think. He is a doer and not much of a thinker. He is helped by many friends and holding good position. Strangely so, Lim has no real money or power and at times, he is a little indecisive.

Due to his strong and sharp character, Lim is likely to be entangled with many court cases. His luck is as if riding on a roller coaster: at one point he is high and mighty, at another, he is in jail. Though quite talented, Mr Lim always find himself in conflict with the officials. His greatest challenge would be between 45-60 years old.

Comment on the major life-cycles:

3 - 32: Not many accomplishments.
33-42: His accomplishments fell into void, nothing done.
43-52: At least Mr. Lim started to sit down and plan for some accomplishments.
53-62: Problems with the officials and legal affairs again.
63-72: More unsettling headache problems.
73+: Still problems to come but at least life is a little settle down if he survived so far.

Comment on yearly cycles:

2017: Problems and possibility of losing his job.
2018: He would get 50% of what he has possessed.
2019: He retains 50% of his power with some losses.

Well, can astrology readings be trusted? I don't know for sure. There is no harm just to treat it as a teatime topic. I post this one on someone's request.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Honey Of Tualang Tree (II)

I met Pak Wan in the coffee stall again. He was busy selling some newly collected wild honey. Pak Wan's honey was in high demand although the price of one bottle of wild tualang tree honey could fetch up to more than MYR120 per bottle.

I was not in a hurry as my trip was meant for visiting an orchid collector, Pak Mat and I was a little early for my appointment.

Pak Wan's wild honey sold like hot cakes and in a jiffy all of his stock was gone. At this point, he saw me sitting in a corner. Without opening my mouth, Pak Wan came to me and sat on a stool opposite to me. I knowingly ordered a cup of hot black coffee before Pak Wan start telling his story...

After taking a sip of coffee and cleared his throat, Pak Wan start talking...

"You know, youngsters nowadays don't know the etiquette of wild honey collection. They just barged into wild jungle and treat it as their house. No wonder so many mishaps happened to them.

One of my sons, Jeff didn't believe in supernatural stuffs even after his old man repeatedly advised him until one night.

It was a wet night after a heavy downpour. Jeff and Ali, a veteran honey collector again entered into a jungle to seek for beehive laden tualang tree.

After walking for an hour or so traversing wet tropical jungle, they came to a tall tualang tree and Jeff who is younger supposed to climb up the tree to collect honey while Ali observed from below.

Somehow the young man was a little lazy and felt drowsy. So, Ali suggested that Jeff waited on the ground to fetch the honey he passed down from the tualang tree branches. After an agreement has made, Ali started to climb up the tree while Jeff waited below.

Not long after Ali was up, Jeff dozed off and he had a strange dream where he was chased by a fire ball. He suddenly awoke by Ali's shout because Ali wanted Jeff to fetch the bucket of honey he has lowered.

After a few buckets full of wild honey were collected, Ali decided to come down to take a rest. Before Ali and Jeff rested, they covered up their precious wild honey stock to prevent them being eaten by sunbear or being stolen by other honey collectors.

Again, Ali asked Jeff to take the first night watch as he was awfully tired and in need for a quick nap. There was no reason for Jeff to argue as he was free all the while.

As the snoozing noise of Ali came from the tent, Jeff squatted by the buckets and at times, he too took some shut eyes. What could have gone wrong Jeff thought? 

Just as before Jeff's mind could wander off, he heard as if grunting sound of people drinking water came from the honey buckets. Instinctively, Jeff thought it was some animal stealing their honey. So he stood up and approached the honey buckets with a torchlight.

To his horror, in one of the almost emptied bucket, Jeff saw a glowing head sucking honey with a slimy long tongue. The originally face downed head suddenly took an about turn to face Jeff.

In extreme fear, Jeff yelled out from the bottom of his lungs and fainted. Ali heard Jeff's agonizing yell for life and he rushed out to investigate. There Ali saw Jeff lying unconscious with almost all of the honey gone. 

After reviving Jeff, Jeff told Ali that it was the working of a mysterious 'flying head' but until today, Ali still thought it was the working of some animals...

Later, Jeff recalled that the 'flying head' looked somehow similar to the orb he saw in his dreams.

Well, Liew, do you believe in the story?"

"Anything is possible, Pak Wan." I nodded and pre-ordered one bottle of wild honey.

Honey Of Tualang Tree (1)

A tall tualang tree with bee hives.

Tualang tree is believed to be haunted and this tall tree somehow attracts bees to make hives. Since the value of natural honey is much prized compared to logs, tualang trees are normally spared from being chopped down for timbers.

It is not easy to become tualang tree honey collectors as the inspired persons not only need to be able to climb tall tualang trees but also to venture into jungles at night because the best time to collect honey is definitely after dark for safety reasons. However, one can avoid being stung by angry bees during the day; he has to face disturbances from the spiritual realm at night on the other hand.

I know Pak Wan who used to collect tualang honey when he was young. When I meet him in local coffee shops, I like to ask him to jog his mind about his weird encounter with the supernatural world in the jungle at night while collecting honey.

Pak Wan has a few stories, here is the first...

One night, Pak Wan had collected a few buckets of tualang honey with his friends and just as they were on their way out of the jungle; Pak Wan suddenly remembered that he has left a bucket of honey behind the tualang tree. So, he told his friend to wait for him while he hurried back to the tree to fetch the bucket.

Trusting his friend, Pak Wan went back to the tree and by the time he got his bucket full of honey; Pak Wan failed to find his friend, Ali when he returned to the place where he left his companion.

Since it was dark and Pak Wan's torchlight went out of power, he has no way but to spend a night in the jungle and to struggle his way back home in the morning.

Feeling somehow betrayed by Ali, Pak Wan planned to reason with Ali once he returned home...

To his surprised, as soon as Pak Wan stepped into the house, his wife yelled at Pak Wan asking where did he go after going out early in the morning for prayer in the mosque. 

The nagging of Pak Wan's wife, Minah has got on to Pak Wan's nerve. So he answered indignantly: "What did you mean? I just returned from the jungle at this instant!?"

Minah again rose her voice: "Don't give excuses! Last night you returned with Ali after collecting tualang honey... I asked you to take a bath before sleeping but you just kept silent. And this morning you went out early without cleaning yourself..."

Pak Wan felt baffled and speechless. So he gave Minah a perfunctory smile and went into the house as he didn't want to start an argument without knowing the facts. He decided to seek Ali out to listen to what Ali has to say.

Later in the day, Pak Wan met Ali in the usual coffee stall by the road junction outside of the village. 

Before Pak Wan could open his mouth, Ali yelled at him: "Hey, Pak Wan! Are you feeling alright? You were very quiet after fetching your returned from fetching your bucket... I tried to speak to you but you kept silent. And I didn't see you in the mosque this morning... So, how are you now?"

Now, Pak Wan is confused. Since his wife and his friend sworn to have seen him returned to his house... The question remains: who is the person who returned from the jungle that night while Pak Wan was trapped in the jungle?

I have no answers, so I just took a sip of coffee and waited for Pak Wan to figure out the logic...