Sunday, January 27, 2013

Conjuring Demon King Ranama

Items required for a burnt offering.
Ranamas are demonic kings dwell in cemetery areas. They normally appear as black shadows or sometimes accompany by black snakes. Not many people are willing to call on these folks as they are blood thirst creatures and their favorite foods are black goat, black chicken, fresh blood, raw meat and intestines.


The prerequisite before trying this ritual is you must at least accomplish the completion stage of anuttara yoga such as Yamantaka or Hayagriva or any of the similar systems. There is a distinct advantage for the anuttara yoga practitioners as the subtle body of the practitioners can be integrated into that of the demon king to achieve very special siddhi.


You will need to find a potential graveyard that is dwelled by Ranamas through divination or conjuration methods. But beforehand, below items must be prepared:


·         Slaughter a whole black goat, skin it intact completes with head, four legs and tail. The meat, blood and internal organs can be served as offerings to Ranama; while the name of Ranama is written on the goat skin with the blood.

·         Place the goat skin with its head facing the conjuror and prepare a burnt offering ritual to subdue Ranama. The fire ritual must be done after 12 midnight.

·         First perform fire offering to the Heruka, then towards the end of the ritual; call upon Ranama 10 times and offer 1 piece of goat meat to the fire altar. Repeat until all of the meat and offerings are completely burnt off. Finally quench the fire with the goat’s blood.

·         Meditate and wait for Ranama to appear or signs such as the appearance of a black snake, wind, rain or lightning and thunder.

·         Once the initial sign is obtained, the conjuror can go back and Ranamas will come to the conjuror asking for more offerings, pact, favor etc.


My guru told me the best place to find powerful Ranamas are at the sky burial sites in Tibet and Himalayan mountain ranges; perhaps Ranamas do migrate to other parts of the world too. I don't encourage any one to call upon these demonic entities into his/her house without proper guidiance; so just read and enjoy this rare ritual from Himilayan mountain regions.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Magical Net: Mayajala (大幻化網)

I just received a letter from my brother in dharma concerning the teaching of Manjusri Great Perfection yoga method. So I dig into my old notes about Manjusri and Yamantaka practices to update my notes. It was quite a while I have gathered dust on such teachings and this new information indeed intrigued me so I read all my notes all over again. In doing so, I have discovered many interesting things; one of them is the Magical Net.


The practice of magical net or Mayajala is an important element in Tibetan Buddhism. There are two classic works related to Mayajala:


·         The Guyagrabha Tantra (大幻化網續)

o   This is the practice of Vajrasattva with 42 peaceful, 58 wrathful deities, 9 Vidyaharas, Vajrayoginis and Vajrakilaya.

o   The above deities will appear during one’s dying process as depicted in the famous Tibetan Book Of The Dead. If a person can recognize the characteristics of these deities; then he or she can be saved.

o   In the practice of Great Perfection, a yogin is trained in meditation techniques until he can see the emanation of these deities or chain of lights by staring at the sky. If one is successful, it is said that his physical body will transform into rainbow body and only some finger nails and hair will be left behind.

·         Arya-Manjusri-Nama-Samgiti (圣妙吉祥真實名義經)

o   This is the practice of Manjusri, the 5 Buddha and Yamantaka.

o   The Manjusri with his retinues represents the peaceful state and he is called the “cause”; while the Yamantaka with his retinues is the wrathful state and he is called the “effect”.

o   A practitioner normally practices the Yamantaka Tantra generation and completion stage. Followed with the Manjusri-Nama and also the Great Perfection techniques as above.


As far as I can see, both of the Guyagrabha Tantra and Manjusri-Nama complements each other. Personally I would take Manjusri-Nama as a subset of Guyagrabha Tantra as many deities appear in both works. Still, there is much work to do to make a conclusion.


Monday, January 21, 2013

Wish upon the TV Station

Below is Mr. Ong’s another experience on mind power:


Back at the end of year 2000, I was out of work upon completion of a constructional Gas processing Plant project. (Owned by Petronas Sdn. Bhd.). I tried to have a rest after tediously going through from one construction project to another.


I accidentally read a book about witchcraft that we could actually use mental power to will something logical to happen. One night, I was sitting outdoor in my house that faced TV Towers, which individually topped with red aircraft warning lights. Red light is an ideal alternative for candle light in practical concentration.


I paid rigid concentration to one of the red lights, and willed an ideal job to come with a very forcing mindset for few minutes. I was still exhausted, restless, and feeling headache when came to sleeping hours. I was curious about the Will Power, and just gave it an honest attempt.


Three days later, I received a call from a Korean contractor who asked me to attend my duty at soonest. I was interviewed by his manger few weeks ago, but seemed hopeless when he did not call me again ever since. He told me I was still his best choice after serious consideration. I never thought Will Power worked under my least expectation !


Collective dew drops on a yam leaf join up together as one large drop, once shaken. It works under the principle - like attracts alike. In other words, whatever under the same or similar vibrating frequency are attract to each other. Will or Wish is energy has its own frequency, which attract similar energies to “compose” a wish. Those energies “broadcast” even faster and further with the aid of TV station. This was explained to me by an American psychic who worked in FBI, Texas. He was my intimate friend. 


If one is a taxi driver, then never limit himself by wishing “ I have more and customers from month to month”. Instead, just wish for “financial comfort or richness” to open up countless monetary sources likely,  windfall, salary raise of a family member, remarkable dividend of a certain fund etc. My point is never limit yourself but be opened to countless possibilities when wishing for something.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

In Praise Of Kalacakra (時輪誦贊)

Namo Guru Shri Kalacakraye!


To the one with five wisdoms of Buddha shines,

He who with 32 auspicious signs and a perfect body,

Posting joyfully with his great seal of emptiness,

I request Guru Kalacakra to bestow auspiciousness!


The three existences appear as if an angry wheal with sharp teeth,

Devouring all sentient beings dead and alive,

I pray to the three gems for deliverance,

Hopefully the worrying beings can rest and recover.


Amongst emptiness and the 5 elements, self awareness is the supreme joy,

Embracing bindu, 6 elements and great seal,

Taking emptiness and compassions as my awareness,

I prostrate to Guru Kalacakra, the perfect union of dual aspects.


Denying the filth of ignorance and achieving the pure realm of emptiness,

The one who stays in the rainbow like palace,

The one who shows himself as the body of golden child,

Please bestow me with the sword of wisdom!


Benefiting the mundane world with effective medicines,

Removing heat and fever with the nectar of compassions,

The savor that is holding a lotus,

This is the one I will uphold until I am enlightened.


The four merits: wish fulfilling, dharma, wealth and enlightenment,

The one that achieves all will see the existence of the pure land,

To the perfect and auspicious Shambala kingdom,

I sincerely prostrate to the coming of holy kings!


I have vowed to turn the wheel of secret mantras,

I want to drink the nectar released from king of sutras,

To the forth coming of the holy land of Vidyaharas,

I only prostrate to the feet of Jonang and Shri Kalacakra!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mind Power: Realistic & Unrealistic Mindsets

Mr. Ong has kindly share his mind power experimentation. In his own words:


Below is a “true story” (like former TV3 series- Kish Benar) happened in 1980s that I promised to share with you. 


An old neighbouring widow stayed with her only daughter, and earned limited cost by offering laundry service to teachers at a nearby high school. Her husband passed away due to stroke many years ago. She always talked to me about her difficult life during my frequent visits to her. I said I could only pray for her when she asked if I could help.


I was a simple; naïf soul aged around 30 at that time, and had a very clear mind. I made up my mind to help by visualizing her house turned into a bakery shop, owing to her past experience as a professional baker. I visualized she was mixing cake mixtures, and I was right there playing with the whipped cream. I did this under very deep meditative level enhanced with sound, smell effects, as real as possible.


My childish mindset was just for fun and experiment, nothing more. Nine months later, while cycling to workplace, I was thrown into astonishment to see her house labelled as “xxx Cake House”. The fact was, a wealthy woman baker paid high rent for her house, in consideration to uplift her economic burden.  


The outcome was neither the poor woman nor I baked in that house.


My subconscious mind had even a smarter solution for her trouble, once an intentional blue print for help was clearly set up. No physical efforts on my part, just pure mental workout under very deep meditative level. No faith, no unshaken will, but only a sincere desire to help. Additionally, rational thinkers are unable to visualize creatively, unrealistically and properly. Of course, unrealistic does not mean we can expect horns grown on a dog ! At least according to latest scientific technique.  


I reason out it worked under the same principle as mentioned in one of the best seller book titled “The Secret”. I had no chance to read it in 1980s. My instinct tells me, once a wish is sharply focused, it gathers some unseen powerful energies in the universe in bringing it into fruition. You have lots to explore in a book titled- Infinite Power Of Your Subconscious Mind written by the deceased Joseph Murphy.  

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Keep To The Rules, Please.

I have had many chances to communicate and discuss with our younger and more energetic magic practitioners. Many of these magicians wanted to help family members, friends or even persons that they do not know and without being asked for help. While I don’t deny that helping people in their back can accumulate merit; many magicians don’t know that they also indirectly producing bad karma for interfering others business.


For example, if my brother-in-law doesn’t believe in magic, and he has a problem with his business partner; if my in-law doesn’t ask my help, then I can’t interfere. This is known as the “rules of the road” or “rules of engagement”. The reason is simple: this is not my fight. I have no problems with my in-law’s partner, and conversely true. Should I engage to help without being asked for, then this becomes the fight of this non-related stranger with me. The hero, i.e. my in-law will be off the hook without taking the responsibility that he should have; and if he quarrelled with another party, should I also take on another party that also cast a spell on my in-law?


Once a magician engaged him/her in this type of needless and endless struggle, the magician’s aura will turn to be very sharp, thick and aggressive, gradually his/her friends will not like to keep him/her in their company. Needless to say that gradually this person will felt he/she is not welcomed and isolate him/herself.  This is not only bad for career advancement, but also very bad for human relationships. Just imagine, how awful if you are in your twenties working in a company but feeling alone and sort of shy away by others.


This is especially true for many of the tantric rituals where the visualisation is about skulls, destruction, blood, demons, graveyard etc. No wonders my guru rinpoche always advise us not to learn tantric rituals too young. Whatever you plan to do, just keep to the rules and you will be alright.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Politics: In The Eyes Of Spirit

Below is a spirit’s view about Malaysian politics. Let’s read with an open mind and with a smile. I am not too in to politics but the below predictions made I smiled for the whole day… The reason is I didn’t know that foreign spirits are interested in Malaysian politics too. Just hope that this posting doesn’t also mean foreign intervention into Malaysian politics.


So, what is the future of Malaysian politics? Below is what a psychic, Anthony says about the Malaysia politics. The prediction was done roughly in the middle of last year (2012). Our spiritual worlds have different and further view points about our worldly matters. Just read with an opened mind, and let me know what ideas come up onto your mind. The future is not set in stone, but keeps on changing from time to time. Based on the frequencies he picked up from that time, he wrote as below:  


“Spirit says that although nothing much will happen in December with regards to the political situation, there will be a new coalition and joining of parties and groups to bring change to Malaysia. Spirit shows that this will not be completely peaceful, however it will not be all out war either. Spirit shows there is something hidden there with the government and what you are seeing as the face of the power is merely a puppet or false face. Spirit shows a larger game is taking place and it goes beyond the borders of your country into the larger powers of very elite wealth and quite low vibrational people. You will see significant changes in the next 2 years when there is a revelation of much deeper corruption and economic thievery. Spirit says there will be a fruition of the prayers of the people, but the road to that fruition will be many, many years. Spirit shows the system in place has already robbed the people of so much and in that way it will take a long time for the economy to be something that benefits the people. Spirit shows your country is destined for new leadership of a newly created party of many factions. Spirit shows that change will come, however it will be a long road.”


Peace and joy,



If any Medium, Bomoh, Archan, Kyai, Guru or Shaman out there has similar predictions, then it would be good to share here too J!

Cursed By Spouse? Though!

You will never know that the person who is more likely to cast you black magic is the person right beside you. This is because the magic ingredients such as hairs, finger nails, photos, old clothing etc. can only be obtained by the person next to you. On the other hand, black magic such as menstruation blood, sole water, bath water, santau or cow hide kong need to be consumed once or more time; so only the person closest to you can perform such a deed. It is a fact that if the person beside you wants you dead, there is no escape.


Personally, I will not want to treat such cases because once involved, I will be involved in a never ending tug-of-war game amongst the husband and the wife. This game only end with one of the party either died or divorce. Hence my advice to the person who suspects that his or her couple has casted some magic on him/she to:


·         Talk it over between the couple in private before call in any magicians. Otherwise a third party will tend to take advantage of the situation if care is not exercised.

·         If all effort to settle the issue fails within the family, then the last resort is to leave the person temporarily if it is indeed a magic is cast on to the person.

·         Understand that primitive acts such as feeding her husband menstruation blood, urine or sole water yield not result. They are meant to control and to provide a sense of security. So let’s talk it over before starting a magical war that would only hurt your pocket. Not every magician does things for ‘free’!

·         Decide yourself and not through a third party, guru or magician that you are indeed suffers from black magic. More often than not, it may be just that you are too tired or your wife is too bossy that made you feel a black magic is cast. Stay cool and decide what is good and what is not.


Magic works but not so much as depicted in the pop cultures. So don’t blame it on black magic if your spouse is from Southeast Asia regions; magic hardly function that efficiently except for direct poisoning ;-)!

It is A Little Too Late!

It is really amazing; with simple 8 characters only we can read the whole life of a person we never meet.


This is the life of a businessman, Mr. Lee:


丙戌, 甲午, 辛巳, 甲午


He is now 67 years old and declared bankrupt perhaps last year or so.


His problem lies in his indecisiveness in dealing with his business affairs; on top of this, this gentleman also likes to take up responsibilities that he cannot handle. Coupled with incorporate wife and children; no wonder he failed in almost all of his endeavors.


Mr. Lee is actually a cleaver person who can lead and has many helping hands. He is from a quite well to do family but he is also quite quick tempered and tends to hurt himself. Due to his character that he also has made many enemies in his capacity as a businessman.


I was visited by Mr. Lee some time ago as he want to know if he still can perform and clear all his debts. But as the reading goes, his best time was probably between 11 years old to 50 years old; quite a handsome 40 years of good luck. But Mr. Lee’s life beyond 50 wasn’t that smooth, further he is already 67 years old with plenty of debts. His reading also shows that Mr. Lee will have heart problems beyond 70 years old!


So I can only advise Mr. Lee to rest and watch his own health. After all, I am no God; and magic can only go so far. What Mr. Lee need most, is perhaps faithful prayer to God and not seeking more money to rescue his business.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Taking Care Of Old Folks Alone

This has nothing to do with magic; since this is an issue that we cannot overlook and it is indeed the most common issue that people want me to help them on. So let us take a look into this mundane problem.


In the east, growing old with children and grandchildren around is a lucky thing. What old folks (that you and I will one day become) hope for; is to stay with all family members cosily until the end of time. Unfortunately, due to the rapid changing of our eastern society and sky rocketed living expenses; big families have to break off to earn a living.


Many people come to me because they are tired and exhausted in taking care of their aged parents alone around the clocks until such a situation that they can only have a few hours’ sleep each night.


So I asked the question: “What about the other siblings?” The answers are many:


·         “Oh, they are doctors/scientists/professors overseas.”

·         “They don’t give a damn.”

·         “They themselves have got problems of their own.”

·         “I am the single child.”

·         “My husband/wife dislikes them.”

·         And many more reasons.


When we were young, our parents took care of us. It is conversely true that we should take care of them when they’re old. But are we capable of doing that? Honestly, I can’t.


I have friends who have helped their parents to toilet, bath and even eat for consecutive 20 years or more around the clock. I am no doctor, but I know that in long run; this stressful situation will ruin ones health. This is the reason that I thought of just sharing some of my advices I gave to many of my friends who were at the edge of nervous breakdown:


·         Find a good charity organization that is willing to take in your old folks with a reasonable fee. Believe me; you cannot take care of a person 24 hours. Not to mention two!

·         Join the organization to do charity work if you don’t have a job, so that you can spend first half of the day with your love ones. If not, keep your parents company whenever possible.

·         Now that you have some free time to yourself, you can plan what you want to do next.


Believe me, there are no amount of prayers or magic rituals can pull you out of this predicament. Studying magic is good, but most often than not; we have to come back to our senses in solving our physical problems.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Ethics Of Love Spell

This posting is contributed by Mr. Ong. I think it is a good article to talk about negative effects of a love spell at this time.


Normally an experienced Chinese witch would use several divination methods to find out if a love spell is workable. He/ she considers if both parties are a suitable match, any positive or positive karmic link from past lives etc. In other words, they do not simply cast a love spell for those who paid for, even at very high price. Below is just a typical example why negative impact has to be considered beforehand.


I watched this story on Youtube. A married Taiwanese male had love affairs with a beautiful lady who he was never serious with. Few years later, he turned cold and decided to leave the lady.


His third party loved him deeply, and could never ever let go. She asked help from a Mou Shan master who refused because this man had a family. He explained that such deed could seriously debit his (master ) and her good Karma, even harmful to herself. I did not quite understand the Chinese words 损阴德(bad karma) as he said. She persuaded the master with success finally.


His love spell returned both of them to previous romantic passion, even closer. Months later, the master called to the lady and advised there was a bloody disaster coming on her way. She just ignored and acted as normal. Afterward, she went for a simple plastic surgery for her eyes that caused her lots of bleedings. May be she had even more to suffer later.


One may say that was her karma that she had to repay. Buddhism has even wider and more complex views on this matter as assumed below:


·         May be it was her turn to be third party, since the male’s wife was her third party in previous life.

·         Unsettled Karmic debts between 3 of them in past lives.

·         Without the karmic relationship ( Known as yuen in Chinese ), this male has no chance to even meet the third party. Never a romance without yuen.


So we should never wrong anyone for being a third party, as some hidden reasons are beyond our normal knowledge. If you read more about soul purpose, and explore deeply into our past lives, you will surely find out every happening has a reason. Thus, I do not simply judge anything with my mundane logical sense.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Understanding Body Wetness

I was told that in Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) our body is said to be ‘wet’ when our spleen and stomach failed to digest all our foods and turn them into energy. So this partially burnt energy contains moisture. This condition mainly happens to the cold based person; but it may happen to anyone who consumes too much meat or citrus type of fruits.


The symptoms are many:


·         The complexion looks pale and with light swelling. The skin may lack the flexibility if the case is severe.

·         The body feels cold, pain and lethargic.

·         Feeling itchy with red spots on the skin. When the red spots are punctured, clear liquid can be seen came out from the wounds.

·         Bad appetite.

·         Cough with plenty of mucus.

·         Feeling cold.

·         If using cupping method, we can see water vapor produce inside the cups.


The remedies:


·         Reduce eating meat or citrus.

·         Exercise

·         Consume more onion, garlic and ginger.

·         Avoid consuming foods with cold characteristics: water melon, herbal teas, ice creams, oranges etc.

·         Avoid eating too much meat and sea foods.


Is Your Body Tired?

This is not a trick question. I meant are you feeling tired, pain or muscle tense even though you have exercised regularly, jog, swim or even going to the gymnasium; but still feeling tired?


If you do, then it is probably that your muscles have worked to such a way that they have overly stressed the tendons to their limits until your whole body feels like a bow being pulled to its brim.


If such symptoms are ignored, then gradually you will find difficult to move or even carry even light objects. The only remedy is to perform stretching exercises to straighten the tendons and to loosen the muscles.


Apparently, over exercise can bring harm than good.