Monday, December 31, 2012

Please Don’t Pray Pray

While reading magic is fine if one is not really into magic. After all, the world of magic is very fascinating and triggers one’s imagination. Reading magic ritual is just as if reading a fiction, so no harm done.


But what happen if a novice tries ritual ASR for a few times, Thai Magic a few times, Taoist Magic a few times and so on? As the saying goes, “what you see may not be real, what is real you may not see”; what you don’t see in a conjuration doesn’t mean it is not around. Without proper dismissal, these spirits will attach to the person’s aura and feed on his or her aura.


Just imagine that if a person has tried multiple rituals, and then attach to him/she will be of multiple spirits; I would call this the United Nation of Spirits. These spirits will fight for limited resource, i.e. the life force of the person. When they fight, the person will feel tension or palpitation. And he/she wonders why and goes to see a doctor but the doctor only dismiss it as psychological. Gradually this person will feel tired, tension or lethargic. Later he/she may wonder why he/she is always accompanied with bad luck, bad human relationships etc. The serious ones may meet with accidents and sustain injuries.


The simplest way to prevent this is of course pray to God or higher beings for help to clean the parasites and not to engage magic rituals. It is not so bad if the problems are detected at their early stage and remedial actions are taken. Too often than not, people don’t realize their mishaps were caused by some seemingly innocent magic rituals. So be involved in magic, or don’t try at all.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Is My Child A Living Buddha? (活佛)

I just received a very strange request from a friend to ask for help in identifying if his son is a “Living Buddha”or “Tulku”. Apparently he has gone through a few gurus or rinpoches but of no avail. But my personal advice is to give up the idea as there are already so many Tulkus around and now it is one a little too many. Just a few years back, I happened to watch a documentary about thousands of children sent to monastery by their parents waiting to be identified as Tulkus in Bhutan. Perhaps some are still waiting as of today. My take is why ruining the future of our younger generations just because of the title “Tulku”? And who is going to feed this Tulku? (Provided that the parents are super rich then pardon me)


I myself am not a proponent of Tulku system though I respect the right of these believers. The reason is that even a Tulku needs to learn as we all do, why give special status to just one single person? Why burden our economic system with another gold statue and not put this person also to work for the better of our economy?


In the 2009 documentary film Tulku, Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche argues against the institutionalized Tulku system stating,


And now, I personally think that to hold that culture, institutionalized Tulku. That culture is dying; it’s not going to work anymore. And even if it… And if it doesn’t work, I think it’s almost for the better because this tulku, it’s going to… If the Tibetans are not careful, this Tulku system is going to ruin Buddhism. At the end of the day Buddhism is more important [than] Tulku system, who cares about Tulku... [and] what happens to them.


Additional information from Wiki:


“In Tibetan Buddhism, a tulku is someone who is recognized as the rebirth of a previous practitioner. High-profile examples include the Dalai Lama, the Panchen Lama and the Karmapa.


It has been estimated that as of 2012 there were about 500 tulkus across Tibet, although before the Chinese invasion there were probably a few thousand. Each tulku has a distinct lineage of rebirths. The vast majority of tulkus (and lamas) are men, although some are women.


The tulku incarnation lineage should not be confused with the lineage of Buddhist masters and their disciples, which is concerned with the oral or written transmission of particular Buddhist teachings and spiritual practice from generation to generation.”

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tapping The Power Of Solomon

Some friends of mine asked me about my Seal Of Solomon and Ring of Jaljalutiya; he is willing to pay USD2000 for each of it, but when I think of master Ishab’s face; I have to decline the offer. *SIGH*


So, many questions asked to me:


“How can we tap the power of Solomon or Prophet Sulaiman AS?”


Well, there are 3 stages in tackling this:


Stage 1:


Read and understand the Tanakh, Bible and Holy Quran. There is no point in jumping into the Solomon ritual without understanding these holy books.


Now understand “The Seal Of Saints”:


“Bismillah” is the grace of God to His prophets.


But “Bismillahirrohmanirrohiim” is the grace of God given to Prophet Sulaiman AS and Prophet Muhammad SAW only.


After you have done so, go to an open field sit quietly and say: “Bismillahirrohmanirrohiim” quietly in your heart.


I will guarantee that you will definitely feel the greatness and grace of God.


Stage 2:


Recite the Birhatiya Conjuration Oath in the morning and Jaljalutiya in the evening.


Understand that the keys:


·         “Bismillahirrohmanirrohiim” is the grace of god to Prophet Sulaiman AS and Prophet Muhammad SAW.

·         There is only one God and Muhammad is His messenger, the last prophet who will guide you in the judgment day. That is the “power of the God” and what God has decided.


The summary of the key is that what God gives, the God can take.


Stage 3:


Now you are ready to do the Solomon Magic proper. The key to unleash the Solomon power is to recite the prayer from beginning to the end and not treating the work as discrete pieces. The reason is that the whole of Solomon ritual describes the creation of the universe up to the creation of Temple Of Solomon. Finally, the Angel Metatron is summoned to guard the Temple. This is where the real magic can be done. When you have achieved this stage, you will definitely feel the power of God above you with the angels around you in bright white, green and golden lights.


And my friends, that was the teaching my master passed to me, and now I passed to you. I am just a lazy student copied direct from my note book.


SEA Magic Face 2 Face

There are many magical systems in SEA regions, let us just meet face to face with them one by one before New Year:


Arabic/Islamic Magic

·         Arabic Magic is almost synonym to Islamic Magic now.

·         The typical Arabic magic that I think is relevant is the Solomon Magic although all other systems exist.

·         Most of the Saefi, Asma and Hizib in SEA region are originated from Middle East.

·         The Birhatiya Conjuration Oath and Jaljalutiya are two important texts influencing this system.

Dayak Magic

·         Dayak magic is mainly ancestor worship. It is famous of its love magic and the star oil.

·         It is said that Dayak Magic cannot cross oceans, so I supposed it only works on the Borneo Island; that is likely as most of the ingredients can only be found in Borneo and nowhere else.

Filipino Magic

·         Filipino magic is the only magic system that has western influenced although there are some people doing Malay Magic and Arabic Magic as well, especially towards the southern part.

Hindu Magic

·         The elements of Hindu magic dominate the magic circle of SEA. We can find traces of Hindu influence in Taoism, Balinese, Javanese, Malay and Thai systems.

Javanese Magic

·         The land of Java has give birth to most of magic spells within the SEA region. First there is the Asma Sungai Rajeh (ASR) said to be the top of the line, and this ASR spawn to more than 25 versions. Later some ingenious people developed the Asma Raja Di-Rajah (RDR) to replace ASR. This RDR also give birth to more than 10 versions. But some masters deny the existence of RDR. Many people tried RDR and it doesn’t work… And the story goes on and on. Referring to the story of the “final seeker”, I supposed you can decide if this system really works.

Balinese Magic

·         Basically, Balinese magic is a subset of Hindu Magic as the gods and goddesses are the same. The worship of Leak is no other than the worship of Goddess Durga.

Malay Magic

·         This system is almost extinct now due to government control. Although there are some traces left in Indonesia and Malaysia. As far as I know, there are still people practicing Santau in Perak and Selangor.

Thai Magic

·         Thai magic make use of mountainous spirits and this is the most comprehensive system preserved today. This is also the most commercialized system in the world as one amulet can fetch up to the price of a bungalow. Still many followers in Singapore and Malaysia. And rest of the world too.

Tibetan Magic

·         Heavily influence by Hinduism and Buddhism, but except for religious values; many of the rituals were simplified and hence lost the actual power.

Taoist Magic

·         Taoist magic in SEA has lost its significance and in declining state. Many of the so called Taoists are just ceremonial Taoists or even spirit mediums.

Western Magic

·         No significance presence in SEA as yet, at least to me.

New Age

·         We can see more and more of tarot card readings, pendulum, angelic magic and crystals used in SEA area at present days.


So, here we are most of the magic system in SEA. Hopefully future seekers can find out which systems still relevant years later. Just a comparison but don't be too serious folks!

Beware Of 4 Killer Winds

The traditional medicine in Southeast Asia put much emphasize on ‘winds’. I was taught that in order to watch over one’s health, especially during the turn of a season; there are basically 4 types of winds that affect the well being of a person, well, in magical perspective of course:


Two internal winds:


·         Wind of fury

o   Watch your temper; your backache may be caused by a gust of fury.

·         Wind caused by late sleep

o   Wind of heat raised in your body can kill you.


Two external winds:


·         Wind caused by weather change

o   Winter is the time that the rate of fatality increases.

·         Evil wind caused by evil spirits

o   If one’s luck is low, then a spirit intrusion will cause various illnesses.


If precautions are taken, then the chances of getting sick will be minimized.


Cured By A Cane

“Can an ordinary cane really heal?”


There were many instances ‘strange’ illnesses are cured with out of the ordinary method in traditional treatment. One of the examples is: canning. But before I continue, please don’t follow my example as there are techniques for this method and there should be no force applied plus this is with the chanting of mantras. I have no clue if it is the mantra that works, or it is indeed the cane that works; hence suffice for your reading pleasure.


Story 1:


My pal’s sister Mary had strained both of her feet and her heels swelled like two big buns. She visited a ‘Sinsei’, a TCM doctor and the doctor wrapped her heels with some herbs and cloth. Within 3 days, the swell at Mary’s heels increased up to such a standard that Mary could only walk 10 feet in 5 minutes.


After that Mary tried many doctors but of no avail. She also told me that she has spent thousands of dollars (MYR) for her nagging problem within 1 month’s time. As a last resort, Mary came to me (well, people always come to me as a last resort).


So I asked Mary to be seated and checked her ankles to ascertain there is no fracture. So after applying simple massaging technique to straighten the tendons, I took out my master’s cane and slowly hitting Mary’s sore heels. Mary screamed like hell but she persisted until the swell subsided and the pain has actually gone away.


Within 30 minutes or so, Mary can actually walk straight and never come back for a second treatment.


Story 2:


Jessy is a school teacher, her problem is that she found difficulties in raising her arms to write on white board. This was a problem as she needs to write on white boards to teach her students. Before she changes her profession as advised by her doctor; she came to me. As usual, I straightened her tendons and hit her with the cane and within 20 minutes she can move her arms without problems!


I can go on and on with other examples, but suffice with just two examples that our old traditional methods can be quite useful and need preserving.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Secret Recipe

My friend asked me, I am 45 and my hair is still black with only a piece of white hair; while he already almost bold. I seldom fall sick and never visited a doctor for the past three years, so what is my secret recipe?


Studying magic is fun in that I also have the opportunity to learn about some traditional treatments that have cured many of my sickness and saved me bundles.


In my opinion, magic and traditional medicine cannot be separated as many of the herbal medicines will need to be blessed by mantras in front of guru statue.


In fact, with some prayer in front of my guru statue added with simple massaging techniques, I solved many of my muscle strain problems. At time, I also can help my friends to solve their muscle issues too! Quick and simple, it normally takes 20 minutes for light muscle strain.


There are 5 foods that I will consume daily:


·         Garlic

·         Onion

·         Ginger

·         Olive oil

·         Tomato


Every morning before my prayer to lineage guru and meditation, I will prepare my secret recipe rice for breakfast, the making is not difficult:


·         Chop all ingredients into small pieces.

·         Put them in a rice cooker together with some brown rice and then switch on the power.


It is that simple. The best thing is that the ingredients are not expensive! But before you try it out, consult your doctor first.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

In Final Search Of Invulnerability

There is a Chinese saying:
I try to translate as closely as possible:
“Let it be lost, lest fall to the wrong.”


Passing on magical knowledge used to be a challenging job as a magician will need to identify a correct successor. Well, one could probably pay a fee to get what one wants but are we getting the correct transmissions? Or what we get is only a manual that is erroneous?


Many masters I once knew will keep one or two important rituals for their own protections and to prevent the betrayal of their disciples. Nothing wrong you say? Think of the accumulated impact if the magic system has gone through 10 generations of magician and what is left of it.


There are many friends spent great amount of resources and time in search of ‘real’ magic and power; I just take one of the mail I received recently:


“I am 58 years old and i have been searching for some form of real

power in the way of i supose you could say a martial art

energy, although i have never learnt a martial art. I have for the past

10 years visited indonesia in my search for some fairytale book power.

I have been from one end of indo to the other, and talked to many

masters and tried all the systems they have claimed to give

supernormal powers. I have had the best of masters give me susuk,

transferr ilmu kebal, tenaga dalam, i have done 2 years of jurus, i

have taken talisman in the form of tablets water oil. i have had magic

belts, i have had aximats, i have said 300,000 mantras over 7 days, i

have said mantras for 3 months non stop at night, i have spent endless

hours in meditation,this is just to give you a few idears on what i

have done, to get some real power,and i wont mention some of the

devilish things i have had to perform in my quest to get some power.

The result from all these things i have done was if anything it was a

very small or weak sign of if any power where i could do a demo of

ilmu kebal, and i mean a weak demo.I n my 10 years i have only met one

man that could really deom to me he had real super power, and i think

you will know of him. The man was the famious John Chang. Now he is

one man that can do anything that you can think of in any way form or

sing to show his unreal super power. How ever to gain any sort of the

power he has, is unrealistic to gain,in fact it is impossible in our

way of life to get any power from his system. .”


By the way, John Chang used tricks although Chi energy exists.


I really respect this friend as I am pretty sure that no one amongst our magic fans is as serious and as devoted as my friend above in searching for power. He is indeed the ‘final seeker’ I know!


Hence there are two dilemmas: an inspired student afraid being cheated and a genuine master afraid to pass down real knowledge. What is left of magic, I will let you with some detective work to find out.


Happy New Year!



Urban Legend (I): Prelude

This is a story from a friend, a personal experience:


“Since the Samhain (All Hallows Eve) ritual, I have been involved in a particularly nasty battle with 4 negative entities (I don’t like the word "demons" so I never use this term). I almost lost this fight and died. I was involved in an accident in which I was pushed down the flight of stairs in my home. Thanks to God, I survived, sustaining hairline fractures in my lower spinal vertebrae, broke my left leg, and got a few other bruises. In the hospital, during my convalescence, I encountered the relative of a fellow patient in the next bed. He introduced himself as an ordinary Muslim man from Turkey who had been prompted by God to talk to me and help me in my dire situation. This was my first introduction to Sufi Islam proper. He introduced me to the tools to tackle the fight myself and gave me his contact details to call him when I was discharged from the hospital.


Now, a couple of weeks ago, I was discharged and the day after I was sitting in my home with a room full of relatives who were visiting at the time. They had come to see how I was getting on. We were all sitting drinking juice and coffee in the Living Room. The corner of our living room contained a large Christmas tree with the expected Christmas presents layering the floor around it.  Starting from that region, poltergeist activity - as well as sighting of shadow entities - began to be witnessed by almost all of the people there. This increased alarmingly within a short space of time.


As these events were occurring, I implemented the instructions as given to me by my new found friend.  I recited a series of the Names of God in Arabic and 3 prayers/dua, in tandem with burning a paper talisman (with arabic prayers and numerological kamea) that he had constructed for me earlier.  I have never ever witnessed such immediate paranormal reaction as a result of invocation. The whole room exploded (figuratively speaking) in a bright flash of Light and within a few minutes, the paranormal activities stopped as suddenly as they had begun.


Now, I have had the ability to see spirits since I was a child, and I could see, hear and smell these beings - black silhouetted shadows with smell of sulphur, iron and rotting flesh. When the Light struck, these entities seemed to be sucked out at warp speed from the room; in fact - all the negative energies that were there in the home seemed to be sucked out.  Since that time, my whole home is now as serene as a church; indeed all who come to visit say that they feel like they have stepped into someplace that feels "sacred" and full of Love and Light. This is a massive change from how it has been all these years!!


This was my first true introduction to the power of the Divine Quranic verses. My friend helped me on the sole condition that I leave behind my old ways and become a Sufi Mureed; following solely in the dictates set by God alone. I now keep my promise to him.


I have left my old life and Traditional Witchcraft/Druidic and Ceremonial Magic ways and will soon take my shahada as a Muslim and take my oath as a Sufi Mureed of the Qadiri Order. Any "magic" that needs to be done, will be done in the Name of Allah alone and solely to help other beings.”

Monday, December 24, 2012

Urban Legend (II): Magic Star Wars

My pal sent me this story. It is quite interesting and triggers imagination, as I can’t put it in any other better ways, here’s the original version. I guarantee that this will make your eyes wide open:

“Sometime in the early hours of the morning of 23rd December, while sleeping, I found myself out of body - 100% fully conscious - in a rather strangely disturbing astral environment. The area looked much like the Sahara desert with the exception being that the sky glowed with a reddish hue and the rocks seemed to glow as if made of lava. Yet, despite this, I had no sensation of heat or dread. It was just a feeling of impending visitation of some sort.

As I was looking around at the scenery, I felt urgency to side step my current location where I had been standing. The moment I did, the ground gave way to a pretty deep canyon and this continued until I found myself standing on an outcrop of stone surrounded on all sides by a deep gaping chasm. I knew instinctively what was going to happen next; and true to form, all 4 of the entities who had attacked me previously began to manifest fully around me. By this time, I was fully sentient in my body, being able to work in all 5 senses perfectly.  These beings were huge and nasty looking pieces of work. The smell of rotting flesh and sulfur was overwhelming. But.... for some reason, I was not afraid in the slightest. Actually, I found myself to be slightly irritated and annoyed; as you would when faced with noisy and delinquent children.


Before I could rationalize the event, I found myself chanting the Ayat-ul-kursi in a very authoritative manner. A circle of fire immediately erupted around me on that outcrop. Then taking up the soil in which I was standing and chanted over it 9 times the dua which Sheikh had taught me. With a final recitation I threw the soil over the circle onto the entities, turning round 360 degrees as I did so. As the thrown soil moved over the confines of the circle, it became a rain of fire and pelted the entities that seemed to be burnt by it.  They were screaming in pain and I found the noise actually very painful (!) to my astral ears. Again, without any rational volition, I took up a crystal pendant (which I use for dowsing) which I seemed to have hanging around my neck, put it in my hand and held it out towards 1 of the entities and recited a short prayer.


This screaming entity, who seemed to be the leader of the pack, was sucked through the circle and into the pendant with a bright flash of light. The other entities disappeared completely.  I think they must have fled, so I am not sure what happened to them.


There was another bright flash of light and I found myself awake in bed. It was 3:33am.

For some time I was lying in bed wondering what had happened. Then I felt my hands were holding something and I looked. It was the crystal pendant.  There was now a subtle reddish glow to it.  I could sense the entity and somehow I could also feel it is pain… “


I can only say “Phew!”


I am just glad that I don’t have to go through such dramatic incidents during my conjurations.


What say you my friends out there ;-)??