Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Give Up The Ghosts, Please!

I have many friends come to me concerning the lingering of their deceased loved ones. These spirits continue to stay and live with the living ones and at times, make their presence known through dreams. Many modern spiritualists think that this is a good thing as they can continue to seek advices from these spirits. There are certainly no less books teaching spirits communication in the market.


Now the question remains:


“Is it okay to communicate with the restless souls?”


Let’s look at some real personal experiences before tackling the above question.


Story #1:


“I always felt someone eyed at the back of me, while busying around in the kitchen. From an Australian psychic, I learnt that it was my “grandmother”. I never saw my grandma, but prayed at the altar of my ancestors to let me know who “she” was.


Next day around 4 am, I dreamt that an old woman, who cared most about us while we were little kids, entered my house from front door. She dressed up in typical Chinese “cheongsam”, bringing along folded Japanese umbrella. Yes, we used to call her “grandma” due to our respect to her, though she was not actually our grandma, only a relative of ours. She loved us as much as her grandsons.”


My Input to Story #1:


My opinion is that you should send the grandma to the light, or to deliver her to the other side. Apparently she is still staying with you … This is not a good sign as her karmic energy is apparently influencing you and your health. If you can provide her details, I would help to deliver her on your behalf.


Story #2:


“I accidentally discovered tomb stone of a long-time neighbouring old woman, during “qing ming” festival. I prayed to her, asking her soul to rest in peace. I looked at her photo for a while, and telepathically sent my warm blessings to her. But then, I was a bit worry if I would dream about her again later.


Around 5.30 pm in next morning, I met her in my dreamland. She looked unhealthy, with some dark shades around her eyes, much like a panda’s eyes. I asked “Madame, are you alright? Are you feeling good?” Her answer was very clear and straight forward “No, I am not alright, I am not happy”.  I stayed awake right after her brief answer.


Days later, I met her close friend who confirmed me that, her eyes did look like “panda’s” before she passed away. I also found out that “Madame” was not happy because, her family did not visit her burial yard that year. I never seen Madame for nearly 2 decades, or did I knew the actual outlook of her eyes as clear as in my dream.”


My Input to Story # 2:

This is the same as story #1. You were trying to establish a ‘contact’ with a stranger spirit that has no relation with you. I will just send her away.


Story #3


I am “sensitive to spirits”. The spiritual beings actually responded to me very well. The visited me in my dreams and in these dreams they bring me to visit many places. I have no fear of them as they were once my beloved and respected friend/relative. No strangers thus far.


My Input to Story # 3:


People who are “sensitive to spirits” are those people who are likely to be influenced and attached by spirits. Many people think that it is okay to have the deceased love ones staying and keeping an eye on the living. But little have they aware that the dead souls when staying with the living will bring health and spiritual issues. For example: when one of the deceased suffered cancer or diabetes during life; the person this spirit is attached to will suffer the same illness. So, let the dead be gone for good!


Story #4:


“I know a friend of mine who suffers from lymphatic cancer. He is very sensitive, bad tempered, full of hostile and negative thoughts. He worked from one place to another, but never sustained for more than 3 months’ employment. He travels very frequently to KL for herbal treatment by qualified doctors from China.


As known, body, mind and soul are interconnected, I don’t think one’s sickness could be cured, as long as he/ she keeps lingering on negative thoughts,  do you ?  In other words, medication does work, but only on our physical body.”


My Input to Story # 4:


Your friend exhibits the signs of spirits intrusion symptoms: sensitive, bad temper, hostile and negative thoughts. You’re right is saying that one’s sickness cannot be cured without first curing the spiritual issues first. So, in your friend’s case, it is better to change a new environment, pray and take medication.


Now, back to the question that if we should keep contacting the dead and make them un-dead to help us? My take, folks; is simple: Just give up the ghost, please!!



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