Saturday, June 30, 2012

What Does It Take To See A Jinni?

For the people who are inspired to see spirits with their naked eyes, I offer the below rituals for experimentation. Whatever consequences during or after performing the rituals are at your own risks. You are warned. These are not opening 3rd eye or remote viewing rituals; only suffice for you to make contact with the spiritual world.

1.      Collect some morning dew from Chinese Banyan tree leaves and apply on your eyelids.

2.      This is a ritual taught by Syekh Mahfudzsyaroni Magelang: Prepare the following ingredients:

a.       One  tiger bile

b.       One black chicken bile

c.        Some musk oil

d.       Crash all the above ingredients and apply on your eye lids and you will be      able to see spirits.

3.      Collect a pair of crow’s eyes dried them and crushes them into powders. Apply them on your eyelids.

4.      Collect some tears of buffalo and apply on your eye lids.

5.      Collect some tears of a howling dog at night and apply it on your eye lids. It is common believed that when a dog howls; it is seeing a ghost in the vicinity.

6.      Do the following ritual:

a.       Enter an empty room at night in the dark. It is best that if the room has been vacated for 40 days.

b.      Recite “Hu Allah” 21x while holding your breath.

c.       Recite " YAYARAI, DADA ARDI, YAMAYYITI " 444x

7.      Get an old mirror, for best effect; use the mirror that has been used in ritual magic before. Now, use this mirror to scan your environment slowly: just look carefully into the mirror reflections (not your pretty face please). In time you will see a shadowy figure in the mirror. Very important: do not panic or break the mirror! Otherwise the shadowy friend will accompany you for the rest of your life… Unless you can fix the broken mirror back. For extra fear factor: perform the experiment in the cemetery or a murder scene.

Good luck.

Conjuration of Jailangkung Spirit

This is the Malaysian form of automatic writing. It is normally done as a game for passing time at night. Many versions available, some requires the recitation of Surat Yaasin and the making of Jailangkung puppet is also different. Incidentally, the Chinese also has an almost similar ritual.

The method:

Make jalangkung body with wood or bamboo. First make a cross and use a coconut shell as its head. And a basketball is used as its feet (for holding). This assembly then is given a set of clothing (Best to use the clothing of the deceased). Draw a simple human face with eyes, nose and mouth. Insert a chalk or a pencil for writing. Prepare some papers for questioning and answering session.

Also get some benzoic incense, candles, tobacco, coffee and food offerings. Then prepare a piece of writing board. You would to have 3 players: two persons holding the puppet and one person perform mantra recitation and perform questioning.

When everything is ready, recite below mantra repeatedly while fumigate the puppet with the incense smoke and then wait for a few minutes. If the puppet becomes heavy and there is a sense of vibration, that is an indication that a spirit has entered.

Now questioning and answering session can begin. The puppet will move to the answering board to scribble down its answers to your questions automatically. This ritual is best to perform in the dark. When the session ends, gently request the spirit to return to its original dwelling place. This will put your magic training into practice and also your responsibility to ensure the spirit has left.

Mantra to conjure Jailangkung:

“Jailangkung, Jailangkung datanglah

disini ada pesta

pestanya meriah

datang diundang

pulang tak diantar”

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Spiritual World Of Kejawen

It is a fact that many people interested in examining the world of spirits. Perhaps from some of the stories they hear or read or from books. For people who have acquired true knowledge in Kejawen or probably already mastered the metaphysics, the spiritual world is no nonsense. Below information described the formation of their worlds.

The Javanese believes that more than one world exists, in the land of Java. Many beliefs have the opinion that our universe is actually occupied by seven types of ecosystems, including the world occupied by humans. In principle, each of the seven worlds is dwelled by different inhabitants and the seven worlds are mutually exclusive.

Out of the seven worlds, only the human world has the service of sun and inhabitants with physical bodies. All the dwellers of the rest of the six worlds have body of light or they are known as spirits, “wong alus” or the unseen creatures. These six worlds do not have bright days as the human world has; they are lit by moon and star light.

It is said that there are two types of spiritual world:

1.      The native spirits: those are created as spirit. These native spirits live in their own world with individual societies, there are fine souls with such a high position of the Kings, queens, ministers, etc., but there are also other ranks such as soldiers, officers, employees, etc.

2.      The human spirits with good and bad characters, cleaver and not so cleaver ones.

Below are some of the well known spirits in Javanese culture:

A.    Merkayangan

Life of Merkayangan is almost the same as life in the human world, but not with a bright light like the sun. In the world of merkayangan, they smoke, cigarettes are the same as the human world, to pay the same money, taking the same kinds of clothing, there are a lot of the same types of cars in the streets, and there are many factories in the world just like humans. The odd thing is, they have more sophisticated technology than human, more cities there are modern skyscrapers, and planes etc. are ultra modern.

There are also mystical things in Merkayangan world, sometimes when there needs to be also human who were invited by them, among others, to: carry out puppet show, attended the marriage ceremony, working in batik, tobacco and men who have done work in the world, they were money paid by a valid and enforceable as currency in the human world.

B.     Jin-Demon (Siluman)

This delicate creature supposedly liked to live in areas of water such as lakes, seas, oceans, etc., the phantom society is set up like an ancient society. They have a King, Queen, Aristocrat Group, Kingdom of Employees, helpers, children, slaves etc. They can stay in the palace, noble houses. The buildings are old-fashioned. If people to Yogyakarta or Solo-Central Java, one would hear stories about some stealth, among others: Kanjeng Queen of South - Queen of the South Sea, the legendary Queen, powerful and very beautiful, who lived in her palace at South Sea, with the gates at Parangkusumo. Parangkusumo is known as a meeting place between Panembahan Senopati and Kanjeng Queen of South. In the meeting, Kanjeng Queen of South pledged to protect all the kings and kingdoms Mataram. She has a meek ​​maid who is faithful and powerful Nyai Roro Kidul.

The south sea kingdom is spread out on the South Coast of Java Island. In some places, a duke is assigned to watch over the area. Like any of the ancient kingdom, the kingdom of the southern ocean also carries out a variety of ceremonies; rituals etc and they also have a strong army.

Let us look at the below example:

Sarpo Bongso-Penguasa Rawa Pening.

There is a large lake located near the town of Magelang and Ambarawa Semarang. Sarpo Bongso is the native spirit, who has lived in the lake for a very long time together with the inhabitants of the old stealth class. While Kanjeng Queen of South is not a native phantom. A few centuries ago she was a royal princess in Java, but her maid Nyai Roro Kidul is the original stealth since a few thousands of years ago.

C.    Kajiman

They live in ancient houses in the old-style aristocratic society, almost equal to the siluman but they were live in mountains areas and places where the climate is hot. People usually call Merak Jim or Peacock Jim.

D.    Demit

Demit reside in mountainous areas where the green foliage are thick and where the climate is cooler, the houses were simple shape made ​​of wood and bamboo, they are human with smaller physique.

Besides the people who already in order such as Merkayangan, Demon, Kajiman, and Demit, there are two more classes worth to mention in brief as those people are honest, pure and wise.

Besides the seven kinds of permanent nature, there is a line that stuck, where the spirits of evil men who suffer because of mistakes they have done in the past, when they live as human beings. That flawed human beings must be punished for the mistakes he did, punishment that can be lived in while he was alive in the world or worse in time after life (afterlife) is received by people who already do: defamation, dishonest, prewangan (who provides his body to be medium by subtle beings) blakmagic, charms that make others suffering, illness or death, etc., pengasihan so loved by others with caracara that is not fair, killing people etc. contemptible act. Worshiping idols to become rich (pesugihan); meaning of an idol in the Javanese not a stone sculptures. There are nine kinds of spirits helpful to get rich with an abundance of wealth.

The cult of nine evil creatures is a fatal error, when they are viewed with the naked eye looks like:

1. Jaran Penoreh – a horse whose head turn round

2. Srengara Nyarap – dog bite

3. Bulus Jimbung – a large struck

4. Kandang Bubrah – a broken cage

5.Umbel Molor – dipping snot

6. Kutuk Lamur – a type of blurred fish

7.Gemak Melung – a sort of chirping bird

8. Codot Ngising – defecate bat

9. Bajul Putih – white alligator

For those who have done wrong with the way worship or use "Good services" over the idols, they would be punished after death. Their bodies and souls will be punished by the requirements of Paraning Dumadi (coming from the holy, live a holy life; and return to the holy). The only way out is to the God Almighty, always do good deed and avoid the bad.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hantu Bangkit Vs Hantu Bungkus

Looks like a hantu bungkus... No... It's hantu bangkit... Hmm... It's human in disguise... :P

Once upon a time, the Malay believes that people without a groove above his or her lips are likely to be transformed into a hantu bangkit or “the risen spirit”. It is believed that if such person dies and a black cat crosses the deceased grave within 40 days of his or her funeral, then the spirit will rise from the grave and become a “hantu bangkit”. The sign of a deceased become a hantu bangkit is the appearance of a small deep hole on the grave of the dead.

When the spirit is arisen, it will visit its close relatives and perform its habitual duties as if when it was alive. If there is still a debt to collect, then this spirit will go to its debtor asking for money. It the person refuses, then it will grasp the hands of its target only to let go at dawn. This spirit will make its presence know to its relatives by making noises with the water ladle in the bath room.

If anyone wanted to prevent a hantu bangkit from entering his or her house, then what this person must do is to arrange as many pairs of flip-flops as possible in front of the person’s house. In that way, the hantu bangkit will be engrossed in counting how many pairs of flip-flops are there.

It is said that a hantu bangkit likes to visit its acquaintance in the middle of the night, and it can talk to anyone that has came across it. A hantu bangkit will only appear for 40 days only. The difference between a hantu bangkit and hantu bungkus is that a hantu bangkit has a ‘face’ while the hantu bungkus has no face at all!

Hantu Bungkus or literally means “a packet ghost” has many other names. Pocong, hantu bunjut, punjut or kocong.

According old Malay believes that a hantu bungkus is originated from a mother died in giving birth of her first son. It likes to stare at full moon and moves by jumping around. It is said that a hantu bungkus likes to materialize in the middle of a high way and causing many of the accidents on Malaysian roads at night.

A hantu bungkus can move as fast as a car, the only way to lose it is to run zigzagged as if a snake. Another method is to take off your pants if you ever come across a hantu bungkus. This spirit will make stamping sound on your roof to make its presence know. If you want to make a hantu bungkus your slave, just take a handful of soil and throw into its hollow face.

Sperm Of Elephant: Mani Gajah

The story begins something like this:

In the Tropical deep forest, there is always an incredibly handsome elephant, although it was greatly feared and followed by many other elephants, but it likes to be alone. Tribal children usually called it by the name “The Elephant”. This is the King of Elephants, like The Mammouth of the Himalayas.

If it walks through the jungle, even the King of Woods (Tiger) will soon go far away, do not want to run into with the sole elephant. And during full moon, the lust of the elephant peaks. He began putting out ferocity, swinging to and fro in his way no matter what.

At this time, a group of elephants would immediately form a circle, with female elephants in the ring. And the Elephant enters the ring to choose any females it preferred. With this the elephant has performed the sacred ceremony marriage ... Some people who has peeped from a distance and had expressed his surprise, according to him a female elephant took a supine position, he said, “they copulate like human beings.”

After the Elephants’ mating, usually it would examine the remnants of its sperm that fell to the ground, and any remaining sperm will be buried immediately. After the Elephant is sure and then go along with his entourage. As for the people who had been peeking, he will immediately make a mark on the place where the elephant has buried its semen. As soon as he has done so he will immediately run away and go back to his village. It is said that the Elephant may suddenly return to the place, if it sees a man, then the person will be pursued relentlessly until he is stampeded to dead.

Those who managed to dig up the buried elephant semen at a later date will usually find the elephant semen to have transformed into soft crystallized. The longer the time, the elephant’s semen will be hardened to stone. It is this particular herb will then be processed into Minyak Gajah Mani or “love oil of elephant’s sperm”…

Believe it?

The Benefits Of A Tiger ... Or Parts

A tiger is now an endangered animal species around the world. Trading of tiger parts are illegal; but people who believe in the potency of tiger powers will try all means to get tiger parts in black market.

Below are just some of the traditional uses of tiger body parts:

1.      The fangs of a tiger are used as a symbolic means “to hold” or “to get”. In today’s business sense, tiger fangs are used to enhance authority or influencing power.

2.      The tiger skin symbolizes “clothing” or charismatic influence. In Malaysian, Thai and Indonesian occult circles, keeping tiger skin also means keeping “the knowledge of tiger”.

3.       The tiger claw means the ability to search or catch. In today’s sense, the ability to grasp business opportunity.

4.      Whiskers of a tiger are used as a means to increase a person’s sixth senses. To an occult practitioner, the whiskers of a tiger can act as if “psychic antenna” and hence able to sharpen the person’s ability to perceive the supernatural.

5.      Eyes on a tiger is said to have hypnotic power.

6.      The brows of a tiger will command authority.

7.      A piece of tiger bone between its chest and neck is believed to confer the strength of the tiger.

8.      The penis of a tiger is said to increase a man’s sexual power.

9.      Tiger bones are good as medicine for curing bone fractures.

10.  The meat of a tiger is good to cure stomach disorder, increase the strength of our bones and tendons.

So … what is left of a tiger now???

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Signs Of Supernatural Activities

Below are some personal experiences while playing Ouija board, during outdoor camping, jungle tracking, ghost hunting or meditation.

I was told by my army friend that as an unwritten rule, especially in the wilderness one will be advised to keep what one hears and smells to oneself until one is safely out of the jungle. It is believed that by speaking out one’s experience directly will anger the spirits in the vicinity and make the person lost his or her way in the jungle. He also has personally seen white shadows flew over his tent at night in the midst of the Malaysian jungle.


1.      If you smell foul smell means there is an invisible being, Siluman around.

2.      A musty smell means king of jin is around.

3.      A sweet smell means there is a Dedemit or a non Islamic jinni.

4.      Smell of boiled potatio means a Gondoruwo or there is a shaman having a Gondoruwo under his or her service.

5.      A fragrant smell of Arabic perfume means there is a presence of Islamic jinn.

6.      A continuous smell of shrimp paste means there is working of black magic.


1.      The appearance of shadows:

a.       Black shadow: a harmful entity.

b.      White shadow: an earthbound spirit or local spirit.

c.       Grey shadow: a ghost or human spirit.

d.      Green shadow: a plant spirit.

2.      Objects moving by itself: tree branches, chair rocking by itself etc.

3.      Light orbs.

4.      A sudden appearance of insects or animals: huge butterfly, reptiles or insects such a grasshopper.


1.      Whispers, falling objects, footsteps, doors openings, dogs howling, singing, ringing of bells etc.


1.      A sudden drop of environment temperature means a spirit is around.

2.      A sudden rise of temperature means a harmful spirit is around.

3.      If part of your body felt numb, weak or pain.

4.      A sudden gust of wind.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Spirit Of The Coin (靈魂錢)

The game of “spirit of the coin” is similar to the Ouija board. This is basically a spirit communication technique although some people attribute it as the play of our sub-conscious mind. This was once upon a time my favourite pass time with friends after our school final examinations. I do not know how many people still fancy such an activity now a day.

Below is some information as I can still remember:

1.      You will need three participants, although sometimes two or even one is also possible. However, avoid playing this game alone as you may easily attract some evil earthbound spirits that are quite difficult to be exorcised. The most difficult part is, you must realise that there is a spirit with you and then seek proper help.

2.      You will also need a board or a piece of paper with alphabets or characters writing on it.

3.      If you are brave enough then play the game in an abandon house, murder scene, known haunted house, cemetery etc.

4.      Try to be in black clothing if you want to get a quicker respond.

5.      Light 4 candles and place one at each of the four corners, you will notice that the candle lights will veer towards the centre of the board.

6.      Poke your ring finger and smear some blood on the coin, you will surely see a very different respond.

7.      Over turn the paper or board in the middle of the game if you dare for another kind of sensation. But seriously, don’t do it when you are not in a “controlled environment”.

8.      Do not panic and run during your game when you hear some noises, smell fragrance, or see any apparitions. Calmly request the spirit to return to the resting position and only then you may leave the place.

9.      If the coin flew off the paper or one of the players possessed or fainted; leave the scene and seek help as soon as possible.

10.  If you are performing this game outdoor, please check your belongings before you leave the place, at times you may find your stuffs missing, or some ‘extra’ stuff tug into your bag. You must throw this extra thing into the nearest river before returning home.

For the brave, happy trying!

A Maid’s Secret Weapon

By far this is the most disgusting love magic I have come across. At least I think. I got this method from a friend’s domestic helper caught on tape by her extremely unhappy employer… I am not going to mention the origin of such practices as do not want to create problems; but I think you already taken an intelligent guess. This is a very primitive love magic using menstruation blood as the primary material.

The application is very simple; just collect some of the menstruation blood and let the target consume. This is female exclusive magic, can be employed to make the people you desire under her control. There is no need for any incantation as jinn and spirits who like filthy stuffs will come naturally.

This menstruation blood is normally mixed in beverages such as coffee or chocolate or other drinks with thick smell to cover the stingy smell of the menstruation blood. So take a second breath on every cup of coffee that is served to you … Ha ha ha..

It is said that the remedy for treating victim of such love magic is … well, equally disgusting I guess. Just get some urine from the victim’s mother and consume a little.

It is certainly over my dead body if you ask me to try it frankly speaking … J.

How To Destroy A Black Magician?

This is a ritual I got from a Javanese friend meant for reversing all black magic doings onto you using the leaves of gummy fruit trees, such as jackfruit, mango, chempedak, and etc.

But first, let me introduce you to the below yummy tropical fruits. I will skip the mango as you already familiar with it:

First is chempedak

Secondly the jackfruit

I am not trying to confuse you... The shape and look of chempedak and jackfruit are almost similar. Many people are quite confused if asked to pick a chempedak out from a pile of jackfruits. The answer is simple: a chempedak is smaller in size and has a stronger smell, chempedak has an oblong shape; while the Jackfruit has a rounder shape. Chempedak is seasonal fruit while jackfruit is available through out the year.

The method:

  1. Put all the leaves into a caldron with a lid (tug in as many leaves as possible).
  2. You should tug in the leaves in the evening, put the caldron as near as the victim as possible or put the caldron in the middle of your house.
  3. Close the caldron with its lid at dawn before sunrise.
  4. Then burry the leaves under the ground when the sun shines.
  5. After some odd numbers 5, 7 or 9 days, the black magician will die.

There is no way or saving the magician’s life, so be careful before you employ this ritual. But feel free to enjoy the sweet chempedak and jackfruit if you do visit SEA countries.

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Ritual To See Kid Spirits

If you believe that you have collected some real Kumantong, Toyol or any kid spirits of the like, or your 3rd eye is still not yet open; then you can try out the below ritual. Please do not try this ritual if you have a weak heart, or if you are afraid of the spirits.


1.      Do this when you are alone and at night.

2.      Take off your shirt, wear only pants; or as brief as possible.

3.      Fill a bucket with tap water.

4.      Get yourself a new candle.

5.      Choose a quiet corner, or in front of your Kumantong altar.

6.      Squat in front of the bucket.

7.      Light the candle, hold it.

8.      Close your eyes and count 13 seconds slowly.

9.      Open your eyes and say gently, “come back, we will not disturb you.”

10.  Gradually you will see some kid’s reflections on the surface of the water.

11.  You can now proceed to communicate with it or them.

12.  This method is meant for seeing kids’ spirits only; not the adult spirit.

Good luck trying.

Hanuman Worship In SEA Magic

Hanuman is a Hindu deity who was an ardent devotee of Rama according to Hindus myths, and a central character in the Indian epic Ramayana. Hanuman is also known as Anoman in Indonesia. The Thai occult practitioners worship Hanuman for his capability in treating black magic (Kong Tou) victims. The Chinese community also has another version of monkey god named “Sun Wukong” originated from an epic novel “Journey To The West”; but this is a totally different character.

Hanuman is worshipped as he is believed to be the master of all ghosts. So, any person possessed by a spirit will be taken to the temple of Hanuman, or ask to recite a prayer to Hanuman.

Below are three simple rituals that can be employed depending on the severity of the black magic attack victims. But it is better to seek the help of the more experienced healer for a more serious occasion.

1.      Mustard seed and sea salt (light case)

2.      Mustard seed, sea salt and chili (medium case)

3.      Dry chilies, coconut and alum (severe case)


      1.      Let the patient be seated on a stool.

2.      Prepare some burning charcoal in an iron pan.

3.      Perform a prayer to Deity Hanuman for help and protection.

4.      Grab a mixture of the ingredients and sweep from the patient’s head to toe then touching the ground. After that, perform the sweeping action from toe to head while reciting, “May the black magic cast to this person be cast out from his or her body into the ingredients.”

5.      When you think you have taken enough load, throw the ingredients onto the burning charcoal.

6.      Give thanks to Deity Hanuman.

7.      Repeat the ritual as often as necessary.