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The Formidable Green Ghost (攝青鬼)

A Hong Kong movie poster of "green ghost"
Many Chinese believe that when a deceased is given red clothing, then he/she will become fearsome ghosts (厲鬼) to seek revenge. Hence begin the origin of the belief that a ghost in red is a harmful and powerful ghost.


Actually, there is another ghost that is more formidable than the “ghost in red”: It is the notorious “green ghost” or in Chinese: 攝青鬼.


I don’t know if anyone has mastered this method, but I heard that the Deva Kimantang from Deva Yakong lineage has the similar capability and similar training method. Someone told me that this method can break eggs at a distance! I will leave it to the more capable person to find out more...


The unofficial method for becoming a green ghost as I heard is as below:


If anyone wanted to seek revenge in this life and no one is willing to help you, there is a way:


·         First you must find a coffin with a corpse … best if it is a person die in giving birth.

·         Find a place you will not be disturbed for 49 days.

·         Lie under the coffin and try to absorb the corpse energy for 49 days with complete fasting.

·         After 49 days, if you are successful; you will be turned into a half human half spirit creature called the “green ghost”.


Legend has it that the “green ghost” has its name from the fact that it is formed by absorbing the corpse energy. Its original name is 攝屍鬼; translated as the spirit who sucks corpse energy. This name somehow becomes “green ghost” over the years because it is green in color.


It is said that this creature is formed by extreme hatred; hence it is much stronger than the common spirits. So no ordinary ritual implements can harm it. This green ghost can only be harmed by a high priest or extreme Yang energy such as the meteorite phurpa or sword. Otherwise this creature is deemed to be able to live for all eternity. This spirit will not rest even after it has successfully seeks its revenge.


Straightly speaking, the green ghost is not a full spirit, nor is it a human. Anyone who comes into the way of a green ghost will be harmed by it.


The signs of a green ghost (if you are ‘lucky’ enough to come across one):


·         It doesn’t consume physical food.

·         It is attracted by person who is full of hatred.

·         It has glassy red eyes.

An Assortment Of Ngai Plants

So if you wonder what are Ngai plants available out there, let me introduce some of the common ones as a starter. Bearing in mind that these are common plants we may come across daily, but have no fear as a Ngai plant without proper empowerment and activation remains as just any other plant.

A Ngai plant can be used in two ways:

  • Live plant
    • Command the spirit of the live plant to carry out our wishes: good luck, money, destroy enemy, cursing etc.
  • Roots
    • For healing, cursing, protection etc.
Some of the common Ngai plants:

1. Turmeric (Curcuma Ionga)

2. Black Turmeric (Curcuma Caesia)

3. White Turmeric (Curcuma Zedoaria)

4. Blackberry Lily

And many more other types of herbs out there ...

Tracing The Origin Of Ngai: Indian Sacred Root Worship

On working with Vietnamese and Thai Ngai magic, I have made a hypothesis that the Ngai practice is originated from the Indian sacred root worship. The reason is that the most notable similarity is the use of the roots of plants: The Ngai practices make use of many plant roots, notably the ginger types amongst many other herbal plants.


Below are a collection of Indian sacred roots available for purchase taken from intranet sources:


Swetarka Ganapati


Swetarka Ganapati is the root of a shrub called Safed Madar, which take the form of lord Ganesh. Worshiping it with powerful mantra of lord Ganesh increases the person’s spiritual power. It also regenerates vigor, vitality, enthusiasm. It also removes the obstacle and brings prosperity.


Swetark Ganpatis which have been sourced from the Swetark trees growing on the banks of River Narmada.


Among Indian plants, Madar is a special kind of plant. It is poisonous. Its leaves are not eaten even by animals. However, it is believed to possess full of mystic and has medicinal qualities. In Ayurveda, it is described as a life-giving plant. The leaves, flowers and bark of Madar plants are very dear to Gods but the plant of Madar is not offered like other plants. It is avoided and condemned as a pain-giver.


Kali Haldi (Black Turmeric)


Black Turmeric is known as Kali Haldi and is used in Tantrik Sadhana. This plant is found around the Narbada River in Madhya Pradesh, in Makwan Pur Dist of Nepal, and in the plains of Vastor.


A Kali Haldi should be charged by Bhairav Mantra. In Tantric practices, a Kali Haldi deals with the medicinal and other uses of this ginger plant. This is also called 'Kalpa Tantra. Kali Haldi or Black Turmeric is known as Siddha Kali Haldi and it is used in Tantrik Sadhana. This Siddha Kali Haldi or Black Turmeric is used for Tantra sadhana, bhairav sadhana to removing Back Magik.


Hatha Jodi


Hatha Jodi or also known as Hatha Jori is said to be an incarnation of Goddess Chamunda. It is the root of a rare kind of herb found in Madhya Pradesh (India) in Amar Kantek hills and in the Lumibani valley of Nepal, there are thick forests. In these jungles one can find a plant know as "BIRVAH" which has blue and white colored flowers and which is similar to the Dhatura plant. After taking it out, it is immersed in Til oil. It is said that Hatha Jodi absorbs about one kilo Til oil in a month whereas its weight remains the same. When it stops to absorb oil, it is taken out. After performing Puja, Hatha Jodi is kept in Sindoor(Vermillion). After this, it is used in Tantric sadhanas. It is known as a wonderful tantrik item . This Hatha Jori shall be kept in vermillon and in silver box or case in puja Ghar or locker/almirah. One shall light incense in front of Hatha Jodi daily.


Hatha Jodi is said to possess the power to influence people and to win over enemies and clients. This wonder of nature blesses the possessor with wealth, metta, victory over enemies, accidents are averted and one remains free from any Tantrik effects.


Hatha Jori shall be kept in vermillion and in silver box or case. Energised Hatha Jodi is very useful Tantric Item for winning a court battle. Hatha Jori is rare and so is highly priced. Since Hatha Jori has the powers of ‘Vashikaran’ or attraction. It is very useful in winning favors or winning trials etc. Hatha Jodi is otherwise called Vashikaran Amulet or hypnotizer. It hypnotizes the people whom you deal with, towards you.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Make Or Break With Casuarina (木麻黃)

What do you think a Beach Oak can do other than provide shades for beach picnikers?
Casuarina Equisetifolia or commonly known as Beach Oak can be found in many places in China, Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa and even USA. Not many people realize that this common plant also has its use in love and break magic.


First, to cast the love magic:


·         Purchase a pair of new scissors.

·         Cut a length of Casuarina Equisetifolia twig and further cut this branch into 6 sub-sections.

·         After that wrap the branch pieces with a piece of black cloth.

·         Go near to the sea or river bank, recite mantra 49 times then say the name of the person you intend to charm to empower the twig.

·         Take one section for him/her to step over, or soak into water to drink or bath.

·         Your target will fall in love with you in good time.


Second, to cast the break magic:


·         Get a pair of new scissors.

·         Go to the tree after 4pm and cut a length of twig. Further cut the twig into 7 small pieces.

·         Wrap the pieces with a black cloth and bring them to a river bank.

·         Throw the twig pieces into the flowing water one by one while calling his/her name.

·         Your target will leave you in good time.


I would like to put forward a very gentle reminder that adequate protection must be exercised before tempting this ritual or harm may come to the ritual caster.



Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Phra Ngang Vs Lady Wanthong

Statue of Lady Nang Phim (Wanthong)

The amulet of Lady Nang Phim
You will never believe what happened to me last night.


First, a friend sent me many Kumanthong statues … a total of ten pieces plus a piece of Arjarn Perm’s special Phra Ngang and Lady Wanthong or also known as Nang Phim amulet. We all know that Wanthong is the mother of Kumanthong and Kun Pean is the father. Well, I will just let you google the net to find out more about Lady Wanthong.


Back to the story … So I happily unpacked the parcel and carefully arranged all statues and amulets onto my altar. Looked pretty impressive I thought. After that I lighted some incense and prayed to the mother to watch over her children as I don’t want mischievous children to be in my house. What’s so special about all this you think? Hold your horses; let me come to the second part of the story.


Just yesterday afternoon, my old time sailor pal from Johor Bahru came to visit me. He said that he wasn’t married for that day (being out of sight of his wife) as he traveled alone. So what else? We both went out for Penang downtown bar hopping and ‘special’ massaging. Yeah… you guessed it right, we brought the special Phra Ngang and the Nam Man Prai Oil out too! Hmm… just want to test out their powers so to speak ;-).


As we were ready to go out at around 6pm, a swallow flew into my balcony four times, and on the final time; it suddenly dropped in front of me as if giving me a Tibetan style prostration! After that the swallow stared at me and then flipped its wings and flew off. Pretty interesting don’t you think so? I don’t know if it is the power of Phra Ngang or something else. Whatever the case was, we did enjoy our night out and only returned to my apartment with two dozen can of beers to continue the drinking session in front of my altar until we were so drunk that we slept there until I got this very strange dream in the morning …


In the dream, I saw many children moving my pal, all the beers, female masseurs, ladies away … as I stared transfixed with amazement, a very pretty lady in Thai costume came to me and said: “You shouldn’t do that type of things, they're extremely bad for the children and the lady doesn’t like them at all. A decent girl will come to you if you promise to stay away from those sinful things …”

Interesting enough, I found my pal who were supposed to be lying beside me intoxicated by the alcohol, somehow inside the toilet. And when I woke him up; the first thing he said to me was: "I saw many children pushing me to the toilet! Maybe I'm too old to have a mug too many already.. Hahaha.."


Frankly, I don’t know if it was my alcohol effect or something else; but I do know that Lady Wanthong and Phra Ngang don’t mix well! What do you think folks? Do I follow Phra Ngang's way ... or do I follow Lady Wanthong's ;-)??


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Powerful Thunder Stone (Batu Petir)

So you think think stone is black in colour?

Think again! It is blue!
There are many types of thunder stones, but majority of them are black in colour. Some say that there are some metallic substances in these stones. Sometimes these stones are found in fragments due to the lightning strike.


It is said that the thunder stones are found in two conditions:


·         During raining

·         During dry season


Some people say that the thunder stones can be subdivided into male and female. The male will be black and the female will be white in colour. Some even attest to it that the stones found in the rain are the best ones. But I don’t think anyone will search for a stone in rainy days though (or he/she may be strike by the lightning!)


How to differentiate if it is a real or fake?


Well, the authentic thunder stone possesses a burnt smell. The wearer of this stone will feel his or her hands heavy and ring finger numb or ache as if there is electric charge. However, if the energy of the stone is already attuned with the owner, then this person will feel as if the ring finger is empty (vanished)!


It is said that the one who wears a thunder stone can move as swift as a lightning. The thunder stone is also said to possess power to exorcise spirits and distance punching. I have a friend who put his thunder stone together with his other mustika pearls. The next day, he found all his mustika pearls scattered across the floor as if hit by a lightning… except the thunder stone of course.


Marrying To A Banana Spirit

Photo from Cambodian Ghost Banana Tree movie.
This is a ritual narrated to me by a friend from Vietnam.


Banana spirit is known to exist in many Southeast Asian cultures. In Thai magic, it is known as Phi Phop and it is believed that Phi Phop can bestow the practitioner with fortune and magical power. The Chinese also has a set of ritual meant to get fun with the banana spirit or ask for favor. Below ritual is somehow new to me. So I just described as it is and hopefully to draw more elaboration from the wise.


The main purpose for carrying out this ritual is to achieve invulnerability and good life. The prerequisite is that you must first be a single person and once you are married to a banana spirit, you can never marry again. If you break this taboo, then you will have to bear for the consequences.


First, you must prepare a banana plant. Then you must take care of it carefully every day: water it, talk to it and even sleep with it. The idea is to get as close as possible to the banana plant as if it is your wife.


You must do the ritual consistently until the banana plant flowers.


Now, choose a full moon night, tie the end of a red string on the banana blossom while the other end onto your ring finger. Cut the banana blossom and bring it together with some incense, candles and food offerings to a sea, lake or river. Now, you must swear to heaven and earth that you and the banana plant will live and die together as if a pair of real human couples.


After the ritual, throw the banana blossom and offerings into the water and let it flow away signifying that the gods and goddesses have accepted your union. What left now for you is to take very good care of the banana plant. Whatever you do, don’t let the banana die.


It is said that the practitioner of this ritual can fight like no man fight and when he feels tired. He only needs to lay flat onto the ground and he will recover almost immediately. Personally I think this Vietnamese ritual is somehow similar to marriage to spirits for wealth:



Needless to remind you, practice this ritual at your own risks!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Aloha Orb From Hawaii

The above is a very recent photo of orb sent to me by a friend from Hawaii. This is said to be the first of the kind foto in my pal's building after trying evoking five brothers to watch over his shop. I never know the 5 brothers can travel across the ocean to Australia and now to Hawaii too. Pretty interesting don't you think so?

See if you can spot any thing inside this foto?  ;-)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bathwater Love Magic

Our bathwater have many uses in the hands of a pawang. On one hand, our bathwater can be used to tame our spouse; on the other it can be used in love magic. Below is one such love magic making use of our bathwater.


The procedure:


·         Prepare a bowl of bathwater and a ring or anything that you want to give to your target to wear.

·         Light a white candle and some Benzoic incense.

·         Pour the bathwater into an earth container.

·         After that throw the ring into the bathwater.

·         Cup both of your palms over the container and recite something like: “I am empowering this ring as a present to the one I love. When she wears my ring, she will fall in love with me…”

·         After reciting the above mantra for 7 times, bring the container outside of your house.

·         Strike to break the container with a parang or a sword.

·         Give the ring to your target and she will fall in love with you.


Empowering Nam Man Prai Oil

According to the old pawang that I knew, there is a final step on the making of Nam Man Prai Oil that many people left out. I thought I just furnish the final key. This process can also be used to empower other love oils as I was told.


First one must choose an appropriate place. The place should be an open field with only one weed grown on it. Once the place is identified, go to the place at midnight with the Nam Man Prai Oil. Bury the oil under the weed and immediately go back.


After 49 days period, go to the place again at midnight together with a piece of black cloth, some raw rice and salt. Once you are there, carefully dig out the oil. Once you have seen the oil, throw the raw rice and salt over the oil. Now pick up the oil and wrap it with the black cloth and hurry back to your altar.


In your altar, you must use a piece of needle to prick your ring finger and draw a drop of blood into the Nam Man Prai Oil. Fumigate the oil with Benzoic incense for 7 consecutive nights.


It is said that only now the oil is ready to be used. I am not sure if this is a local addition or it comes together with the original Thai ritual. Whatever case it is, I think this is a soon to be extinct ritual.



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