Monday, September 29, 2014

Voodoo Magic In Mahapretaka (大藏经里的巫术)

The Vajrayana section in Mahapretaka has collected many of the Voodoo magic of lower three yanas. Let me show you some examples:


In “Vajrayaksa Wrathful King Sadhana” 《金刚药叉憎怒王息灾大神验念诵仪轨》:


“If you want a nice girl, then write her name on a piece of pine bark and tie it in front of the Vajrayaksa image. Recite the Great Samaya Mantra for 7 times and say to Vajrayaksa about your intention. If you perform this ritual for 3 days, and if Vajrayaksa wants to show his compassion towards you, the girl will come and she will not change her heart.”


Also in “Vajrapani the conqueror of Bhuto” 《佛说金刚手菩萨降伏一切部多大教王经》:


“Use beef and Benzoin to perform homa while reciting mantra until midnight. A Kinara lady will materialise in front of the practitioner but the practitioner should not be afraid. The lady will say: “What is the matter of summoning me?” The practitioner should say: “I want you to be my wife.” The lady will agree when he has said so.”


Also in “The Victorious Ucchusama Sutra”《大威力烏樞瑟摩明王經》:


“If one setup the holy image facing north at an auspicious gate, the practitioner is facing South, and that he uses Chinaberry as fuel for homa, adding some poisonous powder, mustard seed and some own blood. After he has completed reciting mantra for 1080 times, some Asaru ladies with the color as if burnt will come. They will present medicine for longevity and gold changing medicine. If he refuses the medicine offering, then the ladies shall hold his hands and lead him into their palace. They will offer him to be the Asaru king.”


What do you think folks? If you look at them and read and scrutinize these rituals a few times more; you will not find any clues that the Buddha has thought these teachings. Well, frankly these types of rituals are more extreme than any Brahmanism rituals. Perhaps, there is no such practices existed or remain in Hinduism today.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Importance Of Kriya Yoga

Tantric practitioners now days put much emphasizes on Tibetan Buddhism and especially the Unsurpassed Tantra. On doing so, they have overlooked the importance of Kriya Yoga. These folks have scorned at the complexity of Kriya Yoga and hence tend to shy away from venturing into it. However, they have overlooked the fact that although Kriya Yoga is complex, it is quite easy to achieve siddhi (accomplishment).


Unlike the practice of chakras, nadis and bindus of the Anuttara Tantra which is very difficult to master and get it right. The first reason is that the practices of Tummo and Illusion Body seek to transform; if the transformation is not perfect, then problems will arise. On the other hand, Kriya Yoga only needs to follow a prescribed ritual and generally not many problems will arise during the process. Second, there are very difficult to find an accomplished master who is willing to part with his knowledge. Furthermore there are many oral instructions that a master will keep with his life and will not part to ordinary folks such as us. Moreover, most of us don’t read Tibetan or Sanskrit, hence it is extremely difficult to have a complete view of complete Anuttara system naturally speaking.


The only remedial action is first to learn about Chinese or Japanese Mantrayana and to achieve siddhi. The reason is that once siddhi is obtained, our Satya-devata (本尊) and Dharma Protectors shall help us in our further practices. Let me show you my personal recent experience:


A few days back, I was busy in translating < Āryatārā-dhāraṇī-arolika> and faced with problems as some of the Sanskrit terms cannot be translated from localised Chinese terms; so my progress was delayed for a few days until this morning that I dreamt of a secretary with a ponytail, wearing a white shirt but black overcoat and skirt asked what would I like to drink. And I answered I want some Chrysanthemum tea. So she turned her back and went to fetch a packet for me. But the main door was blocked by heavy objects…


 Then I heard a loud bang, when I went to investigate; all the obstacles were gone! Apparently the secretary has removed them and I got a pack of Chrysanthemum tea in my hand.


Well, you may want to say that this is only a dream.


Even stranger was that, after I woke up, and when I took a second look at the problems, they were solved in a jiffy!


Hence, I would back by the effectiveness of Kriya Yoga is beyond doubt. It is by the fact that I have not practise the Tara Avalokitesvara sadhana, by merely translating, I already have one amazing experience! Let alone if I really venture into real practice. The result should be more evident I am sure. Well, then and again, it is up to you to believe it or not.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

About Bio Resonance Therapy

My friend Mr. Ong is so kind to share his personal story about Bio Resonance Therapy. This is something pretty new to me. So I will just cut and paste his information as that will better explain his original meaning:

What is bio resonance frequency therapy ?

Dear Liew,

Hope you are keeping and fine. Below is my true story that I would like to share with you.

I suffered from severe stomach ache on first week after the World Cup, Football Match began in Brazil. I was rushed to the Emergency Ward twice, and treated as serious gastric complaints. Later, visits to general and private doctors failed to reason out the actual reasons, as gastric drug failed to treat ever since it started. My stomach was full of air, with very pressing painfulness.

I made up my mind to do something about it, while waiting for their reference to a specialist at general hospital. I began my regular visit to a nearest homeopathic ( alternative medication ) doctor few years ago, only few minutes’ cycling from my house. I asked if he his “bio resonance” machine could help me. I had only a 20-minute session with him, including scanning and healing defective parts of my digestive system. Only two parts of my clogged intestines were not in proper shapes. Pain was significantly reduced by 30 percent after certain frequencies were sent by the bio resonance machine.

I was advised to take more fruits, fabric vegetables, sour milk and drinks, it improved from days to days. The pain was gone totally within three weeks’ times. I am confident that I do not need a specialist any more.


MRI stand for Magnetic Resonance Image. It works by sending magnetic waves to specific parts or full body of a patient. Reflective waves from body of a patient are interpreted into visible visual images on a computer. Resonance means reflection in MRI.

A bio resonance machine just interprets these reflective waves into energies ( instead of visual images ), visible in symbol forms. Even delicate energies from few cancerous cells in any part of a human body, could be traced out easily.

Bio resonance frequency was first discovered by a German construction engineer Paul Schmidt in 1976. He discovered certain frequencies are very beneficial, while others are harmful to our body. 1977 Bio resonance machine was invented by Germany -Franz Morell and his son-in-law, engineer Erich Rasche. Later this machine was improved by a combination of Russian and Germany technique.

I experienced the effectiveness of this frequency therapy. May be there are other uses of this machine as well. This is a new and exciting medical experience for me.

Mr. Ong

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kalachakra View Of Emptiness & Practices

Now days we like to talk about emptiness theoretically, but in Kalachakra; the theory of emptiness is put into action and proven through the practices of yoga techniques.


So, you can forget about hours of sadhana practices if you cannot detect the essence of the meaning of Kalachakra Tantra. For any further investment of your time into mantra recitations will not yield further benefits.


Let me elaborate:


In Kalachakra sadhana, there are 3 important items:


·         Kalacharka as individual mind

·         Vishumata as the sun hence light

·         Shadow as the darkness


Now, the light and darkness is only the manifestation of our mind.


Our mind is as if a moon. When sunlight shines onto it we see one side of the moon, while the other side remains pitch black. We like to think that light being enlightenment and that the darkness being ignorance; but both of the enlightenment and ignorant are not the essence of the moon!


Naturally, the moon is only made of soils, minerals and rocks; it has no characteristics.


What made the differences between enlightenment and ignorance, happy and sad? It is precisely our mind. Since our mind changes according to situations, we say that our mind has no characteristic and hence it is ‘empty’.


In Kalachakra, the story doesn’t just end there. We have to ‘proof’ our claims. And this is through the practice of white yoga, black yoga and the empty yoga.


The first practice will be the black yoga; which is similar to the practice of shadowman. First a practitioner stares at the shadow until it comes alive and this will be his/her representation of ‘dark side’.


The second practice is the white yoga; this is to stare at the sky near location of the sun. If one is diligent, soon one will perceive the ‘color of emptiness’ which is the energy movement in the air; this is similar with the ‘Torga’ practice of great perfection. This shall be the practitioner’s ‘bright side’.


Now that we have two extremes, which is neither ‘middle way’ nor emptiness; hence for the third practice; we will need to practise the ‘empty yoga’ which is the famous ‘six-limb yoga’ of Kalachakra tradition.


In this six-limb yoga, the ‘color of emptiness’ is directed onto the shadow. Once the shadow is filled with ‘color of emptiness’ then whatever product that forms, shall again be directed to the tummo at the navel chakra and consequently the practitioner’s body will be filled by color of emptiness. Only when this stage is accomplished, the person is on the route to proof that the theory of emptiness is correct in practice, not merely tongue in cheek.


Or else, studying theory of emptiness or performing lengthy sadhana practices will not yield any results. I pity those folks who have spent years and still not yet find their ways in tantric practices. I really do.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Soul Calling With Life Fish

When I was young, I was staying in Kangsar and there was a small lake near the place where I stayed where fishes were in abundance. Hence, the lake had attracted many kits went there to fish. Naturally, where there are kids and water spell problems. It was said that there were a few kids drowned in that lake. Gradually, rumors about the lake being haunted spread like wild fires.


I had a school playmate once, who was drowned in that lake. According to his companions that they were playing at the lake side when suddenly one of them yelled out as he saw a colourful small fish swimming in the lake. No one dares to go into the water as none of them knew how to swim, except Ah Qiang.


Well, it was said that Ah Qiang immediately took off his cloth and jumped into the lake to chase for the fish. Everyone saw Ah Qiang waved his hand in the water and soon they lost sight of him. No one pays any attention as they thought Qiang was just fooling about. Stagnant lake water under tropic sun is full of algae and the predominant colour would be green. Losing sight of someone in the water is pretty normal in this situation.


However, after one hour or so, Qiang still not in sight and nowhere to be found. His companions started to panic. So, someone ran to a primary school nearby to seek help. Eventually a police report was lodged and shortly, a troop of search and rescue personnel were at the site. Story has it that, even though it was a pretty small lake, it took the rescuer almost half a day to find the body. It was later rumoured that it was the help from a Maoshan sorcerer who has casted a spell that enabled the water spirits to ‘release’ Qiang’s body.


Again it is still based on rumours that the body was found soon after the sorcerer casted the spell. After autopsy, the coroner found that Qiang’s lungs were dry and the cause of death was strangulation. As to how Qiang was strangled to death, no one ventured to probe further and the case was soon forgotten.


Many years later, I unexpectedly met the sorcerer in Kangsar wet market and remembered about his soul calling ritual; so I half enticed and half dragged him to a coffee shop nearby in the hope to understand his soul calling ritual.


Apparently the ritual he used is called ‘soul calling with life fish’. This method is mainly used to summon those drowned. The ritual is roughly as described below:


First, one must find two live fish of any sort and bring the fish to lake or river bank. Put the fish in a water bucket. Light some incense and burn some joss paper and while doing so recite:


“Oh you spirit of live fish, you the spirit of life fish, now I release you to see the dragon king; ask whatever you want but bring the soul of so-and-so to me! As my will, so mote it be!”


After a few rounds of mantra recitation, release the fish into the water. It is said that by hook or by crook, the body or soul will return.


Of course, where there are many water ghosts congregated, one should also prepare a 6 feet green bamboo and 100 pieces of joss paper to prevent the person who is doing the ritual being pulled into the water.


I dare to ask, do you afraid of summoning water ghosts?


Friday, September 19, 2014

Concerning Chinese-English Mahapritaka Translation Issues

The Chinese Mahapritaka (大藏经) contains many rituals belong to Kriya Yoga (事瑜伽) from Chinese Mantrayana Tradition. The best part is of course these rituals are free-of-charge provided that you can surf the Net and understand quite a bit about Chinese. In that case you should be able to search for various rituals which such convenience was quite impossible a few years back.


It is also conversely true that not all free stuffs are good, there are down falls as well. Provided that you aware of them. The major problem with Chinese Mahapritaka is the localization of Sanskrit terms. It was translated in such a way that not only the Chinese do not quite understand what a term means; left alone the non-Chinese!


For example:


怛儞也(二合) = TADYATHA=Speaking


According to phonetic: Dá nǐ yě tā


Now it is obvious the difference is quite obvious doesn’t it?


Let me take another example


阿失缚噜麽 = ASHVARUMA=Horse hairs


What is thatā shī fù lū mó


Actually the‘阿失缚’ is supposed to meanASHVA' and‘噜麽’ in Sanskrit meansRUMA' or ‘hairs’


Such variations in localized Chinese mantra funny and yet pathetic as it sounds; no wonder the Chinese Mantrayana already going downhill now days.


A Lucky Mantra For Ladies

A friend asked me, is there a mantra that can bestow luck and happiness to ladies in this hostile society?


Sadhu, sadhu.


I think there indeed is one amongst the many Vedic mantras that is suitable to be recited by all ladies. According to record, this mantra can make a lady lucky and happy for her whole life. This mantra is:


Om Om Hreem Om Krinm Hreem Om Swaha


It is said that any ladies who is consistent in reciting this mantra according to her abilities, then all types of family problems and other obstacles shall be removed and resolved. The soul of this person shall be empowered with strength and this energy will be stored inside her body. During emergency, this energy will be released automatically.


Another poser of this mantra is the protection from evil spirits and black magic. The person who recites this mantra with consistency shall be protected.


It is my hope that in this chaotic world, anyone who recites this mantra shall be in peace, happy and lucky.

A Wish Fulfilling Moon Ritual

The moon is worshipped in many cultures. In the West, witches performing the drawing down of the moon for spell casting. In ancient China, animals and Taoists use breathing exercises to draw moon energy into their bodies for magic work or for healing. In India making offerings to moon may also make your wish come true.


First we need to prepare a big jar of fresh water, some milk, some sugar and rice. It is said that for best result, it is best to use Ganga Jal or sea water. For general wishes, then this ritual should be carried out on the second night after the black moon.

When the time is right, pour the milk, sugar and rice into a jug of fresh water. Now go to a quite place where you will not be disturbed. Stare at the moon for a while and now hold the jug with both hands and raise it above your head. Now make a wish and pour down the water in the jug. While you are pouring down the water, look at the moon through the flowing water while thinking of your wish.


After the ritual, give thank to the moon and go back immediately without looking back. You may perform the ritual on the same time next month until your wish is fulfilled. It is also believed that whoever makes this ritual a routine will be prosperous and rich even without asking.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Making Friends With A Noble Ghost

Have you ever thought that holy Bo tree can attract ghosts?
Believe it or not, you can make friend with a ghost!


First you must fast for one day or if you cannot stand fasting then you may only eat fruits. Now you must also keep your mind pure: see no evil, talk no evil, hear no evil and think no evil. Only then the ghost who answers your call will be a noble one.


You must perform this ritual on a dark night, i.e. no moon visible in the sky.


Go to a Bodhi Tree (Ficus Religiosa) and offer 5 betel nuts, 5 green leaves of Bodhi tree, black sesame and some flowers. You should burn some Benzoic incense and sprinkle some rose water onto the Bodhi leaves.


Now, chant the below mantra for 1188 times while standing:




After the mantra recitation, say the below out loud:


“Please come and be my good friend!”


You should perform this ritual for 3 times: one dark moon day in one month. So you would need to perform the ritual for 3 consecutive months.


A ghost will appear in your dream, but it will only help you for 3 years.


After that, you will need to redo the ritual again.



Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kalachakra: Bridging The Gap Between Hinduism & Buddhism

Kalachakra Tantra is the most controversial tantra of all Buddhist tantras. It is the last known tantra ever compiled before the collapse of Buddhism in India. Critics doubted the authenticity of Kalachakra Tantra as Buddhist works as there are too many Hindu elements contained inside.


Personally, I see whoever compiled Kalachakra Tantra tried to squeeze all Hindu and Buddhist elements into it and makes the practice of Kalachakra extremely difficult and time consuming. This is perhaps a desperate move to save the best of Hinduism and Buddhism before Islamic invasion somewhere around the 11th century in medieval India.


I have particular interest in Kalachakra because of my interest in Feng Shui, Astrology and Traditional Medicine. All the former elements evolve with time and it is my personal interest in deciphering secrets hidden in Kalachakra Tantra system.


Those one who practices Kalachakra long sadhana will know that, around 720 deities are invoked to dwell in Kalachakra Mandala. Not many gurus are willing to point out that this Kalachakra Mandala actually symbolises the human body and the Deity Kalachakra represents the illusion body. All of the 720 deities, mainly from Hinduism are placed in all of the major-minor and minor-minor chakras and linked by 180 major and minor nadis.


This gives a complete and accepted view of an individual in Hinduism and Buddhism. In the past tantras such as the Chakrasamvara and Yamantaka, emphasize is not put on human body as it is thought to be impermanent and not important. But in Kalachakra tantra, it is deemed necessary to put much importance on human body as a sick body is of no use in producing an illusion body. Hence by including all of the patron gods and goddesses of Hindu pantheon together with all chakras and nadis; not only Kalachakra Tantra can be accepted by the Hindu, it also serves as a teaching tool for Hindu and Buddhist Medicine at that time.


Another use of Kalachakra is in the Astrology. Do you know that Astrology actually calculates the flow of human life force inside the naval chakra? Our naval chakra has 64 petals, with 60 petals forming the 12 houses in Astrology and 4 void petals. So, by calculating this energy flow, we will know our future. If the life force is blocked, then we will be facing with troubles. And that’s all to the relation of Astrology with Kalachakra.


It is perhaps fair to say that the Kalachakra generation stage symbolises the world of Hinduism. The real separation between Hindu and Buddhist ideology happens in the Kalachakra completion stage. The practice of completion stage is related to the formation of ‘empty body’. Unlike other Buddhist tantra in that other tantras said that one’s illusion body can only be formed during dying process; the ‘empty body’ of Kalachakra forms when a person is still alive. This is something like the ‘rainbow body’.


I actually like such arrangements in Kalachakra as I can appreciate the Hindu wisdom as well as keeping the Buddhist elements without having to mask out the core value of both of the ancient beliefs in this world!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Invoking Indian Hantu Raya (印度养鬼术)

I think this ritual is perhaps the forerunner of Malaysian Hantu Raya or servitor spirits.


It is believed that Chauraha Wali Mata, said to be the goddess of cross roads is a form of goddess Maha Kali. If anyone makes her happy, then she will send her powerful witches to fulfil one’s desires.


This ritual should be done after 9pm onwards starting on Saturday or Tuesday for a consecutive of 21 Saturdays/Tuesdays. After that, one should maintain the offering on all Saturdays/Tuesdays.


First one must prepare some offerings:


·         2 cloves, 5 types of dishes, 5 pieces of roses, 2 bundi ladu and 1betel leaf.


When everything is ready and the time is right, put everything onto a piece of white paper and bring a mug of fresh water. Go to a quiet cross junction, put the items beside the junction and pour the water onto the ground.


Now, go home without looking back.


The person should feel a presence in his/her house after a few tries. When the presence is felt, then a pact can be made to establish the master and servant relationship.

Simply Buddhism: Mantrayana Vs Sutrayana (秘宗与显教)

I post this article specially aim at those friends lost in the world of Buddhism:


Many people stumbled into Buddhism and expect all Buddhist schools are created equal would experience a culture shock of their lives. The fact is that teachings in various schools can go to both extreme ends; unlike the highly standardized teachings in other standard religions. Basically Buddhism is subdivided into two schools: the Mantrayana and the Sutrayana.


Mantrayana or Tantric Buddhism as we know it today consists of two major schools: the Indo-Tibetan and Sino-Japan. The Sino-Japan is grouped under the lower 3 stages while the Indo-Tibetan system takes up the upper 6 stages of all 9 stages of Buddhism. The difference between the two system lies in that the Anuttara Tantra which is an important part of Indo-Tibetan system and the related sex yoga failed to spread in China and Japan due to Confucianism.


Sutrayana can also be subdivided into the Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism. Mahayana is the Buddhism that spread from India to China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam which is also known as the ‘Northern Tradition’. The Theravada Buddhism spread from India down south to Sri Lanka, to Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia.


Now comes the fun part: the arguments of which school is authentic never ceased until today:


·         Within general Buddhism, Sutrayana attacks Mantrayana especially the Indo-Tibetan system as not Buddhism because of the worships of Hindu deities and yab-yum deities (two deities hugged together naked).

·         Within the Sutrayana: the Mahayana said that their teaching can achieve enlightenment while the Theravada teachings cannot.

·         Indo-Tibetan systems also have many controversies on the practice of ‘liberation by slaughtering’ and the consumption of meat and alcohol.


Of course, time has changed now days as all Buddhist schools are treated as one. Everyone try to be politically correct and all practices are accepted as one Buddhism as a whole. Having said so, confusions remain as this liberty causes more confusion:


·         Do I eat meat or do I not?

·         If I pray to Buddha and get fortune, can I donate to charity organizations of other religions?

·         Can I worship Taoist deities together with Guanyin?



So, how does one go about in choosing which school is suitable?


·         Study the history of Buddhism thoroughly and understand the special traits of each school.

·         Follow just one school of thought that is if you believe that Buddhism is created all equal.


Finally, whatever you do, please don’t ask yourself this question:


“Have I regretted in following this school of thought?”


For If you do, you will go crazy!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Deadly Lemon Curse

Delicious yet deadly lemons! Do you believe it or not?
Other than making lemonade, culinary and herbal medicine; what can a lemon do really? You may think this is a stupid question.


Well, a lemon can be used to curse and kill!


Below is a popular Indian black magic for killing someone:


First, one must find a clean and quite place. After that, he should construct a stool made of yellow clay. Let the stool wind dry for a few days and then put a piece of white cotton cloth on it before sitting.


The person must face west for this ritual. Before he begins to chant, he should light a ghee oil lamp and present some other offerings such as sweets, a lemon and two cloves. After that, he should begin to chant the following mantra for 2100 times:


Baar Baandho, Baar Nikle.

Jaa Kaat Dharni Sujaaye.

Lay Bahrna Choun Haath Se.

To Kaat Daant Se.

Kuhaai Bhaamhava Ki.


After the ritual, one should keep the lemon while the rest of the offerings should be thrown into a river or sea. This empowerment ritual should be done for a consecutive of 40 days.


When one needs to activate the power of this curse, he should take a piece of iron nail and recite the above mantra for 108 times, after that he should pierce the lemon with this iron nail only half way. The victim of this curse will feel extreme pain; however if the person pierce through the lemon with the iron nail, then the victim will expire immediately! So be ware folks!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Messages From Shadowman

Do you know the hidden messages brought by your own shadowman?


Anyone who has successful in conjured up his own shadowman, then he will be able to understand his own near future. For example, the upper body indicates the first half of the year; while the lower half indicates the second half.


Say that a person is having small trouble in March, and then on the left stomach of the shadowman will show a greyish foggy stuff. But if the colour is black, then the problem is serious. If the person will meet with blood drawing injury, then at the position 3 will appear dark red spots. But if the person will lose a lot of money, then the pattern of greyish money will show. Conversely, if the colour is bright, then all will be well.


Do you also aware that the shadowman has colours and not all black?


Well, the basic colours are:


·         Yellow indicates earth, free from disasters. But if it is at the position of 3, 6, 9 or 12, then this is the normal colour for that season.

·         Black indicates water, disasters. But if the colour appears at the position of 10, 12; then this should be the colour for the season.

·         Green colour indicates wood or wind, all is normal. This is the dominant colour in January and February.

·         Red colour indicates fire, good luck. But this is the colour for April and May.

·         White colour indicates metal, a spiritual person. This is the dominant colour for Julai and August.


We should be careful not to mix up the seasonal dominant colour with colour indicating disasters. The seasonal colour is bright and shiny but the disaster colour will be dull. However, if the shadowman is all black in colour or headless, then perhaps the person’s life will end soon. So, a disaster avoidance ritual should be taking place. Of course, the above month is only an approximation speaking.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Hanuman Worship In Thai Magic

Not many people aware that Hanuman has an important place in Thai Magic practices. I am not sure if this has anything to do with the Bajrang Baan, but in Northern Thai Magic tradition, Hanuman is invoked to destroy a more powerful rival or to remove obstacles. In order to invoke the help of Hanuman, below rituals will be started on a Tuesday night:


First one must prepare 3 kinds of oils: coconut, ghee and sesame oil. Each of the oil is chanted with Pra Lersi, Pra Thong and Pra Kaue oil mantra. All of the three oils are mixed together in a container. This will be the fuel for oil lamp offering to Hanuman.


Now the magician will offer some offerings to Hanuman. Then the below Pra Hanoman Khata is recited repeatedly:






If the intention for invoking Hanuman is to ward off evil forces, then the portion on Sesame oil should be more and a green coconut should also be offered.


If the intention is to cure sickness, then the portion on Ghee should be more coupled with the offering of some herbal medicine.


If the intention is to kill an enemy, then the portion on coconut oil should be more coupled with the offering of the magician’s knife or ritual spear.


In whatever case that may be, the oil should be burnt for consecutive 40 days regardless if the ritual has taken effect in less than 40 days’ period or otherwise.