Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More On Ilmu Dayak

Below are a few Dayak rituals narrated by a friend from East of Barito, Southern Kalimantan.


1.      Prakasih

a.       Used to calm angry person.

b.      “Bismilah. Nuri kata nya burung, mula Hak katanya Allah, ya Allah-Allah sakampung sagabah.”

c.       Recite 3x while holding breath, after that blow at left-center-right.

2.      Kata salisih

a.       Used to avoid coming face to face with our enemy.

b.      “Puang Sagar tau panalu musuh mansa.”

c.       Recite 3x while holding breath, after that take a piece of betel leave, tear it into two, throw to left and right sides.

d.      This is an unusual ritual as it will make our enemy to have bad luck for three Fridays.

3.      Ilmu Taguh Gansang

a.       To fight a group of people going amok.

b.      “Rata jari kapui jari tane.”

c.       Hold your breath and recite 1x, then pull some hair from your foot thumb and swallow them.

d.      Do not try this if it is not an emergency.

e.       This is an advance ritual, you will not be harmed even it rains bullets out there!

4.      To chase away ghosts

a.       Take 3 glutinous rice grains and swallow them.

b.      After that, storm your right foot 3x on to the floor and throw some salt around the place.

5.      To prevent thieves, ghosts, black magic etc.

a.       Invert a green broom and lean it against your front door.


Do not ask if the magic works, but first ask ourselves if we are ready to perform such a ritual. Happy reading!


Taking Care Of Your Keris

Red colour cloth at the external sheath means that this keris is ready for war. 
A keris is the single most important item in the life of a Bomoh or Silat exponent. It is both a weapon and a spiritual object. According to some occult practitioner, a keris need to be bathed every Muharam month (first month of Islamic calendar).


The method:


1.      Prepare the below materials, but first ask the khodam of your keris what does it like:

a.       Old coconut water

b.      Mengkudu fruit

c.       Kaffir lime

d.      Seven types of flowers

e.       Water from well

f.       Dew water collected from banana trunk

2.      Dip the keris into above material for 24 hours.

3.      After that put the keris point down and dry it in a room for 7 days and 7 nights. Burn 3 pieces of joss stick every night but do not disturb the keris. This is to let the keris ‘meditate’.

4.      After the 7 days and 7 nights, rub the keris with kaffir lime then smudge it with white benzoic incense.

5.      Now ask the keris (khodam) what type of cloth it want to wear?

a.       Red cloth – for war only.

b.      Yellow cloth – for healing purpose.

c.       Black cloth – for both healing and war.

6.      A keris must be inside its sheath when not working. There was a case happen to a collector. He left his keris blade exposed in a bedroom and when the couple was having sex, the khodam of keris also joined in. After that his wife didn’t want to have sex with the person because no kick!!

7.      As a general rule:

a.       Take out the keris for working.

b.      After work, put the keris back to its sheath. But give some time for the khodam of keris to return.


It is believed that a keris with khodam must be bathed at least once in 3 years or the khodam may leave. The above is just one of many methods out there for taking care of a keris. As some keris may fetch up to thousands of US dollars, practice the above at your own accord.

Bomohs & Spirit Worship Tools

There are many ways if one person wants to be a Tok Bomoh (Shaman) in Malaysia or Indonesia:


1.      Through inheritance. If the person’s ancestor or parents were once a Bomoh, then the knowledge will automatically transfer to their decedents.

2.      Through visitations of spirits in the dreams. The person may be taught to recite certain mantras as communication tools. So each time the practitioners recite these mantras, the spirits will act as their khodams to lend helping hands.

3.      Through recitations such as prayers, incantations and mantras.

4.      Through the practice of martial arts such as Silat or Kuda Kepang.

5.      Through meditation and fasting in the jungle, mountain, cave, dried well or graves.

6.      Through imitating other shamans.

7.      Learning from experience Bomoh who have familiar spirits.


 Spirit communication methods of a Bomoh:


1.      Grave worship

a.       Many Bomoh believe that the spirit of the grave can help them to fulfil their wishes. More so if the deceased was once a Bomoh.

b.      Food offerings such as roast chicken, glutinous rice, bertih, bananas etc. must be presented to the spirit in the exchange of their services.

2.      Keris, Spear and Lime

a.       Although keris and spears are weapons of the old days. They are still widely used in traditional medicine. These weapons must be wash with flowers and lime, then smudge with benzoic incense and finally wrap with yellow, red or black cloth.

b.      The weapon worships are normally done on a Friday night with certain mantra and incantation. It is believed that with such worship, the weapon will become stronger and will not create problems to their owners.

3.      Ancak

a.       An ancak is made from bamboo or banana leaves. Normally an ancak is filled with yellow glutinous rice, ketupat and other offerings for the spirits.

4.      Sanggu

a.       A sanggu is normally made from banana leave or coconut leave stem. Only the leave stem that dangles vertically to the tree is usable. This stem must be collected during sun set. The making of a sanggu must be in the middle of the night while facing the direction of sun rise. After that the sanggu must be smudge with benzoic incense while reciting certain incantations.

b.      As with an ancak, a sanggu also filled with food offering to spirits, but a mast and sail is erected in the centre of the sanggu; also one white candle is put in the front and back of the ancak. After the ritual the sanggu will be set adrift in a river.

5.      Sangkak

a.       A sangkak is also made from bamboo. As before, it mainly serves as food offering container for spirits.

b.      If a sangkak is for ensuring the safety of a family, then it is put in side a house; if however it is for the safety of a village, then the sangkak is put at the edge of the village accompanied with mantra and incantation. Sometimes a goat or water buffalo is sacrificed as well.


At this point, anyone who has read this posting has the potential of becoming a Bomoh. But before you proceed, check with your religious expert if you are allowed to do so. Otherwise, I don’t want to be responsible if you are sent to the gallows or being burnt alive!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Introduction To Tantric Skull (Kapala)

A Tibetan Skull

Two half skulls:
the right skull is a rare one-sectioned skull, the left skull is used in subjugation ritual.

Tantric skull or kapala is an important ritual element in Tibetan rituals. A kapala symbolizes "impermanent". It acted as a container for consecrated liquid or 'nectar'. Not all kapala can be used however. Traditionally before one gets a kapala from his or her guru, this person must pray for an auspicious sign before sleeping. If no good signs are available, then this kapala cannot be used.

Skulls with various sections carry different meanings:

  1. One-sectioned skull is the most valuable because practitioners believe one-sectioned skull are those of highly realized persons such as those of Bodhisattvas. It is a 'ksaitreya' and controls of all people, land and property.
  2. A two-sectioned skull is a 'vaishya', it works for the king and knows how amass food.
  3. A three-sectioned skull is a 'brahmin', it stimulates the realisation of Mantra.
  4. A four-sectioned skull is a 'shudra' and thus amasses an entourage.
  5. A five-sectioned skull is an outcast, it is a skull cup suitable for a fierce person as it wins disputes.
  6. A six-and more sections stimulate illness. They are normally use in destruction Mantras.
Some gurus forbid the use of skull after 4 pm as they believe that is the time when the demons are most active and may be harmful to the uninitiated. A tantric skull must be evoked before use: mantra and mudra must be performed, and prior to picking up the skull; some rice or flower need to be thrown to the skull. It is forbidden to pick up the skull directly as it is deem disrespect.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Do Not Marry A Magician

There is an old Chinese saying: “Do not let your daughter marry with a witchdoctor household (有女莫嫁師公屋).”  A “Sai Kong” (師公) is a term generally given to a person involved in Taoist magic.


In Chinese society, and other community a like; a witchdoctor is normally a person of lower social status, he can have some income but the livelihood is generally quite poor. There are exceptions of course. Below is a folk song describes the condition of a Sai Kong:












“People’s ancestor produces ministers, my ancestor produces a witchdoctor.

Do not marry a witchdoctor; a witchdoctor is lazy does not plow the land.

Earning three bowls of rice by divination, no need to plow also can live.

While ordinary people plow to live, the rice stores open every October.

Don’t want to use handkerchief as my blanket,

Don’t want the rice bowl if I never plow the land.

Don’t want the fragrance of flower to be rich,

Don’t want my name to stay in the lower classes.

People said a witchdoctor eats meat,

I enjoy my meat by plowing my land.

People said a witchdoctor drinks wine,

No one sees a witchdoctor gets drunk arrogantly.

People said a witchdoctor earns a living,

No one sees a witchdoctor rides a horse.”


Having said so… Guys, do you still want to be a magician?

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Secret Of Spirit Invisibility

Wonders why a spirit can appear and disappear as it wishes? Taoists believe that a spirit has a magic robe that enables it to do such a trick. If you can get your hands on one of these robes, then you can also perform many magic tricks.

Below is the how to:

1.      Catch yourself a magpie bird (喜鵲) and 21 fire flies on the 7th day or 7th month of lunar calendar.

2.      Put all your catches into a cloth pouch and hang the pouch on the Northern corner of your house and let it wind dry for 100 days.

3.      After that erect a piece of peach tree branch outside of your house and tie 49 feet of red rope onto it; leave the end of the rope into your ritual room.

4.     Tie the pouch with all its content onto your right shoulder, hold the end of the red rope and meditate.

5.      Not long after that, there will be many spirits approaching you and demand you to give them the pouch. Do not be afraid and ignore them. Until finally their leader approach you and ask: “What do you want to do the exchange?”

6.      Tell the lead spirit that you want the robe that it wears for exchange.

7.      If you can get hold of the spirit’s magic robe, then you can travel across the continent without being noticed by anyone.

8.      Contact me once you really have your hands on one, I will teach you what to do further J.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Inviting Members Of The Grave

This is the intermediate to advance level of conjuration practice. What you are inviting is the spirit of a person from his/her grave. So, please do not try it if you have no previous experience in conjuration. Human spirits are a little hard to predict as they behave just as when they are alive. However, these spirits will be useful in helping us in certain ways.

For example if you are inviting a spirit of a famous singer, then your singing skill may be improved etc. But also bear in mind that if the person die by committed suicide, then you might be influenced to follow the same course of action.

Below is the ritual outline:

1.      Go to the grave of the person with a piece of white paper and a pen.

2.      Write down the name of the person and the date the person dies.

3.      Get a piece of earth, a plant or a small pebble and wrap it with the piece of paper you just wrote your name.

4.      Now, buy some stuff such as a bottle of white wine, some biscuits, fruits etc to feast the spirit at night.

5.      As soon as you return home or to your altar, put the paper wrapping onto the altar and set up the food offerings.

6.      At the same night after 7pm, go to the nearest cross roads and call up the name of the deceased for seven times, ask the spirit to follow you home to enjoy the feast.

7.      When you are again at you altar with the spirit, you can say your request to the spirit in plain language. Express the help you want from this spirit such as wanted to be friends but NEVER promise anything that you cannot handle.

8.      Ask the spirit for a password that it can appear to you swiftly. Don’t reveal it to anyone as this will be the secret between you and the spirit.

9.      Bid the spirit farewell and perform a ritual cleansing of your altar.

According to my experience, this ritual work best for new deceased; older spirits react very slowly.

Magical Uses Of Lady's Hair

People say that when a lady cuts her long hair, it is a sign that she wants to change her state of mind. I am not an expert in behavioural science, so I will leave it to the experts. But I do know that a lady’s long hair can be used for various magical uses. Let us explore two of them.

Ritual 1

This ritual is meant to make your target temporarily sick and wanted to vomit. Below is the how-to:

1.      Get a piece of ladies hair about 1 foot in length.

2.      Roll it as shown above.

3.      Write down your target’s name and date of birth and tug it into the hair.

4.      Then take your ritual knife and stab it into the hair blob.

5.      Your target will fell sick within one hour’s time.

Ritual 2

The below ritual is for making your enemy to have acute migraine.

1.      Get a piece of ladies hair as before.

2.      Tie a knot with the hair and hold it in your left hand.

3.      Recite “Om Chelijin Cheli Soha” 49x; after 1x recitation, blow 1x onto the hair knot.

4.      Keep the hair with you.

5.      When you are being attacked by bad guys, hold the hair in your left hand and your attacker will kneel down in pain.

6.      If you want to release the spell, just release your grip on the hair.

So men, beware of the power of ladies’ hair. For your reference and reading pleasure.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Spells of Old Master Artisan (魯班術)

I have finally got more information on the old artisan’s spells. So here’s the updated version.

Chinese artisans of old days would have learnt one or two magical tricks to benefit or to teach their picky house owners some hard to forget lessons. In fact, many old Chinese are very wary of the hanky-panky that an indignant artisan can do to his beloved house; so counter magic rituals were also common at that time.

First of the list is the “under the well” ritual (落井法):

This is really a very simple but awful method to torture a person. The artisan would perform this trick in front of a house, or on the road that the person will pass by. The method is to draw the Chinese word “well” () at the front door/road by chanting below mantra:


(First line becomes a stream, second line becomes a river, third line becomes sea, fourth line all evils down the well.)

After that, the artisan will continue to recite the victim’s name and date of birth.

The effects of such a curse is that the victim’s stomach will become bigger and bigger until eventually compressing his/her heart and lungs. This would impair the functioning of heart and lungs; and the victim would suffer excruciating pain. A medical doctor would not be able to trace the source of the illness and the patient will be wasting away slowly.

Secondly, “the curse of seven arrows” (放暗箭):

Make yourself seven iron needles and an iron bow. Then, a black bean is stick into the tip of each iron needle. Bury the needles and bow with the needle tips pointing towards to your victim’s house. Then within one hundred days, members of the house hold would suffer from injuries or even death.

Thirdly, “the curse on dwelling place” (敗陽宅風水):

This ritual must be performed at midnight. First, go to the front door of your victim; then recite the below mantra:


(The curse applied to this house, cripple and blind she/him. Things are thrown and whipped, according to my master’s order; house collapse, no way to be reincarnated. This is on gods and spirits alike, according to Master Yang’s order; as my will, so mote it be!)

After you have recited the mantra, use a needle to prick your ring finger and smear your blood onto the main gate. The household will run into bad lucks after 120 days.

Fourth, “the curse on a tomb” (敗陰宅風水):

Prepare a wooden spike made of wood about seven inches in length. Then go to your victim’s ancestral tomb. Recite the below mantra while holding a hammer and the spike:


(The dark energy is in living world, the demon is getting active. I am holding ritual implements to carry out my master’s order. The environment is changing color; the tomb’s energy is exhausted; I executed master Yang’s order hastily!)

After reciting the mantra for 3-7x, prick your ring finger with a needle and smear some blood onto the wooden spike, then hammer the wooden spike into the tomb. Within 120 days the descendents of the deceased will suffer from unknown illness or even death.

Fifth, below are a collection of forbidden spells (禁法). These forbidden spells are banned in old China as they are believed to have brought sufferings to many people. An artisan can be prosecuted if found guilty at ancient time:

·         Causing robbery to a household

o   Write the word ‘’ on the floor while the roof of a house is being constructed will cause the household to be robbed three times in 120 days.

·         Curse of a wooden doll

o   Carve a wooden doll and inscribe curses onto the doll and then nail the doll onto the main house pole. This spell will take effect in one month’s time.

·         Causing a dog to bite its master

o   Collect some rain water and some dirt from the southern wall of the house. Feed the water and dirt to the dog and it become crazy and bite its owner.

·         Sleepless nights

o   Bury two packages of rice under the edge of house roof will create strange noises when the house tenant switch off the light to go to bed at night. The spell normally takes effect in 4 days.

·         Crazy and ill spell

o   While the house in installing lock at the main gate, inscribe a “+” sign onto the lock will cause the owner and tenants to fall ill or crazy within one month’s time.

·         Causing animals to be restless

o   Bury a butcher’s chopper in front of the animal farm will cause the horse, cow, pig and the like to be restless.

·         Causing house tenants to be restless

o   Cut a paper manikin and nail it onto the main hose pole.

·         Causing rice fail to be cooked

o   Take a piece of rope and tie it around your waist and call out the name of the person who is cooking rice will cause the rise hard to be cooked.

And of course … too many spells to be recorded down completely.

N/B: Master Yang (楊公) is believed to be the grand master of Feng Shui.