Monday, August 30, 2010

The Practice of Tenaga Dalam (TD)

“Tenaga dalam” or literary translated as “internal energy”.

This sect is originated and mainly practiced in SEA countries; the content consists of a set of breathing exercises and chanting aimed at accumulating “Chi” power; similar to Chinese Qi Gong but with elements of shamanism and spirituality. TD is the equivalent to Chinese Taoist “Liu Ren”(六壬神功) or “Mao Shan (茅山神打)”.

There are many school of TDs, but their contents are almost similar in nature:

• The generation of automatic kung fu, martial art or silat.

• The practice of invulnerability, exorcism, distance strike, treasure hunting, remote viewing, astral travel, psychic healing and other psychic feasts.

• Absorbing the power of elementals (fire, water, earth and wind), moon, sun, stars to increase internal strength.

• Some school will include means to contact guardian spirit to increase the power of the practice.

• At more advanced levels, a practitioner can withstand boiling oil, sharp knives and cane strike; or the like.

The practice of TD is generally the prerequisite to any other more advanced magical rituals. There is normally a initiatory period of 7/14 or 21 days of initial practices that a practitioner will need to follow; and depending the level of mastery that a person would like to master.

What is the purpose of TD you may ask? I would postulate that the original purposes of TD exercise are for safety and protection during traveling. In the past, traveling is difficult, there were not many established roods to connect towns; the jungles in the Tropics were thick with a lot of wild and poisonous animals and insects in addition to mention attacks from robbers and evil spirits.

That was in the past, but do we need TD now? I would not encourage anyone to this practice as some dangers are certainly inherited. It is extremely easy to get injured without the supervision of a master. But let’s look into the current situations: difficulty in finding jobs, increase in crime rates, uncertainty in natural disasters and new viruses. Can we safely say that our current advance society is much safer than before; and that we are safe from all harms?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

To invoke a “Hantu Raya/Wandering Spirit”

The term “Hantu Raya” in Malay society includes djinns, spirits or Satan.

Below is a method of spirit invocation…from a Malay magical tradition. This creature can be inherited for generations. Include here for your reference and not for practice.

Prepare a raw chicken egg, make a small hole with needle on the egg shell; drop a drop of the magician’s own blood from his/her left little finger into the hole. Other items required: a handful of yellow glutinous rice, a piece of cigarette, and a handful of rice. Practice this at single mound far away from people, and do this in the middle of the night. The mantra:-

“Oh you wandering spirit,

Spirits of air,

I know your origin,

You are from Prophet Adam’s nose hair,

Consume this chicken egg,

Come, you,

Come and eat this offering."

"Oh you wandering spirit,

Come here, let’s be friends,

Come to watch over me,

You must follow my commands,

Follow all my commands,

Oh you wandering spirit,

I looked like you, you looked like me,

I looked like you inside me,

Don’t you transgress my orders,

If you are disobedient,

I will arrow you down,

With multiple arrows,

Magical arrows,

The arrow of Arjuna.”

This practice must be done for 3 consecutive nights. The last night is the key as to whether one’s conjuration is successful or otherwise. This creature may materialize on the offerings. It is this time that the magus inform the creature of his/her intention, with the promise of periodical food offering, be it once in a month, weekly basis etc. It is up to the creature as to accept or reject the agreement to “serve” the magus. The magus will feel cold at his/her thumb or toe thumb, then the whole body will feel cold. This is the indication that the creature has entered inside the body. After that the creature will leave the body either through the toe thumb or the right thumb. The body temperature of the magus will recover once the creature has left. With this the bond between the magus and the wandering spirit is formed. The creature is then ordered by the magus to follow him back home.

Amongst others, the purpose to “rear hantu raya” is to look after oneself, family and properties; including life stocks and plantations from thieves. One also can become invulnerable.

The hantu raya will follow its master’s command provided it is treated before hand prior to any orders. The food offerings are: yellow glutinous rice, betel leaves, foreword nuts, chicken eggs, rice and tobaccos. There are certain prayers in the calling of the hantu raya. If the ritual is accompanied with the burning of benzoic incense, then the hantu raya will do its job more quickly.

To destroy an enemy, recite the following mantra:

“Hi my child, the wandering spirit,

Go and haunt: speak the name of target with his mother’s name;

You eat his/her heart and stomach,

If you don’t go to eat his/her heart and stomach,

Destroy, eat his heart and stomach,

I curse you,

You disobey the God,

You disobey the Prophet,

You disobey me.”

This creature needs to be prepared to protect its master during journey. Below is an example of the mantra:

“Hi my child, the wandering spirit,

Be prepared.

I want to travel,

Watch me from above,

Don’t you disobey me.

You disobey Muhammad,

You disobey Allah.”

N/B: This method is intended for reading purposes, publish here without support.

Aura of a House

It is believed that a human has aura, so has a house. Those who are acute in sixth sense will be able to sense it. Below are some pointers for reference purposes only:

When going into a house, if the first impression of the place is clean, fresh and bright; then the family must be doing well. On the other hand, if there are signs of paints peeling off and as if color is fading and gloomy; then the family is not doing well.

If on entering an empty space, the first feeling is as if there are a lot of people, then this is a good place for business. However, if you feel cold; then the place would not be prosperous.

A sense of white mist in a house signifies death, or something dying; do not engage if this is a new property.

Light yellow is auspicious, indicates wealth.

Black color is the worst color to be sighted; normally signifies killing, or the approaching of a disaster.

If there is rainbow concealed within black color; shows that the disaster will be over soon.

If there is rainbow concealed within white color, then there is a mixture of good and bad things.

Friday, August 27, 2010

From Spirit Possession to Feng Shui Consultancy

Generally speaking, it is not a big issue when coming to carrying out a Feng Shui visitation to a new house or meeting a customer for astrological consultation. But when properties have backgrounds such as suicides, murder cases or the building place was once a cemetery; then it is likely that there are some spirit occupants within. It can be likely that the person who is being consulted is possessed; then the master must pay particular attention to these special circumstances. In addition to the normal Feng Shui or astrological remedies, it is normal to supplement the remedial actions with talismans.

The Feng Shui master in addition, must arm himself/herself with some protections such as carrying protective talismans, jade or metallic fork and knife to reduce the risks or being possessed.

In order to minimise the negative effects suffered; there are 7 rules that a Feng Shui and astrology master traditionally abides to:

1. Won’t entertain a person that is not sincere.

2. Won’t entertain a person who is in doubt and scorn at occult practices.

3. Won’t entertain a person who wants to harm others.

4. Won’t entertain a person who is rich and arrogant.

5. Won’t entertain a person who goes against the law.

6. Won’t practise occult when the master is in anger.

7. Won’t practise occult when the master’s luck is not good.

If the master can abides by the above 7 rules, then the chance of the master himself or herself of being possessed would minimised.

Intended Spirit Possession

Even though spirit possessions are thought to be scary, but Mao Shan Taoist and the like make use of spirits to perform some tasks in riligious rituals. Below is one of the spirit invocation methods that can cause the practitioner to lose consciousness when the spirit has entered the body.

Method presented here is complete and is intended for reference purposes only. There are other methods as methods vary according to traditions.

Mao Shan Invocation (Unconscious)

• Inscribe the above ‘fu’ or talisman on 9 pieces of yellow paper with black ink.

• Burn 3 sticks of sandalwood incense.

• Burn the 9 pieces of yellow paper in the incense holder, one by one.

• Recite the mantra until the spirit comes; this is indicated by losing of consciousness, shaking of body and hands move uncontrollably.

• When the practitioner is in a trance state he/she can perform below tasks but when regain consciousness, the person cannot remember whatever he/she has done.

– Find missing person using only with the person’s photograph.

– Climb stair case composes of sharp knives.

– Any other matters that is intended.

• The person will be exhausted when the spirit leaves his/her body.

• The trance may take place any place and time if precautions are not taken.

The Mantra:


“天靈地靈, 水靈火靈,乾坤合體,神人通心,




The Authentic Mao Shan Spirit Invocation Method:

“The sky and earth, water and fire true; the sky and the earth becomes one, my mind is one with god’s mind. From duality to primordial cloud, my mind is clear. Make haste, O my god; my god, make haste. I pray earnestly, come to my altar, god and human unite, and all magic becomes true. I request the presence of the grand master Shan-Shan-Jiu-Hou with a hasty order.”

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spirit Possessions

The phenomenon of spirit possession is normally thought to be superstition due to lack of scientific evident. Having said so, there are still a lot of reported cases on possessions and exorcisms since the dawn of human civilisation. The practice of exorcism still prevails even though we have stepped into current technological advanced era. If the rite of exorcism can cure a thought to be mentally ill person, then would you say this is superstition; and what is the explanation of it?

According to the master of the arts, there are similarities between mental illness and spirit possession. If their differences cannot be identified; then it is very easy to mistreating the patient. Dire consequences may be resulted.

Some signs and symptoms of spirit possessions:

1. At the beginning stage, the person falls sick easily, even though the sicknesses are not major; but they are very hard to cure.

2. Always feel tired and lethargic. Eight hour’s sleep is normally sufficient for a healthy person; but the patient may sleep for 12-13hours and feel worse.

3. Feels more energetic at night but lethargic daytime.

4. Offended easily; even with small matters.

5. At the intermediate stage, the patient always feels mentally that there is a “third person” talking to him or her. This is because there is a spirit intruding into the patient’s aura. If he/she is brought to a doctor, then it is easy to diagnose the patient is suffering from psychological disorders.

6. The person becomes lazy, like to wander outside; and when return home, like to sit alone like a stone.

7. Not interest to work and incline to commit suicide.

8. At the advance stage, the patient finds hard to find his/her way home; sleep near rubbish dump and make he/she very filthy. It is really difficult to cure at this stage.

9. The patient likes to be alone and does not like to talk.

10. The patient’s forehead will be clouded with black aura and at the edge of his/her eyes will show black spots.

It is certainly true that with one or two points above would not confirm a person is possessed by spirit. But if a few symptoms appear simultaneously; then may be there is a need to take precaution.