Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Conjuration Of 4 Elements (镇四方)

Draw the northern star chart on a bowl of water would let an ajran see what is ahead of him/her.

These days, people practise Thai magic secretly worshipping Phra Ngan, Kumanthong or Lokkok (human or animal stillborns) in an enclosed room. But not many people know that Thai magic is actually a natural magical system that requires constant contact with Mother Nature; especially the earth.

For example, an arjan would pray to Mitra (sun god) in the morning and that he/she would walk barefooted on the ground daily to stay in contact with mother earth. So, an arjan should also come out from his/her secret room and perform ritual under the open sky.

When an arjan performs ritual in an enclosed room, then the effects of four elemental spirits would not be so obvious. But if he/she would come out from his/her hiding, then an arjan too need to take care of the elemental spirits and spirits of the zodiacs too.

The traditional method is first to draw an astrology yant as shown above on a bowl of water and call upon spirit of each zodiac sign in turn. When this is done, the bowl is put in the center of a large yant depending if it is an odd or a single day. After that the arjan can start to summon the elemental spirits of all 4 directions in a clockwise direction starting from the east: NA MA PA THA. It is said that after an arjan has called upon elemental spirits of all 4 directions, his/her power will spread in all 4 directions too. In the event that there is a danger, the arjan only needs to look into the water bowl and whatever he/she wants to know shall be present on the surface of the water.

I would treat the Thai way of calling 4 elemental watchers similar to the western way of the conjuration of 4 or the like. Please don’t overlook this process especially if one intend to work outdoor as the elemental spirits too can create problems to an arjan when he/she is not careful. An earth gnome will block an arjan’s spirit guides making the magic to be rebound to the arjan him/herself. Taoist would call this condition as ‘earth sha’ (土煞) and it will take a long while for the arjan to recover.

So, by chanting NA MA PA THA or performing the conjuration of 4 rituals, all elemental doors are opened and the magic spells will work freely. This is the same in other schools in the east and west alike.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Problematic Spirit Triangle (灵界三角关系)

Everyone to some extent will have one kind of spiritual issues or another. Many of our current sufferings or disasters are caused by spirits that failed to cross over to the other side. These spiritual hindrances (灵障) will manifest onto a person in two ways:

1.      Physical and mental illnesses or disabilities
2.      Disasters: accidents or natural disasters

There are three main spiritual elements that may cause one's sufferings:

1.      Problems with one's ancestors
2.      Problems with earthbound spirits
3.      Problems with spirits possessions

When there are family members or ancestors who died in a tragic way, then due to the hatred and active mind power; these ancestral spirits have nowhere to go but to a attach themselves onto their descendants as such causing sufferings to their offspring. If one notices the telltale sign that his/her sufferings are because his/her ancestral spirits are passing them some messages; then this person can pray for the deliverance of his/her ancestral spirits and avoid some unnecessary sufferings.

There are also problems with earthbound spirits too if the house or land one lives on has many earthbound spirits. For example if the place is a former battlefield, cemetery, hospital, temple etc. then there are bound to be many earthbound spirits lurking around the area.

Of course, one should avoid dwelling in the above mentioned place given a choice. Another reason is that other than earthbound spirits, there are at the same time many animal spirits too as attracted by the earthbound ones. In addition, if the house one lives in has experienced many unhappy incidents such as the house owner was under financial pressure to sell the house, or that he/she has many unhappy family life in that particular house; then these residual energy would become ‘life souls’ (活灵) and haunt that house.

In the event that one must dwell in a house with earthbound spirits, then it is best to perform space cleansing rituals and deliverance services to remove all these negative energies.

The third element in a spirit triangle is the spirits that possessed a person. Contrary to common belief, any spirits can attach onto a person; even his/her own ancestors and love ones! It is a norm that a person would have at least a few spirits attached to him/her due to some reasons. This is especially true if one likes to drink, smoke and enjoys free sex.

Experience has shown that it takes all 3 factors: family, earthbound and spirit possessions to cause serious issues. So, care must be taken to break the spirit triangle or mishap will occur.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Transforming Extreme Bad Luck (起死回生法)

If one thinks that he/she is in an extreme bad luck, then he/she can perform this ritual to reverse his extreme luck. This ritual can also be performed when one is possessed by spirits.

Items needs:

·         Cooked and raw silvery promfret fish one each (鲳鱼)
·         Cooked and raw pork one piece (五花肉)
·         Cooked and raw whole (公鸡)
·         Rice wine (米酒)
·         Joss paper (金银纸)
·         Paper manikin (替身)
·         Incense and candles (香烛)

The ritual should be performed on top of a mountain and the best timing is right at midnight because this is when the Ying energy changes into Yang energy.

When the time and place is right, one should list down all cooked items on one side and all raw cooked items on the other side. The cooked items represent the “dead 5 elements” (死五行) of a person and the raw items represent the “living 5 elements” (生五行) of that person. In case you wonder:

·         Pork represents meat
·         Fish represents bones
·         Cock represents the human as a whole
·         Rice wine represents blood

After items are in place, the person should first call upon the 5 legionnaire armies (五营兵) and then stand in front the cooked items and say his/her wish and then he/she should move to the raw items and say the same thing. Please remember that whatever one said in front of the cooked stuffs, the exact words must be said to the raw items too or the spell may backfire.

After the ritual, all the items should be discarded for they are now impinged by negative energies. If the ritual is done correctly, luck change can be observed within 100 days’ time. Of course, you should have good relationship with the mountain god and 5 legionnaire armies first.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Recuperating From Magic Fatigue (灵性休息)

An arjan or a master can get tired too, so he/she needs to recuperate from his/her fatigue other than sleeping of course. Actually it is not sufficient just to sleep as sleeping is only meant to rest one’s physical body not his/her soul.

Yes. One’s soul need to be recuperated too!

For a lay person, he/she can pray to his/her ancestors for comfort. The immediate effect is there shall be a sense of relief right after the prayer. A master/arjan needs more blessing from his/her ancestors, lineage gurus and spirits especially after helping someone on magical issues.

Of course, in order to call upon one’s lineage guru and spirits, he/she must first be ‘recognized’ by the spiritual world as a legitimate student of the lineage. Otherwise the effect would not be noticeable. One can certainly try and nothing can stop a person from trying.

All magic lineages have their own methods of call upon the gurus, in Tibetan Buddhism, one can perform Guru Yoga but in Thai and Taoist magic the ritual is more private because the arjan/master must be able to ‘see’ his/her lineage temple and the assembly of lineage gurus and spirits.

The reason I said so is because the arjan/master must send his/her ‘shadow’ or soul to the main hall of the temple where the arjan/master can received healing or further empowerment from the kurba arjan or the “Three Pure Ones” (三清).

If one is successfully in entering the temple and returns, then the arjan/master would recover almost immediate from his mental and spiritual fatigue.

However if you are not able to enter the temple, then the next best option is first to light a white candle for your ancestors; and then you should light another similar candle for yourself. After performing a short prayer while holding your candle, you should put your candle close to the ancestors’ candle. After you have done so, you should feel a sense of comfort that can drive away loneliness and tiredness in your heart.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Another Look At Flight Disaster (又一宗空难)

It is only the first quarter of 2015 and we have another sad news of air disaster.

I picked up the information from intranet and this incident happened to a flight on March 24, 2015 around 10:53am.

Let us look at I Ching for answer:

From the beginning of the year until point zero:

1. Sky-Thuder (Truth)
2. Swamp-wind (Breaking point)
3.Fire-sky (Abundance)
4. Sky-Thunder (Truth)

Again, the plane travelled towards NE and the "3 kills" are around NE area.

It also so happened that the timing for that particular day means "empty in the sky" and the 8 characters are dominated by earth over the wood (cover up); hence the plane cannot fly too far. 

The 8 characters also showed that there is a problem with the authority.

As you can see, I Ching is a very effective tool in predicting the future and it needs some fine tuning to suit our modern times. One can argue that this is after the fact discussion, but since there are so many flights around; no one cares to look into this type of risk in detail naturally.

Dilemma Of A Master (师傅难为)

Many people prefer to seek help from a master but very little do they know that it is not so easy to help just anyone as a master wishes. It is not to say that a person pays for the service of a master, or he/she expects the service to be ‘free of charge’. Well, it is good to ‘pay’ as all the materials are not free, especially with GST around. But there is another hurdle I would call it: “karma blockage”.

Perhaps due to the influence of movies many people wanting to be ‘ghost busters’ but little had they know that it is very bad karma for a master to catch an innocent ghost; this is similar to the master simply kidnap any passers-by. So, many masters just temporarily holding the ghosts in a bottle and as soon as opportunity permits, these spirits would be released back into the surroundings. It is normally only in rare case that a ghost is confined in a bottle for a long time.

Hence, a spirit should not be annihilated if the master has no ability to deliver it to the other side. This view is unanimous across all religions and magical systems. Likewise, a jinni should not be harmed because it is created by God. It is also due to compassion; or I would rather say that it is due to the fear of ‘bad karma’ a master would try so far as possible not to harm any spirits.

I have seen many masters suffered very bad consequences after they have ‘helped the wrong party’. Master Wong tried to help a lady who was possessed by a ghost, but he wasn’t aware that it was the lady who had done wrong to the ghost in her past life, and that this ghost merely returns from the grave to reclaim its karmic debt. Consequently Master Wong has fallen very ill and it was only after some investigation that he has found out the mistake he made. But it was already too late for Master Wong as he has lost all his magical powers.

My friend Master Lee also has similar experiences when he ‘accidently’ caught a innocent ghost. For that mistake alone, Master Lee vomited out much greyish substances from his stomach and it was later that he realised that he had caught a harmless ghost.

When I was at the beginning of my Thai magic practice, a lady came to me asking for help as she has very serious spirit possession and health problems. After making some divinations, I suggested the lady to become a short term nun in a Thai temple. As I was about to make arrangements for the lady, my master stopped me.

My master said that it was for my goodness that I should not interfere with the lady’s karma or the spirits would be angry with me and I would face the consequences. Hence I had to hands off the case.

Likewise, for those who have approached me or any masters for help and ignored by me and others; please understand too that the masters are at a difficult situations too! No masters like to clean trashes for nothing. A person should be responsible for his/her own karmas, and no masters can clear anyone’s karma but the person alone.

Faces Before & After Possession (附身的面相)

If one wants to find out if a household is disturbed by spirits, then one can just observe the faces of that household.

If there is a spirit in a house and that the spirit has not yet entered into the dweller’s body, then faces of dwellers on that particular house would appear greyish and black spots on their cheeks. These black spots are as if eczema.

This is because the ‘ying’ energy of the spirits has just penetrated into the body of these folks. In some cases, a layer of dark aura would form on one’s cheeks. This is the first sign of spirit intrusion into body.

However, if the spirit has entered into a person’s body and that it has somehow influencing the behaviour of that person; then some tell-tale signs can be found eye whites below one’s eye lids.

A person possessed by a spirit would have the sign of a red vine above of his/her eye balls. If the colour of the vine is red, then the time of the possession is not too long. But when a black vine is found, then the person is possessed for a long time.

If there are many red or black vines, then there are more than one spirits possessing the person.

At times black spots are present instead of vines. If black spots are present, then this is only a mild possession as the spirit is not ‘complete’ or it is only a residual energy, hence the effects of a person is not too severe.

Other than that the person’s forehead and face in general would be covered by a layer of black aura.

When the above signs appear on one’s face, precautionary actions must be taken as the spirits can affect one’s mind and cause him/her to be involved in accidents. The best method is to consult a good master and to perform cleansing rituals: body and space. Please don’t underestimate what a spirit can do, better be safe than sorry.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Queen Who Reigns Over Indochina (琵琶鬼)

I have many thoughts about what a Phi Phop really is. Some Thai sources say that she is a ‘banana spirit’ (香蕉精) that dwells in a banana plant in the wild. Yet there are many Chinese sources like to akin Phi Phop with ‘Gu maiden’ or ‘master of poisons’ ( 蛊女). In the past, ‘Gu’ is a subject no one in Indochina regions likes to talk about. The Hmong (苗族) people called a ‘Gu maiden’ as ‘Phi Phop’. Once a lady is being accused of being a Phi Phop, then she has to leave her village and live in isolation. When there are many Phi Phops living together, they form a Phi Phop village. This type of village can still be found in isolated areas of Indochina. So, perhaps we can deduce that a Phi Phop is the spirit of a Gu maiden.

There is a document being circulating around by Mr. JT teaching people how to control over Phi Phop. I think you can find a copy from Thai occult forum too if you just ask around. It was said that the teaching of Phi Phop was one of the teachings passed down by Tok Raja.

I too have a Phi Phop after some duel with an Arjan. Luckily I was able to overcome my opponent arjan and his Phi Phop was confiscated by my overseer jinn. Now this restless spirit is with me since.

This Phi Phop is a little restless now days as she had literarily pushed my lersi statue down from its sitting. At times she also made havoc by pushing my stuffs off the shelf and making loud noises at midnight. I was a few times harassed by this Phi Phop at night as she kissed me and fondled me with her ‘hands’… sometimes she also sing beside my bed too.

For those people who had hold fast and vowed to die with their Phra Ngan, I suggest they give Phi Phop a try. Honestly speaking, I have not felt any presence of Phra Ngan despites long hours of chanting. At least, Phi Phop can really make you aware of her presence and she too can bestow her owner with status and fortune!

Having said so, if your place is only an apartment; then Phi Phop will venture out of your apartment and disturb your neighbor. For example, she would knock on other’s door on a full moon night and make some weak spirited woman shriek at midnight. My neighbor even claimed to have heard of scratching noises at his gate and the next morning, he found some scratch marks on his iron gate! When he checked the CCTV, he could find nothing.

Now that my Phi Phop has signaled me to move to Northern countries where her power is more; and that she can bestow more power to me. So, let us just stay tune for this year or next to see if my Phi Phop’s prediction shall come true. Perhaps this Phi Phop really means business as all my Ngai plants have withered over the past three months.

Ngai Master’s One Mantra For All (万病一咒)

This method is mainly used by Ngai masters to cure sicknesses. It is said that the more this method is used, the more effective it shall become.

The method is simple: one only needs to use his/her middle finger to draw straight horizontal and vertical lines on painful place. For example if the person has stomach ache, then the healer can use the most painful spot as centre and then start drawing horizontal and vertical lines. One can draw as many lines as he/she wishes but the number of horizontal lines should be equal of that of vertical lines.

After drawing the lines, the healer must start drawing concentrated circles in clockwise direction; the circles should slowly expand outwards while reciting the below mantra:

“Da dan duo bo dan da mi ma ni ma mi hum”

Care must be taken to ensure that the finger of the healer does not touch the body of the patient. A treatment should take around 10 to 20 minutes.

An expert can use this method to heal with his/her power of visualization, and the method need not be applied on the body of the patient too. For example, the expert can perform the ritual on a piece of paper, on the floor, on a wall. The method is first to draw the painful place and then perform the above mentioned ritual accordingly. Or it could also be performed on a piece of apple or potato using a knife to dig from the centre spiral outwards. The healing effect would also be the same.

When this ritual is used face to face with a patient, and if the person is an Ngai master, he/she can use his/her left palm to strike the floor once to collect some earth energy and then he/she may use this energy to draw a circle from his toe to head a few times. The person should then visualize that he/she is inside a giant green ball.

This ball of protection is also good when one wishes to travel outside at night as the Ngai master’s Ngai spirits can travel along with their masters. But one needs to perform grounding once the healing process is completed or the healer would not be welcomed by people around him/her due to the boundary protection.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Exposition Of Five Thunders Ritual (浅谈五雷法)

Taoist rituals come in many varieties and many takes the prefix of 5. We have the 5 ghosts (五鬼), 5 legionnaires (五营), 5 stars (五星), 5 chi (五气) and 5 thunders (五雷) just to say the least.

As per norm, due to the energy of thunder; the 5 thunder ritual is only practised by male Taoists. There are two exercises in 5 thunder practices: the external exercise and the internal exercise.

In external 5 thunders ritual, one makes use of talismans, visualisation, hand nips, star steps and mantra to invocation thunder gods of 5 directions into a Taoist’s body hence to bestow magical powers. This practice is normally done for a consecutive 49 days and this practice should preferably be started on the first thunder at the beginning of the year. Upon completion, a 5 thunders practitioner can make use of the thunder power to perform exorcism and for healing.

Other than the traditional Chinese Taoism, 5 thunder rituals are also practised by hill tribes such as Hmong () and Yao (). Some folk cult such as Liuren (六壬) and Jinyin (金英教) cults also incorporated some kind of 5 thunder rituals.

The internal 5 thunders ritual involves the accumulation of thunder energy within a practitioner’s body to maintain health and also to form another ‘body of light’. The energy is first accumulated below the abdomen and then moves to pancreas, kidneys, liver, heart, spleen, lung and then back to kidneys. After the circling of energy is done, the energy shall be directed to ‘dantian’ (丹田) and then perform the 'minor chi circle' (小周天).

It is believed that by circling the chi/energy around, any type of illnesses can be cured. It is also possible to diagnose illnesses by encircling the chi amongst the internal organs. For example: if the chi of a person is blocked in his/her kidney; then his/her liver and lung may have problems. If the blockage is not removed, then the person's illness may be worsened during winter.

The Taoist 'body of light' practice is somehow similar to the Indian Swara Yoga. In that the practitioner's soul is trained using the external 5 thunders ritual. Upon completion, this soul can be called out for divinations. For example, if the soul of the practitioner is black in colour, then he/she shall die soon. If the colour of the soul is bright red, then the person's 5 thunders practice would be successful.

The 5 thunders ritual takes a step further as there are mitigation methods when a person's soul is not healthy. And there are many subsequent rituals to transform a practitioner's soul to the form of a thunder god (雷神) proper.

In another way however, the Indian Swara Yoga has many detailed techniques that Taoist 5 thunders ritual does not follow. Of course, as of today, both of 5 thunders ritual and Swara Yoga are slowly being forgotten and soon to be things of the past.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Premonition Of Lamp Flames (灯火占卜)

Either candle or oil lamp flames can be used to predict an upcoming event.

The shape of the flame can be used to predict outcome of an event or weather in near future. A candle/lamp flame should be left until it is burnt and it should not be extinguished unnecessarily. If a flame failed to be extinguished after a second blow, then the flame is best to be left alone or disaster may approach.

·         If the candle/lamp flame forms the shape of a flower, then the house owner shall receive good news in 5 days.
·         If the flame splits into two, then the person can expect a promotion. If this situation persists for 7 days, then he/she shall be high ranking official.
·         If the flame is burn sideways, then the person shall travel in near future.
·         If another small flame exists beside the main flame, then the person can expect a child.
·         If the flame shape is larger and moves upwards, there may be visitors.
·         If the flame suddenly extinguished, there may be sad news.
·         If the flame produces cracking sound, there may be quarrel.
·         If the flame is small and dim, then the person is worried about something.
·         If it has been draught for a long time, and the flame is short and reddish and that the flame flickering; that means rain shall fall in 3 days.
·         If on a gloomy day and the flame is bright, then the next day shall be a sunny day.
·         If no smoke is produced and the flame flickers and looks reddish, then it shall be windy next day.
·         If much smoke is produced and the flame drops, then rain shall fall the next day.
·         If the flame moves towards north, east, south or west, then there shall be north, east, south or west wind tomorrow.
·         If the flame is red, short, dim and flickers, then the next day shall rain. If the condition continues for a few nights, then it is perhaps rainy season.
·         If the flame is red and steady, then tomorrow shall be sunny.
·         If the flame is dim with smoke and steady, then it shall be both sunny and rainy.
·         If the flame increased in brightness and it is extinguished, then there shall be shameful event.
·         If the flame suddenly increases in intensity and produces cracking sound, then it is possible that he shall be visited by someone from a far.

Conjuration Of 10 Heavenly Generals (召十将)

Talismans for 10 heavenly generals

There are 10 external heavenly generals one can summon in Taoist magic to do a person’s bidding, they are: (Deng),辛 (Xin),张 (Zhang),陶 (Tao),荀 (Xun),毕 (Bi),马 (Ma),赵 (Zhao),温 (Wen) and (Guan).These external generals correspond to a person’s organs: eyes, ears, mouth, nose, tongue, heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys.

Again, there are many methods to call upon these 10 generals, but normally only one general shall come to the person and serve him/her. Before one begins, he/she should already familiar with the 6 General Altar Rituals (六甲壇). He/she must also be serious when calling upon these heavenly entities.

The ritual is simple:

First, one should draw all 10 pieces of talismans on rice papers as shown above and then recite the ‘chaos mantra’ (混元咒) once and then burns all 10 talismans under the 6 General Altar. The whole ritual takes 49 days to complete.

Of course, in other Taoist traditions, one’s heavenly general can be determined according to one’s year of birth. Once a general is summoned, he need to be trained in a more elaborate ritual, the insiders call it: “training of generals” (炼将).

It is important that one should first accomplish the 6 General Rituals before venturing on to summon these 10 heavenly generals because the generals are controlled by one’s soul energy that has been awakened by the 6 Generals.

Please refer to below links about the 6 Generals:

Sunday, March 22, 2015

From Qingming To Ancestral Worship (清明祭祖)

Soon it shall be the Chinese ancestral day (清明) and as usual, my late date would come into my bro and my dreams.

Dad said to my bro: “This year I want to eat chicken, don’t want vegetables any more!”

Dad said to me: “I want to have an iPod!”

Of course, the scientific minded people would brush aside that the dreams merely an indication of our clinging of our dad when he is still alive.

Whatever you want to make to that conclusion, the fact is that the Chinese and Japanese too have very close affinity to their own ancestors. Had it not been the reasons of religions, ancestral worship may be the core belief of every culture I supposed.

People seek good Feng Shui locations for our ancestors to rest in the hope that the ancestors would watch over their descendants well too. A prosperous family is a family being watched after by the family’s ancestors.

However, now a day people tend to forget what their ancestors have done for them and they switched to religion for worldly help. I can assure you that this would not be appropriate as religions teach us to forget about our worldly things and do only good.

If I put this into another perspective:

“Who will help you when you are in need?”

I am confident that 99% of the time it is our parents that would lend a helping hand!

I have seen parents had gone bankrupt in helping their children in TV, but they had not grumbled a bit! They only hope is their children are well and happy…

So, if you are not deterred by religious reasons, please pay your ancestors’ grave a visit and tell them your problems (any personal problems). Of course, please don’t go there empty handed. If possible, bring some food offerings and incense; at least some flowers would be nice too!

You may be surprised to find that after you have prayed to your ancestors, you would feel a sense of relief and peace. So, how long had you not visited your ancestors?

Killer Feng Shui Setups (杀人风水局)

Feng Shui can help people, but in the hands of a master; a small changes in Feng Shui set-up can kill or harm a person over time ‘legally’. Well, I shall share with you my personal experiences through the years of doing project work though Feng Shui is only my side hobby.

A person suffered from stroke and subsequently paralysed after a few months moving into his new house.

I was called in through a potential buyer who is an acquaintance of mine. He just wanted to satisfy his curiosity and was thinking of taking over this house.

The set-up of the house was basically intact as the owner only stayed there for only a few months. So, I opened up my compass and found nothing wrong with the direction as the house direction and door openings coincide with basic Feng Shui principles.

Upon further checking, I found that there is an extremely large wooden altar (神座) sat in the north-eastern corner of the living room. According to my friend, that strange altar was a ‘gift’ from another Feng Shui master to the original house owner. The size of the wooden altar was red in colour and it was so large that the whole altar was actually assembled in house! The story has it that the house owner had some arguments with the Feng Shui master and somehow the Feng Shui master offered the house owner this altar as a sign of ‘friendship’.

I shook my head and told my pal that the location of the extraordinary altar just sat on the life star (本命星) of the house owner. When a flying star of fire element falls in the area, the house owner would suffer high blood problems. And indeed he is now paralysed due to stroke!

We can condemn the crooked hearted yet indigenous Feng Shui master, but we can also amaze on his creativity as no one can charge him in the court of law for man slaughter! It is even better than killing a person with a gun. Don’t you think so?

There are certainly many more tricks to bring down a person… or luck of a place; but due to rapid modernizations; we already created many suicidal damage to our environment. It is only time for us to face our own music.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Act Of God (人算不如天算)

Anyone who is doing planning jobs should also plan for alternatives as there is always something called “act of God”. There are many unforeseen obstacles in the process of carrying a project work, more so if it involves spirits and Feng Shui. Then and again, we humans are not that reliable either.

Below is a true Feng Shui case handled by me:

Mrs. Lee visited me some time ago because her hubby was having an affair. So I performed an astrological reading for her and found that she would be having problems with her bubby. I have suggested to Mrs. Lee that her problems may be solved using Feng Shui methodology.

At that time flying star 9 fallen into left corner of Mrs. Lee’s house and so happened that there was a small fish pond in that corner with greenish water. As we recalled that dirty water indicating ‘affair’ (桃花) and 9 indicating ‘middle lady’. So, Mrs. Lee was having problems with a middle aged lady!

My remedy to that was to convert the fish pond into a manmade hill as that would counter flying star 9 and also removing the dirty water. Mrs. Lee did what she was told and constructed the false hill. Within 2 weeks, Mrs. Lee’s hubby returned to her though occasionally he would sneak out to meet the other lady.

I thought Mrs. Lee’s problem was over. It was indeed a surprised to see Mrs. Lee to visit me again after 2 years. Apparently Mr. Lee again had another affair with outside woman.

Again I was at Mrs. Lee’s place and to my surprised that the false hill was gone. So I asked Mrs. Lee what had happened. Mrs. Lee said the false hill was struck by lightning a month ago and her hubby had it removed and restored the fish pond and again the water is greenish due to algae!

At that instance, I could only shake my head and told Mrs. Lee that it was the act of God that has prevented the couple to be together. But Mrs. Lee is a strong businesswoman she shall have many opportunities in years to come. Anyway, it would be Mr. Lee that shall lose out as he shall lost half of his properties soon.

Thus, man can plan with various occult and spiritual aids; but it is the God that makes the decision. As the saying goes:


“It is the God who has the final say!”

Gaining Trust With Wooden Doll (木人替身法)

A friend dropped me a note:

“Mr. Liew,

I am currently working as operations supervisor in my uncle’s trading company. My uncle seems to stay away from me lately as he kept distributed my work to other people as if I am not trustworthy. To be frank with you, this is my longest working company as I tend to switch company every year. Are there any methods to regain my uncle’s trust? I hate to switch to another company as I am already 40.”

Well, there are many reasons why a person would lose trust by his uncle. It does not mean that the person has really made any mistakes because his/her body language would show his/her true face in other’s eyes. Unless drastic action is taken on the person’s part; then whatever magical methods used would be futile at the end of the day.

Perhaps the below method can temporarily save our friend:

First one should get a piece of 5~7mm thick wood. You can use any wood except plywood.  You would also need some blue dye (not paint) and a black marker.

This ritual must be performed after 11pm of a full moon night.

When it is time, you should first draw the shape of a man/woman on the piece of wood with a marker and then paint it with blue dye.  After that you should also draw brows, eyes, nose, ears and mouth on the man/woman on the wood.

At the same time, you must also draw another man/woman shape on your heart but you should omit the facial features.

After that, cut the wood into 4 pieces while saying: “give me your trust!”

When this is done, you should go out and collect some fallen leaves and then start up a bon fire. When fire is ignited, throw the wood piece by piece into the fire. Once the wood is burnt, and then return to your house without looking back.

This ritual should be done in secrecy and it is effective for one year. So, you should repeat the ritual every year.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Prostitution Brings Down Luck (万恶淫为首)

I have had many acquaintances with social escorts because of my pal, Mr. Tan. So, I have performed many astrological readings for these escorts and got to know them a little deeper. Now, this is not meant to belittle these professions but as a general advices for those people who kept wondering why his luck (and money too) is always at its low.

An average social escort would get around 10 or more visitations everyday; 7 days a week. She would work from 10am to 10pm or somewhere around it. So, at a minimum, a young escort would entertain at least 200 visitations a month with people from all walks of life! In a year, she would have been visited 2,000 times minimum.

Financially, if the lady charges $200 per visit, then she would have fished $400,000 from a person and a country would have lost $400,000 as all the money is not taxed!
Hence, the person’s pocket hurts first without looking further into what causes his luck to go down too. A country would lose a lot of money if there are many foreign workers around…

Let us set aside any sexual transmitted diseases as that would be unavoidable and not the curriculum of Magic SEA. What I am interest in this matter is the amount of spirits exchanging each time having sex with an escort.

An average person would have one or two spirit parasites attached onto his/her aura. A psychic can see these spirit parasites as dark spots. A person who is hypnotised can also see these kinds of entities. Spirit parasites can move from one body to another through conversations and more often through body contacts.

If an escort entertained 2,000 customers in one year, and you are the 2001th person to visit her, then think of the number of spirit parasites that would dwell in your body!! Even if 10% of spirit parasites exchange had taken place, there would be at least 200 entities in your body already!

We know that spirit parasites feed on life force and once they attached onto one’s aura, they would slowly move into his body and gradually stay in the person’s internal organs. If there are 200 entities feeding on one’s life force, the person shall feel tired and lethargic. If he is not aware of his situation and thinks more rests are needed, then the longer the person sleeps, the more tired he becomes. Eventually the person would also experiences bad luck at the end.

So, why waste money and hurt your luck. Think twice before one indulged into free sex; I am sure many people can attest to the side effects prostitution brings. 

Dark Water & Clean Water (坏水与好水)

It is very difficult for a person not used to Feng Shui to understand effects of dark/dirty water versus clean water; after all what does it matter other than that clean and clear rivers are pleasing to look at while a milky and smelly river is not.

Well, perhaps let me tell you two real Feng Shui cases that I have come across and you shall see that the old Feng Shui is not nonsense after all...

The Story Of Mr. Tan

Good old Mr. Tan is a well to do businessman who has some properties and on the north part of his house is a pond but the pond is filled with water hyacinths (布袋莲) that block sun light from entering into the water and thus causing water weeds to die and decay; hence foul odour can be smelled from a far.

As the north belongs to water elemental, Mr. Tan has a booming low cost hotel business and even dirty water brings in money. But dirty water in Feng Shui also known as ‘water of affairs’ (桃花水). This type of water brings in inappropriate sexual relationships and dirty water is certainly bad for a married couple as most of couples would end up in having a family discord and in certain cases, divorce.

I received a called from Mr. Tan during last December that he had got ‘married’ to a Chinese social escort. In case you are not aware, due to the generosity of Malaysian and Singaporean men; a social escort can earn up to $10,000 per month! Just for your information, an average senior engineer’s pay is just around $5,000 or even less!

So, all in all Mr. and Mrs. Tan have earned many dollars in one month! But though they are rich, they cannot move up the social ladder easily. Of course, the couple is already contented as they are. What else does a person need but money?

At the same time, Mr. and Mrs. Tan have their problems with authorities due to the nature of their business. Mr. Tan is not the person who can satisfy with only one partner, so he continued to flirt around… In good time, the couple has nothing to complaint; but it is difficult for them to move out during unrest times due to what they do.

The Story Of Mr. Liu

Mr. Liu was only an engineer earning $3,000 or so per month. He too has a house with the north side a fishing pond. Since the pond is managed properly, the water of the pond is always clear.

After working for a few years, Mr. Liu decided to venture out to do his own business and it turned out that his choice was correct and he has made some money. Gradually Mr. Liu’s business expanded overseas and he too got acquainted with a Vietnamese business lady and got married. The couple had never had affairs due to busy business schedule.

Now, with legitimate business and a wife with good status, Mr. Liu can move freely around in good time or bad.

A Comparison

Let us draw a quick comparison between Mr. Tan and Mr. Liu:

·         Mr. Tan pays for keeping his marriage, but Mr. Liu is paid by his wife.
·         Mr. Tan wants more partners but Mr. Liu only needs only one.
·         Both Mr. Tan and Liu have money.

It is not fair to judge who is in a better position, but the effect of dark water and clean water can be clearly seen. As to which is doing better: Mr. Tan or Mr. Liu; I shall let you decide.

Magical Aids In Project Definition (项目定位)

Modern project management practices make use of a set of management science techniques to calculate the feasibility, cash flow and paybacks of a project. There is nothing too spiritual about the whole matter. Well, that is true when a project is already defined.

I have made used of spiritual helps over the years when managing and commissioning many modern day projects with quite satisfactory results. I can assure you that what I have said in no mumbo jumbo, of course the trick is when to deploy the spirits and when to use an educated guess.

Spiritual helps are most important when a project is at its definition stage: i.e. that's when the scope of a project is about to be defined. Ordinary project staffs are hired after a project is defined but for a person who initiates a project, there are many uncertainties: location of a project, potential investors, available utilities, politics of an area etc.

So, a project initiator would be acting as a salesman and he/she need to face many uncertainties, this is when spirits can be used to attract a potential investors. Of course, a person should already be in contact with some spirits and understands the limitations of these spiritual beings.

The best spirits for projects with Chinese and Japanese investors are the 5 Legionnaires (五营兵) Armies. But for a Middle Eastern project, then an Arabic Ifrit may yield a better result. These spirits would help to bring in potential money and it is up to the wisdom of a project owner to perform detailed planning of how a project need to be carried out.

Now that the most challenging funding problems are fixed, location for new project needs to be ascertained. At this point, spirits can be of very little help and we would need to look into Feng Shui aspects of the location placement. A Feng Shui calculation can foretell the luck of an area more than 20 years ahead with reasonably accuracy.

With the money and location of a project now defined, only then other project stuffs are brought in to do ‘scientific’ planning and management. It is better not to make use of any spirits at this stage as there shall be of very little help these spirits can do at this stage.

Magical aids have their functions in initial stage of a project planning but as a project moves on; it is the project owner’s responsibility to push through the project according to planned timing. Thus, magic and modern management practices can coexist in different stages of project development.

Let me put it this way:

If one prays before a project is defined, then no one would say anything. However, if a project is in its execution stage and nothing is done but to pray; then we cannot blame the spirits for not helping us.

The Mountain And Water (山管人丁水管财)

The plan of mountain ranges that leads to a 'dragon knot' (龙穴).

Mountains and waters are two major components in Feng Shui studies.

Mountains in modern Feng Shui theory refer to natural mountain ranges and also the multi-story buildings exist in modern cities. If we are to make a comparison, of course natural mountain ranges generate more energy compared to modern buildings.

In old days, mountain ranges are treated as ‘dragons’ and they are filled with earth energy. Only a series of mountains can produce an ideal ‘dragon spot’ (龙穴). A standalone mountain is known as ‘Kid Mountain’ (童山) and this is not a good mountain as the energy cannot be sustained over a period of time. Even if the Kid Mountain coincides with good Feng Shui, luck of that area cannot be sustained.

For example, a businessman who stays in the vicinity of the single mountain; his luck would flip-flops. It is more undesirable if the Kid Mountain is a cleared mountain without vegetations the effect can be seen when flying star 5 and 2 onto the location of the mountain. It is even more inauspicious if a Kid Mountain is just beside a mountain range; this shows anyone buried in the Kid Mountain whose descendents shall be constantly bullied and hurt by others.

A Chinese proverb sounds like:

The influence of mountain is kindness; the influence of water is wisdom

Let me elaborate:

People who live near mountain ranges are normally kind and friendly, they are normally healthier and live longer; while people who stayed near waters tend to use their brain more and involve in trades; so they are richer.

I do suspect that the above proverb is the origin of Feng Shui theory:

The mountain controls over human; water watches over fortune.

The water as a norm brings luck to a person faster than the mountain. So it is worthwhile to be a little careful when dealing with waters. For example it takes about 3 months for mountain energy to take effect; it only takes 2 weeks for water dragon to strike.

Of course, the water and mountain are two static elements; the determining factor of Feng Shui is the ‘time’ factor. The timing shall answer the question of when a particular event shall happen and for how long.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Purposes Of Feng Shui (财丁贵寿)

Many scientific minded people asked me:

“What are the purposes of Feng Shui?”

The original purpose of Feng Shui is to let the remains of our parents rest in a comfortable place free from damp and insects. This is in line with the Confucianism.

However people developed the concept of Feng Shui further to include:

·         Wealth (),
·          Family (),
·         Social status ()
·         Longevity (寿)

The wealth and social status are those seek most by our modern folks. Basically there are 5 sates of a person concerning fortune:

·         Rich and high social status
·         Rich and low social status
·         Average person
·         Poor and high social status
·         Poor and low social status

Basically other than the luck of a person, the status and richness of an individual is determined by the ‘water’ element in Feng Shui. It is interesting to talk about ‘water’ in relation to Feng Shui as there are again two types of ‘water’:

·         The true water: lake, river, sea etc.
·         The illusive water: roads and passageways

In theory of Feng Shui:

“The rich, status, poor and low depends on water spirit; the water is the blood vines of Feng Shui.”

So, if waters in an area are clear and beautiful, and that they conform to theory of Feng Shui; people of that area would mostly be rich and having good social status. However, if the waters in that particular area is milky or full of algae, and that they conform to theory of Feng Shui; people who stays there would be rich but not famous.

If the waters at a place defies Feng Suhi, then a mixture results would be seen; the worse condition is of course bad waters.

While waters affect a person’s fortune, the element of ‘mountain’ affects the health and life spans of that person. Like the water element, if the mountain of an area does not conform to the theory of Feng Shui, then the person would be suffering from ill health and possible shorter life span.

Now days, many people just want money and fame and ignore the importance of health. They failed to see that if they and their family are not healthy; all money in this world would not mean anything to them.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Western Kujikiri: Pentagram (五芒星)

If you think that the Kujikiri (九字结) is troublesome, then perhaps you may try the Western Pentagram method.

This practice shall make a once timid person become strong.

The method is simple:

One should first hold his/her breathe in her abdomen or ‘dantian’ and use the ‘pentagram mudra’ to trace the five point star as shown.

Of course, one can still use the sword mudra to trace the five point star. The advantage of using both hands is that a more balanced power shall be resulted thus forming a stronger protection.

If a person is disturbed by spirits, then he/she can make the ‘pentagram mudra’, then traces the five point star and pushes the mudra outwards with a shout: "Go!". After that, whatever spooks there may be shall be dispersed for quite a while.