Saturday, December 28, 2013

Riwo Sang Chhod DIY (煙供法)

Riwo sang chhod is also called “burnt offerings on the mountainside”. It is a pith instruction from Lhatsun Namkha Jigme’s terma (hidden treasure) cycle. Basically according to “The Accomplishment of Life Force for Masters of Awareness” (Rigdzin Sokdrup), if anyone who wants to perform this ritual he or she must do the below steps:


·         Find a suitable place to carry out this ritual: mountainside, in your back garden, in the wilderness etc. Where ever you choose, please make sure the surrounding is safe; physically.

·         Prepare a clean vessel or hearth and start a bon fire with good clean wood. By good wood meaning the woods with fragrance such as sandal wood, or to the least avoid using thorny wood as fuel.

·         After that, gather some dry food stuffs such as biscuits, flour, milk powder, ghee etc. and then throw all the items that you have prepared into the fire. Sprinkle them with blessed water to purify impurities. Basically, the idea is to create clouds of thick smoke.

·         When you are ready, find a place where you will not be interrupted while keeping an eye on the hearth, perform a simple prayer that comprises of:

o   Express your intention of conducting this ritual; e.g. to remove obstacles.

o   Perform supplication to your lineage specific gurus or patron gods and goddesses.

o   Invite spirits, demons, or any karmic creditors past and present to come and enjoy the smoke offering.

o   Visualize that the smoke has turned into foods and drinks to all of the guests.

o   Think that all the guests have enjoyed the food and are now satisfied.

o   When this is done, tell the debtors verbally that since they have enjoyed the food offered by you; they should help you to remove any obstacles that have troubled you so far. Not forgetting to tell the guests if they don’t comply with your requests, you will subdue them with any available magic rituals.

o   After that you should say out loud that since there is no objection, then all the obstacles past and present are now cleared.

o   At this point, you may perform additional prayers to:

§  Attract wealth and fortune

§  Perform golden drink ritual to all your patron spirits.

o   Last but not least, don’t forget to thank all your guests and dismiss them.

o   You may perform an auspicious prayer for world peace if you so wish desire.

·         Please be seated until the hearth is cold and make sure that you don’t let naked flames unattended, for your and others safety.

·         You must also avoid disturbing the hearth until it is completely cooled down as it is said that some of the guests might still be around.


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Psychotherapist Vs Satan: A Case On Possession

In a psychotherapist’s view, spirit possession is a byproduct of cultural influence and human’s own mind game. For example, if we don’t tell our children ghost stories, then the children will not have any clues of what ghosts really are. Added to that, it does not add any values to our society when the public is exposed to too many supernatural related issues.


Below is a very dramatic classical case in psychology; it is a little long winded but worth mentioning regardless if one is interested in psychology or otherwise.


The case of Satan possessed Mr. A


Mr. A is a 30 odd year old businessman whose father was a farmer. Although Mr. A was brought up in an environment where superstitions prevails; he was not an ardent religious follower.


Mr. A has an over sensitive character; he also tends to indulge in endless loops of mind conflicts and deep thoughts that caused him to self-punish and feeling guilty on small matters. Having said so, Mr. A has no major psychological illnesses.


The trouble begun during the winter of 1890 after Mr. A returned from a business trip. He became saddened and quiet. After that he lost the ability to speak. One day, Mr. A fainted right after hugging his wife and kids. Poor old Mr. A suddenly awakened two days later burst into queer laughter and shouted that ‘they’ are burning him with fire.


The situation worsened next day as Mr. A said that the house was filled with demons and that the Satan has possessed his body. It was the Satan who has forced Mr. A to coax out vulgar words. He subsequently escaped from his house and attempted suicide in various occasions.


Finally, Mr. A was sent to Salpetriere Hospital and being treated by Charcot, who was a renowned psychologist in the 19th century. Mr. A was subsequently referred to Pierre Janet (1859 – 1947).


“Who are you?” – “I am the Satan!”


 After Mr. A became Janet’s patient, Janet discovered that Mr. A always curse God with a lower and coarser tone; followed by an outburst of high pitch voice saying that it was the Satan who has forced him to do such actions. These actions naturally can be confused as ‘demonic possession”.


At the beginning, Janet used all available method to make Mr. A responsive to standard treatments but failed because “the Satan inside Mr. A” was too powerful.


The subconscious communication channel


Prior to this incident, Janet found that hysterical patients observe their surroundings through ‘subconscious layer’. For example, when a hysterical patient speaks and one whispers: “lift your right arm”; the patient will comply while continue to speak. Interestingly, the patient will not be able to perceive his/her action.


So, Janet asked Mr. A to lift his right arm and true enough that Mr. A complied. And when he was enquired on the reason that he has raised his right arm, Mr. A startled and said: “The Satan had played a trick on me again!”


Mr. A’s Unforgiveable Sin


After some detailed interrogations, it finally transpired that Mr. A had visited a prostitute during his last business trip. This action was insignificant to many, but such action has caused Mr. A to feel guilty and his body begun to itch and all in all led Mr. A in thinking that such was his ‘deserved punishment’. Mr. A’s impulse wanting to repent caused him to lose his ability to speak. His dream concerning being burnt in hell and that Satan has possessed body causing Mr. A to curse God as he believed that it was Satan who did such act with the original Mr. A dead.


The Cure


Mr. A was hypnotized and being told that what he has done was “not too severe”. His wife was brought in to tell him personally that she has forgiven her husband’s unfaithful behavior while Mr. A was still in his hypnotic state.


The Analysis


You may think that since Janet must have some kind of magical power as he was able to communicate with the ‘Satan’ that possessed Mr. A and subsequently cast the Satan out. In fact, Mr. A has a split personality and it wasn’t the case that the Satan has any power; the ‘Satan’ was just Mr. A’s vivid subconscious mind.


The Conclusion


The psychotherapist’s ‘exorcism’ is base on a set of well founded theories and treatments where they strive to remove patients’ internal mind conflicts. When the objective is achieved, the ‘Satan’ automatically disappears. These psychological treatments are totally different from secular religious and magical exorcisms. Please don’t be confused.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Psychiatrist’s View On Medium & Possession

A spirit medium is commonly referred to as a person who can communicate with spirits. My psychiatrist friend Dr. Wong told me that most of the psychiatrists have some doubts about mediums though there are many evidences that most mediums are genuine.


According to Dr. Wong who has come in contact with many mediums and he merely dismissed them as having vivid imaginations and more often than not, the spirits are only hallucinations. These types of hallucinations are mainly the byproduct of cultural making and individual mind games. Hence when someone has seen a ghost, psychiatrist will say that he/she is imagining things; while a medium will say that the person is possessed.


Dr. Wong continued to say that in psychiatry, spirit possession is termed as ‘delusion of control’ and this is itself an illness because once the person believes that a spirit is taking control of his/her body; his/her normal living will be affected. Hallucinations may be the cause of excessive dopamine in the brain’s nerve system. Drugs can be used to control the dopamine but it will be difficult to totally eliminate it. Another downside is that such drugs are very expensive and may cost a few thousands of dollars in public hospital; many folds in private ones.


A second view on possession is attributed to culture-bond syndrome and this is not considered as an illness. For example, a medium when possessed by a spirit through controlled ritual; turns into another person. But he/she returns to him/herself after the ritual and this person’s daily life is not affected by any means.


The word of a psychiatrist: save both spirits and patient


On the other hand, Dr. Wong suggested that there is indeed a value in the spirit mediums as they are closer to general public and can ‘cure’ the sick through ‘suggestive techniques’. Added to the fact that the ratio of a psychiatrist to total population is no match to the available mediums, it is undeniably that the mediums are normally the first line of defense even with the advent of modern medical treatments. So, the importance of spirit mediums is undeniable.


Having said so, Dr. Wong continued to caution that many mediums are illiterate, immature and hysterical and this is definitely a danger for a sober person like you and me to consult them.


Dr. Wong thinks that sicknesses are caused by physical ‘disease’ and the psychological ‘illnesses’. Since every individual’s mental background varies, the same ‘disease’ may have a very different outcome. He also discovered that in Southeast Asia, people tends to adopt a ‘combinatory’ method; i.e. while seeking the aid of modern medicine, they also go to a medium for spiritual help.


Finally, Dr. Wong advise we exercise caution when visiting a medium and make use of our judgments and common sense. I would leave the judgment to you as I am being categorized by Dr. Wong as psychosis even though we still drink coffee together J!


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wrong Temples, Wrong Deities (進錯神廟拜錯神)

I supposed it is a merit creating activity when one goes to a temple to pray. However, not everyone has the same merit when comes to praying to gods and goddesses in just any temple as when the wrong spirits are being worshipped. In this situation, one may suffer from family issues, bad business investments, ill health and even crazy (走火入魔).


How can this be? A temple is supposed to be a sacred place and none of the above situations should happen to worshippers? Well, it will depend on what temple one chose to go really. There are many big and small temples in SEA, many of them are situated in the urban area; many more are located far away from civilization. Amongst these temples, many are set up for authentic religious activities while no lesser are sole meant for ‘business’ purposes. Why not? Those faithful believers would donate hefty amount of money either to pay tribute to their patron deities; on the other hand, the donation also a means of compensation of bad deeds someone has done.


The fact is that the gods and goddesses will not mind whether one pays tribute to them. This is not the case when ones go to a temple and worshipped evil spirits instead. Let’s refer to some of the below real examples:


·         Mr. and Mrs. Lee divorced because a medium in a temple said so.

·         The director of a trading company was declared bankrupt after becoming the chairman of a Taoist temple in Penang.


The story of Mr. Fan () is the best of all. Yes, I am right. He is Fan, not ‘Fun’. Well, Mr. Fan’s experience was no fun at all to be honest. Mr. Fan was an automobile accessories dealer and his business was booming before he visited a small Taoist temple in Balik Pulau. He was a free thinker and didn’t believe in spirits, his ordeal began when he went into the temple and said, “Unless I see ghosts with my naked eyes, there is no ghost in this world!”


True enough, as Mr. Fan had wished for, his first ghost sighting occurred in his bedroom at about 2am where he saw a 12 feet tall ghostly apparition that faded into thin air after a few seconds. Later Mr. Fan started to see ghosts even when he was driving, eating and even taking his bath. It was not until quite recently that Mr. Fan felt his soul was about to travel out of his body that he paid me a visit.


Why is it that an ordinary place of worship can be overtaken by spirits and not by deities? Well, this has a lot to do with the temple caretaker. If the caretaker is a righteous person, then deities will stay; otherwise spirits will dwell in the statues instead. Unlike gods and goddesses, spirits will steal worshipper’s energy and cause visitors to suffer from ill health and bad luck.


So, next time when you feel cold, unease and goose bumps; then your best bet is not to enter these temples. It is also best to visit more established temples and the best time to visit any temple is before 12 noon when the Yang energy is at its height. Finally, please don’t worship the deities you are not familiar with as their energies may not suit you.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Unleashing The Power Of Yakong (海降)

Meet your opponent, the formidable Deva Yakong in person!
Many people told me about the power of Deva Yakong, they say many horrible things can be done by this spirit. Someone has gracefully shared these Deva Yakong rituals with me so now I share them with you; unfortunately the yants and information are just too many and too long.


What can this Deva Yakong do?


Well, from the manual Yakong can raise power as below:


·         500ft depth power yant

·         1000ft depth power yant

·         2000ft depth power yant

·         3000ft depth power yant

·         5000ft depth power yant

·         8000ft depth power yant

·         10kft depth power yant


When one has raised the power, then one can utilize the below curses:

·         The big wave curse

·         The small wave curse

·         The 3000ft depth curse of 7 deadly needles

·         The 3000ft depth curse of 15 deadly needles

·         The 5000ft depth curse of 100 deadly needles

·         The 5000ft depth curse of 200 deadly needles

·         The 5000ft depth curse of 400 deadly needles

·         The 5000ft depth curse of 500 deadly needles

·         The 5000ft depth curse of 600 deadly needles

·         The 5000ft depth curse of 700 deadly needles

·         The 5000ft depth curse of 800 deadly needles

·         The 5000ft depth curse of 900 deadly needles




1.      Draw the required yant and chose if you want to use the ‘big wave’ or ‘small wave’ to destroy your enemy.

2.      Go to the sea side at 12 midnight and burn one talisman and recite the killer mantra 7 times.

3.      After that meditate for 8 hours on the beach thinking of the face of your opponent.

4.      The above ritual must be done for a consecutive 3 days/weeks.

5.      Your opponents will be burnt to dead as if a barbecue chicken!


The Mantra (Big Wave):








Personally, I don’t know how many people are willing to invest 8 hours each day for 21 days just to curse an opponent starting midnight; but good luck for those who are willing to give it a try. My hats off for the one who came out with these mumbo jumbos! At least he has made some of us to fork out our hard earn money.


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Deva Yakong Soul Travel (報夢)

Deva Yakong soul travel yant
The below Deva Yakong ritual describes how a practitioner’s soul can be employed to source for unknown answers. For example, you want to know who is backstabbing you in front of your boss.


First, draw the soul travel yant as shown above (and insert the yant inside your pillow):




1.      Sit on your bed.

2.      Use your right hand and press firmly on your pillow.

3.      Chant the below mantra once.

4.      Slap the pillow once after chanting the mantra.

5.      All in all recite the mantra and slap the pillow seven times.

6.      Please don’t put the yant on your bed or your soul may not be able to return to your body.


The mantra:




It is said that Deva Yakong will know whatever we want to know and the answer will be presented in our dream following the ritual.


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Deva Yakong Metta Yant

Deva Yakong Yant For Good Relationships
The above talisman will be most useful for a Deva Yakong practitioner. It is pretty self explanatory: just draw the talisman on a piece of yellow paper and chant the mantra. Afte that bring it along where ever one goes... and presto! People will worship you like gods and goddesses.
If you don't believe in this system, treat it as if another urban legend.
I am told that Deva Yakong is pretty powerful and its flying needles can travel under ground!! So pay particular attention when drawing this talisman ;-)!
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Friday, December 13, 2013

Opening Gates Of Fortune (開財門)

Taoists have many rituals for getting fortunes. Most of the rituals make use of spirits or ‘good brothers’ to bring in the fortune; below ritual is one of the few rituals that conjures help from gods of fortune and better suited for business bosses earning an honest living.




Choose a good day, perform the ritual at night.

Setup 5 small altars in the living room: East, South, West, North and Centre.

Prepare a pair of red candles and 5 incense sticks with some joss papers will do.

Draw the below 7 Fu use yellow paper and red ink.


Mantra for opening door of fortune:














Recite the below mantra and act accordingly.



I am disciple (name), under Tai Shiong Lao Jun.



Today I am ordered to come here, the Jade Emperor asked me to open the door of fortune.


上開玉皇鎖的財,下開地府關的財。(burn fu 1, fu 2)

Above, I open the fortune locked by the Jade Emperor; Below, I open the door locked by the underworld.



I open both Ying-Yang doors, inviting the gods of fortune from 5 directions.



The children of fortunes please come, the youth of fortune please be seated.


一開東方甲乙木,二開南方丙丁火。(burn fu 3, fu 4)

First I open the Eastern door of woods, second I open the door of fire;


三開西方庚辛金,四開北方壬癸水(burn fu 5, fu 6)

Third I open the Western door of metal; fourth I open the door of water.


五開中央戊己土 (burn fu 7),若不開九牛造開。

Fifth, I open the center door of earth, if the doors failed to open; I summon the 9 oxen to open.



If the doors still not opening, the 5 thunders break the door. Yet still not opening; the golden sword and sharp scissors break the doors.



I carry out the order of Tai Shiong Lou Kun.


Finally, don’t forget to give thanks to all the gods and goddesses and make a wish that you will use the fortune to do good things.