Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Classic Malay Love Oil Ritual

I got the below Malay love oil making process from a very old Malay pawang (shaman) some time ago. He said he learnt this ritual from Sumatera, Indonesia when he was very young. I don’t know if you can find similar ritual out there but this is what I got in hand so I just post the process out for your reading pleasure. The oil making is pretty tedious and may not be suitable for city dwellers now-a-days:


1.      Get 7 pieces of cat’s placentas into an earth container.

2.      Burn the container with small fire for 1 whole day until all of the placentas become ashes.

3.      After that add some plain water and heated the mixture until thicken.

4.      Add further one bowl of coconut oil into the container and heated further until the content becomes half bowl.

5.      Remove the container and let it cool down naturally.

6.      After that filter out the impurities then add some perfume.

7.      Store the love oil in a tight seal container for 100 days in your house.

8.      The love oil is deemed ready to be applied onto the skin of your target.


I have not personally tried out the ritual as I don’t have the patience to squat down the whole day watching over the fire. If you did try out the ritual, then kindly let me know.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Kumanthong Twins Who Like To Travel

Twin incense sticks for twin Kumanthong.

These are a pair of old kumanthong twins with the right one measuring at about 8" and the left one measuring at 9". I thought they are considered as big and rarely seen these days. Well, for me at least. The 9" one is an antique and from LP Tae and the smaller one is blessed by LP Yam. The twins look like collectors' items as they feel calmer and steadier unlike the ones put up for sale.


The reason I call them twins because the first time I pulled out a joss stick from my incense box, twin incense came out instead. This pair is perhaps amongst the more active ones as my coil incense literally burnt out quickly last night.


This morning when I visited a car showroom, one of the blue balloons meant for decorative purposes blew up in front of me and there was a black shadow rushed away from my sight when the sound of balloon bursting attracted my attention. Prior to this I was about 10 minutes late for my appointment. It was not like me as I usually will try to be punctual for any appointments. Later I learnt why while I was driving across Penang Bridge... There was a car accident right on my path. The twins saved my day again perhaps.


I would think this pair has travelled extensively across continents but they are now closer to home. So I put them under the watchful eyes of Kurba Archan and my familiar spirits.


Not sure if they will travel again in near future :)))


Monday, April 15, 2013

The Benevolent Semelai Pontianak

Pontianak according to the belief of Semelai ethnic group around Bera Lake in Pahang is called “mati anak” or “died with stillborn”. For the ease of description, I will call her Semelai Pontianak.


This version of Pontianak is said to have two giant hooks on her back so that she can swing on tall trees. She is said to have blotchy face, a pair of beautiful eyes and long hairs. She can talk but without fangs; she has legs but her legs never touches the ground. Some people believe that Semelai Pontianak likes to scare people but never harm them.


This Pontianak likes to swing on fig trees, banyan trees, Kundang trees or any other leafy trees.


Since this is a benevolent Pontianak, she can be summoned to help in traditional healing process. The mantra for calling:


“Lada kecil, lada hitam.

Sampai ke tunggu muda Peri,

Adik yang kecil, adik yang hitam.

Si Anu terkena samba,

Jin Pontianak rimba,

Aku tau asal kau jadi,

Berumah kau di atas selembar,

Minta tawar, minta jampikan,

Kabullah doa Pontianak,

Kabul guru, Kabul aku,

Dengan berkat Lailahaillallah.”


(Small pepper, black pepper;

Wait until the young Peri.

Small brother, brother of dark skin.

So-and-so is hit,

The spirit of Pontianak from jungle,

I know your origin,

You stay on a sheet,

I ask for antidote, I ask for your blessing,

Make the Pontianak prayer happen,

Teacher’s happen, mine happen.

With the grace of there is no god but God.)


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Everybody Has Some… Ghosts

I went to visit a very special old spirit medium in Air Itam and she told me this very interesting story. This medium is now at her 85 years old and now retired. She has a very special gift, i.e. she can see ghosts and I believe what she said is truth. So share her story with you:


“I can see ghosts when I was very young. Every time I told my mom what I saw she always scolded me that I shouldn’t scare people with my lies as mom’s friends always got a shock and their face turned pale. Such conversations normally have no good ending with everyone dispersed quickly from my house and gradually not many people were willing to visit my house.


To tell you the truth, I can’t really see them clearly… most of the time the ghosts only appear as black and white shadows, much like that of the out-of-focus old black and white photos. There are almost always with sad or crying face and I can’t really see their faces very clearly. By day, they are squatting under bridges, under tree shade or in some dark corners. They are active after 3pm daily or during rainy days.


Ghosts like to linger around hawkers or shops selling warm foods such as fried chicken and steamy meat stuffs. They normally consume by smelling… that is the very reason I never eat in shops outside.


Gradually as I got older, I turned my unique capability into my profession, i.e. a spirit medium. Every day I see people came in and out from my house with one or many ghosts at his or her back. The person with more ghostly followers means that person must be of some status… or he/she must have done some pretty big things that caused lives. Some of the ghosts wanted to pay their karmic debts, while others wanted to redeem their karmic debts from the person.


One day I was visited by a man and there were a bunch of 'people'… around 30 of them. So I asked him who he was… and he answered he was a doctor. And later I learnt that the gentleman was a pretty famous one too!”


So I guess, taken from here and if you have psychic eyes and can see spirits, you will know who the best doctor in town is now! Hahaha…


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spiritual Flower: Ngai Plant (鬼花)

Ngai is a Vietnamese word for a plant that has housed a spirit. Basically, spirits are well known to fond of attach to a plant. Famous ones are like the banana spirit or phi phop in Chinese and Thai culture.


The person who wants to have an ngai plant can go to a black magician to get one. After that the plant will then be placed inside his/her home. There are many purposes to keep an ngai plant; it can be for getting good business or to get a specific favour.


For the Ngai plant to exhibit various desired powers, a Ngai master needs to “bỏ công trục ngai”, or to call forth a spirit to enter the ngải plant. Masters may take three to seven nights to successfully ‘trục ngai’.


The mantra to “bỏ công trục ngai”:


Nhiệm màu thay nhiệm màu thay

Bạch đại ngãi bạch đại ngãi

Tạo hoá ban cho ta nhổ lấy

Nơi đây rừng buòn sương sớm chiều mây

Bạch đại ngãi bạch đại ngãi

mặt trời mọc phương đông lặn về tây

Thái dương lên làm ngày

Thái âm về làm đêm tối


Muôn thú muôn lòai nước nguồn cây cội

Bạch đại ngãi bạch đại ngãi

Xin hãy thương ta ta nhổ lấy

Đem xa rừng ở cùng ta mãi mãi

Án ba na, hấp tì na

Án ba na mê xi na cum pa

Đông tây nam bắc

Án ba na án ba na cum pa


A ngai plant that has not yet been trục ngai will be comprise of 100% plant matter which can photosynthesize all their energy needs from the sun. Once it has been trục ngai however, half of its makeup is made of animalistic, carnivorous matter that now requires the feeding of live animal sources.


The most common animal food source is a raw chicken egg. The quickest way to feed the plant is to crack the egg open and pour the egg, yolk and all, into the soil that nourishes the plant. If the egg is not delivered straight into the soil, it takes the plant at least a full day to empty the egg of its contents, without even the need to disturb the shell.


Some ngai Masters who are powerful enough to control the plant may need more power from the plant, which can be obtained by giving the ngai plant fresh blood from a chicken. There have been cases; however, where the agai Masters have lost control of the ngai plant, and serious damage was done to the Masters themselves.


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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Conjuration Of Earth Gnome (Jembalang Tanah)

A said to be earth gnome apparition.
The more comprehensive worship of earth gnome can now be found in Kelantan Thai magic system still. But the below is the Malay version which is shorter and mainly meant to harm an opponent:


First take 5 handful soil from a known haunted place and put the soil into an earth ware. After that put the soil on your altar and make a wax figure as usual.


Prepare some food offerings such as yellow gluttonous rice, chicken, banana, pop rice, betel leaves and nuts, tobacco, some Benzoin and a white candle. For making the earth gnome fierce, one may also offer blood, raw meat and intestine.


Arrange all of the offering properly after sunset.


Repeat the ritual for 3 to 7 days or until you see results.


The mantra:


Al-salam ‘aleikum, hei Jin Tanah,

Jembalang Tanah, Hantu Tanah, Jembalang Bumi,

Marilah engkau aku minta turun, terima jamuan aku,

Aku nak suruhkan engkau,

Aku nak selang-seraya angkau

Aku nak minta sakitkan/gilakan/bunuhkan Si Anu.

Kalau kau tak terima jamuan ini,

Derhaka kau kepada Allah,

Derhaka kau kepada Muhammad,

Dengan berkat petua guru,

La-ilaha-illa-‘llah, Muhammad Rasual Allah.


(Peace be with you, Oh, Earth Gnome,

Earth Hustler, Earth Spirit, Hustler of the Earth,

 Come thou, I ask you to come down and accept my banquet,

I want to ask you to do something for me,

I want you to hurt/make crazy/kill so-and-so,

If you refuse to accept this banquet,

You shall be a rebel to God,

You shall be a rebel to Prophet Muhammad,

By the grace of my master,

There is no god but God, Muhammad is the Prophet of God.)



The earth gnome is one of the hardest spirit to be gotten rid of, so exercise caution and at best don’t try this ritual without a master’s guidance.

The Science Of Eating

There is a saying: “We are what we eat.” I add another saying: “We are where we eat.”


In Ayurveda and related system, it is believed that when you eat your pranic body opens up and absorbs the elements in your environment. So eating with gangster increases evil in you, eating with scholars will increase your desire for knowledge. Similarly, eating with your boss will make you bossier like your boss J


In Thai magic, any protection magic will open up the pranic body and the person becomes vulnerable again, hence counter measures must be straightly followed to prevent the body shield from broken during meals.


Eating in a busy city street is like eating Rahu himself (Rahu is said to be full of toxin); while eating in a meeting room after some heated arguments are as if eating Mars (energy of quarrel and fight). Even if the food is nutritious, it has been polluted by the toxic energies in the environment you are absorbing as you eat. A remedy for anxiety caused by Rahu is take meals in a green place like a park or garden. By opening to the prana of nature and the colors of Mercury Rahu’s negativity is removed. This can be so affective people with anxiety and do not need medication after some time. Likewise, eating in a park with close contact with water fountain and earth will cool down the hot effect of Mars.


As the matter of fact, all the colors can be used in this way.


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Like Dogs, Cats & Mouses Too

There are two versions of this similar magic to cause dispute between two couples, first the Thai version and then the Malay version:


The Thai Version


Take 7 pieces of mouse and cat whiskers, some bird nest dust and burn them together with the below yant. Let both couple drink the ash and they will quarrel in due time:


The yant:



The Malay Version


Take 7 pieces of left whiskers from a black cat and a black dog, some waste cloth shredded into pieces, burn them together then add some lime. Use this mixture to draw a cross or an ‘x’ in front of the couple’s main door.


The mantra:


“Burong chandrawasi,

seakor terbang ke laut,

seakor terbang ke bukit,

tiada bertemu kedua-duanya,

bencilah Si Anu akan Si Anu:

Jikalau engkau tiada demikian,

Derhaka engkau kepada Allah,

Berdosa engkau kepada aku,

Dengan berkat petua guru,


Muhammad Rasul Allah.”


The Curse Of Puteri Lilin (Wax Princess)

“Puteri lilin” or literally "wax princess" is a Malay idioms meaning that a person who cannot stand heat.


Similarly, the curse of puteri lilin is meant to kill your opponent using fire magic. It is said that the victim will die of fire related incidents, such as burning alive in a fire etc.


The ritual is as below:


·         Get some nails or hair of your intended victim.

·         Make a wax doll as before and insert the personal effects into the doll.

·         Scorch the doll over a white candle flame while reciting below mantra7 times. Repeat the ritual for a consecutive of 7 days. After that, burn the figure and your victim will die.


The mantra:


“It is not wax that I am scorching, it is the liver, heart and spleen of so-and-so that I am scorching.”

Friday, April 12, 2013

Malay Hatred Magic (Pembenci)

Tukas or fish tail palm leaves are main ingredient in hatred magic

There are many hatred magic meant to separate a couple. Below is one of these examples:
  •  Make two wax figures of the couple as usual.
  •  Sit down with your legs stretch before you.
  •  Hold the wax figures face to face and recite the below mantra three times, at the end  of each recitation breathe upon their heads.
  • Then lay the figure of the man on your right side close to your tight but look away towards the right side.
  • Similarly put the figure of the woman close to your left tight but look away from each other.
  • After that, burn benzoic incense and recite the mantra 22 times to the man and 22 times to the woman.
  • Now put them back to back and tie with 7 color threads.
  • Wrap them with 7 layers of tukas (fish tail palm) leaves then tie the package with 7 color threads.
  • Repeat the mantra times then bury it under a big tree.
  • Go to the place again after 7 days and dig the package out.
  • If you can find the package, then the magic has failed, otherwise it will work. The couple will divorce in 100 days time.
The mantra: 
“Ndit marangan ‘ndit!
Angkau Fatimah kambing,
Si Muhammad harimau Allah;
Kalau Fatimah tentangkan Muhammad,
Saperti kambing tentang harimau.
Muhammad sebear-benar hulubalang,
Harimau Allah di atas dunia
Dengan berkat la ilaha illallah Muhammad Rasullah.”
(You, Fatimah are a goat;
Muhammad is God’s tiger.
If Fatimah is face to face with Muhammad,
She will be as if a goat facing a tiger.
Muhammad in very truth is the Chief,
The tiger of God upon earth,
By the grace of the God,
Muhammad is the Prophet of God.) 

Footprint Soil Love Magic

Traditionally the Malays have many powerful love magic. Let us explore these love magic rituals using footprint soil:


Ritual 1:


·         Collect some of the dirt or soil from the person you intend to charm.

·         Wrap the soil with red, black and yellow cloth, with the yellow cloth being at the outer piece.

·         Hang the wrapping above your heart area on top of your bed with threads of 5 colors: red, black, yellow, green and white.

·         Get 7 pieces of green coconut leaf-ribs and strike the wrapping 7 times at sunrise, sunset and midnight while chanting: “It is not the soil I am striking, but the heart of so-and-so.”

·         You must perform this ritual for a consecutive 3 or 7 days.

·         After the period, the wrapping is buried in the middle of the path where your victim will step over.


Ritual 2:


·         Scrap some of the wood from floor or chair where the person was sitting.

·         Get some of his or her footprint soil and some bee wax.

·         Mold the mixture into the shape of a man or a woman accordingly.

·         Fumigate the wax figure with benzoin smoke while reciting the incantation for a consecutive of 3 or 7 nights:


“Om! I shout again and again!

Stupid and dazed.

Be the heart of so-and-so.

Thinking of me.

If you don’t think of me, 44 angles will curse you!”


Ritual 3:


·         Get some footprint soil of the person you wish to charm.

·         Wrap it as before with red, black and yellow cloth.

·         Make a soil figure then tear the figure into left and right halves.

·         Use threads of 7 colors to tie the two halves then fumigate them with benzoin smoke while reciting the following incantation 7 times, “So-and-so is bringing your soul home, sleep with he/she day and night and never be apart!”

·         You must perform the ritual for a consecutive 3 or 7 days.

·         After that wrap up the soil figure again with red, black and yellow cloth.

·         Put the package under your pillow and sleep on it for 7 days.

·         The package should be turned 1 time in the morning, and once at night.

·         After 7 days, bury the package in an open field.


What can I say more but, “Beware of your footprints folks!”