Sunday, April 15, 2012

No Games In The Field (封山法)

“Feng Shan” (封山) literally means “to seal a mountain”. This is a magic ritual to bind all animals and spirits in a designated area so as not to have any movements to prevent other parties to get their hands on the animals.

Below are two rituals I got from a Yao priest in Vietnam. The first one is to prevent a hunter or a fisherman from getting any catch of the day. There are many reasons to do that, but the main one is for revenge as I was told. So if a hunter found his dogs refuse to go into a forest or a fisherman failed to catch any fish compared to his normal catch; people will suspect that must the work of some sorcerer. It can also be that when a hunter wanted to protect his hunting ground from his fellow hunters. The second ritual is to bind spirits within a compound to prevent them from disturbing you for a short period of time.

There are two versions of this ritual:

1.      Ritual for external environment

2.      Ritual within a building

First, let us look into the ritual set for external environment:

The mantra:


(I am binding all animals in the mountain: roe, deer and rabbit alike. I am calling earth deities from five directions to guard the mountain. All are present now: first thanks to the god of the East, secondly thanks to the god of the South, thirdly thanks to the god of the West, fourthly thanks to the god of the North, fifthly thanks to the god of the center. Gods of five directions make haste. Today I am sealing the front, back, left and right side of this mountain. Injuries to anyone by wolf, tiger and leopard; so be it.)

This type of magic will naturally invite many confrontations magically or physically in the old days. As I was told that lives were lost during fights. The lesson is that please do not interfere with people’s livelihood. So just suffice to learn but not practice.

The second ritual is the ritual carried out within a building. Its use is to catch all the ghosts and goblins within one building and hide them under a sorcerer’s bowl. This is my normal way of doing when I had to spend a night or two in a haunted place such as hotel. J

The ritual is simple. You just take a clean bowl and fill it half with plain water. Recite the below mantra three times. Splash the water around the place you want to protect, cup the bowl on the floor in front of you at the last drop of water. The spirits will be captured under the bowl. If you want to release them, hold the bottom of the bowl with your left hand, and point your right hand to South.


(I am sealing mountain. Gods and demons panic alike. I am hereby sealing the eight directions; hundred thousands of soldiers surround the mountain. If any strong ones attempted my boundary, I will chop them with magical swords. I carry out the Black Maiden and Master Yang’s sealing mountain formula. All is calm now. So be it.)

The second method is my favorite method as I always travel to unknown places for Feng Shui audit. Do learn up, may be it will be helpful to you too.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Magical Properties Of Chicken

Many domestic animals are believed to have magical and healing properties. Chicken is one of the common poultry fond by magicians of many cultures. Normally a chicken is used as a sacrificial offering to deities; and in some magical systems, the chicken blood is used to inscribe powerful talismans. Besides that, chicken also believed to carry some therapeutic results:   

Heal Epilepsy

Look for a dying chicken due to being hit, fall, and so forth. In a dying state, slaughter and cook the chicken. Serve to the epileptic.

 Heal Eye Myopia

Fry without oil some nails of white cock until they turn into charcoal; then mash until become powder. Mix with kohl and apply accordingly.

 Cure Sterility

 Fry eggs into charcoal (without oil) and then finely crushed them. After that drink like you drink hot coffee.

 Detect Black Magic Implants

 If you experience some misfortunate incidents, and you suspect that your house is fitted with magic implants; in order to detect the location of the implants, you can use a chicken that has been tamed. First write the Seal of Solomon on a piece of plain white paper; then tie it with string and put it on the neck of the chicken. Let the chicken wanders off. If the chicken is seen stopped at one location, then therein lies the implant. Recite “In the Name of God” before removing the magic implant.


 Prevent Polygamy

 You kill a sleek black cock and then take his head. Enter the chicken's head into a jar and cover with a tight stopper. Then bury the jar under a bed where you used to sleep together.

 Teaser Opposite Sex

Write down the below passage on eggs. Do the writing on Sunday at 11.00pm in a state of purity. While at points the written name of the girl/guy of your idol and then write the name of his mother. Remember! Do not take this magic likely; for if you leave the person, he/she may become crazy!

Please consult your physician before consuming any of the items above. This posting is only intended for your reading pleasure and your magical reference.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meet Your Dream Mate (美人自來)

The picture above shows the seeds of Acacia Confusa or相思豆. The Chinese name implies Acacia Confusa as the “bean of loving thought”. The old Chinese believe that when a person sees the seeds, he/she will miss his/her love ones.

If you have an idol that you always wanted to meet, the below is a Thai love magic ritual that can fulfill your heart’s desire. There are two ways to go about:

Ritual 1:

First find yourself 9 pieces of Acacia Confusa (相思豆) seeds. Draw the below talisman on two pieces of yellow or white cloth. The best timing is on Thursday night from 11pm to 1pm, or on the full moon night.

Recite the below mantra 108x.

Repeat the ritual for 7 nights. Then one of the talismans you bring along with you in your purse. But please do not put your purse at your back pocket.

The other talisman put in your pillow and you sleep on it. Before you sleep, hug the pillow with both of your arms; think of your target’s face at your third eye are; after that call his or her name for 49x.

Ritual 2:

Do as above, but the second talisman is hung on your bed at the position which is directly above your chest.

The talisman and mantra:

“Namo Tatsat Bagawato, Arahato, Samasabuddhasa.” (3x)

“Om Akazhahe, Manimama, Ima (person’s name) Malaku, Maihinakuyumailai, Longhaimalaiku (your name), Om Siddhi, Gurusiddhi, Kagu Svaha, Idiayur, Bumisutosu, Haibingangmasiddhi Svaha." (108x)

Please also note that you must already have a servant spirit before the magic can take effect. This is a constant magic law of South-East Asia magic.

A Batak Love Magic Ritual

Batak tribe is one of many tribes in Indonesia. The name Batak is a collective term for identifying certain tribes originated from Tapanuli, Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. The term Batak includes ethnic Karo, Pakpak, Toba, Simalungun, Mandailing, and Angkola.

It was well documented that up to 18th century, the Batak people practiced ritual cannibalism; i.e. they were man eaters.

Majority of the Batak are Christian and Muslims now-a-days. There are also others who profess Malim (commonly called the Parmalim followers) and also followers of animist beliefs (called Pelebegu or Parbegu), although now the number of adherents of the two courses has been on the decline.

Batak shamans are believed to possess great magical power and their black magic is amongst the strongest in the SEA region. The Batak’s love magic is also said to be very potent. Below is just one of the versions:

Whoever wants to practice this ritual must be with good intentions; sincere and promised not to misuse it. Then your wish will be automatically graduated by God Almighty.

Below are the steps:

1.      Perform ritual cleaning, and chant the mantra after each of the obligatory prayers.

2.      You must chant while picturing the person’s face

The mantra:


Dormaku si diki sonduk,

si tantang bayangan,

si buang polu-polu

Anggo namo no ni dormaku,

na tunduk tu adopanku

Hei si anu (the person’s name)

Kabul borkat kalimah Laa Ilaaha Illallaah.”

Good luck.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Magical Uses Of Honey

Honey is a viscous liquid that is sweet and delicious. It is highly efficacious for the human body, and it is the so-called multi-purpose drink that can be used for treating various diseases; or as a nutritious drink to boost body strength, build up immune system and prolong life.

In addition to the natural properties of honey as a health drink, honey in the occult world is also used as:

·         A media for boundary protection for a place such as home, office, yard etc., to avoid negative distractions.

·         Honey is also used as a media for filling metaphysical energy into human body,

·         For the purpose of increasing authority,

·         Attractions of gaze

·         Cultivate loving aura (charisma), etc.

Perform the following ritual to empower your honey:

1.      Prepare some native bee honey / pure taste (as much as needed).

2.      Recite Surat Al Mulk as much as 200 times.

3.      Every once finished reading the Surat, blow a breath onto the honey.

4.      Recitations may be done alone or perhaps in congregation. When done with the congregation then every once completed, each person breathes are blown onto the honey.

5.      The recitations should be done outside the home, and do not get shaded by something; i.e. directly under the sky.

Indeed, this practice is a bit difficult, but if it is done with sincerity of our heart, the honey so charged can be used as follows:

·         To treat disease, let the patient consume one tablespoon a day.

·         To cultivate an aura of authority, love, increase body strength, and beauty, dip cotton into honey then swallow the cotton.

·         For the protection of the home, yard, garden or office:

o   Pour honey in a bowl or plate.

o   Prepare some gravel (numbers correspond to the corner where the fence will be invisible).

o   Then dip into the honey.

o   Then plant the gravel in the corner where you want to give a magical fence.

o   Do not forget when doing good deeds is accompanied by praying for the protection of Almighty God.

Taoist Vs Ninja: The Nine Word Nips

The nine word nips is made famous by the ever popular ninja movie series worldwide. But not many people aware that there is a companion practice in Taoist magic as well. To make long story short, I just list the nine words down for the ease of our comparisons:

The Han characters of the Taoist and Ninja are different and the mudras are also varied. The above example is the Ninja’s way of perform the nips.

Please also note that the Taoist’s nine word nips are practiced in two stages: the static seated mode, and the star walk.

In order to benefit fully from the practice of nine words nip, one has to follow the below steps:

1.      First, clean yourself in the morning.

2.      Then exhale facing North and inhale facing East then gently bit your teeth 3x; repeat this process for 36x.

3.      After that, inhale and lead and compress fresh air in your lower stomach.

4.      With the above exercises, your mind will become clear.

5.      Perform the nine nips as shown above.

6.      Then perform the below fast nine words nip:

The above exercise will save you from harms when you are in danger; so please do not treat this method likely. When you have mastered the nine words nip, with a point of your fingers and a shout; you can penetrate a piece of thin paper a far. Do not practice this on small animals or you may kill them.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Wish Fulfilling Snake: Cintamani

Lagend has it that the snake Cintamani is a magical snake of small size, short, colorful with duck beaks. It likes to nest amongst trees. It is believed the snake’s voice is very melodious, any living things that has heard its voice will be dazzled and transfixed. According to stories, this snake Cintamani is fed by wild birds, it just has to open its mouth and the birds would come and feed the snake automatically.

The size of snake Cintamani is only as thick as a cane, but it is as poisonous as any othe poisonous snake. Many people like to search for the nest of Cintamani because they believe that having the nest of such a snake will get the same benefit as the actual snake Cintamani itself; i.e. bussiness will come rolling effotlessly.

Now without the need to hunt for a snake Cintamani, you will be able to possess the power of this snake by chanting the below mantras:

The Prosperity Mantra Of Snake Cintamai

“Bismillahirahmannirrahim, h
ai Sri Cintamani, aku menghadap ke timur, aku makmur, aku enghadap ke barat, aku isyarat. Berkat aku memakai doa ular cintamani, Syeikh Saidi mengajar aku, berkat guru makbul limpah aku, kuuuurrrr semangat. Sekalian umat muhammad...... menyerkup bumi tapak adam, cucur mencurah menimbun lambak padaku, kuuuur semangat. Sekalian umat muhammad menyerkup langit, sekalian umat memandang aku manis. Laut, darat, timur, barat, utara, selatan, cucur menimbun lambak kepadaku. Syeikh Wali menjaga depan pintu mukaku, Syeikh Saidi mngajar aku. Berkat guru makbul kepadaku, berkat doa : Laa ilaha illallah muhammadar rasullulah.”

The Love Science Of Snake Cinta Mani

"Bismillah Hirrohmannirrohim.

Hai Ular Cinta Mani

Engkaulah baya nur allah

Dari kecil aku besarkan,

Dari tua aku mudakan,

Seperti kanak-kanak hari yang ketujuh seperti cahya mukaku,

Seperti kanak-kanak hari yang ketujuh,

Sedangkan orang kaya-kaya lagi kasih sayangkan aku,

Sedangkan Raja-Raja lagi kasih sayangkan aku,

Sedangkan burung disisi awan lagikan turun mendengar aku membaca

Doa Ular Cinta Mani,

Cinta Allah Cinta Muhammad,

Cinta Baginda rasullullah,

Dengan berkat doa lailahaillallah muhammadarrasulluallah."

Ways of doing it is while chanting place both your palms together and rub it. After finishing the chant blow onto both your palms and wipe in on your face from bottom to top. Do not wipe it from top to bottom. Chant this on a daily basis. You may chnat this 1x 3x or more as you wish.

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Love Arrows of Ranjuna

“Arjuna (Devanagari: अर्जुन, Thai: อรชุน Orachun, Tamil: அருச்சுனன் Aruccunan, Indonesian and Javanese: Harjuna, Harjuno, Herjuno, Malay: Ranjuna; pronounced [ɐrˈɟunɐ] in classical Sanskrit) in Hindu mythology is the greatest warrior on earth and is one of the Pandavas, the heroes of the Hindu epic Mahābhārata. Arjuna, whose name means 'bright', 'shining', 'white' or 'silver' (cf. Latin argentum), he was such a peerless archer that he is often referred to as Vishnu – the unbeatable.

Arjuna had more than forty main wives and hundreds others in course of his adventures. But the four main ones are: Subhadra, Draupadi, Chitrangada and Ulupi.”

Enough just cut and paste some introduction to this remarkable figure with super ability in archery and attracting power to opposite sex from Wikipedia. The purpose is to introduce you the below two Malay version of ritual attributed to Ranjuna (Arjuna):

The Arrow of Ranjuna 1:



Practice reading the above mantra for 3x each in the morning, noon and night for 21 consecutive days. Each time you finish the chant, blow air onto both your palm and wipe it over your face. After 21 days, you shall chant this again while looking at the eyes of your target from a distance.

Replace  “SEKELIAN UMAT MUHAMMAD” with the person you are targeting at.

If you do not have the name then take a small stone then chant the mantra for 3 times and replacing “SEKELIAN UMAT MUHAMMAD” with “FULANAH” after that use the stone and throw it at the person you are targeting. Then only you chant again while looking at her eyes from a distance.

The Arrow of Ranjuna 2:

This love magic ritual is very powerful and popular in Malaysia. It is usually used on arrogant female or someone who rejected you. By practicing this ritual the female will be attracted by you easily. Can also be use on male.


Use the sand that has been step by your target. Then burn the sand from morning and night without using oil. Chant the mantra while burning it.


“Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. “

“Bakar-bakar pasir tanah! Aku
bakar mata hati (targets name ) itu. Bakar ku
panah Sang Ranjuna; Aku bakar digunung, gunung runtuh,
aku bakarkan di batu, batu belah . Aku bakarkan di
mata hati jantung hawa nafsu si (targets name ) .
Kena hancur luloh panas segala tubohnya. Gila berahi
kepada aku. Tidak boleh senang diam; seperti pasir ini
terbakar. Bencilah (targets name ) kepada ibubapa,
kepada saudara sahabat handainya; Jika dia tidur
menjadi jaga, jika dia jaga, membagun berjalan. Datang
kepada aku, menyerahkan dirinya . Hilang akal hilang
malu. Berkat (targets name ) kena bisa panah Sang
Ranjuna, Berkat doa La ilaha illallah, Muhamad

For your reference; beware of what you wish for.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Semar Kuning: Legand & Magic

Lagend has it that Prabu Krishna, the Dwarawati king, eager to marry off his daughter, Siti Sundari with Abhimanyu, son of Arjuna and Goddess Subhadra. King Krishna's want to do so because he knew that Abimayu will get Cakraningrat revelation; which is the revelation that would give birth to the king of kings in the land of Java. But the wedding plans were challenged by Arjuna who had returned home earlier.

Not only that the King Krishna rejected the advice of Semar, his majesty even accused the Semar of belittling the wisdom of his royal highness. On the orders of Krishna, Abimayu dared to spit crest with Master Semar.

 Krishna’s action has caused frustration to Semar, he choose to leave the palace. The abuses from Krishna angered the gods. The gods then punished the Kingdom of Dwarawati with disasters, such as riots, fires, floods and wind storms striking the palace. People lived in chaos; subsequently the King of Dwarawati was displaced and sought refuge in the Kingdom Amarta.

 Prabu Krishna who was accompanied by Pandava went to meet Semar who was then in meditation asking forgiveness from the gods. At that time Semar was possessed by the spirit of Sang Hyang Semar Wenang and his body was emitting a yellowish light. Semar accepted the coming of the Pandavas and Krishna, and with great wisdom, he forgave the guilt of King Krishna, and also predicted that the marriage of Abhimanyu with Siti Bahawa Sundari will not produce any offsprings.

 After that, eventually all the disasters and riots in Dwarawati subsided. They live in happily ever after. J

The wisdom of Semar Kuning is normally invoked to solve relationship issues, to increase wealth and for good public relations. Below are two of such rituals for your reference:

1.      Doa Semar Kuning (Malay Version)
a.       This ritual is to ease your daily business and for good public relationships.
b.      “Bismillah … Hei Semar Kuning, jangan kau duduk di tunggul jati, jemput datang kemari, orang memandang aku belas kasihan. Dengan berkat doa lailahillallah muhammmadarsulluallah...
c.       Chant 3x then blow on to the palm of your hands then wipe across your face.

2.      Aji Semar Kuning (Javanese Version)
a.       It is also called “Pengasihan Semar Kuning”.
b.      It is used for women who wanted to break a relationship. After this Aji is used, then your target is begging to be with you again. If you refuse, then she will become crazy.
c.       Requirements to master this ilmu:
                                                              i.      Perform Mutih Fast for 7 days and nights.
                                                            ii.      Perform Pati Geni for 3 nights.
                                                          iii.      Perform Ngebleng for 1day and night.
d.      Mantra:
                                                              i.  “Niyat ingsun matek aji, ajiku Semar Kuning, Sungsum wuyung, wuyuh gumelang, Tetese angin, nagiya nangis, Nangis si ……….. (targets name) Marang badan ingsun, Teko kedhep teko lerep, Asih saking kersaning Alloh, Laa ilaha ilalloh, Muhammadur rasululloh, Salallohu ‘alaihi wassalam.”

Personally I do not like to solve relationship issues with magic ritual. So be careful what you wish for...

Summoning Monkey Spirits (猴精)

Monkey spirits are not normally summoned now-a-days by magicians. This type of knowledge is getting extinct, so I figured that I just do my part in preserving the rituals I know. Hopefully, these rituals would be useful in comparative or cross cultural studies.

The purpose to summon a monkey spirit is normally to disturb an enemy, for stealing, or to find out people’s secrets. The Chinese Mao Shan Taoist has a ritual to conjure the spirit of a monkey. Firstly, he/she must catch hold of an old monkey. Then the monkey is fed with some herbs for six months; after that the monkey is believed to be able to understand human language. Subsequently, the old monkey will die. The carcass of the monkey is buried at the northern direction of the Taoist’s altar. A tablet inscribing the name of the monkey spirit is set on the main altar to be worshipped daily.

When there is a need for a task, the Taoist will summon the monkey spirit to the altar and give it specific instructions to the monkey spirit. If the Taoist wanted some rice, he will put an empty basket covered with a black cloth then recite the below mantra:

“老猴神,老猴神, 不離我身,不離我行,有問即答,有取討即應,急急如律令。”

(Old monkey god, old monkey god; never leave my sides, goes where I go. Answer when asked, bring what my heart desires. As my will, so mote it be!)

In Peninsula Malaysia, such practices are very rare as I was told that as the ritual did not bring richness to the practitioner; not many people willing to invest their time on the monkey spirits. The mantra for summoning a monkey spirit is as below:

“Lok Lok, Si Mundi, Si Mundi, Si Munaya!
Datang Beruk Tunggal,
Menggunchang-gunchang tanggok,
Tangok siapa ini?
Tangok Si Mara Pati,
O lambak! O lambai! Si Olong meniti batang,
Titi teranggok-anggok,
Ku mimpi Dayang ku mimpi,
Ku mimpi bayok-nya Berok!
Ka serok, ka aerangan,
Ka sambar, ka danau,

Antah Berok, antah bukan,
Daun dedap, daun simpor,
Tertudong lading kami,
Lelap-lepap nenek tidur,
Dengarkan berita kami,

Hendik! Hok!”

The monkey spirit will appear and communicate in the dream.

Likewise, as stated in Kitab Al-Ajnass, page 133 Chapter “Irsaalu Qasamil Qirdi “(Sending Oath of Monkey):

“Bismillahi yahwalin yahin haulin thafthafan haulin saythayuusyin kamhuujin kama abdaakhin syalkhayaasyin syalkhuumin syalaakhiimin halaasyin kaylasyin laykaasyin bihaqqil khaatimil wa sahibhi sayyidina Sulaiman bin dawuda alaihis salam At-tha’ata ajib ayyuhal maliku thalhamaaiila waf’al maa amartuka bihi.”

Recite the above prayer 21x before sleep. Similarly, the monkey spirit will appear in your dream and you can ask it to perform many duties as required.