Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Betta Fish Magic (斗鱼术)

In old Indochina, mountain tribes used to practise a type of magic that has no parallel in the Western world. The Chinese call it 'gu' (蛊) and the Thai call it 'phi phop'.  I call 'gu' as 'mountain-wind' taken from I-Ching.

The method of practising this 'gu' is simple: first a few types of poisonous creatures such as snakes, scorpions, lizards, toads, centipedes etc. are placed inside a small urn. The urn is sealed and buried underground. After 49 days, those poisonous creatures would devour each other until the very last one.

This last survivor is known as 'gu' and it has magical power that can bind with the practitioner's soul and bestow the person with wealth and power. The type of 'gu' depends on what creature is left: if a snake is left, then it is the 'snake gu'.

Personally speaking, keeping betta fishes are just like practicising 'gu' magic because there is only one winner among all of those betta fishes. The process of getting the 'king betta' is similar to putting betta fishes into a tank and let them fight each other to death.

Except for keeping a betta fish as ornamental purposes, it is difficult to judge which betta fish is the best fighter for gaming intent.

The fierceness of a betta must be cultivated from within. The judgement must be made from the continuous battle stamina of a particular fish due to the fact that it is not possible to judge a betta fish from its colorful appearances like other ornamental fishes.

The mind of a betta fish can bind into the keeper's mind over time. When my betta fishes opened up their gills and stared at me with their totally black eyes, I would feel a sense of chillness perhaps due to the hidden and more powerful spirits behind those small creatures.

From my own experience of keeping betta fishes for many years, the betta fish nature can be shown in the keeper's human nature. Hence, by looking at the behavior of a betta fish master, I could perhaps understand the battle ability of the betta fish.

For example, if the fish owner looked fierce, cruel and arrogant; then his betta fishes would behave as such as betta fishes should not be too 'merciful' so said.

In earlier years, most betta fishes are caught from the rivers and their battle ability depends on a person's luck and the genetics of the fish. Though there were many uncertainties, the fun part is that all of those fishes were 'free-of-charge'.

Now a days with so many cross breeding and sky rocket prices, I am no longer interested in keeping commercially produced betta fishes as they all lacked the 'touch of the nature'.

Betta fishes should ideally be fed with life bate such as worms or larvae of mosquitoes as life bates increase the fierceness of betta fishes. I used to feed small betta fishes with life bates and after only one month, their untamed violent behaviors starting to show.

I used to purposely let mosquitoes sucked my blood and waited until the mosquitoes are filled before slapping them to dead. The combined mosquito with human blood were then fed to my beloved betta fishes. While watching the betta fishes consuming those bloody mosquitoes, I felt as if I was feeding 'ghost kids' (鬼仔).

In order to increase the battle power of betta fishes, there is a mantra used to empower those fishes. I have posted the mantra in the blog if you are interested.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Body Locks (封身)

Almost all Asian magic traditions has one type of 'body locking' method or another.

In Thai magic, there are two types of 'body locks': the active and the passive.

The active body locking method applies to an aggressive person and wild animals, while the passive body locking applies to the body of the magician himself.

For example, if a magician is facing an insane and mentally sick person who is about to attack the magician, then this magician will chant 'om arahan' and blow a breath at the person to stop being attacked by the lunatic.

Similar active body locking method can be used to treat wild animals in the jungle too.

On the other hand, passive body locking method applies on the body of the magician himself for his own protection normally before this magician is about to take a long journey and that there are potential dangers along the road.

Old folks believe that whether a person is dead or alive, he should make all efforts to let his family members known. This is perhaps not a problem in modern times as the messages can be sent across very quickly.

In old time when a person must travel over hundreds of miles between two villages that were separated by maiden jungles, then a reliable method to make sure the person arrives at the destination 'dead or alive' is very important.

In traditional Thai magic, passive body locking ritual will ensure that a potential traveler reaches his final destination by whatever means. Even in today's situation, this passive body locking is still relevant and I myself am practising it consistently before I go into a jungle. Hence the effectiveness of body locking ritual should not be doubted.

The body locking ritual works on the belief that a person will not die if his soul and body remain intact. So, body locking is actually locking one's body and soul together with the help of the person's guardian spirit.

Once a passive body locking ritual is performed, the magician would be in a semi-trance state and the spell would remain so long as he does not consume water and food. In order to prevent the body locks from becoming void during a journey, foods should be taken in a specific way which differs from master to master.

In common practice, simple body lock ritual can be done by chanting a mid-length mantra accompanied with simple hand gestures. This common body lock ritual should be 'unlocked' once the magician arrived at a destination normally by invoking the help of 'lersi' or his lineage master or no one will notice his presence.

There is a more extensive uncommon body lock ritual that incorporates the immortality ritual. This is a more extensive ritual that requires a practitioner to spend one hour a day over a period of 9 months.

Personally, I like the simple one best however. If you are persistent, then you will find that Thai magic is a day to day magic and it is very practical.

Ghost Stories From Genting Highland VII (云顶鬼故事VII)

The Counting Game (数人游戏)

Have you heard this type of game before? Well, to others; this is a type of senseless spirit communication game liked by youths once upon a time.

This story went back till the time after my O Level exam. 

One week after the examination, a group of my friends and I, 7 girls and 7 boys decided to go to Genting Highland for a visit.

We checked into 1st World Hotel and though we spent the day together in the theme park,at night the boys decided to go to the casino to try out luck while the girls decided to stay in the hotel room to chat.

After a while, one of the girls, Lisa suggested that they played a type of spirit communication games. No one objected and the game hence started.

There were two beds in the room, so the girls managed to join the beds and all of them laid in the bed. So as to increase the effect of the game, the room lighting was dimmed until only the silhouette of the players can barely be identified.

Lisa rose up and started to count: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...

Then Mary who was beside Lisa continued: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...

Then Alice also counted: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...

The first round of counting went on pretty daunting for first few rounds until it was Lisa's turn again: She again counted 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...

Wait, this couldn't be correct. But Lisa thought it was only her mind that was playing the tricks in the dark.

Then Mary continued to count: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8!

Alice also counted 8 and there is apparently an additional person hiding within the girls. Who was the 8th person?

The counting game continued until the last person, that is the 8th person stood up... All the girls at once looked at she or rather 'it'. It has extremely long hair that covered the whole body. Though its face cannot be clearly viewed, its long sticking tongue did observe to be hanging out until waist level.

Lisa started to yell out 'pontianak!' (female vampire) and rushed out from the room... and the rest of the girls followed closely behind.

The girls were just on time to bang into the boys who came back from the casino. The gang entangled together and fell down on the door in the corridor.

After entangling ourselves, Lisa told us their ghostly experience but none of us wanted to believe. So, we accompanied the girls to their room and there we all saw 'it' waving at us outside of the window...

Needless to say, the 14 of us cramped into one room for that night until the next morning. And we skipped the breakfast and hasitily rushed down the Genting Highland first thing in the morning.

Ghost Stories From Genting Highland VI (云顶鬼故事VI)

Puppy From Hell (地狱狗)

Once my aunt went to Genting Highland with her family. My uncle was gambling in the casino; my cousin brother, James was playing computer games in the entertainment center while my aunt and my cousin sister was already resting in their hotel room.

Since the entertainment center closed at midnight, my cousin had to return to the room to rest.

According to James, he suddenly developed an uneasy feeling while he was opening the door. He felt there was a cold breeze followed him in but he thought that it was just his over active mind after hours of staring at the computer monitor.

After taking a quick shower, James hit the hay in another bed beside his mom and sister's.

About half an hour later, James heard something was scratching at the front door. So, he went to open the door and as soon as the door was opened, James saw a cute white color puppy wriggled at him.

Feeling surprised, James turned his back to call for his mom: "Hey, mom! Look what I found!"

"Oh! Shuht up and go to bed!" My aunt was too lazy to patronize his son.

James shrugged and before he was to turn his back and shut the door, the puppy was no where to be found.

James shrugged again, closed the door and returned to his bed.

Perhaps it was due to the excitement of computer games, James flipped and turned in his bed and he just couldn't sleep. Suddenly, he saw the mysterious white puppy jumped into his mom's bed and then started to jump up and down and over his mom and sister.

That has certainly agitated my aunt and she start scolding: "James! If you don't want to sleep, I want to!"

The commotion halted and the puppy vanished into thin air. James was feeling quite indignant as he has done nothing wrong but he couldn't explain what had happened.

After a while, James felt a fluffy stuff jumped into his bed and crawled into his blanket. Then he felt something was licking his soles and he felt itchy and giggled: "He! he! he! Stopped it!"

James's giggling voice has again agitated his mom and again she scolded: "Boy! If you don't want to sleep, go outside!"

Felling frustrated, James said: "It was the PUPPY!" 

At this point, my aunt came out from the bed, switched on the light and came to James's bed: "What PUPPY!? Your dad will learn of your mischievous behavior!"

Before James could open his mouth to argue, James, his mom and sister all heard some fierce gnawing and scratching sounds outside of the room. It sounded like a huge animal tried to enter into the room from outside.

The horrific sounds persisted for a few minutes and then suddenly halted following the noise of someone was opening the door... Panicked, my aunt picked up a drinking glass on the table and threw at the door as it begun to open.

A figure entered the room and it was my uncle... And the drinking glass missed my uncle's by a few inches and it hit the wall opposite the door and shattered.

Stunt, my uncle said: "Just because I came back late, you don't have to kill me... And, what was there a white puppy rushing out of the room?"

Of course, no one wanted to talk about the bizarre incident and the mysterious white puppy until they returned from Genting Highland.

Until today, my uncle still thinks that my aunt was angry at him because he has lost some money in the casino that night...

Friday, October 13, 2017

Ghost Stories From Genting Highland V (云顶鬼故事V)

The Woman Who Combs Her Hair (梳頭女郎)

About 5 years back and during a public holiday, my friend Paul and his colleagues decided to go to Genting Highland to try luck.

Since the gang didn't has the habit of trip planning, they found that the hotel has already fully booked. Just as before the disappointed folks decided on a returning journey, a hotel staff suggested that they should try the Ria Apartment. Well, since the place was purportedly to be haunted, not many brave heart ones dare to stay there and hence, there should be some empty units left even during peak seasons...

Though the suggestion was not really a welcoming one, the folks have no choice but to check the apartment out... and they were 'lucky' to find an empty unit waiting for them.

After Paul and his friens have unpacked, they were quite eager to try their luck in the casino. But Paul suddenly felt uncomfortable and he decided to take an early rest while his colleagues went to gamble.
There was nothing Paul could have done but to lay in the bed and self pitied for a while until he felt drowsy and dozed off.

After a while and in a state of haziness, Paul opened his eyes to look at his watch and it was around 1:30am. And, suddenly... he saw a woman in white sitting at the corner of his bed and combing her hair.

At first Paul thought that he was just dreaming so he continued to doze off...

When Paul awoke for the second time, it was around 3:15am and the woman was still combing her hair with her back facing Paul. Now Paul could have a clearer look at the stranger as she was just sitting so close to Paul that he could smell the scent of her perfume.

Now that Paul became so scared that all of his sleepiness has gone to nowhere. He could only pull up his blanket and hid underneath in the hope that the 'whatever the figure was' will go away while shivering.

After hiding in the blanket for sometime, Paul thought that the mysterious figure must be gone and he ventured his head out of the blanket and... now Paul saw a very pale face of a woman that came so close as he nearly kissed the face if he would move slightly more.

Then Paul heard a disembodied voice: "I have been waiting for so long... You are finally here..."

Paul was devastated and he hysterically jumped out from the bed and yelled out from the bottom of his lungs while rushing out of the room, and then the apartment to the main lobby.

There, Paul spent the rest of the night in a couch until his pals returned. All of them decided to return home first thing in the morning even though this is the first time Paul came to Genting without entering the casino.

Do you believe in Paul's story?

Care For Your Life (生命关照)

Many lives lost during school holidays or long holidays because these are times when we and our family members gathered together to spend time.

Having spent most of our times in the office or factory, most of us are oblivious on the approaching danger out there in the wilderness. 

Although there are many books on survival techniques in the wild, most of those techniques are not relevant to our local tropical environment.

I am not a survival course expert but just to mention a few points that could save you from approaching dangers that could spoil your holiday:


1. Avoid walking in the forest after heavy rainfall or on windy days. Tree branches may fall onto those passerby and cause serious injuries. Poisonous animals or insects may fall onto whoever was under the tree.


1. During rainy seasons, if you notice that water flows out from the edge of a slope and that there are signs of cracks on the wall of slope; then stay away from the slope as there are possibilities that landslide may occur.

Open area:

1. Avoid jogging or walking in an open area such as a recreational garden after or before rain as there are possibilities of lightning strike.


1. Torrential floods (山洪):

Torrential floods take many lives in Malaysia every year. It is best to avoid swimming in a river or picnic near river bank during rainy season. However if you must go to the river, there are tell tale signs if torrential flood will happen:

a. If once clear river water suddenly turned muddy accompanied by some tree branches and tree leafs. If gentle breeze is felt blowing from the upstream direction, then torrential flood is almost certain to occur.

b. If it is known that the upper stream of the river is experiencing heavy rainfall.

2. Leptospirosis (鼠尿病)

a. Avoid going into a river during dry season when the water is less as there are possibilities of leptospirosis infection. This is true if there are food stalls nearby the river bank. Animals such as rats or even monkey may not only bring leptospirosis but also leeches and the river may be contaminated by trashes thrown by other visitors.

On the road:

1. Avoid driving at night especially on rainy nights through woody areas. It is also best not to drive during 4am to 6am as this is the period that accidents tend to occur.

There are many more pointers to be added to the list as I have only just mentioned only a few based on my past experiences. Perhaps you can work out a list on your own and educate your loved ones so that at least dangers can be reduced to minimal.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Ghost Stories From Genting Highland IV (云顶鬼故事IV)

The Story Of Genting Staff Hostel

It was said that the hostel for Genting staff is comprised of 7 buildings. Among all, the 5th and 6th building were female hostel.

The 5th building was 24 stories tall and from ground floor to the 19th floor was the hostel for single ladies where 3 person sharing one room. Beyond 20th floor would be the hostel for managers or married staffs.

There were a total of 40 rooms in one floor with a lift lobby in the center.

My former schoolmate, Mary and Kate worked as temporary staff after their A Level examinations to earn some pocket money. Both of them lived in the hostel for single ladies in the 5th building.They shared one room with another lady stuff.

A strange incident occurred when Mary and Kate's room mate was on leave.

It was around 11pm at night and Mary and Kate were in bed about to sleep.

Just as when Mary was about to switch off the light,she heard someone was knocking at the front door. So, she went to open the door but found no one was outside or anywhere near it.

Though curious, Mary returned to her bed and about half an hour later; the strange knocking happened again. This time, Mary approached the door and peeped through the view port at the door but she see no one again.

She decided to ignored the knocking and continued to sleep.

The next morning, Kate fell sick. According to Kate, she saw Mary opened the door for the first time and a black shadow followed her in.

Before Kate could say anything, the black shadow has already jumped onto her and she immediately felt an immense pressure on her chest causing she difficult to breathe or even shout. Apparent Kate was experiencing some kind of hag-ride.

Kate's ordeal persisted until 5am or so and the pressure on Kate was suddenly lifted. By then Kate was feeling exhausted and she was quite sick and the company doctor decided to send Kate to the local district hospital.

With two of her roommates away, Mary was a little wary but there was nothing she could do but to spend most of her time outside until the time she was too tired to think of supernatural things.

Before Mary hit the hay, she prayed to whatever holy names she could remember and after double checking that all the doors and windows were secured, she switched off the light.

A few minutes later, sounds of door knocking was heard again. Only this time, the knocking seemed to come from inside of the room...

Mary pretended that nothing had happened and hid her head under a big pillow shivering.A few minutes later, she felt the blanket near her feet was being lifted and something was tickling her soles.

She immediately jumped up and there she saw an old man was smiling playfully at her while waving his fingers with long sharp nails.

Without giving a second thought, Mary gave out a sharp shriek and rushed towards the door towards the room of another colleague, Lucy.

Although Lucy and her roommates didn't quite believe Mary's story, they let her in and slept on the floor until dawn.

Early in the morning, Mary inspected her soles and saw a few bloody scratching marks...

Needless to say, Mary tendered her resignation immediately and returned to her hometown.
Kate has never returned as her grandma visited a spirit medium and Kate was advised not to 'go up the mountain' for her safety.

It was after many years that I heard this story being told to me by Mary herself.

So, beware of midnight knocking on your door! You might invited something into your house without your notice.