Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Intelligence Body Over Mind Matters (智慧体比思想物)

Conjuration is a complex and yet multi disciplinary exercise although common folks cannot see the value of conjuration especially the subsequent invisible product of the conjuration. 

The aim of conjuration is to call up a spirit so as to satisfy a magician's wish generally speaking. Of course with a condition that a powerful spirit must first be summoned and there are two problems associated with this: 

  1. Intelligence body vs mind work
  2. The quality of the spirit
I would only touch item one at this point.

There are three possibilities following a conjuration:

  1. Nothing happens
  2. An intelligence is present
  3. Result of our active imagination
Nothing happens

It is very normal that nothing will happen after a conjuration is made. This is particularly true for those folks that fall under the 'doer' group. This group of people do not have too much imagination or spiritual connectivity. This is not a bad thing as they are normally fast learner and a 'doer' is a quick learner so they normally do well in this mundane world.

An intelligence body

In some occasion, an intelligence is presence during or after a conjuration process. Common sign would be the magician will see white shadow moving across his/her vision, or he/she may also hear very high pitched voice and in some instances, the person will feel headache, hot or even cold. A more common scenario is that the magician will be visited by an entity during his/her dream. 

When the first time the magician sees the spirit he/she conjured, ask it to change in size or shape. If the entity remains as it is without any shape shift; then this is an intelligent body.

Our active imagination

Our mind is notorious for making up things especially in the dark and when the environment is quiet. This can also happen when we are too zealous in anticipating a fast result. There are ways to test if an entity is the result of our over vivid mind:

  1. If the entity can change in size or shape after being requested, then it is the product of our thought form.
  2. If we can converse with the entity and get immediate responses, then the entity is likely to be our thought forms either.
The dangers of these forms of mind games:

  1. We are likely to be out of sync to the outside world and likely feel depressed over time as our thought forms can only paint a beautiful picture contrary to the real situation.
  2. Even our mind created thought form will function up to certain extend over time. This makes the differentiation between an intelligence and thought form difficult.
In short, conjuration is an exercise to connect our mind to the other space and dimensions. It is quite safe so long as we are not defeated by our own mind first. Rest assure that those intelligent entities cannot stay in our mundane world for if they can; we are already besieged by demons and goblins by now.

In The Name Of God (奉真主的名)

The most powerful phrase in the Bible and the Holy Quran is none other than: In the name of God. Or in Arabic: Bismillah. This is undoubtedly true as it is the fact that the religion of God is followed by almost half of the world's population.

This story I am about to tell is true and it happened to me in my earlier years of magic practices. 

I used to have a few friends whom I used to consult and practise magic together. One of them is Chan, who was a Maoshan Taoist master in ghost magic and the 5 legionnaire armies (五营兵).

The other one was a Thai archan Kamseng who was a master in kid spirits. Archan Kamseng was an expert in making real 'lokkok' (dried human baby fetuses).

Both of my guru cum friends thought I was a wacko and they did take advantage of me at times but I just turned a blind eye just to maintain our friendship until...

One day, Taoist Chan was having tea with me in front of his small shrine. A businessman, John came to ask for help as this gentleman said his shop was haunted by some evil spirits.

So Master Chan thought he could show off his power and an appointment was made to visit John's premise.

We arrive at John's place in the evening. After letting us in, John locked us in and asked us to shout for the security guard outside if we needed to get out early or extra help.

After John left, we hurriedly setup a small altar with 5 small flags for the summoning of Chan's invisible armies to exorcise whatever evil spirits there were in the shop.

Suddenly there was a gust of strong wind came from nowhere and at the same time the shop lighting suddenly started to flicker and the fire sprinkler system burst. This couldn't happen at the worse timing as no candles or incense could be burnt.

Then strange knocking sounds were heard from all 6 directions: left, right, front, back, up and down. I can tell you that was pretty scary experience.

In a total wetness and in semi darkness, Master Chan couldn't summon his armies. He could only storm on his right foot so that his patron god could possess him to combat those seemingly more powerful entities.

Well, Master Chan did eventually got possessed and he went amok and took off his clothing. Looks like something has possessed Master Chan instead.

I was in a state of shock as my intention was to see Chan in action and now Chan has turned stripteaser, I started to call out holy names that I could remember until the magic phrace: In the name of God suddenly blurred out from my mouth. 

There was a long sighing sound I heard and soon the shop lighting returned to normal. I quickly contacted the security guards to send Master Chan to hospital.

A few days later, John came to visit Master Chan with a big donation. John said: "I want to show my gratitude for your big help. On that night, I dreamed many people came to me: young, old, male, female, Chinese, Indian, Malay, foreigners... They said they were expelled from my shop by an unseen force. After that, there is no disturbance anymore."

Of course, I let Master Chan took the credit as he still thinks until today that it was his patron god's help to overcome those trouble making spirits at John's place.

Another not so decent guru of mine was Archan Kamseng. Kamseng like to try his magic on me but for many times I just pretended that I didn't know what Kamseng was up to.

Perhaps I was really protected by my jinni and the Seal of Solomon, Archan Kamseng's mind control magic didn't seemed to work on me.

Once Kamseng gave me a said to be very powerful human baby fetus and he asked me to bring the thing with me all the time.

After a while, Archan Kamseng's attitude changed towards me. He started to chant mantra in front of me and command me to give him money. At first I complied as he wanted $36 to buy clothing for his baby spirits.

Then Kamseng started to order me to give him more money and I started to feel irritated and said to him: "In the name of God, take back your baby and leave me alone!"

A few months later, Archan Kamseng contacted me and asked me to leave him alone. I was surprised and asked him to elaborate. This was what he told me: "I know I have done wrong but can you stop bugging me? I saw you when I was digging a grave. I saw you in my house ransacking my belongings... Now I have tumors growing all over my faces!"

I was silent for a while and murmured: "It is definitely NOT me! Only God knows what!"

Of course, I am not influencing you to believe in God's religion. Ha ha ha!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Spiritual Entities Vs Other Issues (灵体或其他问题)

I am not the expert but after dealing with spirits for years I do have accumulated some know how on differences between distinguishing real entities and mental issues or hallucinations. 

The reason I share my knowledge here is that unfortunately speaking, when people have problems at first and they consulted a psychologist but only to receive the answer: "You are only stressed up! No problems."

Unsatisfied with the answers from psychologist as peoples' problems seemed to persist, they turned to spirit mediums and the answer is always unanimously: "You are possessed by not only one ghost, but many!!"

The educated you must have guessed what problems arose from the later: a lady would probably be molested, raped, got a divorce, family issues, losing money due to unnecessary exorcism rituals ... etc.

I am not exaggerating as those incidents had been reported in news and will continue to be reported so long as people are ignorant of what really troubled them.

For the ease of discussion, I will put the real entity and mental, drugs and behavorial into two topics:

First the spirit entities:

  1. Spirit entities normally stay in their own dimensions and seldom come into contact with our physical world. Only those newly deceased spirits would linger in this physical world until they see the light and move on to the other world. This is the reason why we could still feel the presence of our loved ones right after they have passed away. They presence would fade over the years slowly.
  2. Newly deceased spirits need to feed on energy to keep their vitality. The most likely way is that a new ghost will possess the outer rim of its relatives to survive. This explains why some sensitive folks feel someone is keeping an eye on them.
  3. With the human host as the sole energy source, there is no reason to ask a 'food source' to commit suicide or to die.
  4. Spirits of higher realms wouldn't bother to stay in our filthy physical world. So, they would just come and go very briefly; in the matter of seconds.
  5. Spirits of lower realms seek food offerings and shelter. We constantly dream of spirits approached us in our dreams for food offerings or requesting a 'house'. The 'datuk' spirit shrine can be found in abundance across Malaysia is just an example. So, they do not ask people to die too.
  6. Although it is true that spirit entities may affect our health when they stayed a little too long in our body. Still, they do not ask people to die.
  7. We may hear voices but voices of inferior spirits tend to be inaudible either high pitched or low pitched sounds. In this case, no one understands what they say.
  8. Spirit of higher order only speaks briefly such as: "Cannot do!", "Yes.", "No" or "Go". They will not nag beside our ears consistently and constantly.

Basically what is opposite to the above is not the doing of spirits.

Mental disorders and drugs:

  1. Mental disorders can cause hallucinations or hearing things. People can chop down another's head just because 'a voice' ask them to.
  2. Mental depression suffers can also act abruptly and in unexpected situation. For example: My friend's mom suddenly jumped down from her 2nd floor apartment for no apparent reasons.
  3. Drugs especially ecstasy pills can cause a person to be not his/her normal self.
  4. Alcohols can be a cause uncontrolled behavior.
  5. Impulsive behaviors such when a person is extremely furious, he/she too will act as if being possessed by a demon.

Unfortunately speaking, there is no research and efficient and a legal way to diagnose if a person is having a mental issue or a real spiritual issue at the moment.

Conjuration Of Biblical Entities (召唤圣灵)

The biblical entities I have conjured are an identified angel and the Lilith. Of course, both of them didn't and wouldn't appear together for heaven's sake.

Conjuration of biblical entities would give a magician a new experience as those holy entities tend to be more quiet than entities of other traditions according to my own experience.

Unlike other traditions, either good spirit or otherwise as described in the Bible; those entities do not like to materialize in front of a summoner very often. Even their appearance only last for a few seconds leaving only a sentence or two.

I have only seen an unknown huge angle emitting green and white light with a very bright face. He was holding a shield and a spear when I summoned him on a seashore in Oman facing Arabian Sea.

It happened when I was still a sailor and my ship moored near an oil rig. While waiting to be sent home after my service contract expired, I was temporarily put up with a sailor's quarter by the sea. 

Having nothing to do then, I took out my Seal of Solomon and recited some prayers..Nothing happened at first, so I just stood quietly admiring the beautiful Arabian Sea. Suddenly I noticed a translucent huge figure appeared in the sky. 

The figure looked like an angel of some sort. The figure only lasted for a few seconds and faded following a gust of sea breeze.

The other entity I have summoned is the Lilith. Like the angle I saw, Lilith didn't appear to me until many years later.

It was a sunny morning, I was wiping my Seal of Solomon in my house in Penang and the figure of a very pretty lady with her lower body being serpent like suddenly appeared in the middle of the air twisted and turned in a clockwise direction.

The apparition also lasted for a few seconds with some advisory words to me perhaps hinting me to stop complaining. Later I heard her voice again when I started to plant some frankincense seeds.

Both entities only appeared to me once for all. I supposed they are still keeping an eye on their mortal summoner until today.

My impression on the angle and Lilith is that: The good one didn't look too good while the evil one didn't behave very evil either. I did summon other entities but none appeared to me as yet.

As far as I know, in order to summon an ancient entity of some status; the best way is to use so-called the 'oath bound' object such as a ring or a seal passed down by a previous master. 

Personally I use the 'Seal of Solomon' to summon those biblical entities. If the condition allows, I also use white or black candles. And the incense is also of importance. Most entities would answer the call when true frankincense is burnt. I don't use blood as blood will certainly attracts entities of lower realm.

Although there are a lot of information concerning angel and demonic entities summoning in the intranet, those methods may or may not attract the real being judging from my own trials.

A very notable difference is that occult sources refer Lilith as 'very lustful spirits' but the one I saw looked quite decent and peaceful; and no seduction attempt was made to me either.

So I would think the best way is to find an oath bound item instead of conjuring the DIY way for safety reasons. Unless of course, we know what entities come to answer our call.

Logically speaking, authentic ancient entities are too high and mighty to serve human. They have more important things to do and unless absolutely necessary, those spirits of higher realm should not appear before us so to speak. So, if we find an entity we summoned claimed to be an angle but he continued to bug us persistently, then something must be wrong.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Kundalini Psychosis (走火入魔)

In fact, there is no parallel term for the Chinese 'zou huo ru mo' (走火入魔) or simply qigong psychosis (气功错乱) to the Western world. This term is most probably closely related to 'demonic possession' in Christianity or other religions. The kundalini psychosis is another term given to this situation but both are not quite the same though.

A yoga practitioner will suffer extreme fever, headache, hallucination or become crazy if his or her kundalini has risen too fast from the base chakra to the crown chakra. This condition maybe caused by over concentration during meditation and that the practitioner has jumped steps in bringing up the serpent power within him/her.

The basic remedy for kundalini psychosis is that the patient must stop his meditation and instead practise yoga posture especially the corpse position to disperse those overheated energies. Some herbs such as camphor maybe applied on the forehead for cooling too depending on the yoga tradition.

The Chinese qigong psychosis also refers to the incorrect qigong practices causing temporary mild mental illness that can become permanent mental depression or serious mental problems over time if untreated or mistreated. This syndrome is common for those who practise meditation for an extended time.

Qigong psychosis is most common in the 70's and 90's when China opened to the world. In brief, qigong practices is a type of breathing exercises prevailed in mainland China then before spread to the whole world. We do not see people overly engrossed in qigong exercises nowadays.

Just to elaborate a little, there are two types of qigong practices: the active and the passive. The active exercises are just slow physical exercises and relatively harmless. The passive ones would involve in meditative type of mental exercises similar to the Taoist meditation.

If you are not aware, Taoist meditation basically works by first accumulating the 'chi' (气) in lower abdomen technically called 'dantian' (丹田). When the accumulation of 'chi' is sufficient, this 'chi' will move from 'dantian' upwards from lower spinal cord towards the top of the head and then the 'chi' would descend via the front back to 'dantian'. This is termed as one 'minor heavenly cycle'.

The circulation of the 'chi' must be done with concentration (意) and practitioner gave this another term: fire (火). When the concentration is relaxed, we call it 'mild fire' (文火). Likewise when the concentration is intense, then the 'fierce fire' (武火).

Back to the term qigong psychosis (走火入魔). With a new understanding that the fire element refers to our concentration, it is clear now that 'zou huo ru mo' actually refers to the 'demonic possession due to overly concentrated'.

The conventional Taoist meditative practices are relatively harmless but with the additions of spiritual and visualization elements of Buddhist rituals; the problems of 'chi' become more complex. Not only the practitioner must visualize the flowing of 'chi', he/she must also imagine the presence of gods and goddesses; in addition to making hand gestures and chanting mantras.

Since our mind can only do one thing at one time, our 'chi' became dispersed all over our body and especially concentrated in our heads. This situation caused hallucinations, headache, eyesore, sore throat or mental depressions.

In a broader sense, qigong psychosis also evident to those folks who became over engrossed in certain interests. For example a gambler would waste all his/her money in gambling though this person knows that his/her chances of winning is almost next to zero.

Likewise, a super faithful religious follower is very likely to be attacked and possessed by the so-called devil. I attribute this due to the follower's hidden psychological needs and attention seeking.

Also, during general elections, we can see our decent and polite friends suddenly became hatred churning machines throwing out hatred and sarcastic remarks towards political candidates that they dislike. Luckily those folks automatically returned to ordinary amicable people immediately after the general elections. All those fanatic behaviors can also be termed as some sort of qigong psychosis too.

So, whether if it is the case of kundalini psychosis or qigong psychosis or even 'demonic possessions'; those syndromes not only happened during spiritual practices but also in our daily lives. The challenge to the professionals now is to differentiate those type of psychosis from real mental illnesses and provide proper treatments.

Magic Without A Goal (无为的法术)

Out of 100 seeds, only one seedling survived after Lilith's voice was heard. I called this frankincense seedling as the 'gift of Lilith'. 

Many people come to me to learn about magic but their enthusiasm lasts for a few months.

Yet, more people come to me for magic that could womanize. The one that gave the deepest impression is a monk from Indonesia who wanted to learn Phra Ngan (Casanova magic) for God known reasons.

I still receive many requests to learn magic but I decided not to entertain any of the requests as I have no time to meet visitors due to my work.

Just to answer those same old questions into one: Is magic real?

My standard answer is always: Magic is as real as your religions!

Perhaps I am qualify to say this as I have involved in magic and also religions.

It is not a secret that I am practising Tibetan Buddhism. One of my morning and evening practices are the invocation of Marici or the goddess of light.

I have prayed to Marici for over 30 years and she has looked after me well with a trouble free life.

Of course, the blessing of Marici is bestowed without me asking for worldly power and wealth. All just came in time and in need.

In magic wise, the sum of money I spent could buy a house in Penang nowadays. 

At first I asked for money and power but none came for 30 odd years until one day I saw Lilith herself appeared in front of me.

Lilith twisted and turned her body in the mid of the air in front of me and sang: "Ask nothing and you will have what you are destined to have!"

Years later I planted some frankincense seeds but the seedlings died withing days.

As I was feeling depressed, the familiar voice of Lilith echoed in the air: "Look again in the morning!"

I woke up in the morning and saw two seed germinated! Although only one frankincense seedlings survived to date.

I named this seedling as the 'gift of Lilith'.

The help of Lilith arrived without asking.

So, if you still wonder why your magic does not work; remember this: Unless you treat your magic ritual as real as yourself and maintain your perseverance over your lifespan, and that you are willing to invest your hard earned money without asking too much on the return of your investment; you will not see any results!

I have seen magic in my life, it is not a joke. Stop asking, get real and continue to work hard.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

New Look On Demons In Religions (新解宗教中的魔)

According to Buddhism, there are four types of demons: 

  1. Skandha-mara (五蕴魔): troubles due to five senses.
  2. Klesa-mara (烦恼魔):  troubles due to greed, hatred, ignorance etc.
  3. Mrtya-mara (死魔): deaths.
  4. Deva-putra-mara (天子魔): almost equivalent to the Devil. 

It is said also that except for those profound dharma practitioners, ordinary folks like you and me will not have a chance to come across the deva-putra-mara so to speak.

The first three 'mara' or demons are actually phenomena caused by the imbalance and disharmony of our mortal mind due to the impact of the external environments. In another words, the those demons are actually man-made' and they are the products of our troubling mind.

It is commonly believed in most of the mundane world religions that 'trial by demons' (魔考) is a must if a person wished to progress in his or her spiritual path or to be allowed into the heaven. In fact, if we take away those antagonistic evil elements; most of our major and minor religions cannot stand or attract followers to donate and repent for their sins.

Hence, demons to me, is a cleaver imaginary items devised by religious folks to deceive and control those ignorant followers so that people would fear of making sins and willing to bow to religious leaders' worldly greed and intentions.

Demonic or gods possessions are in fact a form of  'sexual repression' in modern terms. Or the phenomena is caused by the morbid psychology of afraid of losing something of great importance, or wanting something but unable to. When this condition occurs, hallucinations will result. In another words, the person will start to see things and believes that he or she is possessed by 'demons' or 'gods'.

To me, the so called 'demons' in our modern time, are actually various state of our consciences and the guilt of breaking ethics. In another words, we are trialed by our own mind. This mind trials became most noticeable during our meditations, when we feel lonely or in the dead of the night when the environment is quiet.

We are in fact consistently being trialed by our own consciences against our daily behaviors. It is these types of introspection of our minds that consistently throw our inner mind to off balance. To the ordinary folks, his type of inner mind struggles could haunt them for the entire life until they have mental breakdowns.

Many religions folks or those without knowledge in psychology like to lump mental depressions into demonic possessions and said that the sufferers are sinned and they must repent or donate money to the temple for merit creations. Actually speaking, this so-called 'demonic possession' could also occur in not so religious occasions too.

For example: when a person is too engross in doing a mundane interests like plants collections or gambling, his or her behavior behaves as if being possessed by demons. A plant collector I know has his house stuffed with various plants until no place to walk. A gambler would burn all his money in gambling as if mad.

So, my friend, isn't it a wonderful world out there to explore? Why bugged down by the demons created by religious people and throw away all your money and even family for the perceive sacred cause? Think about it.