Friday, January 30, 2015

Cursed Movies That Killed (被诅咒的电影)

There are some movies believed to be cursed; at least to their actors. For example, the movie ‘Exorcist’ was said to have killed at least 9 peoples. Another movie ‘Poltergeist” also said to have caused some actors to die in tragedies. Other movies in the list are: Superman, Twilight Zone and etc.


Well, those were the movies from the western world. In Hong Kong entertainment circle however, two movies are said to be cursed and caused the death of 3 famous actors: Danny Chan (陈百强), Paul Chung (钟保罗) and Leslie Cheung (张国荣). These two movies are: Encore (喝彩) in 1980 and Trial (失业生) in 1981.


All of the 3 actors had died of unnatural causes:


Paul Chung committed suicide on September 1989 also by jumping off a building purportedly due to his gambling debt. There were some reports of ghost sightings after his death. A teacher who has taken over Paul’s apartment has reported of seeing the image of Paul every time he switched on the TV. This incident has caused quite a commotion in the entertainment circle. Another report was that Paul’s image was seen in a TVB musical special.


Danny Chan was said to have suffered from brain damage and fell into comma after consuming alcohol with medicine in May 1992. He subsequently died in October 1993. He has never regained consciousness.


Leslie Cheung committed suicide on April 2003 by jumping off the 24th floor of Mandarin Hotel. There were some reports of people saw Leslie’s apparition in the vicinity of where he has fallen to death.


Perhaps the name of both of the movies brought bad omen as ‘Encore’ supposed to mean ‘repeating’ and ‘Trial’ in Chinese means ‘jobless’. In both cases the deaths came in 3 hence ‘encore’; three people were made ‘jobless’.


Anyway, that was an old urban legend of old Hong Kong entertainment circles. Perhaps there are more cursed Asian movies out there? If you know any, please share with us if possible J!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Curse Of Rice Stem Manikin (稻草人诅咒术)

Taoist sorcerers are not the only persons who like to use rice stem manikin to perform rituals: healing or cursing the like. An old Taoist once told me that the effect of rice stem manikin is much better than the paper manikin or the like.


Likewise, Japanese Shinto sorcerers also make use of rice stem manikins for their rituals. The ritual I am interested here is the curse of rice stem manikin. Basically the Japanese style is pretty simple: a typical form is to nail a 5” nail into the heart of the rice stem manikin and then into a large tree trunk. This is a curse meant to bring disaster to an intended person which is said to be in existence since 710AD, during the period of Nara Era (奈良时代) until today.


It is believed that women at that time commonly employ this type of cursing method to treat those who have jilted them. Perhaps this was the only way to express their anger of that time.


The mode of operandi is quite similar though not all manikins are made of rice stems; it could be carved out from wood too.  The most important ingredient is of course is the name and personal particulars of the person to be cursed must be inserted into the manikin. After that the person must perform the nailing down of the manikin between 2am~3am. This is the period of 'chou' (丑时), hence some people also call this ritual as 丑时的参谒or literarily “paying homage during chou hours”.


The woman who wants to perform this ritual must wear all white and she must go to a huge three beside a Shinto shrine. Then she shall press the manikin onto the tree trunk and start cursing by singing out loud her hatred. When she felt she has had enough of cursing, she shall take a 5” iron nail and strike it into the heart of the manikin. This ritual must be performed for 7 consecutive days.


Proponents believe that the victim shall suffer from extreme bad luck and even death may entail. Until fairly recently, manikins can still be found on some tree trunks at isolated areas in Japan.


Other variation is to nail a manikin on a Chestnut tree trunk with iron nails shall kill a person in relative short time. Yet another form is to throw cursed manikin onto or under the bed of the target; some even nail the manikin on the main door; or another method I heard is that the image of the person is drawn onto the floor and then nails are hit in the heart of the drawing.


The above cursing method is meant on 1:1 basis; i.e. when the target is known, there is yet another method meant for causing harm to an unknown target or a group of people… We shall see later.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Measuring Magic Performance In Dollar & Cents

It is perhaps at the end of my magical journey after some 30 years of involvement. One aspect that still haunts me and many others is how to measure performance of magic in dollar and cents.


For one thing if a person just reads and perhaps try a ritual or two without investing considerably amount of money and effort; then I can almost guarantee that this person shall not have any results for however long time he/she has been involving in magic. Provided that his/her magic is inherited or in the family bloodline, then this person is the blessed one as not much money needs to be invested but only time and effort.


In my case, I have figured out some rough numbers just for discussion purposes:


Total investment, Mi = 300,000

Total monetary gain, Mg = 30,000

Total non-monetary gain = K


So, the formula for measuring magic performance is as follows:


Mg = Mi / 10 + K (in 10 years time)


From the formula, it takes 10 years of my lifetime just to gain $30k from magic plus countless of non-monetary gains: protections, disaster avoidance, health etc.


It also means that if one invests $1,000 in magic, he/she can only gain $100 back in dollar and cents; but the non-monetary value is something that cannot be measured as one disaster could wipe off a person’s life saving or cause the person to lose his/her family!


It also mean that the return of 10% of money invested is over a fairly long time, for example 10 years or so. In my case, it was only after 30 years and countless of effort and time involving in performing magical research.


It would be good if anyone can come out with another better mathematical model as I am not a mathematician and my research is merely based on my love of magic. Now, maybe I would rephrase my saying of “magic don’t work” to “magic can work” if and only if one have enough money and lifespan to spend. For the rest, religion is perhaps the best choice; and a cheaper one too!


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kokkuri San & Ghosts (狐狗狸仙与鬼)

Kokkuri San is a type of traditional Japanese game similar to the western Ouija board. But as its name implies, this is a game related to calling animal spirits namely the fox. However it can also be used to summon any spirits up for communication. There are many undesirable incidents attributed to Kokkuri San in Japan. For example, in Hyoga Prefecture, 18 high school girls were hospitalized in June 2013 believed to be related to Hokkuri San. Many countries in the world have banned this type of seemingly harmless game. Basically the Japanese version of Kokkuri San is the same as with other types of Ouija Board but it is normally played by two persons.


I was asked to survey a piece of land in Southern Johor by a Japanese investor, so together with an interpreter and two representatives off we went to the worksite. After a day’s work, we were caught in a heavy rain; so we had to seek shelter in a temporary office at the site.


It was getting dark but the rain wasn’t like it will cease soon, so I pulled a chair and took a nap in one corner of the office. The interpreter was engaging in a long conversation with his girlfriend over the phone. The two Japanese representatives were quite restless as there weren’t too many entertainments around and they pulled out a piece of blank paper and started to write some characters on it.


After a while one of them lighted one cigarette and then put a coin on top of the paper. Each of them put their middle fingers onto the coin and they started to chant: “Kokkuri San, Kokkuri San, if you are present, please move this coin…”


It was perhaps after 10 minutes or so, the coin started to move and both of our friends seemed to have indulged in the game. Strange things happened after a while, one of the player started to utter a series of sentences while the other player began to weep in a woman’s voice.


The interpreter and I were stunned for a while, and then I asked the interpreter:


Me: “Hey, what was he saying?”


Interpreter: “Oh, A San was saying that how much he missed his girlfriend and that he was sorry for not returning home on time…”


After another while, the one who weeps started to say something and the interpreter continued: “B San said it is good to have someone remembered her still…”


Gradually I felt something wasn’t right, so I asked to interpreter to speak in Japanese to the thin air asking whatever there were present there to end the conversation for the fear that prolonged conversation might lead to spirit possession. This is the most undesirable case out there without any help.


Luckily, whatever were there were quite obedient. A San and B San regained consciousness as if they were in a long slumber. I was just glad that nothing bad happened. Perhaps the spirits were a Japanese couple who were separated due to WWII. I could only guess.

Monday, January 26, 2015

When Death Is Imminent (当死神来临时)

The Chinese has a saying that goes like:



“If the Lord of Hell desires a person to die at 3am, no one dares to keep him/her till 5am.”


Believe it or not when a person is destined to die, many obstacles would present to hasten his/her death?


My neighbor, the late Mr. Lee in Ipoh was pretty healthy with no serious health issues. One night he suddenly suffered from heart attack and his wife tried all methods to call the ambulance service but the line just couldn’t get through.


It was only that when Mr. Lee gave out the last puff of his breath that the phone line finally cleared. By the time an ambulance finally got to Mr. Lee, he was pronounced death.


As recalled later by Mrs. Lee, she said that it seemed someone or something was blocking the line even though she has made many calls. You may attribute that to one’s bad karma or the person’s past life debtors came to take his life away. The fact is that, when it is time; no other means can save this person.


Another urban legend was about a late Hong Kong artist, Danny who was in comma for 17 months after he has drunk alcohol and medicine together.


A version of story I heard was that the drinks was passed to Danny by his good buddy J. Hence J was blamed for causing Danny’s death indirectly.


Again when J recalled later, he said that there was a disembodied voice instigating him to pass the alcohol to Danny. As J could remember, the voice said:


“Only if you pass this glass of alcohol to Danny, all his problems will be solved!”


J also said that at that night, he seemed to be controlled by a mysterious force and that he just followed what was ordered by the disembodied voice. Well, true enough, after drinking the alcohol, all of Danny’s worldly problems are solved in an undesirable way.


I am not going to preach, but if you have not done what you wanted in this life; then do that as soon as you have the opportunity. For your love ones may not be with you when you have the time.

The Cursed Ramen Stall:Aoandō (青行灯)

According to my friends, there is a lesser known story about Aoando that spawned from Edo period (江户时代). As I heard that even up to today, many Japanese still believe in curses hence no wonder why the spirits are so vengeful in Japan. There is a story that told to me regarding a cursed ramen (拉面) stall that believers say it still operates until today.


Many Japanese like to eat a bowl of hot ramen in the street. This is especially true during cold days. If you didn’t try the street ramen, then it is said that you haven’t to Japan. But there is another type of ramen stall that you should never try for it is operated by demonic entities.


This type of ramen stall would have a green lantern hung out in front the stall but there is no one to look after the store. But if anyone who ventures to take the green lantern to light up inside of the store, then an old man shall come out to greet the potential customers.


At this point, knowledgeable folks would just turn their head and walk out of the store without turning their heads. But if unwary visitors stay on in the store, the stall owner will serve everyone a big bowl of ramen.


If the customers do consume the ramen, then they shall be cursed and many unfortunate incidents would happen to these ramen customers. The very person who told me this story of demonic ramen stall said that his father was once visited this type of store after attending the company function.


He came across a ramen stall with a green lantern in the midst of thick fog. Due to curiosity he stopped over and found that inside the store was pitch black so the old man took out his torchlight to shine inside and an eerie sound came out from the dark: “Do you want a bowl of special ramen?”


Since my pal’s dad just had a sumptuous company dinner, he had no mood to eat further, so he just declined politely: “Sorry for bothering… I shall be on my way…”


As soon as the old man stepped out of the stall, he heard a shrieking sound that would raise the goose bumps of anyone who heard it: “Hehehe… lucky soul, I just missed one for my collection!”


My pal’s father instinctively turned his head and to his horror, the ramen stall has vanished but a green lantern was hovering at a distance of 10 feet from him. So he ran as fast as he could until he reached a street lamp pole, when the old man turned his head again, the green lantern was no more.


While I cannot guarantee if you will go into a demonic ramen stall in the street; it is better be careful than sorry.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Concerning The Four Demonic Times (四魔时)

There are four demonic times that many people do not aware of. Basically a beginner in Taoist magic or Tantric practitioners should not begin his/her meditation practice during these times. If you still do not believe me, then please do a research on the below timing and you will agree with me that during these hours, accidents and mishaps tend to happen:


·         2300hrs to 0100hrs

·         1100hrs to 1300hrs

·         1700hrs to 1900hrs

·         0500hrs to 0700hrs


Midnight is when Yin energy turns to Yang and the water element is at its peak. Noon is when the Yang energy turns to Yin and the fire element is at its peak. In old China, the emperors would execute prisoners at noon time to prevent the dead souls from seeking revenge.


6pm is when the metal element is at the peak, so people gets more aggressive and tends to involve in fight. Coincidentally, 6pm is also when most of factory and office workers return from work.


6am is ruled by wood element, at this time people started to open their eyes heading to work. Since not everyone have a good night sleep, coupled with night shift workers returning from a hard night’s work; accidents tend to occur during this time too.


In Chinese occult science, we call the above timing Zi (), Wu (), Mao () and You (). These timings are when the elemental forces: water, fire, wood and metal elements are at their peaks. Hours following the 4 peaks are the 4 graves (). The graves refer to the subsiding of the elemental force hence activities would come to rest.


People who stay in urban areas will agree with me that the above timings see massive traffic jams daily. And that anyone who travels during the above 4 demonic times of a day is more likely to meet with traffic incidents too.


It is also said that if a beginner started to meditate on the 4 demonic timing, then chances are that this person is likely to be disturbed by spirits or even possessed! Though the above demonic timings are not popularly known, the consequences are pretty severe. Please don’t treat them likely.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

First Experience With Japanese Yurei (首遇日本幽灵记)

My first impression of a Japanese Yurei that possessed a lady was that it is very different from all other spirits that I have seen and know of. For once, the impression I got was that this special Yurei was full of hatred and unlike other spirits that I have seen; it is not so easy to deliver this Yurei to the other side…


The story begins with a friend of mine brought me to see a 26-year old lady who was said to be possessed. When we arrived at the lady’s place, her hubby came out to greet us and the lady just sat in a corner quietly. I almost couldn’t believe that the person I saw was 26 years old as she looked like 50 years old to me!


After talking to the lady’s hubby to understand some background of her possession, we started to communicate with the Yurei. My friend acted as a translator as I don’t speak Japanese:


Me: “Where are you from?”


Yurei: “It is none of your business…”


(It is strange that the voice came directly from inside of the lady as she just kept her eyes and mouth shut. It was quite eerie as in other possession cases the possessed actually open their mouths to speak.)


Me: “If you don’t speak out, I shall cast you out!”


(The Yurei silent for a while and I kept the threatening words… and finally…)


Yurei: “Kamakura…”


(At this point, the lady’s hubby said that the lady was in Kamakura for visiting and they had been to Yagura caves (曼陀罗堂遗迹) for visits.)


Me: "Do you want to go to the other side?"


Yurei: "It is none of your business..."


(She kept repeating her words. So I tried to deliver the Yurei spirit using Phowa.)


Me: "Phat! Phat! Phat! Go now, go!"


(I judged from the lady's expression that the Yurei was resisting going to the other side. I had to use a more forceful manner... So I took out of my bone mala and call upon Yamantaka.. After a while, it seemed that the Yuri that possessed the lady had left and she opened her eyes.)


Me: “How are you doing madam?”


Lady: “Tired…”


Me: “The spirit has just left for now. But for your protection, it is best to find a Shinto priest to perform a ceremony suited to the Yuri’s position.”


Perhaps the Yurei was a person of status and that he had died of violent death. Due to the nature of his death and the shame the Yurei bears during life time; the hatred energy was so immense that it was not ready to be delivered after a long time. In whatever cases, I would need to double or triple my effort to deal with this type of spirits; luckily the ones in SEA are not so bad as most of them only wanted to be delivered…


It was indeed a culture shock dealing with Yurei… Maybe we shall meet in future! In Kamakura perhaps.


Hanako That Haunts Toilets (厕所里的花子)

My Japanese friends seem to have phobia in visiting public toilets at night. According to them, they are afraid of Hanako, a spirit that haunts toilets in Japan. It is said that this poor girl died in a toilet for some reasons and only to be discovered by others days later after she passed away. So the restless spirit of this girl keeps haunting Japanese toilets until today. Although I couldn’t understand why one particular spirit can be all encompassing and that it can haunt so many Japanese toilets across the country.


According to what was told to me, my friends would always check for the last cube in public toilets to see if the door of the cube is shut at night. If the door of last cube is indeed shut, then my pals rather piss elsewhere than venture to release themselves for the fear of coming face to face with this horrific Hanako.


There are some taboos when using a public toilet at night in Japan following the fear of Hanako spirit:


First, one should not look above at the ceiling when the person is doing his/her business in a toilet. This is to prevent the accidental view of Hanako on the ceiling board. People believe that Hanako would attach itself onto the ceiling board and it would let those who didn’t see it go; but Hanako would harm those who accidentally see it. So, it is a big no-no to look at the ceiling in toilets!


Second, one must not call Hanako's name while doing business in the toilet. Or in that matter, when the person hears his/her name being called by someone; then it is best not to respond. Otherwise his/her soul shall be made slave by Hanako and this person shall become mad due to the lost of soul.


Thirdly, one must not look into the toilet mirrors for the fear of inadvertently seeing the reflection of Hanako. It is said that anyone who sees Hanako in toilet mirrors, then his/her soul shall be trapped inside the mirror and again; this unfortunate person shall be insane.


Well, I am no fans of Hanako but old Chinese believe that toilet is a place full of Yin energy and that spirits like to stay in toilets that are damp and dark. I would frown at toilets that have water marks on the wall or ceiling; as that would be a sign that the place might be haunted. Although I am a little unsure if Hanako would travel to Malaysia and haunt the local toilets too?


Anyway, if you have come across anything similar to Hanako in local toilets, please drop me a note and share with us!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Haunted Hotel In Ginza (银座鬼旅店)

My friend is a miko or a Shinto witch in Japanese. She once told me that there is a haunted hotel in Ginza that is formerly an abandoned hospital. You will notice it once you are in one of its lifts as the size of the lift is a little ‘oversized’. It is said that these lifts used to transport the sick in and out of operating theatres or to transport the dead to the morgue.


Another friend of mine, Janet who is an air hostess serving one of the renowned airline plying between KL and Tokyo has this to say about this special hotel:


“As my work requires it, I was once put up in this haunted hotel for a week or so due to extremely bad weather. My room was situated at the last room at the end of the 4th floor, my room number was 414. Although I wasn’t superstitious, the number 414 gave me the creeps… You know, 4-14 means “die, sure die” in Cantonese.


Well, my first night in the hotel was quite peaceful except that I thought I heard many footstep sounds in the corridor in the midnight. It didn’t bother me a bit as it was a norm for people to move in and out of the hotel at night due to flight schedule change.


Strange things started to occur the next night. I thought I heard some knocking on my room door, I thought it was my college who wanted to inform me of my flight schedule. So I opened the door and to my surprised that there weren’t anyone there though I did felt a gust of wind blew into the room.


I didn’t give it much thought and return to my bed. The odd thing was that the temperature of my room suddenly dropped to freezing point. There was icy air blowing onto my neck and cheek as if the room window is opened since outside was having snow storm.


At one point I was so agitated that I strived to crack open my eye lids and to my horror, I saw the face of a lady as white as the snow blowing cold air from her mouth towards me…


I was then frozen stiff as if an ice log… my mind went blank but I remembered my late grandma so I tried all effort to squeeze the strength for a shout for life: “Ah Mah! Help me!” I lost consciousness and when I finally woke up, it was already 10am in the morning.


Later in the day, I caught hold a housekeeping maid and asked her if she knew any history of my room. The maid quietly led me to a corner and whisper near my ear: “You know madam, few years back during severe winter such as of now; a lady was frozen to death after being trapped in a snow storm just outside of this hotel. The body of this lady was temporary stored in your room waiting for a coroner. She was quite a beautiful lady but she was frozen solid and that she was as white as the snow outside…”


On hearing that, my heart was frozen icy cold, for that was the lady I saw blowing cold air onto my neck and cheek! I immediately packed up my belongings and rather spent my own money to stay in another hotel just opposite street.”

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Japanese Kumanthong: Zashiki (座敷童子)

Do you believe that the Japanese also believe in kid spirits? Folks in Aomori-ken (青森縣), Miyagi-ken (宮城縣), Akita-ken (秋田縣) and a few Northeastern provinces believe that there is a type of kid spirit known as ‘Zashiki’ when present in a house or store, can bring good luck and wealth.


According to folk belief, a Zashiki acts like a Thai Kumanthong and that it likes to play pranks to people in the house. Common description of Zashiki is that it looks like a 5~15 year old kid. The boy spirit would wear black kimono while the girl spirit wears red kimono. At times, there may be several Zashiki spirits present. But this description is not absolute.


Believers say that Zashiki spirits are very naughty, at times they may leave small foot prints on the floor, they would also make noise such as the noise of furniture dragging on the floor or TV may be turned on for no apparent reasons. These spirits may also whisper near people’s ears. They are also being described as fond of making fun of unwary visitors at night such as jumping in the guest’s bed, pulling his/her legs or even applying pressure onto a person’s chest and causing bad dreams.


It is said that Zashiki likes to play and sing with kids. However, Zashiki spirits can only be seen by kids only; adults may only perceive their presence through their disembodied laughter or voice in the air. An interesting aspect is that Zashiki spirits are also fond of appearing in kid’s photo. It is actually a norm in Japan to find unknown translucent image of kids appeared when a group of children is taking photos.


When adults found their kids talk to thin air, or when the kids tell their parents that they have invisible play mates; then people believe that their kids were interacting with Zashiki. This is common in Japan but I think it would give any parents the creeps in the western world!


Some people believe that it is a good omen when they see white Zashiki entering their house, but it is a bad omen when red Zashiki leave their house. In case you also like to keep or attract Zashiki spirits, you may perform the following:


First, you should prepare a photo of Zashiki according to your preference: boy or girl. Then you must cook some small bean rice and offer to Zashiki every day. After a while, the small bean rice should reduce in quantity or your luck would not be too good in near future. Other folks also offer fruits and toys and they also specially prepare a small house for the spirits; interestingly, this is the same as with anyone who worships a Thai Kumanthong.


Some scholars believe the origin of Zashiki spirits are the spirits of murdered kids who were then buried under a house. It was said that in old Northwestern part of Japan, when the living was difficult, poor folks would murder excess kids to alleviate their living pressure. These killed kids would be buried under the kitchen. Some of the remains of these unfortunate kids were exposed after landslides or floods hence folks thought the kids actually emerged from the floor.


Monday, January 19, 2015

English No Can Do In Bitch Hotel (星式魔鬼旅店)

In case you wondered where did I disappeared to during these few days…


A developed nation is celebrating its 50th anniversary and my bro and I happily went to feel the atmosphere of this joyful occasion. Due to the fact that we didn’t want to disturb our local friends, my bro booked a room in Bitch Hotel for a two nights and three days stay. So we happily checked in the Bitch Hotel in the afternoon on the 17th January.


Everything went on smoothly until the next morning when we were about to go out to meet our friends. Then an Indian housekeeping lady came and asked us:


“Sirs, are you checking out today?”

We answered:


“No. Tomorrow, 19th January.”

The lady said:




When we returned at night at 10PM or so, we found our room 5015 was already taken by someone, so we went to the receptionist. To our surprised to find all our belongings including the worn underwear were chucked along the corridor…


We asked the Chinese receptionist lady:


“Aunty, what happened to our room 5015?”


The Chinese aunty said:


“I thought the Indian lady said you want to check out…”


I was a little irritated and replied:


“No. I didn’t say that. Whoever she is, just fire her…”


The Chinese aunty switched the topic:


“You only booked until today, 19th January…”


At this point, one of our friens barged in:


“Hello aunty, today is only 18th January lo!”

(My bro passed the aunty the room booking record…)


The Chinese aunty kept silence and slipped the printout several times and said finally and reluctantly:


“Hmm… (Reluctantly) You are right… but your room is taken by Angmo (White), I can only ‘move’ you to another hotel… (apparently this lady is a little discriminate between Asian and Angmo)…


I said, “Okay. (Everyone was tired after a long day so no choice)


So we moved to another Bitch XX hotel which is more than 50% smaller, the hotel people said: “At least it is near the window!”


My friends just shook their heads…


While we are celebrating the 50th anniversary, it is very difficult to imagine that any hotel housekeepers and receptionists cannot read and understand simple English for:


·         The housekeeping lady cannot understand simple NO.

·         The receptionist cannot read the hotel booking records.

·         The receptionist cannot remember what date it was on a particular day.


I started to wonder: what good is it to talk about rocket sciences if the attitude of the people of a place is such as that of those people working in Bitch Hotel? And that wouldn't it best to at least look into rectifying such problems before moving another 50 years down the road?


If you are not an Angmo, then just pray that you will not meet this type of Bitch Hotel…

Unless you don’t mind your worn underwear being displayed in corridors beside the receptionist desk :D!