Saturday, September 29, 2018

Kum Nye, Vipassana & Dzongchen (昆耶,内观与大圆满)

Kum nye is a type of Tibetan massaging practice said to be originated from India. If I am not mistaken, the word 'kum' means body and 'nye' means 'massage'. So, on the surface kum nye is just one of those traditional massaging techniques out there.

This is unarguably partially true as kum nye has been integrated into Tibetan medicine and used to treat illnesses; at least to most of ordinary folks; kum nye stays that way.

It would be a waste if kum nye is used to treat physical illnesses because kum nye is deemed too soft compares to Hatha yoga or Yantra yoga. So, it certainly will not stretch our body to the limit and produces the simulations we desired.

Kum nye and vipassana

In order to understand kum nye, we can make a comparison of kum nye with the practice of vipassana that is prevalent in Theravada schools.

Vipassana is a meditative technique that emphasizes on 'attentive movements'meaning a practitioner must aware of his own movements in relation to his environments.

This may sound strange to the educated modern folks but just give it a thought: Do we really know what we are doing all this while? Did we really take a moment to feel how our feet react to the floor we walk on day to day?

In short, vipassana techniques trained us to feel how our inner mind feels. Once our feeling and body are in sync, then we will quickly see through delusions and achieve enlightenment. Kum nye is likewise same as vipassana except that it has more elaborate techniques. 

The essentials of kum nye

Kum nye is basically a pre- and post- dzongchen meditation practices meant to remove ambiguity arose between meditative and awakening states. 

It has 3 states:

  • Body awareness
  • Speech awareness
  • Mindful awareness

In the initial stage, we feel physical sensations: hot, cold, rough or smooth. Further into the process, we describe the blockage or the problems we are facing and finally our inner mind understands the problem and removes the obstacles.

Once obstacles of our body and mind are removed, we will naturally achieve enlightenment.

Kum nye and dzongchen

We can treat kum nye as a supplementary exercise to dzongchen as kum nye is very closely associated with the teachings of Garab Dorje (胜喜金刚). In fact, a practitioner will gain more by first practising kum nye techniques and then follow Garab Dorje's 'Three Essentials That Strikes The Point' (唯棰三要):

First, we must understand our mind
Second, we must trust our mind
Third, we must firmly meditate on it.


It is my experience that kum nye when used as a massaging technique will not provide very good healing results as it is too weak to stimulate our modern day body. However, it is extremely powerful for seasoned dzongchen practitioners to realize enlightenment.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Ghosts In Casinos (赌场里的鬼)

It is believed that everyone carries 3 sacred fires. Ghosts will tempt to extinguish these fires causing a gambler to lose money...

I am not joking provided you can see ghosts of course. In the eyes of a spirit medium, casinos can be said to be one of the most haunted places on the surface of the earth. The place is normally filled with ghosts from every corner of the world. Most of those ghosts are leftovers from visitors of all nationalities: Locals, Singaporeans, Indonesians, Thais, Philippines, Vietnamese, Chinese and Indians depending on which nationalities visit the casinos most naturally speaking.

Other than multi-nationality ghosts, there are also local earthbound spirits, ghosts and those who died in or around the casinos. Of course, if casino owners worshiped any spirits, they too will roam inside the place too. All in all, a casino is a place jammed packed with spirits just like a can of sardine. 

Have no doubt, most ghosts attracted to casinos because of abundance of human energy. When a gambler engaged in gambling, he/she would naturally be tensed and this tension releases a great amount of energy that the spirits are looking for.

An ordinary person high in luck will have 3 sacred fires with him: two on shoulders and one on top of his head. If these fires are burning, the ghosts cannot approach him. So these good brothers and sisters will try all available methods to 'extinguish' his fire.

Many people suggest that these spirits are kept by the casino as bouncers to make gamblers unlucky. But I rather suggest that the ghosts were there for shelter and energy. Of course the possibility of ghost bouncers cannot be ruled out too.

There is another saying that some casinos will keep ghosts first to make gamblers unlucky, the other purpose is to 'lock their feet' so that they stay put and continue to gamble until their last pence.

Visitors from everywhere too will bring their ghosts either intentionally or unintentionally. Many people will have some kind of good luck charms to enhance their gambling luck. Many of these charms are bound with spirits. So if a few gamblers with different spirits sat in close proximity, these ghosts, khodam, jinn or whatever spirits you choose to call them will fight with each other until the last one winner standing.

There is a set rule for experience gamblers who want to try their luck in casinos. The rules are simple:

  • Do not rush to gambling table on arrival to casino. Take a walk and relax.
  • Stop gambling when your quote for the day is met: win or lose.
  • Always make sure you have money to go home.
I don't gamble as no gambling is one of my precepts but I like to walk into a casino and see people gambling and how ghosts devouring each other.

Since casinos are places filled with various ghosts, it is certainly not so wise to bring a person's 5-ghosts (五鬼) into that area or those seemingly formidable trained ghosts would also be powerless in street fight like situations. What I can describe is that the condition is somewhat like a bunch of hyenas attacking a lion on African Savannah.  Although some hyenas will be killed, the strong male lion will eventually succumbed to a big hard of hyenas. 

I am not sure if people still keep 5-ghosts these days for gambling purposes. Back in early 80's this was a common practice. One of my Taoist brothers, Jack was a keen practitioner of Maoshan 5-ghost gambling system. He was very proud of his ghosts and he believed that his powerful 5-ghosts can overcome all those spirits in Genting Highland casino.

So happily he went to Genting to ask money from Uncle Lim. Instead not only Uncle Lim didn't give him any money, he had to donate to Uncle Lim's charity funds until penniless. I had to console him and landed him $500 and brought him down from Genting Highland the next morning. Luckily Jack didn't have the intention to jump down from the cliff.

Later when Jack complaint about his 5-ghosts being useless, I looked into his altar where he kept his ghosts, I told Jack: "Don't complaint. Your good old 5-ghosts are now crippled. They are moaning and groaning just like you inside there!"

Personally, I don't think ghosts can aid in boosting gambling luck but they can interfere with a gambler's logical thinking causing him/her to do stupid things. Still the same old advice:

Only one out of ten times one MAY win.

Don't gamble if possible if you cannot control your gambling.

Yummy Ghosts (好吃的鬼)

I am not joking... ghosts are good for energy replenishment and our health. So, how do you want your ghosts served?

I always say that please don't become ghosts and wonder about or you maybe 'eaten alive'! 

Every time I saw my previous bosses, I will say to them: "Maybe someday we will have dinner together..." Of course, I didn't tell them that their souls shall be my dinner... Ha! Ha! Ha! That was a bad joke. Sorry..

It is true that not only big ghosts eat small ghosts, even Taoist practitioners too can have a taste of ghosts to increase their magical power. Why waste those free and nutritious free form of energy right?

This is a very rare ritual normally practised by Maoshan Taoists in the past. The practitioner must first worship an legendary Taoist deity, Zhongkui (钟馗). The origin of Zhongkui sounds something like this:

Zhong Kui is actually originated from Tang emperor Xuanzong's (唐玄宗) dream. 

It was during 731AD-741AD period that the emperor had fallen sick. Even after the royal physician's treatment, the emperor has failed to recover.

One night, he had a dream. In that dream the emperor saw a big ghost and small ghost running about in the main hall The big ghost eventually caught hold of the small one. It dug out the small ghost's eyes and then shredded the small one into pieces and put the bit and pieces into its mouth.

The emperor stared at the ferocious big ghost and saw it was wearing an askewed hat and a blue robe exposing an arm. It had wire-like upright standing beards.

Xuanzong Emperor asked while trembling: "Who are you?"

The big ghost replied: "I am Zhongkui, since I was not successful in exam, I vowed to terminate all demons and ghosts in this world for your highness."

After the Xuanzong Emperor awakened from his dream. Not only he recovered but his health was even better than before. So, the emperor asked the court artist to draw out the picture of Zhongkui and since then Zhongkui is worshiped as the 'terminator of ghosts'.

So said, a Taoist cannot consume a ghost in his awakened state, he must first be possessed by Zhongkui and only then he can start enjoying those yummy and juicy ghosts. 

Ghosts are normally bind to a small edible softwood coffin and then they are consumed together with the softwood coffins. There is a taboo in consuming ghosts, the number must always be odd numbers, i.e. 1, 3, 5... If even numbers of ghosts are eaten, then they have the ability to gang up against their consumer. How do you like that?

This special diet appeared to work as Master Hong always appear with red flushing face and his complexion is as soft as a baby even he was then in his 60's!

Perhaps I will try to catch hold of some of those ghosts of politicians and see if they are also as juicy as my bosses! Since Zhongkui is an imaginary figure, please don't ask me what would possess the body of the practitioner... Your guess is as good as mine: A bigger ghost of course!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Big Eats Small (大吃小)

In Maoshan sorcery, ghosts can be changed into semi-demonic forms so that their timid characters became ferocious until they devour their kind...

Using ghosts against ghosts is a very old Maoshan technique normally for magic duel or exorcism purposes. This type of Maoshan magic is perhaps next to extinction because there are a lot of choices in taking care of ghosts in our modern time. There is no need to keep a ghost to eat another ghosts... Can't blame our forefathers as information system in old days is not so developed then.

A sorcerer would normally keep one or two fiercer and stronger ghosts inside bigger coffins in the dark corners of their house. These types of ghosts would normally be those who died of violent deaths or the souls of bandits or thugs died after being executed.

I used to accompany my master, Hong to various hotels across Peninsular Malaysia many years ago to perform exorcism. Well, in case you are not aware, hotels are one of those most haunting locations in this world as many people died in hotels...

To ordinary eyes, there is practically nothing to see. But those with psychic visions can see savage scenes similar to those depicted in programs like 'Animal Kingdom' where a cheetah chases after a group of antelopes. I must confess that  those were not pretty scenes though I have no compassion towards ghosts.

The most frequent places were Master Hong was called were KL and JB. Somehow hotels there seemed to be haunted during those days. Of course nowadays I am already out of that circle and dare not to comment if the situation is still the same. After all, my usual stays in hotels were relatively peaceful until now... *touch wood*!

A typical scene is that master received bookings from hotel owner claiming that his/her hotel is suspected to be haunted and 'ghost busters' are needed. 

Once a date is set, master and I (usually the driver) would pick up the necessary items and the best 'ghost' for the job. After some basic prayers to the spirits in the altar, off we go to the destinations. Sometimes to save cost, we only travel after a few requests were received.

The routine is first the place is magically and physically 'sealed' so that no one is allowed to go in and out. Then those with psychic eyes will be able to see the presence of ghosts. Otherwise, the master will release his ghost servants to 'search and eat'...

As I have said, the scene of big chase small is just like a cheetah chasing after an antelope and made the kill; and of course devouring the prey too. This is not my favorite scene to see 'living things' being eaten alive. But I master was very proud of the victory of his ghost in becoming victorious.

Allow me to describe what I saw to you:

A big ghost risen from a small coffin and it started to wander about. The master if cannot see, he can feel what his ghost felt normally a sensation in his heart. Once a target is found, this ghost servant will glide towards the spirit and secure it. Depending on the command received, if the order is to 'eat' then the spirit shall be eaten. Otherwise it shall be bind onto a piece of wood for further processing.

So said, the victory is not guarantee as my master did suffer loses. In the event that his ghosts are weaker than those in the hotels; then the hunter became the pray. If the master failed to notice his ghostly servants became others' meal; he will have a big problem. Perhaps that was a reason why my master dragged me to most of his exorcism services.

Once Master Hong suffered catastrophic lost to his ghost collections where his opponent were some sort of demonic entities. Not only his ghosts were gone, the demon followed him back to his altar and destroyed his place. That was the time I last heard of Master Hong's news from a fellow friend.

Of course, the scene of big ghosts eat small ghosts can occur in magic duels too where two opposition ghosts were engaged in a fight: one to protect and the other to attack. These ghosts would normally fight to exhaustion ended up either being devoured or parish together.

A very common scene where big eats small can be seen in casinos, I mean smaller casinos where spirits were kept as bouncers to prevent gamblers using black magic in gambling. Back in 20 years ago, gamblers like to bring their 5 ghosts into casino to enhance their luck but ended up losing money. The reason is because their ghosts were being 'terminated'. Maybe that will be another story.

Rich Ghost (财鬼)

Maoshan five ghosts are used to 'kidnap' rich deceased ghost for ransom... Believe it or not? So... Rich guy.. Hmm... Sorry, RICH GHOST beware!!

If I am not mistaken, there is a ritual in Western occult world to ask for money from the rich. There is a similar one in Maoshan magic to ask money from the rich as well...

First, a Maoshan sorcerer must already have his 5 ghosts in active mode or the magic will not work.

I have not done such a ritual but my fellow sorcerer, Lee has. The idea is same as with the modern day kidnapping. First, the grave of a deceased filthy rich must be identified. This is normally not a problem. Loads of obituaries can be found in the newspapers.

One day, a very rare opportunity came by. One famous rich guy kicked the bucket and Lee wanted to 'borrow' some of his money but he couldn't see ghosts. He knew I can see spirits so Lee promised that we shall have a 50 - 50 share. I agreed partly because I was also interested in seeing how this system works.

So, when the time is right, we proceeded to the rich man's grave and laid 5 small coffins in front of the tombstone. We also prepared an additional small coffin for the rich ghost.

Lee started chanting to dispatch his 5 ghosts to force the rich ghost out from its grave. While I stood by kept a watch out for the fugitive rich ghost. 

About 10 minutes later, I saw a black shadow came out from the tomb stone so I shouted to Lee: "At the tombstone!" 

Lee immediately used his index finger to point at the tombstone and I saw a few white shadows dragged and pulled the black shadow into the small coffin. And I shouted: "Close the cover!"

Lee was quick and the small coffin was again covered in a jiffy.

We headed back and Lee said he will put the small coffin in to his porcelain pillow and sleep on it hopefully he will get a dream.

A few weeks later, Lee gave me $5000 and said that it was my fair share. The rich ghost has given him a lucky number and he bet big on it.

The rich ghost was subsequently released back to his grave as we just want to 'have fun'.

On the other hand, this ritual can also be used to cause the rich man's relatives or business to suffer great problems. That was not our intention. Not for now at least...

Thinking of holding someone at ransom and legally? Only in the after world! So, for those rich ghosts out there, beware! Who says one can Rest-In-peace? Ha! Ha! Ha! 

My Ghostly Girlfriends (我的幽灵女友们)

This is my first phantom girlfriend...

Keeping ghosts as pets were a type of black art popular among Taoism followers towards the end of 70's to beginning of 90's. During that 'dark age', telecom were limited to fixed line phones and intranet were limited to only a few households. Somehow ghosts were thought to be extremely powerful those days... Of course, the formidable ghostly influences have reduced almost next to nothing today. Practically no one would intentionally keep a ghost at home purposely... Although I still could see some wondering ghosts attached to Phra Ngan statues in some shops when I walked past in shopping complexes.

It was in mid 80's when I start to dabble with Maoshan (茅山) magic. At the beginning, I wasn't very fond of ghost keeping (养鬼) but other than ghost magic, three were practically nothing I could learn... After all, most Maoshan rituals utilize ghosts as agents.

I roughly played with Maoshan ghost magic for about 10 years or so until I switched to Thai magic and others. My first ghostly girlfriend was Mei Lin. I bind Mei Lin's ghost in front of her grave and kept her until I started sailing.

Mei Lin's ghost was kept in a small wooden coffin as she would normally stayed there until I summoned her for food offerings or when I have something to do, then I would bring her along with me too.

For the first year or so, Mei Lin stayed very quiet and I hardly noticed her presence. As time goes by, roughly after the 7th year, Mei Lin start to materialize in front of me at night, she could even move a small stool. Since I offered her chrysanthemums, Mei Lin would emit the fragrance of chrysanthemum flowers when she is around.

Communications with Mei Lin was quite special too. Every time I want to talk to Mei Lin, I would fill up a porcelain plate with water and lower my ear towards the surface of the water. At first  I could hear very fine humming sound. Gradually the humming became clearer and the sound of a lady could be heard.

Mei Lin was quite helpful to me as she has helped me to avert a lot of fatal accidents that is the reason I have kept her until I wasn't able to take care of her anymore. The other problem with Maoshan ghost magic is that if the owner failed or forgot to release his ghosts, he/she will find difficulties in his/her dying process. Blood would come out from the owner's nostrils and eyes.

In order to prevent I forget to do so at a later date, I released Mei Lin's ghost by taking its small coffin into a jungle and left it there. Although I was a little reluctant to do so, no one would take care of Mei Lin during my sailing time. That was a difficult choice as my other ghostly girlfriends weren't as good as Mei Lin.

During that time, I also bound a few more female ghosts. At the peak of my 'ghost girlfriend collections'; I had around 11 female ghosts. Among those ghosts, 4 of them were from a musical group which were from the South.

Those ghost girlfriends of mine would sometimes appear at the backseat of my car, sitting beside me while I watched TV and they even sleep in my bed while I was sleeping...

All those wasn't a problem to me as I know what I should do; not so to my late dad. When he came to visit my place during one of my off days and spent a night there. During the middle of the night when dad visited the toilet, he suddenly shrieked in panic.

I rushed to see what was going on and bumped into dad. He said there was a girl in the toilet saying: "Hi!"

Of course, after the incident; I released all of my ghost girlfriends for good for the sake of my parents and anyone who visited me. A year lapsed and I start working at sea and releasing those phantom girlfriends proved to be timely. Somehow I have not returned to 'collect' ghostly girlfriends... Instead, I start to collect jinn. Since jinn require less maintenance, I have abandoned Maoshan ghosts altogether.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Three Generations Of Work (三代的努力)

Believe it or not, it will need three generations of work to perfect the real art of conjuration? The Chinese like to say that it takes three generations to run a family business, conjuration is also the same.

Many practitioners criticized me for exposing their secrets but little did they know that it really boils down to honesty and hard work to get a satisfactory proof. Once a proof is obtained, still more work need to be performed to refine and simplify the conjuration process so that only repetitive results are attainable and predictable. If the same result cannot be attainable or predicted, then a conjuration process is deemed failed.

We no longer desire magic that burnt talismans into water to let victim drink, nor do we want to use contact magic, magic square or magic seals. I am looking for the simplest form of non-contact magic through conjurations.

Generation One:

Many masters of past generations have conducted many authentic magic and conjuration rituals documented and undocumented over their lifetimes. This should be our foundation to perform research into conjurations. Our job is to salvage these going to be lost methods and give them a new breathe of air.

Generation Two:

This is our current generation.

There are just too many modern day New Age stuffs and man made imaginary rituals in circulations that serve no practical purposes hence only creates delusions and fantasies. These bogus rituals wasted a lot of practitioners' energy and resources. They are demoralizing and gives bad reputation to authentic magic.

Because of these false teachings and manuals; I have spent my lifetime and a lot of money to perform experimentation and finally over the years to refine down to only a few workable and reliable conjuration practices to be passed down to others.

Generation Three:

Whoever taken over the works done by generation 1 and 2 coupled with the wealth thus accumulated, can start almost immediately to work with existing reliable angels and demons the like without too much concerns on economic or time constraints. If a person starts at the age of 21, then by the age of 35 or so, he shall have a very solid foundation both in mundane world and spiritual world.

Of course, successor in generation 3 must be able to overcome his/her own bottleneck and move on to the next level. Or he/she shall not be respected by his/her spirits.


Since our human life is too short, it really need to call for a continuous effort of at least three generations of honest down to the earth work on magic and conjurations.

The postings in this blog represent the records of the magic systems that I have gone through with most of them I have abandoned because of their dubious usefulness and undefined source of powers.Some systems are clearly based on ghosts and low level spirits. Of course these systems are not dependable and I must also discard them as well.

The only workable and dependable system is the conjuration of biblical entities and this shall be further researched upon. A good magic system must also be able to bring its practitioner to thereafter and beyond. It is best to be able to have a foretaste before the actual event. In such a way, the magi's confident will grow and fortified. That is my ultimate hope also.

Using Succubi (梦魔的应用)

Torsten just as many of the Westerners have apparently misused succubi very much until they received backfires. Just a clarification, succubi is also found in other parts of the world other than Middle East. There is an equivalent of succubi in the East too. The most notable one is the 'banana spirit' (香蕉鬼) among the Chinese and Phi Phop among the Indochinese tribes.

A better way to work with succubi is to bind them to stones and bring them along. In such a way these succubi can enhance their masters' aura so that they would look attractive to others. For example if a man is looking for a life partner, then he will look more attractive to the ladies. If he can attune to the vibration of his succubi, then he will have a lady over time.

Unfortunately until today, I still cannot control my succubi to promise me a deadline on when a person can zoom down to a good soulmate. This is still my continuous experimentation until today.

It would be unfair for me not to give you any real examples on real life succubi in actions. I would take my own experiment as example for discussion purposes only. 

I have two middle eastern succubi conjured from Sinai Peninsula more than 10 years ago and despite the protections and sustenance; they have not yet attracted any mates for me.

The succubi are two sisters, the elder one has radiant red aura while the younger has blue. Both of the sisters have very different characters and abilities too. That is a brief comparison that I could made to my succubi. Only in one occasion in a decade that they did disturbed me. That was when I was dating a lady introduced by my colleague.

Then a few years later two ladies, Lisa and Mary came by almost at the same timing. Lisa  is in her mid 20's and Mary in her mid 30's. Interestingly both of the ladies are very closed together and they knew each other too. Both ladies also shown similar characters of my succubi that they are both beautiful, sexy and playful. And of course, quite well to do.

Both Lisa and Mary have a lot of young and handsome suitors but most of them made a fatal mistake: they started to act obscene and showing them nude photos. Maybe these gentlemen thought both ladies were as lustful and sexually open as their appearances. Unfortunately, Lisa and Mary were only disguising.

Now that I am still in close contacts with both Lisa and Mary and only time will tell if the ladies were brought by my succubi. Of course, I am already stepping in to 50's and have no delusions of getting along with any of the ladies, Lisa or Mary. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Again, due to the fact that both ladies are business ladies of status; I must refrain myself from exposing more details. This is just to close the discussion on succubi and how succubi is best to be employed. Lastly, the above mentioned is strictly for my personal experimentation purpose only. Or else I would not survive beyond 60!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Torsten's Doom (托斯滕的厄运)

Torsten was my university dormitory mate during my undergraduate studies that was about 25 years ago. I will try to patch up Torsten's own story with Hans and some of my own to complete this tale. This is a true story that conforms to the original structure quite closely but must fill in the blanks or the story cannot stay connect. After all, I heard half of the story from Torsten and half from Hans.

Torsten's story:

I got to know Torsten during the university orientation week when I moved to the dormitory. Torsten's room was just next to mine. 

Later due to our interests in occult matters, we did occasionally talked and exchanged some cultural information. Torsten told me that he had a new girlfriend, Jenny so most of his time he would be spending in her place. Like Torsten, Jenny was also into witchcraft matters.

One day as I was having lunch in the common kitchen, Torsten came into the kitchen and we chatted. I noticed his face looked pretty pale with eyes sunk deep into sockets and with occasional cough. So I advised Torsten to take care. But Torsten pulled a chair and sat beside me he said:

"Liew, I might not live too long but don't stop me now. Allow me to continue as I shall move away from dormitory and stayed outside...

I have started to connect with Lilith a few months ago.already. At first I tried many methods available online but my attempts failed. Then I found a manual in the library and the manual asked me to use mensuration blood to conjure; the one I could use was my girlfriend's.

This time the conjuration worked. Lilith came to me at night and we really had fun until dawn. Frankly, I didn't have such a fantastic time with Jenny. But I kept this secret from her at first.

At first, Lilith came to me once or twice a week. Then the frequency increased to almost every night. Until finally Lilith decided to stay with me for she say that she saw the potential in me and that she shall bestow me with magical power.

I tried to invite Jenny to play together with Lilith but she didn't like the idea. Since then I started to dislike Jenny. One day Lilith asked me to get rid of Jenny... I knew whet she meant but I dared not. So, I started a quarrel and purposely left Jenny's place for her own good.

I told Lilith I have no money to rent a new place, she assured me that someone will give me money. And true enough, a stranger dropped a hefty bag with a large sum of money. I took the money and rented a house. I thought the mighty Lilith was indeed powerful.

After moving into the new house. My neighbor who was an old man lodged a complaint on me because he said my place was filled with rubbish, Lilith said she will take care of the dirty old man. And, that too she has done it... the old man suffered a heart attack a few days later and died on his way to hospital.

Gradually, I couldn't satisfy Lilith's lust of wanting more sex. I wanted out but Lilith won't allow as she said I belong to her... She will follow me wherever I go... I think the only way out for me is death..."

Hearing something fishy, I asked Torsten to seek help at the local church or counselor. I couldn't provide any help as I already scheduled to return to Malaysia soon.

Torsten raised his hand and hinted me to let him finish. He said: "If you have the time and the opportunity, can you confirm if this Lilith is the real thing..."

I nodded my head and Torsten left the dormitory. The next news I heard was from Hans during the graduation ceremony. Hans said: "Torsten has committed suicide by cutting his own wrist. He wrote a small note that Lilith wouldn't leave him alone. So he has no choice to end his life that way."

Both of us stood in silent for a moment for there is no more words we could say.

The sequel:

Only after 10 years or so after learnt conjuration from Ishab. Lilith materialized in my ritual room though briefly but the message was clear: "I taught Torsten a lesson as he has no respect to woman. He only interested in having sex. I appear to you in a respectable manner because you conjured me in the name of God."

Understand Lilith:

I meditated upon Lilith's message and realized that in legends, Lilith was made of soil same as Adam. So she is as strong as Adam. In modern times, Lilith would be an active feminist activist. She is clever, pretty but certainly no whore.

This is the same as a pretty and sexy lady on the street would be treated as sexually open by most lustful men. If such mindset is used as a basis to pursue such a lady, he will definitely hit a brick wall head on!

So, conjuring Lilith with a correct attitude then Lilith will behave according to our attitude. 


If our thinking is righteous, then whatever spirits came shall also be righteous.

Killed By Succubi (魅魔杀人)

This posting is a respond of some innocent interests on succubi.

Succubi are the talk of men over the ages as lustful men thought they can have sexual pleasure with those female demonic entities. This unfortunately is not the case. To outsiders, succubi are pretty and erotic creatures that can induce sexual experiences at night but in the eyes of initiated; succubi are just demons and they are certainly no where near 'pretty'.

There is no doubt that having a sexual relationship with succubi can kill and it is no reading pleasure too. The rate of a person meets his doom really depends on his health conditions really. Of course, a young and strong man will take a longer time to expire than an aged man.

Many people must have experienced 'hagride' or the Chinese would like to call it 'ghost press' (鬼压床). In hagride condition a sufferer will feel that he is transfixed in his bed and a force is pressed onto his chest until he is nearing suffocation. This pressure would suddenly be loosened and the person suddenly woke up in the middle of the night. This can certainly be explained scientifically.

Succubi operate the same way too... 

Contrary to common belief, a succubus does not enter into a person's dream to make love to him. Instead, it would apply a force onto his chest until he temporarily stops breathing. In a state of lack of oxygen, the man will instinctively awakened to a semi-conscious state. It is in this half-awake and half-sleepy state that he 'sees' a pretty succubus in his mind hence easier to aroused; and started the sexual assault. 

Having said so, this initial application of force onto a man's chest can be deadly to those with heart and respiratory problems. It is not impossible that weak or sick ones will be killed almost instantly.

Even strong young men cannot withstand the long term torture of succubi and fatality though is rare due to energy exhaustion; the side effects are lack of concentration, poor health, mental problems and all those combined effects will cause catastrophic accidents. Indulgence in sexual activities also attracts those energy hunger spirits to possess a man's body hence aggravates his problem.

Direct summoning of succubi is not a common practice in Asia but it was once quite a common practice among the Western occultists especially in Europe.

One of my German university friend, Torsten was very fond of conjuration practices and he was particularly interested in succubi types of spirits. Although he did invited me to participate in his conjuration of succubi rituals; I declined because I wanted to concentrate on my assignments first since tuition fees in UK is not cheap for overseas students then.

Since I was taking production engineering and Torsten was in computer science; we only met during dinner as we shared a common kitchen. It was after 3 months since our last conversation and I was shocked at torsion's health conditions: he has slimmed quite a bit and his eye sunk into sockets and he looked lethargic.

So I jokingly said to Torsten: "Hey man, when are you introducing me your new girlfriend... or you just DIY? Don't WORK so hard! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

Torsten pulled out a chair beside me after making himself a cup of coffee: "Liew, let me tell you my story about Lilith, a very powerful succubus I have worked on..."

That was the last time I remembered that I talked to him as Torsten moved out of dormitory and the next time I heard his news was from Hans, his classmate. Hans said Torsten has committed suicide perhaps due to hallucinations or mental issues. The couldn't understand why a happy go lucky Torsten would choose to end his life that way; after all the graduation ceremony was near.

Perhaps next time I will tell you what Torsten has told me if I still can remember the details... Still the same old long winded story: Stay away from succubi... Interestingly I seldom hear about Incubi attacking women...

Message From The Other Side (另一空间的消息)

As I have said, I have escorted many souls to the other sides and performed many recordings of what people do. In such a way I too possessed many information from the other sides about my friends future events.. Most of the info I will just keep to myself but on paid services; I am compelled to tell my customers as that is my code of ethic.

Two weeks ago, Lisa paid me to do a new house cleansing ceremony and it is my duty to check on her physical conditions and her spiritual conditions (4th dimension if you would).

On the way my soul returned to my body, I suddenly saw Lisa appeared in an administrative building. So I followed her into the building and saw an official in black robe said to Lisa: "You must take over your mother's debt some 50 years ago!"

I wanted to talk to the official but he just smiled and refused. I returned and wondered what was the meaning of my vision. Having no clues, I cautioned Lisa: "Hey Lisa, please be careful this month for you may suffer some financial loses or court cases."

Lisa laughed at me: "Hey, Liew! I am always a good citizen, don't worry lah..."

"Okay. If you say so." I replied.

Then only one day lapsed, Lisa called me in an urgent manner: "Hey Liew! Can you terminate a person? I paid you $5000 negotiable!"

"What's up? I deliver people to the other side but I no longer take lives!" I declined as I have long washed my hands on sorcery.

Lisa became a little agitated and she raised her voice: "That cursed neighbor of mine lodged a report of illegal house modifications and my construction worked caused her sewage system to be blocked by cement."

I replied: "Just pay your neighbor some repair cost and settle with her offline..."

Lisa: "No I want the idiot dead! Kaput! No more!!"

I shrugged and said: "You will lose more if you don't settle with me. Sorry I can't help you!"

Yesterday, Mary told me that her sister Lisa was fined $10,000 on top of the sewage repair cost plus the demolition of her house extension! She lost a total of not less than $50,000!"

Can I take down the neighbor? Probably not as I have no solid reasons to do so. It will be against the human law and the law down under! It is indeed too bad that Lisa failed to heed the message from the other side...

I am a little reluctant to tell you this story as I promised to write less, but the moral is that please don't fool around with the angelic rituals I posted or the consequences will be severe! No joking please!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Between Religion And Science (在宗教与科学之间)

Magic to me is between religion and science.

Religion sets the theoretical aspects, and magi uses scientific methods to test and trial on if religious theories work.

Over the years I have tested some of the religious theories with some very interesting findings. But there are more experiments to be done to justify the usefulness of magic. For example: to what extend spirits can help us in our daily lives and what is the return on investment (ROI) like.

There is no tangible conclusions can be made so far unfortunately.

Yet, just as I am about to make conclusions, miracles do happen. It is precisely this type of miracles that kept me moving until today.

I will reduce writing now or else I would be repeating myself. After a while there are not so many magical items available in the most mysterious Indochinese countries.

If you need to hear more, then let me know If I have the time; and more information then I will surely share.

Please also refrain from unnecessary comments as most of repetitive comments will naturally fall into spam box. So no need to waste your time for spams.


Conversation With God 3 (与神对话3)

The ultimate aim of conversation with God is to have a glimpse of the forthcoming Kingdom of God...

This is a difficult stage and it has been the dream of all conjurors through the ages to achieve this stage. There are dangers and the demanding for body and mind. So I will just describe this final stage for reading pleasure only...

First one must first master stage 1 and 2 of the exercises. The stage 3 is so-called the 'proof'. So far, in stage 1 and 2, we have the basic conversational experience with God and the presence of our guardian angels.

Now to bring this experience further, we must also able to proof this to ourselves that what we see is indeed what is said in the Bible. Hence the 'proof'.

This exercise must be conducted in a dark room or a cave for two or three days. So food supply is important.

Once a conjuror entered the room/cave, he will just sit quietly in the dark and perform a preliminary prayer. This is followed by summoning his guardian angel and after the appearance of the angel, the conjuror will try to concentrate on his angel until it glows and brightens up the cave/room.

There should be another demonic entity opposite to this guardian angel. If the conjuror panicked, then this exercise is deemed failed. However, if he retains his calmness, and waited patiently; he shall see a luminous city appears on top of him.This is said to be the Kingdom of God. 

I was told by my master that the God will tell whoever attain this stage. So said, I could only see a sort of geometric pattern similar to the Tibetan mandala. That of course, is sufficient for me already.

I don't know if anyone is successful in entering the Kingdom of God. But my journey in conjuration stops here and that is so much I can share with you for the moment. Please don't try this exercise as I have left out many details. It is too lengthy to describe and I am too lazy to type.

Conversation With God 2 (与神对话2)

It is also possible to engage in silent 'conversations' while walking and sitting outdoor.

Prophets like to walk, so do conjurors. Maybe this is no coincidence?

Once we have mastered technique 1 as described earlier, and we are confident that our mind is tough enough to face the outside world, then we can proceed to go out.

Attentive walking

The first exercise is to walk. This is not ordinary walking or jogging. It is similar to the Buddhist walking meditation. Each and every step is taken slowly and all senses should be put to feel the texture of the ground: hard, soft, dry, wet, cold or hot. At the same time, we must also feel our surrounding: is there breeze? Any particular sound or odor we like or dislike? And so forth.

Again, walk slowly in the open and don't judge or imagine or pray. Simply walking.

This exercise purifies our mind and aura, coupled with our previous practices; there will be angelic presences but we may not be able to see them at this point. These are our guardian angles.


Once we have done with some walking according to our ability, then we should find a safe but quiet place to sit down. The place should be able to enable us to have an unobstructed view of a vast piece of land or sky.

Now, slightly raise our head and look at the horizon. Be careful not to stare at the sun directly or the light will hurt our eyes.

In due time, only a selected few of us will be able to see our guardian angles. Don't worry if anyone failed to see the angle. This only means that some of us need to practise more.

This angle will guide you to the Garden of Eden and show you your Tree of Life and guide you after hereafter.

Just a reminder, safety is important. It is best to do this exercise in a public garden with people around.

Mind Training & Conjuration (心理锻炼与役灵)

Conjuration is a physical and mind strenuous exercise.

First most of the time, a conjuror must be able to travel on foot to a geographical steep and dangerous location to seek out a potential spirit. Then he must also able to ride through the tests of his own mind. So, unless a person has a strong physique and mind; it is very possible that the conjuror will either died due to physical injuries or he may also become mad. Maybe this is why conjuration is an extinct art nowadays.

During the initial stage of spirit conjurations, a conjuror must differentiate between if the entity he has conjured is a real intelligence or the products of his mind (thoughtform), or if the conjuration is a success or otherwise.

In order to tackle our mind games, there is a set of mind training exercises specifically to help a conjuror to strengthen his mind. This type of exercise is known as 'mind-relaxation'.

The theory behind 'mind-relaxation' is very simple, a conjuror is trained just to observe and feel; and mental judgement is reduced to minimum. Basically most of the time, our mind can be too active for our own good.

A very simple example is that before a spirit appears, our mind will start to create and destroy many possibilities over a very short period of time. This unsettling state of mind causes anxiety to our mind and stressed up our physical body as well.

So, just imagine if we sit in the dark for one hour and our minds have already generated tens if not hundreds of thoughts about possible scenarios; our mind and body would be so pooped even before anything can make a debut.

This is the reason why an experience master will teach his student to adjust their minds so that they will not experienced self-destruction before real event takes place.

Having a relaxed mind is also important in entities identification even if the conjuror has psychic visions because in most of the time spirits can shape-shift and what we see may not be the real thing. A relaxed mind on the other hands sharpens our other senses and no spirits can escape our grips when all of our senses are activated.

Incidentally speaking, this type of mind-relaxation exercises are quite similar to the practice of Tibetan Dzongchen. Except that other than mind relaxations, a conjuror is also thought to feel each and every object he touches and grips repeatedly until he can really 'touch' the air.

Although my stay with Ishab was not too long, he did taught me some tricks until I could almost catch hold of a succubus who fondled my thigh at night. I knew it was a succubus due to my mind-relaxation training.

It was during my short stay in Egypt, somewhere past midnight, I suddenly felt a hand slipped onto my thigh. Instinctively I grabbed the hand and its texture was boneless and that it was as smooth as silk. The strange hand quickly retracted from my grip and vanished. Perhaps if I had been more diligent with my training and not fooled around, I had already apprehend this mysterious succubus.

Conversation With God 1 (与神对话1)

Anyone can have conversation with God... All you need is one white candle and one good incense stick.

When a conjuror has a problem, or when morale; he cannot talk to his jinn or angels. The only thing he can do is to have a 'conversation' with God. Basically there are three levels to this type of conversation. Or rather should I say: meditation.

  1. Conversation in room
  2. Conversation in the open
  3. Conversation in the cave (darkness)
Level 1 can be practised by anyone without the need to perform conversation. To be precise this type of conversation is first short prayer and then silent meditation.

First, a person must choose a corner of his house where he shall not be disturbed. An empty separate room is the best. Then he can put in the center of the room a small table. There should only be a candle stand and a incense holder on the table. Absolutely no other pictures or idols allowed in that room please.

The conversation with God can take place at anytime a person likes but as a routine, once in the morning and once in the evening are best. For beginners, it is best to restrict one session to not more than 20 minutes or so and stick to this duration consistently.

The conversation can start with the recitation of part of the holy books or simply a short prayer. The most important point to remember is that a practitioner should refrain from making mental visualization on what he anticipated. That is to say the person should not imagine the appearance of angels, demons or even what he wants from the God.

Simply pray and then sit in silence by gazing at the tip of the candle flame. In a state of quietness, someone may cry or emotionally unstable. Cry then if he must as this will release the hidden energy inside the body.

Normally after a few sessions, the person shall stabilized and achieved initial tranquility.

This is a very simple yet powerful method to purify our mind and God will know what our wishes are. Just and it shall be given... over time of course.

Once I prayed to God but I didn't mention that I missed my late father. Then on that night, I dreamed of meeting my father on the street. He somehow quickly chased me away and said: "Go back! This is not the place for you!" And, I woke up in the middle of the night. Very strange.

Since then, a simple conversation with God always give me unexpected surprises.

Level 2 and 3 are no secrets too as they are consistently being used by prophets and the method also described in the bible. I think it is suffice just to practise the initial stage for most of us.