Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pets That Follow Their Dead Masters

Indeed I do believe that animals are more spiritual than the human. There are stories now and then that surface in news paper or intranet that dogs refuse to eat upon the deaths of their masters. These animals rather starve themselves to death than become the sole survivors. I am sure the all famous Taiwanese ‘十八王公’ is but one of the classical examples out there:



Mr. Ong told me something he heard from an old Cantonese woman a long time ago, as below.


During mourning period of a deceased family member, our pet dog or cat has to put on a white ribbon its neck. If not, our pet would be followed to heavenly kingdom, too. It was considered as part of our family member.


Recently, he read a similar article written by a pet communicator. It goes like this:


Little Thomas was very close to his little pet dog, as much as a member of his family. His dog knew that Thomas would be crossed over to the other side. Soul of his dog planned a sudden unreasonable physical death so that, it could welcome Thomas in the light to keep on their companionship.


It seems like that an animal is more spiritual than we do.


Just let me know if you believe these stories?


Free ‘Powa’ Service

The AH Syllable
‘Powa’ or better known as ‘transference of consciousnesses' is predominantly a Tibetan ritual aimed to transfer ones consciousness to a ‘pure land’ so that the soul will not be reborn again.


Although all of the Tibetan Buddhist schools have Powa rituals; they are not created equal. For majority of the Buddhist schools, the ‘final destination’ is the pure land of Vajradhara (金剛總持), for some it will be the pure land of Amitabah (阿彌陀佛) while for the Dzongchen (大圓滿), the final destination will be the center of Dharmadhatu (法界心中心). Whatever system one follows, ‘Powa’ is based on the theory of emptiness. In another words, that is to say, let all the souls rest in the state of ‘AH’. This is basically a state of ‘no-born’.


I am offering a free Powa service for the deceased human or pets for accumulation of merit purposes on the 1st and 15th days of Lunar Calendar.


The term and conditions:


·         This service is provided for the ones that have not been blessed in any deliverance ceremonies. The reason is: we don’t want to pull a deceased from the heaven and then to another ‘pure land’.

·         Please send in the name (indicate if the named is a pet or human), your relationships, gender, date of deceased and age to me: . I will not check if the names are real, or the persons are still alive etc. I will stop this service on reaching 1000 name count.

·         Please avoid sending the name of the still living… I don’t know what will be the effects if you decided to play a prank on a living person. I believe the karma is equal to that of killing a living person.

·         Once you have sent in your request, please donate some money or food to your preferred charities on behalf of the deceased. I will not check if you will be doing so, as the merits are solely yours, not mine.


This is a Buddhist deliverance service for my merit accumulation exercise, so it is mainly meant for Buddhists. Your details will be deleted upon the completion of the ritual and will not be disclosed in public.

On Spirit Sensitivity: Mr. Ong’s Personal Stories

A decade ago, I consulted an American psychic about my spirit sensitivity. He said I am naturally a sensitive soul, and having a very bright aura that easily attracts animals and spiritual beings. Below are some significant evidences:


·         I always am the first one who suffers from any infection (popular disease) and recovers fast under proper treatment. 

·         If I go somewhere outdoor, strayed cats and dogs would get closer to me for food (if I have). They seem know that I am compassionate and generous! The can read my aura. 

·         A Tao master told me that I have 仙骨, though it is not my interest to become a spiritual medium.  However, I had seen a local Chinese female who was a Christian but, helplessly and fully works as a medium.  She was wanted by certain spirit as a messenger.

·         I could easily sense the emotions of a person, or what one is about to speak out (only in several occasions).


Yes, I am easily get attracted by spirits, too.  Below are my initial experiences with spiritual beings.


When I was a 6-year-old kid, mom bought a second hand wooden bed for us. After sometimes, there was just a face (without full body) of a female appeared in front of my bed, much like a facial image projected from a movies projector. She looked friendly with a smiling face, and appeared just before I fell asleep. I shouted up whenever she appeared. She just disappeared once dad turned on his torch light to me. As a little, simple minded boy, I never knew that she was a spiritual being. This happened just few times and disappeared naturally. She was not as scary or as harmful as I later thought. This never happened to brothers who slept on the same bed.


Later, I had visits from a female goodness, and earth sprit from home altars.


A neighbouring old woman was under cancer treatment at a local hospital. I dreamt that I met her eldest daughter. She was crying at the pharmacy Unit and I awoke immediately. I knew that this old woman would pass away. She did few days later.


I had an Indian friend who was a taxi driver. His aged mother was warded in hospital due to extremely low blood pressure. I dreamt that a Malay man at the taxi station said “Mother of our Indian taxi driver has passed away……”.  As soon as I arrived at the hospital a couple of days later, his sister cried out loud. His mother just passed away. Later, I told the taxi driver that I dared not scare them by telling what I dreamt about his mother. Vivid dreams around 4 am would mostly come true!


When this taxi driver passed away, his unmarried sister stays all alone. She dreamed that her brother asked her not to eat “roti canai”. She took her brother’s advice seriously, as her cholesterol level is high. Don’t you see that, our deceased loved one still concern about us!


As I get older, I have only visits from deceased LOVED ONES OR CLOSE FRIENDS in my dreamland. The “madame” I used to mention earlier was NOT a stranger. She knew me ever since I was a kid.


Sending them to light


I did talk to a toast master from a Chinese temple in Johore when visited by “grandmamma” and “madame”. He said unless they had unfulfilled wish and requested to be done on my part….”


I think they only have visits, without being attached or lingered around, much like whenever we have seasonal offerings to our ancestors. I am sensitive enough to sense them, if they are around all the time. “Oo mi tou fo” (Amitabah Buddhaya) in Buddhism made an oath to guide and send them (spiritual entities who just left their physical bodies) to light. I prayed to “oo mi tou fo” for my pet who just crossed over. I even asked my ancestor to help my pet, as it was part of my family member.   


View points from a Christian and other whites


I talked to a local religious Christian who said “It was not Madame who tried to contact me, but other ghost appeared to be in “madame” form. Another example was advice from my deceased Indian friend for her sister- not to eat “Roti Canai”. In Christianity, all spiritual beings other than the mighty God are evil. Altar set up of for our ancestors at home is strictly against their teachings.


Personally, I disagreed that these evil ghosts were from low realm. They were just visits from our deceased loved ones. I don’t think an unknown ghost would advice her for not to eat “roti canai”, but surely her brother did. In the West or US, lots of researches have done about afterlife. I know quite a number of them who could communicate with our deceased loved ones, including pets. They are not religious, but all are open minded intellectuals. So do most Whiteman I used to work with in few international firms over the pass.   

Friday, November 29, 2013

Harnessing Ancestral Power

Many of the Indochinese ethnics are ancestral worshippers. If a person follows the traditional Thai magic systems, he or she would probably aware that ancestors and related spirits are summoned in the Waikru ritual. Without this ritual, one’s power is said to have no foundation and malevolent spirits may harm the person than helping him or she. Likewise the traditional Chinese would have an ancestral shrine dedicated to them such as the Lim Ancestral shrine just to name one example.  


Let’s say that one has been worshipping his or ancestors so far and this person has no relation or training in magic what so ever, then he or she can request the help from his or her ancestors in many ways:


Avoiding a divorce or family problems


Bring some offerings to the ancestral shrine. After you have presented the offerings, take two joss sticks; plug off the wooden legs. Light both ends of the incense and put them horizontally in the incense holder then ask for your ancestors to help.


Prolong one’s lifespan


If one’s life is deemed ending, then one can light an oil lamp in front of the ancestral tablets in the shrine and beg for the ancestors to help prolonging one’s life. After that the person must ask some rice from 100 households. When the rice collection is completed, he or she can burn some incense in front of his or her house and then throw the rice out as a present to the spirits. Or the rice can be donated to charity as a means to accumulate merit for our ancestors.


Blessing a child


When a child is born, it is customary to go to an ancestral shrine and light an oil lamp there. This gesture is to inform the ancestors that the child is part of the family member and that the ancestors should help and protect this child until his or her coming of life.


Chinese generally believe that if the spiritual linkage between a person and his ancestor spirits is severed, then he will be facing hardship and lonely in life. So if ancestor worship is part of your culture, and that you aren’t doing too well in life; try praying to your ancestors for help!

Mr. Ong has kindly sent me this additional ritual:

My dad left mom in China to earn a living in Malaysia alone. My grandmother performed a ritual with mother during seasonal offering to our ancestors. Both of them uplifted the offering table and made a 360 degree turn-around, and prayed for dad’s comeback. Few weeks later, dad went back to China, and came with mom to Malaysia through Singapore. Mom said similar ritual could be used to soften the heart of any family member who ran away to return home. 


Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Curse Of 3 Generations (跳蚤蠱)

This is a true story of Thai black magic victims that has gone across three generations told by my guru sometime ago. It suddenly resurfaced in my mind as I was reading my Thai magic notes.


About half a century ago, perhaps around the 50’s, there was a Hong Kong business man by the name Lee came to Singapore to do business. Somehow Lee decided to marry a Singaporean lady and then settled in Singapore though Lee already has a wife and son in Hong Kong. It was said that Lee later has about 10 children in Singapore.


All went well until Lee was terminally ill and all of his children in Singapore have forsaken this old man. Since poor old Lee has no one to turn to; he decided to call his son, Albert in Hong Kong in the hope his son will come and pay Lee a last respect.


Albert refused to comply with his father’s last request as he hated his father, Lee for abandoning his mother and himself for a better live in Singapore. So Lee died alone but before his death, he cast a curse on Albert and all his descendents. I can’t answer you why a father would cast a curse on his sons and grandchildren, but this is how the story goes.


A few years after Lee’s death, strange things started to happen to Albert. Fleas were seen emerging from Albert’s body openings: private parts, asshole, ears etc. So, Albert had to use elephant gum to catch these fleas one by one every night until he also died after vomiting large amount of blood one night.


Now it was Albert’s son Eric who came to my guru for help as the same symptoms exhibited with Eric too. After listening to Eric’s complaints, my guru told Eric that his plight and his father’s was due to the curse of Lee, his grandfather.


However awful it may sound, the cure for such a curse was pretty simple. My guru only boiled some chicken feathers and hair of pigs in a large earth urn. After that, Eric was asked to dip inside the big urn until water cooled down completely. When this is done, the whole of Eric’s body was covered with a piece of black cotton cloth. They were surprised to find many find grayish needle like substances poking onto the black cloth despite the chicken and pig’s hair.


Eric stayed with my guru for a few days and he returned to Hong Kong when no other abnormalities were found. I was attracted to this case as I was wondering what kind of grandfather Lee was until he wanted to see all his descendents suffer a three generation curse?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Glimpses Of Death

It would be a great surprise if I say that for many people, death does not come in a sudden. Well, there certainly are many tools to give you telltale signs of an approaching death: astrological reading, geomancy, premonition etc. These telltale signs would give an indication of approaching death of approximately 18 months’ period according to my own experiences.


First, please do so and spare some time for your family members and stop staring at your tablets or smart phones. Try to observe the behavior of your elders closely but not too intensely. It is best just sit diagonally across them and pay particular attention to their eyes. If not significant changes on their eye sights, then you can relax for now. However, if you find pattern changes; then death would probably be around the corner. Just a point to note is that the glimpse would only lasts for a few seconds, but it will strike you deep inside your heart to be awaked.


My personal experience with my late father was that around one and half years before he passed away; his would give me a sudden and very deceptive stare from the corner of his eyes that resembles that of a dishonest man. Just to tell you honestly, my father was a teacher for over 30 years and known for his honesty and we secretly dubbed him ‘Confucius II’. So it would indeed be extremely weird for such a person to give me such a sinister look. I felt that that was another person that was staring at me altogether.


Other sign of approaching death was that during this period would be hearing of noises at night. I would akin this call to be somewhat resembles the call of Banshee from Irish folklore. I used to hear a creepy and disembodied voice of my late grandmother during midnight calling: “Ah Ying… Ah Ying…” (My father).


Oh, another thing is please also pay particular attention to behavior change of the person: a calm and polite person suddenly changed into a rude and violent person; or a vegetarian turned into a meat eater etc. So if one day, your beloved father suddenly stared at you as if you were his greatest enemy for no reasons; be prepared.


I believe the above behaviors can also be found with younger ones as there are occasionally news interviews on parents of youths who died in automobile accidents saying: “We knew something would happen to him because his behavior was not normal before he left the house…”


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Our Life Equation (生命解碼)

How would you like to define ‘life’?


In Tibetan Buddhism, the definition of life is simply:


Life = body + consciousness + light


This is an important equation as it is used extensively in traditional medicine and the ‘Bardo Thotrol’ or better known as ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’ or ‘中有聞教得度法’ in Chinese.




Our body is comprised of five elements: earth, water, fire, wind and ether. Each is manifested externally as flesh and muscle, body fluid, body heat, breathing and aura.


When we are alive and healthy, these five elements are in balance. When any of these elemental forces are in excess or insufficient; we will fall sick.


When we die, these elemental energies disintegrated.


If we are able to purify these elemental energies, then we can perhaps achieve the legendary ‘rainbow body’.




This is our so call ‘soul’ in modern times. This is known as the eighth or ‘alaya’ consciousness.




The light source is hidden inside our body only to be perceived the ‘bardo’ or ‘in-between’ states of our lives:


When we are alive:


·         The bardo of living

o   Appear between our thoughts

·         The bardo of dream

o   Appear before our dreams

·         The bardo of meditation



When we are dying or after death:


·         The bardo of dying

o   Appear during the dissolution of elemental forces

·         The bardo of actual death

o   Appear consecutively as 42 peaceful and 58 wrathful deities

·         The bardo of reincarnation

o   Appear before rebirth and after the last in-between state


Friday, November 22, 2013

Dependence Arising Has No Essence (緣起性空)

It is not very difficult to understand the concept of ‘emptiness’ in Buddhism. The word ‘emptiness’ doesn’t mean that everything is entirely ‘empty’ functionally and in characteristic. The gist of it only refers to the existence of an object, such as a stone; does not exist because of you and me. The stone will always be there with or without you and me.


In another words, if someone pick up the stone and hit me on the head; my head bleeds. This shows that the stone is not empty as it is harder than my skull; hence its function is not empty.


Now, let’s bring in the concept of ‘dependence arising’ (緣起).


Basically ‘dependence arising’ has no essence (緣起性空無自性) means ‘emptiness’ (空性). This ‘emptiness’ refers to the happening of an incident has no specific characteristics, hence it is essentially ‘empty’.


Let me elaborate further with an example of the above stone:


The reason that you and I have the opportunity to come across the specific stone means this relationship was built in some previous years or lifetime. Without this relationship; we would not even notice the stone amongst other pebbles on the roadside.


Likewise, it is not by chances that you drop in this blog; the relationship was established in the past lives where we have probably established as friends or foe. This connection will only exist as long as the past relationship endures. After the attraction is over, we will part and never to meet nor talk again.


Understand the concept of ‘emptiness’ is essential in spirit deliverance ritual (超度) or not only the spirit that is intended to be delivered will not depart; it will hang on to the master himself.


It is also precisely this concept of ‘emptiness’ that draws a thin line between Buddhist Tantric practices with Hindu Tantric practices. Both of them has the same name; quite differ in gist. As the saying goes:



(A millimeter’s difference in the beginning, but ended with a kilometer’s error.)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Understanding Our Invisible Friends

Almost all of older magical traditions in this world deal with spirits to do their biddings. After years of experiences dealing with these spiritual entities, I try to list down  some lesser known traits that I think are interesting to talk about.


Defining spirits


Spirits here refers to human spirits specifically or some may like to call them ghosts.


Spirits are fuzzy entities


Basically spirits are stubborn and blurred. Well, the clever ones already gone with the light within 49 days’ duration.


Now, let’s put us in their shoes (only if they have feet …) and think what we would do if … One day when all our familiar belongings: houses, family, car, money etc. are no longer belonged to us; all our complaints are unheard and no food to eat.


Say that a bugger comes and says to us:


“What a pity soul. How are you?”

“So pity, how come you die so young?”

“I would marry you if you’re still alive …”



We will definitely stick to this person 99% of the time as he or she has shown sympathy to us add to that we have nowhere to go, wouldn’t we?


Spirits will not leave voluntarily


Once spirits get comfortable with their ‘hosts’, it is quite difficult to make them leave voluntarily. There is a Chinese saying:



(It is easy to invite ghosts, but difficult to send them away.)


So you see, once these invisible beings are with you; they are definitely sticking to you for as long as they can. Unless of course, the hosts die and there is no more energy to be consumed.


Spirits feed on energies


Spirits rely on energies to survive. If your household electrical appliances especially the lights break down pretty often, then this is one of the indications that a spirit is around.


Likewise, spirits will also consuming energy of human and animals.


I was told by a fellow Taoist practitioner that the dying process of a person can be prolonged by simply attaching spirits onto the person. In doing so, the person will keep grasping for air but will not kick the bucket. This is done when his or her life is to be prolonged while waiting for the love ones to arrive.


When spirits attached themselves to human beings, I call them “parasites”. Of course, in magic traditions, spiritual parasites are used as a means to achieve invulnerability and 6th sense.


However, spiritual parasites can bring more harm than good:


·         When these parasites are sucking energies from their hosts, the hosts will experience mood swing, tired, palpitation etc.

·         Spiritual parasites can ‘mask’ out actual illnesses and cause a tumor not to be shown in x-ray photo and more often than not, discovery of the real cause is often a little too late.

·         Illnesses such as cancers, diabetes, high blood etc. are said to be partly attributed to spiritual parasites.

·         Spirits attract bad luck


Spirits cannot change the world


Majority of the spirits are ignorant and helpless. If anyone says that spirits can save the world, then that must be a lie. Most of the time, they need to be taught on what and how to do a task. Perhaps there are good ones around, but after browsing through available magic traditions; I have yet to see one. A simple pendulum will certainly give the skeptics a very good sample.


So here you are, our invisible friends in a nutshell. I think the best attitude towards these invisible friends is:



(Respect the spirits, but keep them at a distance.)


The choice is still, yours; of course.