Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Indian Curse For The Jilt & The Like

The curse how-to's for the interested.
I accidently met an Indian lady at a crossroad near where I stayed about two weeks ago in the dead of the night performing some sort of ritual; which I later learnt from the lady that it was a curse for the person who has hurt her heart.


Below is what the lady told me, she allowed me to publish the ritual for those people who felt that they have been the victim of unjust. In order to perform this ritual, first we must get some basic ingredients: a lime, two coffin nails, a dozen of sewing needles, an earth urn filled with water fetched from a river and some weeds and Moringa leaves for self protection.


The best timing to perform this ritual is at midnight 3 days after full moon and before dark moon. When the ingredient is prepared, we will need to pray in front of black goddess Kali in her wrathful form for assistance and to catch the soul of the culprit into the lime. After performing some length of incantation according to our wish, we must explicitly express what type of mishaps our target should suffer due to his/her mischievous behaviors.


When we feel that the person’s soul has entered into the lime, we prick the two coffin nails into the lime making an ‘X’ sign. Then, we continue to prick all available needles into the lime while thinking of the person’s face. After that, the lime is placed into the earth urn and the whole assembly is brought to a crossroad and smashed in the middle of the crossroad. With the disintegration of the urn, the curse is deemed to take effect.


Now the spell caster must quickly return home and hang the protective charm above the house entrance to prevent the curse from bouncing back. The lady said that the curse will take effect upon the coming full moon.


Again, I don’t think I ever need this ritual… but if you wanted to give it a try; then please tell me the effect if any. It is not that I encourage such practices: I am interested in the effectiveness only.


Monday, April 28, 2014

Certain Music Attracts Spirits

Below very interesting stories are contributed by Barry… I must agree with Barry that certain type of music does attract spirits at certain time. The old Chinese believed that if someone is playing flute in the middle of the night in an open area will attract ghosts.






Recently I've just bought a guitar because friend of mine once said that he is willing to teach me how to play it, and I was interested in music too. I was living on a "kamar kos" (a kind of dorm room) back then. One day, when he came to teach me and he began to play a music. After a while, I notice several "spirits fireflies" come near him. He began to wondered, "Why you looked at me with that looks?" I only tell him while smiling, "Certain music attract certain spirits..." That sightings occurred several times in many different occasion and different place when he played music. Anyway, he doesn't play religious song at that time. He played a kind of pop music. Forgot the title though... And of course, he knows about my interest in occult things...


Speculation regarding this case:


Theory 1:

Those "fireflies" are fairies. Since my pal's behaviour is childlike sometimes, and usually faeries are attracted to kids. I notice how his eyes become glittering like a playgroup children found a new toys when he played my guitar. The childlike mind and music are perfect combination for faeries...


Theory 2:

Those "fireflies" are his guardians. Since my pal's parents is a devout Catholic and often pray for him although he himself is not really that devout. I was once see his guardians in another occasion. So it's not the music that attract the spirits in this theory. They only manifest as usual and maybe take some interest in music. But they are already there... Not some kind of stranger spirits that being attracted.


Theory 3:

Those "fireflies" are the guardians of my "sacred place". Living in "kamar kos" means you don't have much space to be able to create a special altar room and sacred space. So that only room I living is also my sacred place.


Theory 4:

Those "fireflies" are wondering spirits that come around by coincidence, and somehow I associated them with the music even though the two are not related.







I once take some interest in Japanese folk song named "kagome kagome". In case you want to know some stories, games associated with it, or background in depth regarding this song, you can open this link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kagome_Kagome. Below is the lyrics of the song and a translation according to my intepretation (because the song itself is a bit ambiguous to be able to translated properly).


Kagome kagome (cage oh cage),

Kago no naka no tori wa (a bird trapped within a cage).

Itsu itsu deyaru? (when oh when it would come out?),

Yoake no ban ni (in the night of dawn...).

Tsuru to kame ga subetta (heron and turtle are falling over).

Ushiro no shoumen daare? (whose face it is when you look behind?)


*Kagome = 8 pointed star or cage

*Heron symbolize prosperity, turtle symbolize longevity.

*"heron and turtle are falling over" could means "no prosperity no longevity"


I learn how to sing it from youtube. There are at least two events of spirits attracting when I sing it in two different occasion.


First, when I stayed over my friends house and began to sing that song. He feel unusual shivers and later when he go out to take some water, he saw sightings of "white lady" even though he almost never "seeing things" before.


Second, I sang that song at my office. Another friend that often meditate and develop a noticeable degree of sensitiveness began to feel uneasy and told me to stop singing because it attract many spirits. He began to recite "Ratana Sutta" to calm those spirits and ward them off.


Speculation regarding this case :


Theory 1:

The song itself has a kind of bad origin so it could attract bad spirits, breaking any boundary of language, culture, and place. How local spirits could understand Japanese language? Or maybe those sightings are the authentic Japanese spirits? I wonder myself...


Theory 2:

Somehow I sing that song with certain degree of appreciation of its meaning. The appreciation of mine could be the cause of spirit attraction.


Theory 3:

This theory is given from my office friend mentioned before. The tone of the song itself has a property that could attract spirits. Even if you're humming the song without sing its lyrics, it could still attract spirits.


Anyway I leave to you any interpretation or theory that born from these stories.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Docs From Hell (如此大夫)

First of all, I am not trying to belittle the docs. But there are just too many docs out there that just continue to make my head shake for they just interested in making money out of their poor patients. It is not fair just to throw out statements as such, so let me tell you two personal encounters just this year:


True Story 1


My cousin sister, Janet is a hotel housekeeping supervisor in her late 30’s working in Singapore. A few months ago, she felt executing pain at her lower back area when she was mending a bed. Since then Janet couldn’t walk straight and this nagging problem has tormented her for about a year or so until she finally gone to see a doctor.


As told by Janet that she immediately burst into tears when the good doc told Janet that she had slip disc and needed to be operated immediately… and folks, that would cost of around SGD30k and 3 months’ rest. Apparently good old Janet couldn’t afford the price, not to mention that she might lost her job.


So Janet went to Melaka to see a traditional healer as introduced by her brother and her condition improved almost immediately. I only learnt about her plight during our New Year gathering as her pain has revisited her. Since the clinics didn’t open for business during that time, I volunteered myself to treat her.


Well, my tool was simple: a piece of buffalo horn. After 20 minutes of treatment, Janet showed a sense of relief on her face and to her surprised that her nagging problem was just cured by a piece of MYR10 buffalo horn?


True Story 2


My mom has dry eyes since a year ago. She continued to use artificial tear drops to keep her eyes moist until fairly recently that the artificial tears wasn’t helpful and due to the dryness that my mom’s eyes became red.


I have advised mom to drink plenty of water and drink some Chrysanthemum or Mulberry tea. But my mom insisted to pay her good doc a visit and was given some antibiotic to apply onto her eyes as the doc suspected my mom has suffered from ‘red eye syndrome’.


It was quite unfortunate that my mom’s condition didn’t improved after spending a couple hundreds of dollars. Her eyes became redder still and she kept winking her eyes indicating her utmost discomfort.


I thought of sending mom to visit a specialist and again it was during weekends and the specialist wasn’t in business. So I asked my bro to bring her to a trusted TCM sensei (先生) in the hope to lessen mom’s pain at least momentarily perhaps.


It was to all our relief that my mom’s pain was lessened almost immediately after the TCM sensei gave her a round of acupuncture. Tears begun to flow out from my mom’s eyes!


On seeing this situation, the TCM sensei gave mom some herbal medicine and asked her to come again a week later.


All in all, the treatment cost less than MYR50… what can I say?


In both of the cases, if we followed the advices of the good docs; I’m sure that Janet wouldn’t be able to walk properly and my mom would probably be blind by now… There are certainly cases where modern physicians can do better of course. It would be up to us to keep our fingers crossed and pray that a good doc appear when in need.


Secret Ingredient For Knock Out Wine (一杯醉)

I was absent from my blog for a good reason. My life was too boring and I decided I need some travelling due north. Or I wouldn’t have any stories to continue with further blog postings…


Just fairly recently I had an opportunity to dine with a Cambodian old man during my Indochina rendezvous. The meeting was not prearranged just to tell you the truth. You see, I was waiting for my friend to come and fetch me in a local restaurant and this old man just barged in and asked me if he can sit beside me. I didn’t refuse his request and invited him to be seated.


It was raining quite heavily outside so I ordered a bowl of hot noodle soup for the grandpa and we begun our not so fluent conversation. As a matter of fact, the conversation was more like guessing hand gestures than actual talking: I don’t speak Cambodian and the grandpa doesn’t speak English. Luckily the grandpa understands a little Chinese and seems that that was sufficient to get the meaning through.


After the simple meal, we sort of chatting about the local delicacies and good local hang about. Somehow the conversation topic was veered towards the magical practices and once this topic is touched upon, I could see old grandpa’s eyes suddenly brightened up and he told me a secret recipe to make knock-out wine that could knock out any drinker. That was to repay my good hospitality.


According to the grandpa, the main ingredient of the knock-out wine is any rotating parts: bullock cart wheels, bicycle wheel frames, metal gears etc. So, once we have gotten the required ingredients; we can just dip the part into a bottle of wine on a full moon night. If the part is too big, then it is okay to break it into pieces and fill it in the bottle.


Now, we must put this special wine under our beds for one complete month before letting our opponents to consume. Before we parted, the grandpa touted that a small cup of this special vine is enough to bring down any super good drinkers. The antidote to this spell is simple: Just hold a piece of pebble or wood in your palm and the magic will be null and void.


This spell is useless to me as even a small cup of ordinary wine already make me see stars and planets. So, I don’t drink and would just leave it for the interested parties to experiment. But just a word of caution: drinking is bad for your health! Take it or leave it.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

This Lady Killed Her Hubby (杀夫妇)

I got to know Ms Ding when she visited me one day for consultation. She told me that she was sexually assaulted by her boy friend when she was young and that she had spent time in jail due to homicide.


Ms Ding is born on November 20th, 1971 at 7am. Below is her astrology reading:






First, this lady is not someone to be tempered with as she with fight till one party dies even though her life force is fairly weak. Basically the reading shows that this lady is cleaver but a loner, she is destined to break the law and the chance of being imprisoned is great.


Her major luck reads:





On her luck between 21 to 30 years old is shown in red, she was destined to involve in a fight that caused injuries to herself and her opponent; and her opponent was her husband as shown in her main reading above.


Indeed the unfortunate incident happened in 1993 which is the year of rooster:




In 1993, when Ms Ding was 22, she had an argument with her hubby concerning money issues and they had a fight. Unfortunately, her hubby was accidently killed by Ms Ding with a piece of stick.


Ms Ding was subsequently sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.


Now Ms Ding is 43, she is in her 41 to 50 years old major luck. Apparently she is suffering from her old injuries and she can call herself lucky if she can celebrate her 51st birthday.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Household With 4+1 Members (无形的客人)

A friend Mr. Chen invited me to visit his apartment which is situated in Tanjung Bunga near TAR College. According to Mr. Chen, he and his family moved into the apartment about a year ago and that there are only 4 persons living in his apartment: Mr. and Mrs. Chen, his son named Albert and his daughter Lisa.


Strange things started since as Mrs. Chen always felt that there is an additional ‘person’ up to such a stage that she even prepared an additional seat and a bowl of rice during lunch and dinner.


In one occasion when both of the kids were out leaving Mr. and Mrs. Chen alone in their apartment, suddenly Mrs. Chen said: “What is Albert doing inside the store room as I seen he went in about an hour ago?”


Mr. Chen answered in astonishment: “I thought both of the kids are out!?”


Even so, Mrs. Chen still believed that she has seen someone entered the store room with her naked eyes.


Yet in another occasion, the couple went to attend a wedding function and Mrs. Chen was quite sure that she has stored away all her makeup utensils in her cupboard before she left. Again to her amazement, all her makeup kits laid all over her makeup table when she returned from the wedding. Both of the kids were interrogated but only to receive denial and blank faces from the kids.


Now Mr. Chen suspected his wife being psychosis and he asked Mrs. Chen to consult a psychologist. However, after a series of diagnostics and Mrs. Chen was pronounced to be normal.


After listening to Mr. Chen’s interesting stories, I took out my compass and take some measurements. After a while, I pulled Mr. Chen out from his apartment and said quietly to him: “There is a spirit in your house but it meant no harm. Since your wife can see it then this won’t be good in long run. The best method is to give it a place to ‘sit’ so that it will not harass your wife. Further, if you do so; the spirit will help you in your business. I cannot exorcise this spirit as it stays put before you.”


Mr. Chen didn’t want to move house so he prepared a small altar in the store room and make offerings to the spirit daily. Indeed, after the altar is setup, Mrs. Chen didn’t see the spirit anymore and Mr. Chen’s business is progressing well till today.