Friday, September 29, 2017

I Am Pooped! (沉默是金)

This is a flower of arisaema wrayi very nicely indicating my present condition after posting a total of nearly 2,000 postings: "I am pooped!" :P

So, if you have sent me multiples of messages and didn't get a reply, then forgive me for I think I need to keep silent. The flower is yellowish green so is my face and my tongue is sticking as long as well.

Silent will be my sole action for the moment. It is perhaps your turn to talk if you so wish desire or forever hold your silent.

Meanwhile, I am working on other blogs but the progress is very slow. There is no need to ask for access as they shall be opened to all when the materials are enough to share.

If I have something to share, it shall be posted in this blog but if you something to share, then let me know.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Field Walk (田野步行)

Whether one is practising Thai medicine or Thai magic, field walk in an integral part of the training. 

Field walk is not the modern day version of 'power walk' stuff.

Field walk to a herbalist and a magician is just like the walking meditation in Theravada Buddhism.

For a herbalist, field walk is performed after the morning prayers to the lineage masters and ancestors. The aims for herbalist field walk are first to look for fresh herbs, the second to have 'conversation' with mother nature and the third is to 'discharge' contaminated energy absorbed while treating patients.

For a magician, field walk is also performed after the morning prayer. The aims are to have conversations with the mother nature as well as to discharge negative energies; and also to sharpen his/her 6th senses.

The difference between walking meditation and field walk is that, walking meditation seeks to tame our mind in order to achieve enlightenment. Field walk on the other hand, aims to seek the help of mother nature to purify a practitioner's aura while attaining new knowledge.

Ideally speaking, field walk should be performed in the wilderness such as jungle or mountain as the air is fresh and free from contamination. However, a recreational garden works fine either though you will get a very different result.

As with walking meditation, field walk requires one to settle his/her mind and that he/she must temporarily discard any type of anticipations. It is best that just let the nature take its course and if field walk is done by others, then talking should be kept to minimum.

The method is simple:

When one starts to walk, he/she can imagine that he/she is at the center of an invisible ball. 

As he/she starts to walk, this person can start counting 1-2-3 and walk 3 steps while inhaling with his/her nose. At the same time, he/she can imagine as he/she inhales; external energy enters the ball and the ball started to fit into the person's size.

After the inhalation, the person should hold his breath and his/her visualization and then walk 3 steps while counting 1-2-3.

After holding breath and walked 3 steps, the person shall release his/her breath and walk another 3 steps. And then by holding his/her breath, he/she took another 3 steps.

Simply speaking, the exercise is as follows:

breathe in - hold breath- walk-breathe out-hold breath-walk

After doing this walking exercise for a while, the person shall notice that someone talks to him/her. He/she should just listen to the messages and take note but do not follow any instructions given or the person might be possessed.

The counting of numbers is only for beginers. We can instead think of the words 'how-are-you?' and the effect is the same. `An experience person can coung up to 9 but the main idea is just to relax and enjoy the walk.

Beware Of Tummo Syndrome (拙火症候群)

It brought to my attention that many of people who tried to practise the Tibetan Anuttara Tantra tummo exercises suffered from the so-called 'tummo syndrome'. Unfortunately these group of people has no one to guide them and I hope they can ride trough their problems.

Tummo syndrome is not recorded in any of the Tibetan texts and very few masters will ever tell you. Too bad that not many masters even master the technique of tummo or psychic heat themselves.

The occurrence of tummo syndrome is when the rising fire filled a person's head and the heat has no where to disperse to the whole body. The initial symptoms are headache, insomnia and feeling uneasy all the time. Gradually, the person will start to hallucinate and hearing things. In long run, not only this person's health will be affected, he/she may also suffer from mental depression. Worse, he/she may be treated as crazy.

The cause of blockage of energy in one's head is due to over concentration during meditation. This is a common mistake for beginners who wanted to push their progress in order to achieve certain 'signs of accomplishments'.

On the other hand, tummo syndrome can also happened to those office workers who are constantly under tremendous pressures. The over stressed body produces excess heat and this heat normally accelerates the upward air in our body towards the head.

So, it is natural that you will feel head ache, dry eyes and restless after a day's work in your office. In long run, the stagnant heat will also accumulate in your heart and causing heart burnt as well.

Another group of folks tends to be affected by tummo syndrome is those young men being too engross in magical things especially the Thai magic. The thing is that once we concentrate our mind feel tense and heat will be generated and gathered in our body.

Through long period of meditation and visualization, more and more heat energy accumulated inside a youngster's body and since Thai magical items generates negative energies, more and more heated negative energy accumulated and moves up the head.

At this point, if such negative energy is being channel out; it will affect the young man's behavior. And this person will start talking something very strange and negative. You will see a lot of these folks around you.

It is not difficult to cure tummo syndrome.

The best way is to do outdoor meditative walk in a jungle with fresh air or in a small stream with clear water so that the excess heat energy can be drained off or 'grounding' in Western term.

One can also lie flat face upwards in a 'corpse position' imagining that all of the excess energy is being drained to the ground.

It is sufficient to perform 'grounding' once a week or when you feel there is a need. Also avoid any magic or meditative practices during the grounding period or you will not see much effect.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Thank You Seafood (感谢师父)

Religion beliefs to many are console of the heart and enhances the relaxation of body and mind.Generally speaking,people would not interfere on what others' beliefs are...

So said, a man from Taiwan was indignant that his girlfriend consistently spoke about her 'seafood' (sifu) and hence exposed his problem in a facebook page: 'Anti-MiaoChan' (反妙禅).

This is what he has said:

"Miaochan has taken away my girlfriend whom I have known for many years. It is my heartiest advise that you should not let your love ones be brainwashed!"

This gentleman has also posted his conversation with his ex:

At first, his girlfriend asked when the man would visit the center again. He however advised the ex that there were rumors about her master being a fake, and he hoped his ex would consider not to attend.

On hearing those words, the ex was furious and scolded him: "You rather believe in rumors instead of me?"

The lady further added that her master is a 'living Buddha' and continued to persuade the man to give it a try.

But the man insisted that he didn't like the environment at the place and that he was extremely tired right after work.

The ex learnt of the man's mind and said: "I am disappointed that you cannot respect my belief."

Then the lady said if she were to choose, she would choose her master over her boyfriend.

The man think that his ex has reached such a fanatic stage so much so that the lady attributed everything to the grace of her master even up to the extend of making loves. His ex shouted: "Thank you for the grace of sifu' (感恩師父). He scolded furiously: "I am the one who had worked hard! Not your SEAFOOD!"

Of course, this lady still adamant that the pleasure was due to the 'grace of her sifu.

After the men's plight was exposed in the net, many people cannot agree with the ex's behaviors. Some of the comments:

"She is obsessively crazy, if her 'seafood' gone to heaven, would she follow?"

"She even thinks of sifu during making love,I disappointingly laughed. Let her go if you will, since she only thinks of her sifu, she would not have any partner."

"He misunderstood the lady! She shouted thanking the grace of sifu due to extreme comfort! She was just praising in comfort!"

Laugh if you may, but when this happens to you; what would you do?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ms Secretary Vs Dr No (秘书对医生)

If you still recall that in modern behavioral science, people can roughly be categorized into two categories: 'doer' and' thinker'. The question now is: 

What happens if you put a 'doer' with a 'thinker'? 

If you want to know, the answer is that they will physically KILL each other. Now let me tell you a true story...

For a very long time I haven't received any long winded calls but this law was broken twice lately and all calls were from Ms Lulu whom I knew very many years ago. Both calls were so long that they lasted for about 2 hours and the system automatically cut in to disconnect the calls... but new calls continued for another half an hour or so.

It was a hot afternoon and I was quite drowsy and my phone rang. I answered the call and a familiar voice came from the other end:

"Do you know who am I?" 

"Of course, how can I forget. You are Lulu the almighty company secretary!" I answered.

Carefully, I asked: "Since our last quarrel... What can I do for you?"

Lulu: "Can you still remember the astrology chart you done for me? It is inaccurate!!"

Me: "Tell me about it..."

Lulu: "Well, last year I was introduced to Dr No from HK. We communicated for a few months and he disappeared for 6 months and then wanted to reconcile. Then I found out that he has LIED to me and after some arguments, the Dr No sent me a sarcastic email to end the relationship and I retaliated with another..."

Me: "Well... I said you will have an 'opportunity' and the 'opportunity' did come didn't it?"
Lulu: "I hate anyone to lie to me and this no good doctor is a complete swindler! I want to see him suffer!!"

Me: "Hang on Lulu... You both just got to know for less than one year and how can you deduce that this Dr No has lied to you? Although you are lovers, he must have his privacy also... Did you manage to talk to him personally?"

Lulu: "Fxxk! I am always busy you know handling those big bosses. I have no time to talk to Dr No during the day so I asked him to call me after 8pm Malaysian time... but he said that he was too tired back in HK due to different time zone..."

Me: "Well, from what I can see... Lulu, you shoot up like a 400mph bullet train to start and end a relationship in one months... and the good old Dr No took 7 months to consider if he wanted the relationship. If you hold on to your horses, you might just saved this relationship! I can't help you now..."

Lulu: "I want him to suffer what he deserved..."

Of course, I am not going to tell you the whole of the conversation as Lulu's words of revenge still echoing in my ears.

So, what is the problem here? 

Based on Lulu's account, my judgement would be simply a mismatch of communications of two very different characters. The problems lie in the highly impatient control freak secretary versus a super slow respond Dr No over a few thousands of nautical miles.

But seriously, pay extra attention if your girlfriend is a teacher or a secretary to a company boss. Unless you are of those obedient type; find another partner for your peace of mind in many years to come...

Introducing Buddhist Diet N Medicine

There is so much talk about magic. I will now switch some of my efforts to discuss about Buddhist medicine etc.

It is very difficult to have a comprehensive coverage about Buddhist diets and medicine in a single blog. So, I will just share on what I have.

There are three major schools in Buddhism: Tantric, Mahayana and Hinayana. Each school has developed quite a different way in theory, illness treatments and diet requirements. Generally speaking, Buddhist medicine is heavily influenced by Ayurveda with some localized folk medicine added in.

I will try to explore mainly theories, herbs, mantras, herbal formula and treatment methods mainly pertaining to Thai medicine with some materials on Tibetan medicine and others. There are many mistakes that I have yet to find time to correct them so please be caution that when you refer to the materials.

Mantras and plant names are recorded from the mouth of those masters who taught me orally and then recorded down. So, for most of the part; I don't know the exact meaning and pronunciation. Other than that, this blog can be boring and not suitable for general reading.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Right Cancels Wrong (对错扯平)

A friend of mine is a teacher and he used to set exam questions. He told me that 'right cancels wrong' is a technique used to trap those indecisive exam candidates during answering objective type of questions.

For example if the answer for question A is true, then the answer for question B must also be true. If a candidate gotten A wrong, then he is likely to get B wrong as well. Of course, the above only occurs in examinations.

There is another type of mistake modern magicians made which is to mix religious doctrine in magical practices. This mistake is particularly noticeable in modern Thai magic and Taoist magic. 

Since Taoist magic is almost extinct by now, I would just elaborate problems with modern Thai magic in this discussion.

Before we venture into any form of rituals, we must first study and understand their 'structure' or how they are composed. By going through the structure, we will know what the ritual wanted to emphasize.

Let us just quickly refer to Tibetan Buddhist ritual since it is normally well structured with a central theme. 

A Tibetan ritual normally starts with homage to the three gems and lineage gurus, and then the generation of Buddha heart. After that everything would be resolved into emptiness and the regeneration of the main deity. The deity would then dissolved into emptiness and then emerged from emptiness.

The Tibetan masters have kept this structure very rigidly throughout the years but not so in Thai magic...

Traditional Thai magic rituals normally requires a practitioner to pay homage to lineage gurus, and one's ancestors and the guardian spirits. The structure was pretty crisp and clear.

I am not aware of since when the modern versions of Thai ritual started to see the seeking refuge to the three gems, and the calling upon of Hindu deities but fall short of calling the God.

Perhaps people who composed such rituals think that they would get the best of a few religions to empower their rituals? If so, then these folks are seriously wrong because religions and magic have conflicting aims. It is also true that between religions too the doctrines are different.

By simply calling all the Buddhist deities, Hindu deities, Thai deities and some other deities will make the energy of such ritual very confusing. Not only no spirits can and will carry out the instructions of the magician, the magician himself would become blurred in long run and started to doubt what he have learnt really works.

Let us examine what happened to these modern Thai magic rituals:

If a ritual is started with seeking refuge to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha; then you have effectivelly instructed your spirits to become a Buddhist and abide by all Buddhist teachings.
After that you start to invite Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu to join the party. Such act is strictly forbidden by Buddhist teaching because following any external paths is not acceptable after seeking refuge.

Now the question arises as to the identity of the magician as a Buddhist or a Hindu. Such a situation is in real conflict here and which one do you want your spirit to abide by?

Later, you instructed the spirits to bring you the boy/girl you love to satisfy your lust. Hmm... by the power of the Buddha, Brahma, Shiva or Vishnu or something else? But isn't that it is forbidden in religions to used magic for satisfying one's own lusts?

It is indeed in such a way that your instructions to your spirits are being cancelled off step by step until the end of the ritual every day, and every time.

The best way and the most primitive way to instruct the spirit is simply: "Go and get me this man/woman..."

Simple is beauty but our modern entangled mind likes to make things complicated and cancels each other. Or which ever ways that I tried to explain the situation, magic really don't work one way or another...

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Enough Is Enough (适可而止)

People who practised magic in Asia tends to over casting magic or curses. A good example is that a magician would put a 'flying needle' curse followed by a 'soul catching' ritual, and then another another rounds of bad luck curses to a person.

If that is not enough, he would then curse the victim's wife, his son, daughter, siblings, mother, father, grandparents, great grandparents and even the ancestors...

Of course, I am not going to preach if all those death wishes would take effect to his opponents; or would I want to give an ethical or any sort of religious advice because it is his right to do so in his own place and time.

To say this bluntly, multiple curses seldom work but if the person can release some hatred energy inside him, than it would be good for him to do so and move on with his life.

However, if this person made an open curse, then he would face the consequences very soon. He maybe sued in the court of law or be beaten up or boycott by his community.

Personally, I seldom have the stamina to throw more than one curse at one time; and my hatred only lasts for a few hours. To me, it is enough just to throw a curse once to make it a point. It would be up to the spirits to carry out the curse if they so wish desired to do so.

Many people came to me wanting me to perform curses on their business competitors because they believe that those business rivals spread rumors to harm their booming business.

Although there are indeed many rituals that can harm those who made false remarks, I would just advise those victims just to hold on to their grounds and make use of social medias as platform to expand their businesses.

In such a way, customers who do not believe in those slender will come forward to those victims to seek clarifications directly over the intranet. Normally, over a short period of time the slender will subside by themselves. 

Even MagicSEA is a consistently a target of slandering remarks but the blog stays on to provide postings until to date.

So, the best method to handle rumors or gossips is to clarify in your own right and ignore the rumors because false news will never stand the test of time.

While staying on the same topic, Taoists, Buddhists and Thai magicians like to keep many statues. I have visited many fellow magicians who had installed so many statues until there is no room to walk.

Contrary to the common belief, it is not the more the merrier to have multiple statues. I have migraine when I see a place crammed inside a small room. Not only the air circulation is bad, those toxic gases and dusts accumulated over time cannot be cleaned. 

Actually, one statue is sufficient for those statue worshipers. In Thai magic, you will only need one statue of lersi which represents your lineage gurus. The spirits only recognize your lineage gurus and nothing else. The addition of a statue of other kinds will divert your guardian spirits' attention and attract other wandering spirits.

I have met many folks who would cast magic rituals willfully and this must be checked too. For you cannot curse a person whom has declined your love and then put a death curse on him or her. 

Perhaps the person you love now is not your soul partner? There are very bad consequences if two unrelated persons are forced together. I remember that I have told a story of a lady who loved a man but the man was not interested.

The woman somehow cast a love spell on the man and they finally married.

After a few years, the woman met another guy and wanted to be with this new love. But her husband wasn't ready to get a divorce. So, one day this jealous hubby splashed some strong acid on the woman's pretty face and her life was destroyed completely.

In short, you can do what you wish with magic but enough is really enough while the condition still looks good.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Magic That Works (有效的法术)

Many authors claimed that the magic rituals in their books work like a charm but the fact is that if you sincerely follow all of them faithfully; none of those super power rituals work.

Personally, I think in order to make magic work; there a few criterias that a person must satisfy:

First, he must know what is reality and what is not.

Simple? Well, not so...

Let me elaborate:

If a person lost his smartphone either due to negligence or being stolen, then depending on his next course of action: he can either lodge a police report, post his problems in social medias or forget about the phone.

It is only after this person has exhausted his worldly efforts that he can turn to magic for supplementary help.

Now the fact is that no one can guarantee that the person's phone can be found. The police certainly will try their best and if the victim is a magician; he will have an edge.

Like police, spirits cannot guarantee that the person can get back his original phone. But they will work beyond the law enforcement agency and give you something in return over time.

It may take a few years that this victim suddenly got a windfall and given another smartphone. In this case, no police officers would give you a compensation on what you have lost  I supposed?

So, Rule 1: 

You will get something in time if you do your part.

Next, many people like to talk the talk but they never walk the talk.

I used to spent many hours answering long winded long distance calls to guide someone back to track on his business. But this guy just like to 'talk about it' and lazy to 'do what was necessary'.

For example: You cannot run your pizza outlet by spending hours in the phone and expect customers to flock into your outlet to order pizza without doing any physical improvements.

So, Rule 2: 

You must walk the talk.

Many people feel that it is sinful to practise magic. So, they added many religious icons into their magic rituals.

This is a BIG mistake because magic rituals are meant to resolve an issue at hand. If you are a butcher and you ask the Buddha for help, what would be the answer you will get?

So, Rule 3:

Leave any religious icons out. There are places where you will need religious teachings but not at this moment please.

This is yet another common mistakes people like to make: they just put out a request to the spirits and expect the spirits to do human bidding.

This is not the case as spirits don't really know what you want and they are not obliged to work for you. The best way is to 'work' and 'train' the spirits so that they can assist you.

For example: I like to go into jungle and look for herbs. It is nearly impossible for me to search the maiden jungle for what I want. So the help of jungle spirits is a must. It normally take me 10 times in and out of jungle before I get what I want.

So, Rule 4: 

You can make a request to spirits but you must also get your hands dirty.

Of course there are other rules as well but I would just stop at these 4 rules. If you believe in magic and follw the 4 rules, I can promise you that even you didn't get what you want, you will not be disappointed at the end of the day.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Working With Mountainous Spirits (山神作业)

If you are working with hermetic Thai magic, then you will definitely come into contact with mountainous spirits. 

Thai magicians are not the sole ones who engaged with mountainous spirits for help. The Tibetans have long worshiped mountain gods in Himalayan mountain ranges for protection. There are many rituals to appease those mountain gods. For example: Tibetan Buddhists would perform smoke offerings every morning and fire offerings at festive seasons. Many of Tibetan guardian spirits are mountain spirits. Those folks practising Tantric Buddhism must know this.

Thai magicians believe that the status and power of a mountainous spirit depend on the elevation of the mountain range. Simply put, the lowland spirits are much hostile and inferior than those highland spirits.

So, a hermit will strive to hike to the top of a mountain to communicate with those spirits dwell at the peak. According to personal experience, a magician must hike up to at least 1000m above sea level before a helpful spirit can be contacted.

There are trials and challenges that a hermetic magician must overcome before any spirits would come before him. Having said so, not all mountainous spirits are beneficial though.

A tell tale sign if the spirits of a mountain is benevolent or otherwise is that the mountain must be a maiden jungle far away from human pollution. If a mountain is evergreen and the atmosphere is serene, then the spirits would also be kind too. However, if the mountain site has seen developments; or if the place is a rocky mountain, then the mountainous spirits must be hostile too.

It is certainly true that not everyone is fond of mountain hiking. So, as an alternative; many magicians choose to work with lowland spirits such as the infamous 'banana spirit', 'phi phop' and any types of wandering spirits.

Personally, I treat 'mountainous spirits' as a collective terms refer to any type of wild spirits be they the monkies, bears, snakes, wild boars, tigers, wild plants and etc. According to my experience, the majority of mountain spirits in tropical rain forests are snake spirits and monkeys.

It is best that a magician possesses some loyal guardian spirits before working with new mountainous spirits for the magician's own safety.

If you still remember the lady in black whom I met during my jungle tracking, then let me tell you the squeal of the story.

First some background: I work with many mountain spirits mostly inherited from my late masters: bear, snake, fox, phi phops, some wild spirits etc.

After meeting the mysterious lady for a few times, I wanted to know the true identity of her. 
So, during one of those mountain hiking, I summoned my phi phop and asked her what was the background of the secretive lady. And as I was communicating with the phi phop, suddenly I head some squeaking sound of monkey came from a tree branch above me.

I looked up and saw a spectacle monkey sitting on the branch. Then I knew the answer for the mysterious lady in black is a 'monkey spirit' as a spectacle monkey is black in color too!

Since my discovery of the mysterious lady's identity, she never appears to me anymore. Instead, I would be greeted by a spectacle monkey every time I hike up the same mountain.

Perhaps the monkey spirit knew that her identity was exposed and shy away from me, or she decided to show her true face? Whatever case that might be, I continued to find wonderful herbs in that mountain. I think the monkey is helping me in my back.

One thing to remember is that those mountainous spirits are not magicians wish granting machines. They have their limitations too as they can only guide a magician through the mountain and hinted him on the possible dangers. At the end of the day, it is the magician who must get his hands dirty.

Those mountainous spirits have warned me about the forthcoming of heavy rains in many occasions and helped me to either descend to safety or call off my hikes. They have shown me to many rare herbs too. Maybe they can show me a real lady soon too? This is a challenge that I have given and awaiting their response...

So, if you are practising Thai magic in the comfort of your house, then you have not even enter the door of real field magic. Why not try to reach out for once?

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Flora And Fauna In Thai Magic (暹术的动植物)

Many people came to me wanting to learn Thai magic. But after a fairly short while, they gave up as these disappointed folks said that they cannot feel the 'power'. 

Of course, I couldn't blame them as most of those people just wanted money and they want to satisfy their lust.

Little had people known that Thai magic actually belongs to 'natural magic' category. So, if you don't like animals or plants or both, then you will not go very far with Thai magic.

Thai magicians keep animals and plants for various reasons. 

Animals are kept either in a magician's house or in the wild. Of course, by animals I also mean insects too. Animals can be used in many ways. For example: a dog can be used to guard the house and it can also be used to physically attack and kill a person. Bees too are another potent weapons to kill an enemy.

Other than that, animals such as fishes can be used to act as a 'magical shield' against psychic attacks from another magicians or from other harmful spirits. If a magician's aquarium fishes died of no apparent reasons, then they are deemed to have absorbed those negative energies from unknown sources.

I personally keep many tropical fishes. From time to time some fishes would suddenly had a color change and died a few days later. The dying of fishes normally followed after I returned from some dangerous trips and shed some blood during the journey.

Likewise to dogs too. I don't keep dogs but my fellow magicians do. One of my friend Arjan Chang kept a few black dogs. During one time his dogs died one after another annually but Arjan Chang didn't take any heed as our master didn't tell us to take precautions. 

After Arjan Chang's last hound died, he decided not to continue keeping dogs. But after one year lapsed without being accompanied by a dog, Arjan Chang suddenly vomited out a large quantity of blood and dropped dead.

Our master later found out that Arjan Chang's dead was due to black curses that had backfired. If Arjan Ching had kept pets of any sort, then the pets would have absorbed those backfired energy and die in place of their master.

That is a hard lesson learnt that your masters may not tell you, or it is just too trivial to let you know...

Other than for protection, animal parts and blood are also potent magical ingredients.

So, if you don't like animals; it is not likely that you can go very far in Thai magic.

Plants on the other hand, are mainly used for healing and in some instances, for casting magic pending on individual lineages. For example, certain ginger species are normally used to cure cold. They can also be used to invoke spirits for protection or curses.

I once used a ginger rhizome to chase away a stubborn tenant. Once I rented my house to a guy but after the contract expired, he refused to move out. Since he was a gangster head; I didn't want to offend him. So, instead of confronting him directly, I planted a small ginger rhizome opposite of the house.

As the ginger grew, the person started to see problems in his life. Until one day, the ginger plant was somehow dug out and devoured by a strayed dog. 

Not long after the incident, the gangster head was seriously injured in a road accident when he tried to avoid a police arrest.

Hence, knowledge of flora and fauna is very important in mastering Thai magic. Just a catch though... In order to be able to harvest and explore those powerful uses of flora and fauna; you must be 'initiated' and 'blessed' by your lineage guru, guardian spirits and also the mountain spirits from where you collect the animals and plants.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Wrong Reincarnation Attempt (投错胎)

Some religions believe in reincarnation while others dismissed such an idea as absurd. 

I am not an advocate of the theory of reincarnation but to share with you a very strange story I heard from a lady in her 50's. She is known as Madam Yee.

The Buddhist center I attached to performed free blessing rituals to visitors during the 7th Lunar Month. One day, while I was on duty and Madam Yee came to me with her story:

"A few days ago, I had very strange similar dreams for a consecutive 3 nights. In the dream, I was jogging at Air Itam Dam and a man came from the opposite site.

When both of us came closer, I noticed that the man was wearing old Chinese costume and his face was very pale. 

The man suddenly flagged at me asking me to stop. Strangely too I obliged.

The man said that I owed him a life but before I can put one plus one together, he started to strangle me and I couldn't breathe... 

Just as I was passing out, my late grandma's voice was heard from my back. She said that I shouldn't have come to her house and that it was my mistake...

I suddenly awoke finding myself lying in my bed soaking wet by my own cold sweat.

Feeling strange on having three exactly similar strange dream, I went to my 90 year old mother to tell her my dreams.

Mom looked stunted after hearing my story and she told me that before she give birth to me, she had a very strange dream too...

In my mom's dream some 50 odd years ago, she could still remember that the night before she was giving birth, a boy and a girl ran towards her. The boy was apparently taken the lead but the girl suddenly gave the boy a push causing he to tripped and fell down. After that the girl bumped into mom's tummy and I was born.

Until today, mom still firmly believe that I am supposed to be a boy instead of a girl. True enough I grew up like a tomboy and most of my friends are men.

So, Brother Liew, what do you think about my dreams? Will my opponent continue to trouble me?"

I looked at Madam Yee and replied: "I doubt so. Since your opponent has 3 unsuccessful attempts. And that you are almost half gone too... there is no point for him to pursue the same course with what is left of you."

Do you believe in reincarnation too? To me, one life is enough. Reincarnation is a no-no for me.