Friday, January 20, 2017

Haunted House Relatively Speaking (因人而异的鬼屋)

I devoted many years to study magical and spiritual matters and I used to look for haunted houses to get myself exposed. So happened that a friend of mine, Sandy runs some hostels in JB and I rented one of her said to be the most haunted building which situated just within walking distance of JB-Singapore custom. It was a terrace house consisted of 3 rooms and I only need one hence I rented the rest of the two rooms to a Chinese couple from KL and an Indian gentleman from Ipoh.

My room was situated in front of the house while the Indian gentleman stayed in the middle, and the Chinese couple stayed at the back facing the common toilet. The Chinese couple took the master bedroom since they had more things with them. I have no problems so long as they pay their rental on time.

After staying for a month or so, the Indian gentleman complaint to me that he was being hag-ridden at least once every week. Then when his girlfriend came to visit him for a few days, she felt tremendous headache but when she was escorted outside of the house; this lady’s headache suddenly disappeared. Needless to say, this Indian lady had to cut short her visit and returned to Ipoh. Another month later, the Indian gentleman moved out without citing anymore reasons. I thought perhaps the spirits didn’t like the guy for some reasons.

A Buddhist friend, Mike who put up with me for a few days while he attended a Buddhist dharma talk after the Indian gentleman moved out only managed to stay for one night. He knocked on my door in the middle of the night and when I opened the door, Mike only said: “It was too horrible! Just too horrible!” After that, Mike requested that he was to sleep with me in my room. I didn’t like to sleep side by side with any guy. So, I let Mike sleep in my room and I slept in the vacated room.

Of course, I wasn’t disturbed by spirits but some mosquitos; and slept soundly throughout the night.

Perhaps Mike was lacking the ‘yang energy’ (阳气) as he looked quite thin and pale. According to Mike, he could see and hear ghosts. Hence my guess was that Mike was already possessed by a few ghosts and because things of same character attract each other, no wonder the ghosts in the house were attracted to Mike and absorbed his energy. Since Mike was not strong enough to resist those advancing ghosts, he just had to flee instinctively speaking.

The couple that stayed at the back didn’t complain of ‘seeing ghosts’ or ‘hearing voices’. But the husband always suffered from severe stomach pain. His stomach pain was so severe that he could at times became unconscious and soak in cold sweat. This person looked thin and pale; and he was always gloomy. I was pretty sure too, this guy was also showing the symptoms of spirit disturbances as well even though he had claimed to be a disbeliever of spooks. His wife was also suffering from cancerous sickness too and I suspected that might be the doing of spirits too. Sadly, the couple suddenly quarrelled over very trivial matter one night and the next day they told me that they were filing for a divorce.

A month later, the Chinese couple moved out too. Although I couldn’t be sure if both cases were caused by ghosts, I decided not to rent out the house until the end of my contract with Sandy; for I hate to put other people’s life in jeopardy.  

So it is proven that different people would have different experiences with a haunted house. The Buddhists call this ‘hetupratyaya’ or ‘cause and effect’ (缘分). It is precisely that someone has done something in the past that he/she is destined to be affected by the ghosts; good or bad. If you believe in Buddhist teachings so said. A more scientific explanation is that if a person’s brain frequency is high, then he/she is not likely to be disturbed by ghosts that have lower frequencies. There are many ways to increase a person’s frequency. Amongst others, exercise and recite mantras are just some of them.

However, if you have never seen ghosts, that doesn’t mean that you are not affected by them. Believe it or not!

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  1. Did somebody said haunted house? You are brave that you did research on it, I wish I could have such courage. Thank you for sharing the post