Thursday, January 5, 2017

Mind Your Manners (非礼勿视)

Sometimes it is not so good to comment on a dead body even though it seemed lifeless. We have seen examples of people facing problems by just commenting on a tombstone, now here is another story about someone commented on a dead pretty lady and got himself into some problems…

Albert works as a morgue attendant in a hospital in Penang. He stays in Relau and he travels to work on his old scooter through the Paya Terubung Road every day to work. He told me once he was troubled by the restless spirit of a lady for many years before gotten rid of it.

The ordeal begun when the corpse of a lady was sent to the morgue for post-mortem. The lady was reported to have died in a freak accident in the mid of Paya Terubung Road last night. Albert was tasked to prepare for the autopsy and as he was positioning the corpse onto the autopsy table, he looked at the corpse and murmured: “What a pity! Such a beautiful lady wasted. I would die for a lady as pretty as this…”

Because of the last-minute autopsy arrangement, Albert was needed to work overtime and when he finally knocked off; it was already 2am. Though extremely sleepy, Albert managed to stay awake after drinking a mug of hot coffee. After making sure he was up to the homeward travel, Albert hopped onto his old scooter and headed home.

A few minutes after Albert entered the Paya Terubung Road, he saw a car parked at roadside. The front of the was seriously dented as if it had met with an accident. A pretty lady was standing beside the car and she looked helpless. Albert is a person who cannot see a pretty lady suffering and he stopped his scooter and asked: “Mam, this is not a place for you to stay alone. Can I help?”

The lady in distressed replied: “Thank you for your kindness. I am Lucy. My car accidentally rammed into a tree and I need a lift to my home in Relau…”

Without thinking twice, Albert responded: “I am Albert and glad to help! If you don’t mind, please hopped onto my backseat and grab tight!”

Lucy immediately hopped onto the scooter and grabbed hold of Albert tightly.

After making sure of Lucy has secured herself at the back, Albert zoomed off the place.

As Albert was scootering, Lucy asked: “You are so kind, Albert! I would like to be your wife if I am still alive…”

At this point, Albert sensed Lucy’s sweet voice suddenly turned into inhumane shrieking pitch. This sudden stimulation made Albert think of something else and a face came into his mind. It was the face of the dead pretty lady in the morgue! And then a disembodied voice echoed in his ear: “I will stay with you until the end of your life… He! He! He!”

In a state of panic and extreme sleepy, Albert lost control of his scooter and rammed into a drain beside the road.

Now it was Albert’s turn to be hospitalised. Although Albert kept his life, the restless pretty soul continued to haunt him ever since until I gave him a rice-stalk-manikin and asked him to tell the lady ghost that the manikin is a replacement body of Albert; and it shall accompany the ghost until she was reincarnated.

Believe it or not, since the simple ritual; Albert has not met the ghost ever since. So, it is best just to practise Confucius’s 3 basic principles: ‘see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil’ when facing with a corpse or else…

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  1. It is a quite fearful situation that you encounter a ghost face to face. If you have been in a morgue, you should be ready to face this kind of situation, no wonder.