Thursday, November 23, 2017

Black Hole & Light Theory (黑洞与光论)

I do occasionally received some interesting visitors and this is just one of the many:

A lady dropped at my place and we started to chat just about anything until she suddenly blurred out:

"When you have seen the light, you are already in a black hole!"

I got a stunned and starred at her. Feeling uneasy of my odd expression, the lady started to explain:

"Well, you see. Isn't it is true that black hole sucks just about everything including light? If you see the 'LIGHT', then you maybe already sucked into the black hole already..."

Hmm... The lady did has a point: If you are not already in a black hole, how can the LIGHT come to you?

Somehow long after the lady left, her black hole and light theory echoed in my mind for a very long time until I decided to put it down before I forget this ingenious theory. 

To put it more philosophically though, we can interpret the saying according to our own perspectives:

If we are worldly folks, the above sentence can be read as:

"Oh, shit! We realized too late!"

If we are of more religious type, then we can read the sentence as:

"Pray to the LIGHT before it is too late!"

Of If we are of more scientific and futuristic type:

"Our spaceship is already in a black hole..."

There are many way to look at the 'theory of black hole and light', how would you see it?

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