Friday, November 24, 2017

The Cult Of Phra Ngang (榜眼教派)

Phra Ngang is a fable character but it is worshiped by Casanova in East and West, male and female as believers think Phra Ngang can bestow them with super attractive power to gain money and power.

Many people contacted me just because they wanted to get their hands on this Phra Ngang manual. Now I will reveal this Phra Ngang practices to you for your references.

Please bear in mind that I don't believe in Phra Ngang and hence, I am not sure what will come to you once you follow the invocation ritual and recite the mantra.

As far as I know, none of those who aimed for women/men and money through Phra Ngang had any good endings. Many people ended up in court cases and lost what they possessed after a while.

The ritual in this blog refers to the 'standard Thai Phra Ngang', the Cambodian Phra Ngang ritual has already posted. Perhaps I shall move the two Phra Ngang rituals in one single blog.

Finally, your discretion is advised when reading such materials.

Please refer to:

The Cult of Phra Ngang

Warning: This blog is for Thai magic practitioners only. The contents may not be suitable for general reading..


  1. Yes and No, if you use any Barang out of selfish, egoistic motivation, you will get a bad result.

    If you use it wisely. with good intention, you will get good results.