Monday, July 25, 2016

Mental Resulted Physical Sickness (心理与疾病)

It should not be a surprise if I say that our state of mind affects our health; and many experts believe that too.

Of course, there are many other physical reasons that one suffers from certain sickness and his/her emotion is just one of many possible factors. The fact is that when a person falls sick, there are many hidden messages that his/her body wants to convey to the person. So, it is worthwhile to be attentive and listen to what a person’s body has to say to him/her.

There are many ways to perceive what our body has to tell us. Amongst others are meditation and hypnotism… But certain sicknesses would also give us some indications of our state of mind. Generally speaking, an emotional person is more prone to fall sick compared to a person having a calm mind. Below are just some examples of sickness versus our emotions:

Local enteritis (局部肠炎)

When a person feels he/she is being harmed by something and that he/she wanted to remove the problem eagerly.


When a person has a wish that is yet to fulfil hence he/she felt agitated and sorrow. He/she would be in extreme pain and that there is no more love and kindness in this life.


The person is deeply hurt inside and helpless for a prolonged of time.

Difficulty breathing

The person is in fear and he/she refuses to accept realities in his/her daily life.

Bad breath

The person tried to control his/her anger and hides his/her vengeful mind.


The person is in anger and he/she puts blames on others; and that he/she is arrogant.

Gout (痛风)

The person like to control others hence he/she is always in anger and anxious if others refuse to follow his/her will.

Kidney stones

The person is in prolonged unsettled anger.

While it is true that when our body falls sick, then the best approach is to seek the help of modern medicine first; and at the same time understand what our body tells us. It is only when we tackle our sicknesses mentally and physically that our quality of life improves. It is certainly true that not all physical sickness can be cured; but at least they can be put under control for a fairly long time.