Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Little Red Riding Hood (小红帽)

The ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ is a famous folk tale that has many versions over the years. The moral of the story is to teach kids be wary of strangers. Of course, I am not about to repeat this all famous kids’ story in this blog but just to introduce you to a very interesting spiritual games. I am not sure who developed this game but it is only meant for the brave and strong hearted…

This game should ideally be played in a cemetery at night after 9pm; and this is a single person game.

You will only need a red cloak, cap, a small basket with some foods, a piece of red string and a red umbrella.

At the beginning of the game, the player should put on the red cloak while carrying the filled basket on his/her left arm; and then he/she should also hold a red umbrella over his/her head. This player should walk slowly across rows and rows of tomb stones. This person should stop in front of each tomb stone of young child; and then he/she must recite a short version of The Red Riding Hood story in front of the child’s grave:

“Once upon a time, there is a little red riding hood, she went to visit her grandma and met a big bad wolf…”

The player then stares at the child’s tomb stone and say gently: “Come!” He/she can stand silently in front of the tomb for a short while pending on how much time the player has. The more sensitive player may be able to see black shadows or develops goose bumps, some even feel dizzy or headache. If the feeling is overwhelming, then the player should stop the game immediately. Otherwise, this player should proceed to the next kid’s tomb stone and repeat the above process… until this player has inspected all kids’ tomb stones in the graveyard.

After that, this player must return to his/her starting point and lays the foods he/she has prepared on a suitable location where he/she can meditate for further spirit communication exercises.

As soon as the foods are offered to the spirits, this player should prop up the red umbrella over the food offerings. Then, he/she should tie one end of the red string to the umbrella and the other end of the string should be tied on the person’s ring finger. When this is done, the player can sit down and feel what the spirits have to say. There could be just one spirit or more, there should be a strong presence.

When the player has had enough, he/she should just remove the red string on his finger and ties it on to the nearest object. This should officially end the game.

The danger of this game is the player may not be able to snap out from the trance when the spirit that comes is very powerful. So while it is a must to walk through the grave alone, it is best to have a few persons to supervise this player at the starting point.

Finally, just a word of warning… unless you can find some masters to help you; don’t try it alone! There are physical and spiritual dangers in the cemetery at night.

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