Friday, July 15, 2016

Working With Haunted Houses (鬼屋探幽)

I am often being asked to evaluate if a house or a premise is haunted. If so, then I am required to perform space cleaning before the actual construction work is being carried out. On the other hand, I am also being called in when there are just too many incidents happened in a premise during the actual construction phases. Hence I have developed some small games to provoke spirits bounded to a place or otherwise they would stay dormant unnoticed during the course of investigation.

These small tricks can also be tried for those friends who like to do ghost hunting activities. Those tricks can be used in conjunction with modern electronic gadgets such as motion detectors, cameras, or EMF detectors etc. However, I don’t use any of the modern gadgets as I found them quite misleading for our human senses are still our best tools.

So, what to look for in an old abandoned house which would give us some tell-tale signs that there are restless spirits hiding within?

Before we go into an old abandoned house, safety is always the main priority. It is always a risk to enter an old building during strong wind or a heavy down pour; or after a strong wind or rain. It is a norm that the roof tiles may fall, an old door or even wall may collapse due to rain, wind or even minor earthquake. Not all fallen objects are caused by ghosts… One should also be wary of decaying wooden structures such as staircases, house beams, wooden floor etc. It is best to enter an old building with a group of people or keep your family and friends informed of your whereabouts. Do remember that ghosts don’t kill, humans do. Please do not fall prey to robbers when you are having fun.

After securing the place and making safety assessments, an investigator should first look for some specific objects:

In an Asian house, it is a norm to find an abandoned altar with soul tablets and incense burners. So, if you like to awake the spirits of the place; then burn some incense in the burner and the spirits will come. If there is no altar of any kind, then look for any mirrors. It is best to find a big old makeup table with a mirror attached. If you are not too afraid, then just stand or sit in front of the mirror and look into it. Soon you will be able to see some kind of foggy things in the mirror. For best result, then you may get a comb and slowly comb your hair while looking into the mirror. Experience has shown that combing of hair in front of an old mirror could somehow attract spirits of previous owners, if they have chosen to stay put. These spirits would feel uncomfortable if you touch their personal belongings and they will make some commotion to attract your attentions.

Another item for the investigator to look for is an old armchair or any chair that is available inside the house. If you found a chair, then just sit in the chair and close your eyes and listen to your environment. You will definitely hear sort of high pitch noise near your ear, or a scent of perfume etc. if and only if spirits are present. There would be environmental temperature changes: if you feel cold, then the spirits are not that harmful. However, be careful if the environmental temperature suddenly becomes hot.

Also if there are toys or personal items lying around, then you may also pick them up and use them to attract spirits too.

A very good and quick way to stir up the emotion of spirits in a house is to rearrange or break items in that house; if you dare of course.

There are many people yelling and shouting to insult spirits but those actions rarely attract attentions and reaction of those earthbound spirits. The best way is just to break a mirror, or to move a chair from one corner to another.

The best time to perform the provocation is at dawn or at dusk as spirits are most active during these two periods of the day. Just as our human world, spirits start to get active at dusk and passive during dawn; which is just opposite to human world. However, there will be exceptions pending on what type of entities are in the house. Demonic entities can be active during any time of the day and they are more aggressive than ghosts.

Lastly, you should only try the above tricks only if you are willing to take risks and you should be responsible on your own actions.

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