Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Aggressive Kong Tao Removal (生死解降术)

Thai magic is sometimes known as ‘kong tau’ in Singapore and Malaysia. At best, a ‘kong tau’ should be removed with Thai magic so that none negative entities could remain in the body of the victim. There are many versions of ‘kong tau’ removal methods; below is one of the so-called ‘dead or alive’ ritual:


Iti piso pawakawan arahan samasamputto waitu jalanasampani kataragawi annutarapurisatam


Kaffir limes, holy water, some rice, incense, betel leafs, 36 pieces of flowers, 36 pieces of white candles, a sticky paste made form water and flour.

The method:

First the archan (master) must invoke the presence of lersi to assist in the ritual and then he/she must perform the ‘body sealing’ ritual to protect him/herself.

After that, the master will start drawing yants (diagrams) on the body of the kong tao victim with the flour paste. Then the victim is asked to be seated and the 36 pieces of candles and incenses are lit and encircling the kong tao victim. The master would then use the betel leafs to rub against the body of the said kong tao victim until some foreign objects or blood are drawn out.

Finally, the rest of the offering items are thrown into the holy water and the kong tao victim is given a ritual bath to further cleanse his/her aura.

Just a note to this ritual belongs to the more aggressive type of counter curse in that one of the parties will get injured or die. So care should be taken and the master should be diligent in his daily practice and stays connected with his lineage masters. Thus it is not likely to be carried out by a master. Well, no one wants to risk his/her own life for a stranger for sure!

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