Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Modern Tenaga Dalam (新神功)

Tenaga Dalam is a type of magical practice resembling the Shen-gong (神功) in Taoist magic and the once popular Japanese Reiki (灵气). On first look, these types of mysterious exercises maybe things of the past with the advent of Pokemon Go now days. Before we throw TD, Shen-gong or Reiki into dustbins, I would like to take a second look into TD and perhaps give it a second life.

For those TD practitioners who has received my empowerment and ventured to try the exercises persistently, they would find after a while their body would make certain type of mysterious dance or martial art stances. I would just like to explain here that the movement is caused by the primordial ‘chi’ (元气) in our body. In normal circumstances, the primordial chi is dormant in our body. When a student requests for empowerment; I will send my chi to trigger the student’s chi. It is precisely the awakening of the primordial ‘chi’ in the student’s body that causes the student’s body to move.

Once a student’s chi moved in his/her body, it starts to strengthen his/her body and removes unnecessary elements. Constant practise of TD exercise could strengthen one’s body and increases his/her vitality. We could perhaps treat this awakened primordial ‘chi’ as our ‘guardian spirit’ or a ‘higher self’. After the initial ‘higher self’ awakening, a student still need to continue the initial practice twice a day for a further 14 days to build his/her foundation; and another 7 days for master’s practice.

After working with one’s ‘higher self’ for 21 days, one would be able to feel the presence of his/her ‘higher self’. Now the practitioner can perform more exercise to tune his/her six-senses. For example, at the beginning he/she can hide an item and then extend right hand to ask his/her ‘higher self’ to seek out the item. It will take a while to get the item whereabouts. When the person can guess the hidden item 9 out of 10 times, then he/she could find his/her way out when he/she lost his/her way in a jungle. I have used this method to find parking lot for my car and most of the time I could find one parking lot ready for me!

The movements of TD can also be used for ‘space cleaning’ of haunted house or clearing of unwanted aura. Of course, this method is meant for more advance practitioners and it is best to be performed by a few practitioners and not alone. So it is good if a student can have his/her own practice group to serve the community.

A TD practitioner should ideally stay connected with the mother nature to discharge his/her and replenish his/her ‘chi’. For example: a TD practitioner can submerge in the water for cleansing or absorbing the water energy, or he/she can lay flat on the ground to absorb the earth energy etc. Whatever case that might be, it is best to go to the nature at least twice a month.

Another interesting aspect of TD is the invulnerability to sharp object, i.e. we can use a needle to prick into our hand and no blood will be drawn. Same effect can also be achieved by a person being hypnotised. I would not personally encourage this type of practice. But it is sufficed to say that if a person is diligent in his TD practice, he/she is less likely to get hurt and run into bad luck. A diligent TD practitioner will see his/her life hassle free and relatively easy going that I can promise you.

Last but not least, TD is not a religious activity. You don’t need to have a religion to do TD. What you need is your time and effort every day to tune into your own ‘higher self’.

If you are practising the MagicSEA TD, then perhaps you can indicate on the comment below. It is my hope to set up a platform for modern TD practitioners to share their own experiences. Perhaps we do need a place for the interested folks to talk...

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