Monday, August 22, 2016

The Luk Phi (路皮鬼)

There are many forms of baby spirits in Thai magic ranging from the weakest Kumanthong to the more powerful luk kok (dried fetuse).

Having said so, not many people knows there are other type of kid spirit that stays in between the two; and ‘luk phi’ is just one of the special kind.

The making of luk phi is almost similar to the Kumanthong but it is normally made by masters for private use. Now this rule is broken as once you know the method, you too can create your own luk phi too.

You would need some ingredients: cremation ash of a 12-year-old or less, soil from 7 cemeteries and some holy relics from monks. Also, not forgetting some incense and 7 pieces of white candles.

The ritual to make luk phi should be performed from dusk to midnight during full moon.

First, the ash, relic and soil are mixed evenly. After that, the master should light the white candles and hold them with his/her right/left hand in such a way that the molten wax drips onto the soil mixture. At the same time, the master should use his/her left/right hand to squeeze the soil and wax to form the shape of a kid. The process should continue until the master feels he/she is satisfied.

The wax-soil luk phi manikin should be placed in a plate for further empowerment process. If the luk phi is only meant for personal use, then it is desirable to draw a drop of the owner’s blood onto the luk phi manikin so that there is a blood link between the owner and his/her luk phi. In this way, this particular luk phi is locked to serve only one owner and it cannot be traded openly.

There is a distinct distinction between luk phi and Kumanthong: a kid’s ash can only make one luk phi and no more. Basically, a luk phi should only be kept in a dark corner once it is fully empowered.

Also, normally if you don’t take care of your Kumanthong statues, they could not do much harm. But beware when you have a luk phi as any mistreatment could mean disaster to your household; or at times even bankruptcy. In addition, if you visit a household or a premise that worships a luk phi, then you must watch your manners and words. For the luk phi may play prank on you when it is angry with you.

One good thing about luk phi is that the luk phi manikin can be destroyed once its job is done and the spirit is delivered. Just a note though, the owner should not perform any deliverance ritual when he/she keeps a luk phi as there is a chance that his/her luk phi may be delivered to the other side.

I was told that a commercial luk phi in Hong Kong or Taiwan can fetch up to USD8,000 some time ago from a reputed master. I think the crazy for such items has faded with the introduction of smartphones.

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