Monday, June 18, 2018

Taoist Newbie Vs Gambler (新手道士与赌徒)

It is not a surprised to understand that a new comer to the world of magic would like to try out his latest acquired magical knowledge on whatever occasion he encounters.

My pals, Eric and James were fans of Maoshan magic and we studied under an old Maoshan Taoist in Kajang many years back. My gang used to organize so-called ghost hunting trips across the Peninsular Malaysia just to 'test' our newly acquired Taoist rituals in the name to save the world.

One evening after we had our dinner, Eric pulled me aside and said that he wanted to ask for lucky numbers from a notoriously haunted grave in the middle of Kwont Tong Cemetery in KL. But Eric was afraid to go alone and he figured that I could accompany him since my magic is more 'powerful'.

Since asking for lucky numbers from pregnant spirit is straightly forbidden by our master, so we were to do it quietly and secretly; not even our best pal, James had any knowledge of our secret mission.

The best time to ask for lucky numbers is at 12 midnight and in the dark. So, both of us started our travel from Petaling Jaya to Bukit Petaling around 10 pm on an old Honda 70 with some offerings and incense.

We reached the said grave at around 11:30pm and we hastily arrange the offerings. Due to the fear of attracting attentions of public, we performed the ritual in the dark under candlelight. 

After spending about 30 minutes chanting mantras to beg the pregnant spirit to bestow us with fortune, I sat down beside the grave stone and lid a cigarette while Eric tied up the place.

Just as when I was taking puffs, suddenly I was hit by a small pebble. I thought it must be the work of the pregnant ghost who dislike us disturbing her peace. So I hurriedly changed a location and continued to take my puffs.

Not long after that, another pebble flew towards me with a near missed. Thinking that it might be the pregnant ghost that were seeking revenge, Eric and I took out a piece of fishing net to blanket over both of us.

It was believed that pregnant ghost cannot penetrate a fishing net. We thought it was lucky for us to have it with us or our lives flied.

Just as when we were rolling our bodies under the net, we heard a very familiar voice came from a near distance: "Damn it! I thought I saw a ghostly orb flew from right side of that haunted grave to the left but it vanished after I threw two empowered stones at it and it suddenly vanished!"

Then I realized that I was holding the half burnt secret in my hands. Immediately, I threw the burning cigarette away. And the voice came out again: "Wow! This light orb must be the powerful notorious pregnant ghost. It can even survive my magic pebbles! Now take my 5 thunder palm (五雷掌)..."

There was another rounds of chanting of very familiar mantras of 5 thunder palm... All of a sudden, I realized that the voice was that of the Jame's. Apparently, James was also in the cemetery to show off to his friends.

I tugged Eric's sleeve and hinted him to wriggle our way back to our motorcycle and returned to our rented house quietly.

Two hours later, James returned with his girlfriend. I could even hear his voice bragging how powerful his magic had became. I was lying in the sofa reading newspaper when the couple entered the living room.

As soon as James saw me, he yelled excitedly: "Hey Liew! I finally defeated the notorious pregnant ghost of the Kwong Tong Cemetery with my 5 thunder palm! I must tell the master about it tomorrow!"

I turned my head at him and said: "Yeah, yeah, yeah! So you have mastered the most powerful magic of our master..."

Of course, I dared not tell him that it was Eric and I and not the pregnant ghost!

And for the lucky numbers? None of us dared to bid as it was: 9413 which stands for '9 deaths and only 1 lives'...

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