Monday, June 11, 2018

The Conjuration of 'Pains'

I can understand how much trouble an overzealous magic student can bring to a guru now after being chased after by so many folks for more magic rituals.

The same thing happened to me way back when I was learning Maoshan magic.

My guru was staying in Kajang then and I was in Subang Jaya sharing the upper floor of a shop lot with a few of my factory coworkers. Since I was learning Maoshan magic, I took a small room to keep my magical stuffs.

I used to travel from Subang Jaya to Kajang once or twice every week to learn how to keep ghosts and other weird rituals. After a while, my master had ran out of rituals to teach me but I continued to bug him for more as I somehow thought he has reserved some super secret knowledge from me.

After some bugging, during one of my visits to this guru; he finally admitted that he did keep a very secret ritual from me but this ritual could be life threatening. I was certainly very thrilled to hear and begged him to tell me more.

And the master said: "Please do this ritual... Go to the middle of the living room at 12 midnight with your ritual sword and bell. Then, violently shake the sword and bell for 30 seconds. After that, you must walk 3 circles counterclockwise. Finally, you must shout out as loud as you can: COME OUT!! COME OUT!! You will be besieged by a very violent force and you are warned!"

I thanked my guru and returned home with full of eagerness...

I decided to try out the ritual the next night and followed what my guru told me...

By my third shout of 'COME OUT', true enough my housemates who were in their rooms rushed out and walloped me nicely leaving me with their words:

"Are you possessed by demon or you are simply insane asking us to 'come out' to see you standing in the living room doing nothing?"

Luckily for me, my pals didn't really strike me intentionally but only cursing with four letter words...

You must laugh at me but when a person is too engrossed with magical matters, there could be no reasoning. Unfortunately a person must find out the hard way... And, I must thank my guru for an unforgettable lesson. 

Of course, I never return to my guru in Kajang again. Not that I hate him so much, but he has really nothing to offer but asking for high fees.

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