Monday, November 19, 2018

The AUD1000 Ice Cream (一千澳币的雪糕)

Do you believe that one can consume ice cream worth of AUD1000 over one week in winter? Well, literally speaking of course it is possible as I have come across in the news that the most expensive ice cream in the world cost about USD25k per serving!  To the rich and famous of course but this story is not about Australian ice cream...

Backpacker Kenny told me a funny story about he and his friend Roger some years ago when we met in a budget hotel in Sydney, Australia. According to Kenny, prostitution is legal in New South Wales and even prostitutes accept credit cards as payments.

Kenny's friend Roger from Taiwan came to Sydney during his company trip and he visited Kenny. After visiting to a few places of interests in town, Roger told Kenny that he wanted to try some Aussie ladies and Kenny understood what Roger meant. So he brought Roger to the famous Sydney red light area for Roger to 'release himself'.

As I was told, Roger spent about AUD250 for his first visit. Since Roger didn't have enough cash, he asked if the prostitute would take a card. The prostitute said no problem and brought Roger to an ice cream shop downstairs and borrowed the shop's card reader. So both parties were happy.

Roger was satisfied and two days later he wanted to try another prostitute. Again, Roger asked Kenny to bring him to the red light area to satisfy his urge and Kenny obliged. Again, Roger spent AUD250 and he wanted to pay for the service with credit card. So the lady brought Roger to the same ice cream shop to swipe his card.

All in all, before Roger returned to Taiwan, he visited the red light area for 4 times and he was very satisfied with the services of the ladies. 

One month later, Roger called up Kenny during one evening. Just as when Kenny thought Roger wanted to have more fun in Sydney; a sorrowful voice came from the other end...

"I am not allowed to visit Sydney anymore alone..." Roger said sadly.

Kenny was surprised and he asked: "What is the problem? You looked so happy before returning to Taiwan?"

"It's my wife... She inspected my credit card bill and found out I spent AUD1000 on ice cream! She said things in Sydney are too expensive as ice cream in Taiwan costs AUD10 at most... Luckily the bill didn't print the word: prostitution or you would have hear my obituary by now... "

Lucky for Roger as his wife wasn't too inquisitive... Ha! Ha! Ha!