Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Divorce Room (离婚房)

Alice told me this said to be a true spooky story happened to a newlywed couple in Bali.

Wong and Grace had just married and the couple planned for a tour in beautiful Bali a week after their wedding. They enrolled with Alice's company and she happened to be assigned to be their tour guide. There were other members joining the Bali trip of course.

Alice's group departed from Penang and a few hours later they found themselves checked into a classical Balinese hotel facing sea. It was approaching evening and after dinner, the group members were allowed to have their free time to roam about the hotel and the town. The official tour itinerary only starts next morning when a local tour guide would take over.

Wong wasn't feeling well so he retired early in the room while Grace felt that the night was still young; she went out with other group members to enjoy Balinese night life. Alice too retired into her room as she has been to Bali for many times. Besides there were some paper works she must finish before the next morning.

Following was narrated by Wong:

"Not too long after Grace left, I went to bed and just as I started to doze off, I heard someone opened the room door. I thought it must be Grace. So I remained to have my eyes shut and I heard the sound of TV being switched on; and then the sound of water flowing in bathtub. 

I guessed Grace wanted to have a bath so I continued to sleep. Half an hour later, someone went into the bed and slept beside me. Again, I thought that must be Grace but I couldn't see her as she was lying in my back..."

That was what Wong could remember before he dozed off until he was violently awakened by the shaking of Grace somewhere after midnight.

Grace was furious and she rose her voice at Wong: "Who is the girl I saw came out from the room just now? Can't I leave you for a few hours?"

In a state of half awakened, Wong replied: "Wasn't that you dear sleeping with me tonight?"


Grace became more furious as she thought Wong was making fun of her; and she gave a big slap onto Wong's face. After the big slap, Grace searched frantically in the room for traces left over by the lady she saw but she found nothing.

Grace's high pitched voice caused Alice and hotel attendants rushed to the couple's room to investigate.

Since Grace was still in a stage of anger, Wong thought he had better to rest in an arm chair by the receptionist counter until he could put one plus one together in the morning... So Grace was left alone in the room to calm down.

Just as everyone thought everything was over, an hour later the frightful scream of Grace came out from the room. Now Wong being only about 10 feet away rushed to the room and he bumped into Grace head on who was just exiting the room. The couple fell onto the floor and shouted in pain.

With frightful voice Grace pointed her trembling finger at the room and said: "There is something in the room... I saw the silhouette of a man and I thought it was you came into the room to reconcile. But when I called out your name, the figure didn't respond so I switched on the light... And I saw the figure of a stranger without legs!"

Alice was there and she ventured into the couple's room but she slipped after stepping into a pool of water... Or should I say urine. Apparently Grace was so frightened until she urinated on the floor...Since Alice had a direct impact on her buttock, she couldn't walk and had to be escorted to the hospital.

A new tour guide was immediately sent to replace Alice the next day. Wong and Grace was given a replacement room and according to room attendants, they were not surprised of the couple's ghostly encounter because a married man and a lady had committed suicide in that particular room. Their restless spirits are known to roam the place and play tricks on unwary folks especially newlyweds. Some couple were even divorced after staying in that room.

That was the most interesting hotel haunting I have heard and poor Alice still couldn't walk properly after the big impact...

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