Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Phantom Train Station (幽灵车站)

Below is an urban legend from Japan popular around 2004 or so:


A woman was travelling on last night train from Nagoya Station to Shin-Osaka Station. Normally the train would stop at about every 5 to 6 minutes interval. This time this last train of the night did not stop even after 15 minutes or so. The lady was alone in the train compartment, no other passengers were seen.


Feeling uncomfortable, the lady picked up her handy and called her friend.


Lady: “Hey, I’m on the last train and the train didn’t stop as it should usually. What should I do?”


Friend: “Try to stop at the next stop and contact me.”


Lady: “Okay.”


(After 10 minutes or so…)


Lady: “Hi! It’s me again. The train is now stopping at Yu Yu Station. Can you come to fetch me? I am scared. There is no one here in this station…”


Friend: “Hang on… You are at Yu Yu Station? There is no Yu Yu Station from Nagoya to Shin-Osaka!!”


Lady: “…”


(There was no answer on the other side.)


So, what did happen to the lady?


It was said that the lady had never ‘physically’ taken the train as she had met with an accident and died on the spot while she was on her way to the train station! Interesting but bizarre!

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