Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Cases Of Beauties And The Beasts (美女与野兽)

Normally magic has nothing to do with legal matters. But in my process of giving out advices to visitors, at times I would need to seek advices from some lawyers too. One matter that attracts my attention very much is the matter of ‘property sharing scheme’ between lovers. By that I mean when a guy purchased a house under the name of his girl friend but he pays for all of the housing related expenses.


The above situation is pretty common when a lady is persuaded by a millionaire boy friend. I have come across many cases from Singapore and Malaysian ladies that were ended in court. Some of the ladies had face problems when their relationships turned sour; yet many folks still enjoying their sweet dreams still.


In a layer’s stand point, if a property though under the name of the lady; would not make the property hers as she would need to proof that the property is ‘lawfully’ hers such as that her millionaire boy friend ‘explicitly’ put the house as a ‘gift’.


If you are still not convinced, then let us go over two court cases of ‘beauty vs. beast” happened in Singapore and Malaysia. Since both of the cases are of similar nature, I would just summarize these cases as below:


Ms. A and Ms. B were each got acquainted with two millionaires about 10 years ago when they made a career move. Without surprises, both of the ladies climbed up very quickly in their career ladders under the blessings of their admirers until they were given expensive cars and pent houses. So far so good until their relationships turned sour and the other parties start sending legal letters demanding the refunding of what the ladies ‘owed’ them plus the interests of their investments including the rental fees too!


Out of ‘helplessness’ both Ms. A and B approached me in the hope so that they can keep their properties. Even in such a situation, none of them would tell me the truth. I only found out the truth after performing some divinations and testing. Since these ladies sworn to have spoken the truth; then I could only bid them good luck. If they had physically ‘paid’ for their properties; then they would have won the legal battle.


As expected, after the verdict; both of the ladies lost the court cases.


So if you may ask if magic would help in both of the cases?


My answer is simple:


If the cases are already filed in the court, then magic could only help the persons to find the ‘best’ win-win solution if and only if the persons are talking of the truth. Otherwise, perhaps crying out loud would be the best action to take.


Next time, if you are thinking of ‘fishing’ for a millionaire boy friend; think twice as he too has his own weapon and not likely to be enchanted by your beauty alone. Peace J!


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