Monday, February 23, 2015

Faces Of Death (死相)

For those people who have studied face reading for quite a while would understand what is meant by “faces of death”. Otherwise those folks who work in morgues would have seen this type of face too. For others, a face of death looks grayish and waxy. But I am not talking of those death faces on corpses. I am interested in the study of death faces over a mass of people. Luckily, one doesn’t come across this type of face too often; or it means ‘disaster’ that leads to massive casualty!


Below is an old story happened during WWII in Chongqing (重庆), Sichuan. The story is told by late Mr. Tao who was a famous face reading expert.


Mr. Tao was in Chongqing, China in 1939 working as a face reader. As we all know, face reading is a pretty convenient arts to know the luck of a person; which is much simpler than performing astrological calculations. There is no need to know the person, or the need to talk to the person. One only needs to sit in a garden, in an office or even walking on the roads; and pay much attention to a passerby. That’s all to it.


According to Mr. Tao, he has spent nearly 3 to 4 months in observing the faces of approximately 100 households and concluded that nearly 80% of the faces he saw would die violently within few months’ period. So he has concluded that there were only two possibilities that Chongqing would experience during warring time: besieged by Imperial Army or destroy in airstrike. It wasn’t very likely that Chongqing would fall under enemy hand, so the possibility of being bombed by air would be great.


This conclusion was further made after Mr. Tao found out that government officials of Chongqing didn’t posses signs of moving or travelling.


At that time, Mr. Tao was staying near a big underpass that could function as bomb shelter. Then and again, he found that people who stayed around this underpass possessed faces of death and that puzzled Mr. Tao a lot. He has kept his finding for quite some time as Mr. Tao didn’t want to stir up a commotion: well, face reading is just an approximate science and there is no solid proof to his claim.


Anyway, Mr. Tao did manage to persuade his relative whom he stayed with to move away from the underpass…


Indeed, as expected; tragedy that has caused the life of around 10,000 lives occurred in the bomb shelter 28 days after Mr. Tao moved house. No one believed the news at first as the bomb shelter was a tough one and it may not be destroyed by common bombing; added to that the shelter was equipped with mechanical ventilation system. Anyone who hides in the shelter though not as comfortable as one’s home, it is much safer than private dwelling. To say the least, there was no possibility to kill 10,000 people overnight.


After some investigation, the problem was due to ventilator failure that has caused the suffocation of people who sought shelter inside! Worse still, it was said that some folks was buried alive in a mass grave as there were no emergency rescue team setup then.


I supposed it is worthwhile to learn up face reading at least that would give anyone an indication to avert mass transport accidents which is so prevalent now days. Of course, one has to trust face reading first so to speak.


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