Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Two Japanese Games For Thrill Seekers

There are many simple games for those thrill seekers who have nothing to do after checking in a hotel, or camping out in the wilderness after dark, or those who want to find out the existence of the other side. For these folks, I have two simple Japanese games to offer:


The Purple Mirror (紫镜)


The purple mirror game is very popular amongst the younger Japanese generations. To play this game, a player would need a mirror, slightly large enough to reflect his/her face and background. What this person needs to do is to choose his/her location: in front of a grave, in an abandoned building or a hotel room. Of course, one can choose to play this game in his/her house too… but I doubt the person can see anything unusual in his/her own house. Then and again, I wonder… if one indeed sees a ghost in the house; what would he/she do? Hahaha…


When the place and time are right, the player needs only hold up the mirror and look into it; then recites: “papurumira’ (purple mirror) 10 times. After that, he/she needs to observe the reflection and its surroundings. After a while some kind of apparition: white fog, black shadow etc. may be observed.



The “Is There Anyone There?” Game (有人在吗?)


This is a very simple game. It can be played in a toilet, hotel and haunted place, in front of a grave or in the wilderness. But if you try it at home, your mom or dad would probably say: “Yes. Are you feeling okay?”


Now, make sure you are alone in a room/toilet, start asking: “Dare ka anata?” seven times and then wait for signs. The signs are: a gust of wind, a change in temperature, or some mysterious sound etc.


But please don’t be surprised to hear someone answered: “Yes. I am in the next toilet compartment!” if you shouted the words a little too loudly in a public toilet.


At this point, you may want to ask: “How to perceive the presence of ghost visually?”


Well, ghosts don’t necessary appear in front of a person purposely, but they may inadvertently show themselves as a flash of white fog at the corner of our eyes. So, without resort to modern electronic gadgets, if you see a flash of white light appeared at the corner of your sight; then there is a spirit present. I even observed the white face of a boy appeared at the corner of my left eye once when I was playing one of the above games!


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