Monday, July 6, 2015

Amazing World Of Look Alike (似是而非)

Many herbal plants look quite alike and with very different properties... However the below plants look quite similar and with almost similar healing properties too. The joy of studying herbs not only lies in enjoying these beautiful and exotic plants; but also improving one's knowledge in alternative healing. So, why not put down your magic text and go out in the wilderness and see how many types of herbal plants are around you?

Ardisia Crenata (朱砂根)

Plant height: Approximately 1m

Ardesia Breviculis (九管血)

Plant height: Approximately 30cm

Ardesia Japonica (矮地茶)

Plant height: Approximately 30cm

Sarcandra Glabra (九节茶)

Plant height: Approximately 1m

Of course, it is not wrong to interchange all the above herbs in treatment in this case; but there are other not so friendly look alike out there. So, be ware!

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