Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Center Of Dharmadatu (法界心中心)

In the study of Great Perfection (大圆满), a practitioner strives to stay in the heart of Dharmadatu; or the center of the universe. According to Ati Yoga, this is the final resting place of Buddha of three times. One can only enter the centre of Dharmadatu through direct teaching of a qualified guru and no amount of theoretical studies will bring a practitioner there.

Sometime ago, my guru brought me to the summit of a mountain in a chilly morning and he asked me to stare into the deep blue sky while performing the lotus posture. After a while my guru asked me:

“What did you see?”

I answered: “The state of AH.” (AH refers to the unborn state of our mind).

“Not good enough!” He shouted.

“Now follow what I do.”

I looked at my guru bewildered but obliged.

“HA! HA! HA!” He shouted, so I shouted “HA! HA! HA!”

“Now what did you see?”

“Oh! I saw the syllable AH flew off into the sky and gone… there is no past, present or future… just luminous and calm.”

My guru said: “Rest in this state of mind now and forever.”

After the strange initiation, my mind always stays in that state and my interest in magic slowly diminishes.

One day, my 80 year old brother in dharma was in a terminal stage and dying. My guru summoned me to the brother’s sickbed. The bro in dharma was performing meditation preparing for the dying process.

After a long while, my guru said to the bro:

“Do you want to go easier?”

The bro in dharma nodded and my guru suggested me to perform phowa service for the bro. So I obliged. As the dying person continued to be in a meditative state; I said to him:

“Please do as I do… HA! HA! HA!”

The bro shouted the first ‘HA’ loudly, then the second ‘HA’ became weaker and by the third ‘HA’… he was gone for good. I know he has entered into the center of Dharmadatu and never return.

So you see… the dying process in Great Perfection is not a sorrowful or painful event. It is as if going out for a final tour!


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